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Question, who got compensated for rigging the nomination process against Bernie Sanders?

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Has the CIA ever done something good?

We can't know. We can theorize using the phrase; "cui bono" "who benefits"

Obviously the main person to benefit was Hillary, and therefore, Hillary's backers.

Beyond that we cannot say. You should further ask the question about Seth Rich's assassination.

Did Hitler really ban guns?
I hear leftists using this bit of rhetoric a lot.

Stop asking questions.

Bernie Sanders was compensated.

Some former military were allowed to own firearms. Guns weren't banned. Over there owning guns was a privilege not a right.

It's like the notion that the NSDAP burned books. They did burn books, but to quote wikipedia:

I wonder what books they banned…

NSDAP gun regulations were generally more permissive than previous administrations. They were never as permissive as US laws, of course, because Germany had no real history of extensive civilian firearm ownership.

So, the Jew run Weimar Republic banned guns, and then Hitler relaxed the restrictions and no they kvetch about "Muh Hitler banned guns, goy!"

The Jew cries out as he strikes you.

For Christ's sake, it's generally useful for finding citations as long as you don't accept everything they say at face value.

porn, smut, commie jew filth, the list of books and banned authors is still well preserved. mainly LGBT shit too.

What do you guys think it would take to set off every nigger in America into a full chimp out? I know this is a glowing question, but I don't care, feel free to give me shit about it.

I heard Ancient Europeans had their martial arts, and it was suposedly based on boxing.

That's for the very kosher opinion, Jew.

whats the best way to kill people without trace?

Depends on the number of people.

1) How much longer can Twitter drag itself along? It's been hemorrhaging money for years, and at this point its mostly to help push narrative from the top down or at the very least help maintain it. I was surprised to see normies disavow Facebook

2) How come there is a seemingly permanent disconnect among liberals and Religion of Cuck™? It's the antithesis of the virtues they signal but they respond to even speaking about it with a fervor that is bewildering (even among the ranks of soyboys).


2 years, newfriend


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Well, Tim Kaine stepped down as DNC chair for Debbie Wasserman (((Schultz))), a former Clinton campaign co-chair. (((Schultz))) did most of the primary rigging, and Kaine was compensated with the VP spot.

no gibs - simple as that

If you look to some of Hitler's early speeches in the 1920s, he makes many of the same pro-gun arguments made by /ourguys/ today: namely that in the aftermath of Versailles, German men should be armed to defend themselves in the face of the tyranny of the Weimar Republic that was imposed on them from without. After coming to power, his main 'infringement' of gun rights was imposed upon non-German resident aliens, namely Jews et al. Given the recent issues with the Spartacist uprisings, and that they weren't German citizens anyway, it seems like an entirely reasonable policy.

On the other hand, I think it's much more notable that it was Allied forces who promptly confiscated German citizens' guns after occupying the country.

The CIAniggers will prop them as long as they remain useful.

America's nigger population is too tightly controlled by the (((media and friends))) for any direct action to trigger a total chimpout. They access to some of the most placating entertainment systems in the entire world, and their material needs are met by welfare. More than anything else (as states), the most important step for a chimpout would be an end to gibs. In order to apply a multiplier to that, however, one would have to also remove their access to entertainment, media, social media, internet, and so on. Just look at how they always immediately start looting every time there's a power outage. Remove welfare and their internet//cell service/electricity at the same time, and that's a recipe for a nuclear chimpout

How long has OP been lurking, that he doesn't know the correct title for this thread? How long should OP be banned for? Am I an autistic sperg because I reported the thread?

my headphones are sensitive and I hear a noise in the headphones when calls or sms come in.
whenever i go in to flight mode, my phone is active for 1-2 seconds. am i under surveillance or is it normal, and why?

Several years ago on here there was a Right Wing Death Squad thread full of RWDS Sea Chanty's (Think Spongebob theme song: "Who'll save us from kikes and hang niggers from trees? Right Wing Death Squads!").

There were some really epic ones. I didn't think to archive it myself. Now I can't find even a reference to it via Jewgle. I think that shit worries them.

Anyone have an archive, archive link, or just remember those Chanty's?