Has a holohoax survivor, or any Jew for that matter...

Has a holohoax survivor, or any Jew for that matter, ever spoken out against the ridiculous lies that are spread constantly about the holohoax?

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Are you genuinely new here? Giving you the benefit of the doubt, lurk more before posting. I recommend watching "Synagogue of Satan" and "The Greatest Story Never Told" and reading the stickies. To answer your question, yes, I'm not sure exactly how many, but off the top of my head I know there' a particular case of an american jew that not only spoke out about israeli influence, but was even killed after doing so after publishing a book on the issue.

Ingrid Rimland comes to mind, she does a doco that is worth watching tbh you should've before posted, other user is right, you should lurk moar. where she goes on about the "gas chambers" being de-lousing showers.

Yes. Jews aren't all bad, just most of them.

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Thanks for the reply and providing some info. I've lurked and occasionally posted to Zig Forums since 2015, I just hadn't ever noticed this particular topic being discussed.

I've been meaning to watch The Greatest Story Never Told, and I'll definitely look into the other things you mentioned

Well Freedman, a kike, gave a speech about how Britain made a deal with kikes to pull in America for the promise of Palestine, etc.

It's crazy that you haven't looked into this for the almost 3 years you were here, but look for David Cole too. Be more aware and actively searching man, just lurking passively won't get you far.

Liberals hate him, but he is not without sin.

Zig Forums's standard reply it will take you months to look at everything here and then you will have no questions on this subject only answers.

Read Norman Finkelstein's "The Holocaust Industry" - a pdf version should be easy to find online

Yes, they are all bad.

I don't remember (((his))) name, but I saw one on Jewtube that was claiming the count was closer to 500k, rather than 6 gorillion. None of (((them))) will out right deny it, but some claim lower numbers.


A jew will lie and tell you whatever you want to hear. Their meaning of "truth" is anything that advances the jewish cause. This is different from a normal man's meaning of truth. What we consider an outright lie, they consider "truthful" as long as their group comes out ahead from it.

I know a half-jew that refutes the holohoax. He got screwed over by israelis because of it, too.

Excellent ironic juxtapose. Eloquent/10

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I spoke with some polish concentration camp survivers. The old dude just told me that it was really cool building secret jet bombers for the nazis. He said it was such a shame that they couldn't finish it up.

Thats some quality shit posting. You should apply next time we are recruting vols.

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David Cole.

This, also vid related. Sorry for the shit quality

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Gilad Atzmon

Finkelstein doesn't deny the h-cost and is a Zionist. Seems like a nice fella though overall.

Another one no anons have pointed out is "Paul Rassinier".
From (((Wikipedia))):
The fact he's a 'survivor' yet is known as the "Father of Holo[hoax] Denial" is a strong arguing point. It helps furthermore that he very clearly did not like Hitler or the Third Reich, which all but clears up any accusations of ulterior motives.

He's my go-to for "survivors who speak out against the holohoax", all the others are great as well. Simple lines are also useful:

Really great piece of evidence, thanks for sharing

All deserve the oven though.

Thank you very much for the video.

That one always gets me whenever I hear "holocaust survivor". Sure are a lot of them.

I personally think this 45min speech is better than those six hours of TGSNT in terms of red-pilling potential.

Yea actually there's a whole slew of survivors on video record that are blacklisted everywhere. I wish I could get you the videos but they are all surviving WW2 Jews who will tell you all the German camps had plays for teh kids, sports, your avg breakfast/lunch/dinner, pools, and how the camps were right before the war turned sour for Germany and they had to start rationing hardcore. Once Germany lost the war of attrition and the soviets swooped in, well, that's when things got cleaned out to make 'deathcamps.'

You know because they wanted a war like WW2 to NEVER, EVER happen again.

But Death is a patient master.


I'm trying to remember if this was a video clip i saw or something i read that an old jew had said. It was something along the lines of "we were jew kids growing up the 1950s somewhere in the u.s. but can't remember and never heard about any holocaust" Does any user have any idea what I'm thinking of?

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the first documentary made against the holocaust was made by a jew. he was in hiding for 10 fucking years but (((resurfaced))) 2 years ago to say that what he made wasnt true

Myron Fagan in 1967 put the death toll at 600000 and didn't mention gassings.