It's clear that Trump’s campaign promises to lower drug prices were just cheap campaign rhetoric...

It's clear that Trump’s campaign promises to lower drug prices were just cheap campaign rhetoric. Since he took office, dozens of medications have had their prices raised by more than 100%, and he even appointed a former pharma executive as secretary of health and human services. The president must take real action to lower drug prices in this country and keep his promises to the American people

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By a teenage "my dude" fagking no less, skeletor, the nu-imkikey appropriate for nu/pol/.

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Wow, you must be incredibly buttflustered.
But what is the explanation for the price increase?


Drumpf removing Obamacare just because it has Obama on it.

What reasoned analysis. You must be well educated.

Who gives a fuck, I don't have the GRIDS. You are literally citing Bernie Sanders propaganda, did you expect serious conversation about this bullshit?

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What happened to this board? Oh, I know.

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It's another tryhard kike puffing his chest out.

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When the jewz newz won't lie enough, get a worthless Bernie Bro to really get down and lie his retarded ass clean off.
that awkward moment when a white person is so stupid and lazy, he dreams of living on welfare like a basic nigger

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thats not gonna work with all these mud people running around buddy.

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Does your brain shut off whenever countered with something you don't like? Le how's the weather in Tel Avi, anyone who disagrees with me!

I should have filtered one post earlier.

This thread kind of sucks, but has some potential for actual discourse, too bad there are bigger fags here than OP already.


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39 drugs out of hundreds got an increase in price and what would you want to bet that many of them are for shit people don't really even have (anti-depressants, SSRI) or AIDS meds? How about that for your stupid fucking discourse? What the fuck even is "wasp venom"?

what do i win?

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so what? poison that you shouldn't take anyway costs more. I'd say kill yourself, but if you think taking drugs is good for your health then you'll be dead soon enough anyway.

OP why don't you make like a proper faggot and go bury your head back in the hairy birds-nest you came from.
What about the zillion other drugs? How many have decreased? More importantly, what does it have to do with trump?

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reminder to always read the small print, And mods are cunts who forget the reason halfchan got left is because of censorship.

Meh, what are they for?

If it's for AIDS treatments, they can just go Dallas Buyers Club again.
Also, that shit's on it's way out anyway as all the gays weren't happy with dodging the biggest bullet ever, and just went and fucked Super-AIDS into existence. Which there are no treatments for. And nothing on the horizon either. And nobody wants to foot the next round of life-long treatment bills for assholes who will literally just fuck Super-Mega-AIDS into existence as soon as the next medical-stabilization plateau is achieved.

Now you know why Califags just decriminalized knowingly infecting other people with AIDS, including public blood supplies. They need it to become a mainstream plague to politically fuel the next round of medical interventions rather than, you know, change their lifestyles.

The only AIDS treatments available in the future should be be dick and asshole removal.
They can shit and piss out of a colostomy tube (though you know they'd just start fucking the tubes with each other's tubes).

Its almost as if shills are just replying to themselves