Countering David Hogg's increasing political capital

Contact the companies which are pulling their ads. Let them know we will boycott them for supporting anti-2nd amendment political insurgencies. There is a template you can use below:



(requires TripAdvisor account, or signing in with Google)

(choose "Submit Feedback about our Service" and then "Email US" which opens a form)

(requires Hulu account, or signing in with Facebook)


Your company recently announced that they will be pulling ads from Laura Ingraham's show. This was in response to political pressure from a gun control group, fronted by David Hogg. This young man is leveraging a tragedy in a misguided effort to repeal Constitutionally-protected rights that we hold sacred. By pulling your ads, you are supporting this exploitation. I urge you to reconsider, otherwise we will be forced to boycott your services and products.

Thank you.

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Why not let him do his little crusade and use it to "radicalize" more people ?

We're fucking past that normalfag shit bro. Post their executives dox and torch their homes or canoe their faces with a hammer. Stab them when they take lunch. Run them off the road. No no no I'm going to send them an email when their execs are most likely in covens already and do what their overlord tells them.


Corporations are already part of the anti-gun crusade. The organic boycott of Hollywood by uncoordinated individuals disgusted with jewfilm has done more financial damage than any coordinated one ever has. Don't threaten, just stop buying corporate crap altogether, for life.

That's going to happen either way.

Fight on every front, user. Companies care about their bottom-line and do respond to threats of boycott if its coming from enough people. Also, it doesn't cost more than 5 minutes of your masturbation time to shit out a few form complaints, and if we all do it, it could at least stop this domino effect of companies immediately acquiescing to this little faggot.

The "radicalization" is temporary (and 99% won't happen), but gun ads are going to be removed practically forever. We lose in the long run if we let them win this. Think for yourself and stop watching PJeW.


I don't watch political comentators.


I already don't buy from these corporations, the fuck am I supposed to say?

I'm glad the FBI is still around to remind us of the real solutions to drive up the price in the "kike teases de goyim" economy.

Which they play for pretty much free, as it stands.

Alphabet niggers try to get you to bomb a synagogue or shoot up a bunch of praying mudshits. Directly targeting kiked individuals is not something the FBI advocates. They know how unprepared they are to deal with even a handful of active dissidents who are willing to act repeatedly and take steps to get away with it. Expect this thread to get shoahd now.

They don't know who you, user. They don't have your complete history of purchases, thankfully we don't live in that kind of dystopian society. You're not just allowed but encouraged to say what you need to say in a mail campaign & boycott.

Do you think any of the people that mailed to them to get them to stop advertising were honest? These companies are faced with a gambit. Either they scrutinize a letter & email of a potentially lost customer and judge it to be true or not or they observe by sheer volume & content alone to see which side weighs heaviest.

In other words, you send a convincing letter that by the benefit of the doubt means they're losing a valuable customer. If you really want to scare them you convince whoever has to read it that you are an influential person in your community and family and will convince everyone you know to stop buying their products.

If you really want to make a difference, you send a letter saying the above basic points and then actually do it. Reiterate what OP says, if these companies side with Zogg, they're siding with anti-2a. That's enough to easily get all of the pro-2A people on our side. Every pro-2A normalfag will want to join in. Even the most zionist conservacucks that follow breitbart comment threads will boycott these companies because they have enough cognitive dissonance to still defend the 2A while cuck for Israel. This job is easy, it's just a matter of how many of us take it to the next level.

Checked! I doubt these emails will do jack shit tbh. I believe doxing and possible threats to high up individuals will do better. But, it isn't without risk of course, just be careful.

who is jon corzine

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If the executives came home and found their dead mothers dug up and sitting in their living rooms with a cup of hot tea in front of them, that's an experience they'd never forget. What sort of penalty is there for removing a corpse? Is there even a law against it?

I'm sorry but this is a waste of time. None of these "services" provide anything of value to anyone but liberals, and they know it. People who support the second amendment never have and never will pay a penny to any of these companies in their lifetimes and the marketing gargoyles at these firms know that they gain more money than they lose by doing this. And if you think it's impossible and that nobody would be loyal to a brand for political reasons, you grossly underestimate how liberals, especially females and non-whites, make purchases.

These companies shouldn't even be in fucking business

To clarify: you might as well be telling CNN they need to be more pro-gun or you'll stop watching them. These companies have never been fence sitters, they've always been socialist, that's why they "flip" at the slightest provocation one way and not the other. Advertising has always been a waste of time, only liberals believe it is worth anything because they are so addicted to shopping that it works on them. There is not a single successful or intelligent person on the planet who has used ads for income, they charge money, they take donations, and they do it because they provide something of value and aren't passive cowards who pray to the corporate gods of ad agencies for money. I don't know who this woman is but she's a dumb bitch for selling her soul to a dozen corporations for money. She should tied up and thrown in the ocean for being such a worthless idiot.

what the fuck do I care about some neocon cunt?

Then they wouldn't have been advertising on Laura Ingraham's show in the first place.

Boycott threats work. Please let these companies know that there is opposition to these gun control groups, and that their bottom-line will be hurting if they continue to legitimize Hogg's call to disarm.

Hogg is just the front for the same exact organizations we've been going against this whole time. He's organized by the same jews who organized that women's march. And like that, this won't be effective.

It's not about her. I've never even see her show; I presume it's mostly watched by boomers, judging by the advertisers. The problem is that David Hogg's political power just got a big boost. The Laura cunt actually backed off and apologized (for literally nothing). We can push back on these companies by threatening to vote with our wallets. If even one of them reinstates their ads, it will be a blow to Hogg's influence. Fuck this kid.

That's where you're wrong, friendo. If everyone would reading this spent 30 seconds filling out just one complaint form, it would be huge. A company rep explained to me once, that for every complaint they receive, the assume that 100 other customers have that same complaint. They have actuarial science for determining the opinions of their customers based on these complaint forms. And they do care about their bottom-line. Voting with your wallet is more powerful than actual voting. Just spend 30 seconds and fill out one form, that's all I'm asking.

You are misaiming your energy. Advertisers aren't the target, 2018 turn out is. You are two steps behind your opponent.

This is low-hanging fruit. Let's be real, you can afford to cut into your super valuable time of browsing Zig Forums to do this. The trap porn will be waiting when you're done.

Nope, I already know what your game is. Organize a few of these that will fail so you can claim that Hogg and his friends are unstoppable. Easy false dialectics.

How about we let this fire burn itself out and in the future we just do our own thing without ads, charging money instead?

Fuck Nestle their kike CEO doesn't think life has a natural right to water. In fact they have been selling water they literally stole for years.

done with the hello fbi BS… it's time to actual do something. burning down their homes is a good start

t. the fucking fbi

In the other thread, a guy had an idea to ruin Hogg by stoking tension between the Parkland students and niggers. Why does the media care about (((those))) people and not negroes.

I'm sure this was all planned out in a Synagogue. Once you learn that jews in the Synagogue are all friends making plans but outside of it are indifferent to one another any coincidently successful action, which just happens looks all the more contrived.

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Ban fire?

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Why are we continuing to give him attention like gamer gate did to that rostie who created a bunch of video game videos?

someone please make a rage wojak of hogg, working at a starbucks or mcdonalds with college rejection letters on the wall. there's a very similar one out there for art degrees but i cant find it.

meant to post this in the ingraham thread but it'll do here too.

I miss MDE so much

'political capital'… OP talks like a fag and his shit is all fucked up. I guess you want us to tie your shoes for you as well.

He's the son of an FBI agent. The FBI and local pigs are the ones at fault here.

He's a minor and acknowledges it.

In his own words he wasn't present. His reaction the next day says he didn't know any of the victims. Otherwise he'd have to be a psycopath.

What more do you need? If you think a kid with a Twitter account is going to change anything you're mistaken.

Nutrish? Never heard of it.

Nestle has been on this type of shit for 3 years now.

Trip Advisor is cancer.

Wayfair rings a bell but nothing specific.

Hulu is losing BILLIONS. I would wager they had already planned on cutting back their advertising budget.

Form mails are bullshit. You think Twitter is all so powerful so mock them on it. Point out, that they caved to not only a non-customer, but someone with no money. A child actor. How they've alienated half of their potential customer base.

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Or how is a drug addled retard going to accomplish more than professional (((politicians)))? When virtue signaling doesn't work, how is doing it harder going to magically make it work?
The whole thing is so forced, it reminds me of the Alt Right. As in a """grassroots""" movement that looks like a legitimate movement, but in reality is a scam for splintering support and fleecing donation shekels.

You're on the wrong board, friendo. Let the morons fight each other.

Maybe a concerned citizen should call the Truant Officer…


The students are now getting help from ShareBlue to make shitty memes

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Reminder that all metrics on Twitter and other social media are utterly meaningless. Botted to hell or just plain faked.

Also reminder that this idiot doesn't actually have increasing political capital. He's just a new face for the same old shit.

Lol they have "la goblina" on the wall in their war room! XDDD

Exactly, those are just numbers and easily countered by a few direct contacts with the companies in question.

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I have a better idea: why not report Hogg for targeted harassment?

(415) 222-9670
==(415) 222-9958== (fax)

This, frankly.

They're afraid of his dad who works for the FBI you dingus.


Gamergate itself was organic for about two months, then it was pozzed with e-celebs and shekel schemes. It also impacted the 2014 mid-terms which no one except perhaps Trump noticed or took advantage of.

Milo was a happy side effect but they canned him hard once he started talking about (((gay pedophilia))). Whoopsie, too far. Watch the same thing happen with (((Roseanne))).

The long-term legacy of GG was bringing more people here and getting them thinking about the real reasons things become (((popular.))) Timing is everything. This gun-grab shit will likely peter out but be on guard for something happening in August or September, which will be in the public attention span for the 2018 mid-terms.

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Best thing to do in the meantime imo is to keep hammering home the fake news and false flag angles. Once people become aware that news is pure propaganda it almost neutralizes the controlled media apparatus.

I don’t really understand this from a money perspective. Fox has more viewers on all their shows han all the liberal networks. They make more money from fox than probably all the basic networks and cnn combined.

i think its just really autistic. who would make up nursery rhyme retardation like that and spam it, except a niggerkike incelNEETfaggot?

A "true user". Kek. Probably one of these guys.

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It's almost like money isn't actually the end goal or something.

its actually a play on what your mod spammed all over /sudo/ and /polmeta/ – if you don't believe me search for "buffalo queer" on those boards. that's your mod heh

also this is clearly a newfag retard. anyone that tells you that telling reddit kiddies to gb2r/t_D is "shareblue" is a reddit kiddie themselves

They still don't fucking get it. Thank God.

Oh lord.

Trips confirm.

Does he even have "political capital"?

It sounds like you've spent many years accomplishing nothing.

I don't know why they're so obsessed with the concept of seniority. Maybe they think it makes them look more credible? Go back far enough with oldfaggotry and all you have are people who paid 10bux.

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Fuck of faggot. Should we all just let this punk bitch run wild? Remember when Zig Forums used to actually do shit? Hogg himself needs to be doxed.

Doxed yes but the violence is something that comes after, that we have no idea about on the surface. Explicitly calling for it is a bit different.

Fuck reddit, I wanted to confirm where the photos were taken but they scrub gps exif data.

its because newfags always fuck everything up, you dumb nigger. this place used to be decent. now it sucks.

hurr durr – see above. that faggot knows its new and I'm not. choose your side wisely, user

its because newfags always fuck everything up, you dumb nigger. this place used to be decent. now it sucks.

hurr durr – see above. that faggot knows its new and I'm not. choose your side wisely, user

you mean, before reddit kiddies showed up?

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I think you should leave

This. Itll solve the fucking corporation problem instantly because we wont be propagandized too.

Your little D&C shill tactics are fucking hilarious.
Please continue to push people further to the right

why don't you both leave

I think you should kill yourself, you lazy kike.

-Never heard of Nutrish. Probably an irrelevant company trying to make a name for themselves.

I like this idea. Let these kikes out themselves. What we should be doing is compiling a list of the CEOs and board members of any company that pulls ads.

Lying or retarded. I almost failed high school, dropped out of community college, went back, finished my 2 year, and got into every university I applied to along with them throwing grants and scholarships at me.

I'm going to go with him being a retarded liar.

Reminder that certain groups who want Zig Forums destroyed use this word to identify eachother.
See: The "Take the Heh Pill" Raid.

He most likely applied to some "prestigious" university and got denied because he wasn't a nog.


I've been thinking about this for a while.

The weakness of those companies that deal in physical products, such as Nestle and Mayfair, is the delivery system.

Isn't it simply a matter then of firing up the Republican Working Class to refuse to carry goods and services for Socialist Companies? Similar to dumping Tea in Boston Harbour, why don't Truckers simply dump their entire shipment of Nestle products in low-income areas?

Nu-Zig Forums is so disappointing.

Alinsky rule 4, everyone. Turn David's morality against him. Use race/gender as a leveraging agent when dealing with white/jew leftists. Accuse him of not caring about brown/black men being killed everyday and that his white privilege prevents him from being able to adequately speak on any issue. Rabble up nonwhites and BLM to hijack white groups like Mom's Demand Action or whoever funds Hogg. Do we know if he was one of Cruz's bullies?

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>[ ] (((White)))


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oooh, maybe less people will vote for (((him))) then

Drudge is a faggot. This is the only good think Hogg has done.

I was really excited and jumped the gun thinking Hogg was some sort of NSA affiliate, but after reading those reddit posts I'm disappointed. Hes just another loser kid with no purpose, who thinks hes found one.