Coffee must carry cancer warning label, California judge rules
I'm going to make it a point to do the exact opposite of whatever California does from now on. I'm convinced everything they love literally causes cancer.

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It's ALL roasted coffee according to the judge ruling.


Everything is cancerous in Commiefornia.

Why do you think Jews have such big Noses? So they can breath more free Air.

Well why the fuck does only Commiefornia know and not the rest of the world?

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I'm sure Starcucks coffee does contain cancer, but innocent coffees should not be lumped in with that faggy shit.


Yes, it exists.

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When I stayed at a hotel in (((San Francisco))) there was a sign similar to this at the front door.

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Thank fuck I don't live in that backwards ass state, I'm sure they would cry that the rubber on the hose causes cancer too

They make all the dispensaries selling marijuana hang signs, I kid you not, "Marijuana is known to the state of California to cause cancer…", while at the same time giving medical marijuana licenses to people with cancer, and anyone who stubs their toe or has a headache or comes up with any reason at all, for treatment.

Checked quads of commiefornia canca.

It's like they know it, but they don't get it at the same time

Use kratom, it's a great replacement. Though, it's obviously for the energy boost, not for the taste (it's gross, imagine really dark black tea)

Now I just drink coffee maybe once or twice a month, simply for the taste of course.

dude kratom lmao
jungle nigger tree bark for pill cucks

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A lot of coffee is roasted so much that it's almost charcoal. It's bitter and tastes like shit and is basically undrinkable without lot's of cream & sugar.

Kratom is not an appropriate replacement for coffee, for several reasons- it tastes terrible, it's addictive, and it's too intoxicating for regular use. Instead, try Yerba mate. It only has a small faction of the caffeine, tastes fine, and makes you feel energetic and warm without any jitters, crash, or frequent urination. I highly recommend it as an alternative to coffee if you need to drink something to wake up in the morning.


California is truly cancer. I mean the whole state has become an ironic shitpost which is still shitposting

5mg of Yohimbine is a good alternative too but is not side effect free.

Drink tea. Coffey is shit anyway.

Kratom is a good replacement for any drug you might be addicted to. It got me off of the herbal jew now I'm taking the asian greenpill and never felt better. You dont have to drink it, they sell caps too.

but now you are addicted to kratom

Yohimbe is for sex, it's not a coffee replacement kek

Tea has fluoride and stains your teeth

Yes, but coffee is pleasant to drink and doesn't intoxicate you, so I think Yerba mate would be a better coffee substitute than Kratom because unlike Kratom, it shares those properties.

Kratom isn't tree bark. It also directly impacts pharmakike profits, which is why the (((DEA))) wants it banned.

It is a plant of the coffee family.
Flavor it.
No it isn't. Substances don't cause addiction. If you mean it can cause physical dependence then fine, so can coffee.
You've never used kratom, have you?

I agree with your other points, but caffeine antagonizes adenosine receptors, while mitragynine agonizes μ-opioid receptors. Just because they are from the same family doesn't mean they're similar drugs.

Tea Master Race

4-Acetoxy-DMT master-race tbh.


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I understand this for soda… but coffee beans are natural and coffee itself is actually good for you. Stop being god damn retarded.


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ignore this jew. Kratom is bad and its banned in the country where it comes from for a reason

t. fag who has never tried it

Heil has torposter derangment syndrome.
sad! many such cases!

>>>/8pol/ ← hardcore Zig Forums went here ← bunch of 8ch leaks here about your mods etc
The truth is out there, if you only go looking for it. Good luck.


Although as much as I hate most Californians due to libtardation, they are right on this one. Do you want to know why? It's because of the "roasting". I assume there's some non-roasted coffee somewhere? The reason why the roasting matters is for the same reason you don't grilled your meat till it's black. The black is carbon. It's carcinogenic, that's why people don't eat charcoal. Picking off all the carbon on your food, although may seem ridiculous to some, is well in accordance to 1488 because you're preserving your genetic integrity if you plan on breeding. The other "warnings" about plastics, rubbers, that sort of thing, there's probably well around 1000s of different chemicals that can do things like BPA or worse and you really don't think a bunch of jew-corporations are going to go with high-quality safe materials when they're not regulated in order to do so, and can just manufacture cheap shit from china and not care as long as it sells. Wear gloves when you can, wash your hands if you have to touch suspicious shit, and use other materials like wood, glass, marble/stone, k? I don't know, maybe some sort of natural adhesive with some wooddust could augment some things. That's a product idea.



ITT: Butthurt Weebs & Britbongs

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Yes, but Starbucks (((Coffee)) isn't. Make your own coffee, and black no sugar.

The amount of fluoride is ridiculously low. Someone on the tea thread on /a/ made a good point about this.

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some one should blowsome cigarettes salvaged from cherbonyl in his face

coffee isnt roasted over hot coals, and beans arent roasted until they turn into carbon you armchair moron

This. I'm already struggling to beat the caffeinated jew because of addiction. Why the hell would I want to go and get myself addicted to something else? Makes no sense whatsoever.

Water and milk are the only drinks of the White Man. Praise Wotan.

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I like the way you think

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Coffee and the Caffeine Addiction that comes with it (yes that's a thing and the most common addiction in America) actually is abysmal for your health. Nutritionists will just tell you to cut it out of your diet entirely.

Get a good blender and make a smoothy in the morning or meal replace it. You'll have energy all morning and you'll get fit faster.


so there is a law saying that this stuff is dangerous but it's ok to use it as long as you say you use it… ok.

I remember reading something like that. I don't know if it was the specific one you're mentioning. It basically said something along the lines of drinking hot drinks damages the throat or something which over time lends itself to the development of cancer. I don't really remember. Dumb shit either way.

I've been chewing on homemade cinnamon oil toothpicks a lot lately. I wonder if I'm developing mouth cancer. Everything causes cancer apparently, so probably. Oh well, I'l develop mouth cancer but have a really clean mouth in the process.

They have been trying to demonize coffee for 100 years and failed at every turn. All this proves is that Commiefornia can ban and adversely label products with absolutely no scientific evidence of harm.

Anything that causes repeated cellular irritation is cancerous.

Sincerely, biochemfag

Caffeine is linked with osteoporosis.

We know, we just aren't pretentious enough to think anyone else gives a fuck what we "discovered" for the "first time." California is the millennial state.

They're still trying to figure out how to put the warnings on all the oxygen molecules without using cancer-causing dyes.

They are all coffee store workers trying to get their degree so they can stop serving coffee to whites.

Yes, nearly everything. Any brass must be labeled, because brass contains lead. Not that you have any exposure to lead unless you basically try to leech it out with a strong acid bath.

When everything is cancerous, nothing is. Where have I heard of this liberal overreach before?

this should be a banner tbh

It's true though, anything heated past a certain temperature (cooked) has carcinogens.

For you niggers who haven't figured out how this works yet, let me explain it. They want to label everything with these fucking cancer labels so that anything that is brought to market has to go through a system of approval, because hey, it could be dangerous! They plan to or already hold the means of approval so that they can control the market. It's a very old scheme to the point of it really just seeming like the natural hierarchy that repeats itself in any society. Whether all economies are subject to this seemingly inevitable social consolidation, I don't know.

Also if everything causes cancer and has a warning you will be less able to hold a company responsible for giving you cancer.

California's proposition 65 is a perfect example of well-intentioned liberal useful idiots and jews at work. The useful idiots reasoned that it would be a good thing if companies were required to inform people if their products caused cancer, and the (((corporations))) that would have been affected responded by ensuring the law covered literally anything that could possibly cause cancer in any quanitity because when everything causes cancer you just tune out the signs and it becomes meaningless. It might have been astroturfed by companies who wanted it for reasons and picked up by the useful idiots after the fact.

Matters not. Those that are healthy will die like the rest of us.

Yeah, but the nigger-jews always find a way around that if there's shekels to be had.

Who's the jew or jews that run Starbucks? Why are they doing this?? Or unless, there is not a jew running Starbucks. That would be more plausible. OR if the jews are trying to short Starbucks. Meh, the reasons are legion. I don't know anymore and to be honest, I don't care. Fuck this shithole world, dont think I'm giving up, I'm just going to start moving in a new direction to explore. There's only so much bullshit and evil one can research before it gets old. I'd like to change the world but I'm not so sure if that's the point anymore. Maybe just being aware of it is. Knowing the difference between good and evil. I don't want to get lost in the existential cave, I'm going to outer space. Peace nigger fags.

It's because they have to comply with the absolutely retarded Proposition 65 law in California.

(((Howard Schultz))) , Chairman.

Coffee reduces blood flow to the brain by 27%.

This is not healthy.

Search "cerebral blood flow + coffee".

When you stop having coffee you will get a "caffeine headache". This is literally your blood vessels in your brain expanding back to their natural size and volume after prolonged coffee abuse.

Healthiest alternative is to be caffeine free or try something like Cacao which is the base product of dark chocolate. This expands your blood vessels (good for asthmatic and blood flow) and has minimal amounts of caffeine in it.

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Heathen lies!!

Coffe prevents cancer though

Never been so happy to check trips

trips settles it.

I wonder why lower blood flow to the brain correlates with increased alertness?

How very specific. Did you get your analysis from a medical journal written by a Jew? PROBABLY!

I read the abstract, it looked like nerds of various ethnicity - predominantly asian.

All stimulants do this, caffeine is no different. It is just generally milder per unit dosage.

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Reading this thoroughly it sounds like caffeine increases your CBF when taken, but your baseline is decreased meaning less CBF when you abstain. Essentially, it's fucking nothing.

I also suspect the reduced blood flow is actually the cause of the purported health benefits of coffee. More blood flow brings more oxygen and energy, which is good. But it also brings more inflammation and potential for tissue growth- which is bad in adults (autoimmune activity, tumors and blockages).

Try reading again user.

Caffeine reduces cerebral blood flow to your brain - period.

Caffeine puts your adrenal glands into a heightened state of arousal and drains your body of energy.

Caffeine never gives you energy, it simply "masks" your fatigue.

Caffeine reduces the richness and depth of your sleep which is the cornerstone of health in the physical body.

Healthy anons will quit caffeine.

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You may be right user, maybe some day i'll quit coffee but until that day i'll have my coffee and my tea and i'll enjoy it too.

Starbucks is, it tastes burnt which is why they make it into milkshakes.

Cinnamon is slightly toxic, probably why it kills germs. Look at getting Ceylon cinnamon.

Thanks to this thread, I learned something today, and finally figured out what the fuck those California warning labels mean. And that is those ingredients do cause cancer, but in typical Communist fashion, the label leaves out the other half of the truth of the quantity being too low to matter.

California is turning into a third world shit hole.

The old switcheroo, eh?

heh, milkshakes.

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This blood flow reduction happens with all stimulants, including ADHD meds. This makes me question if reduced CBF is the thing which tames "monkey mind" and allows you to focus better. Reduced parallel processing and increased performance on serial processing activity.

I highly fucking doubt it

This user is correct; the effects on cerebral blood flow due to caffeine are not new. Read the book 'Caffeine Blues' by Stephen Cherniske, which details this and the effects caffeine has on numerous systems in the body. Caffeine is a really toxic and addictive substance, and chronic long-term use destroys your health over time.

Lead exposure is no joke. Even in minuscule amounts (under the supposed safe limit) it can decrease IQ and cause behavioral issues. Boomers literally have brain damage from being exposed to high levels of lead.

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So how do you explain the thousands of studies showing the benefit of chronic coffee/tea consumption? Especially in regards to Alzheimers. If it is so 'harmful' then why is caffeine consumption inversely correlated with disease risk?

this explains alot tbh…

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In short, it isn't, and that statement isn't even close to being true. I've given you the opportunity to look into this for yourself, user. The book I cited is well researched and includes a section with references to hundreds of studies that outline the damage that caffeine does to your brain and body, particularly the endocrine system. The caffeine industry is a behemoth, and the drug is added to practically everything these days, from drinks to food to medications, because jew corporations know that by adding caffeine to their product there is a much better probability that they'll keep you coming back for more. It's criminal. And just like the sugar industry, there's a shitload of dodgy research paid for by big industry players to tell you that their product is "safe" - even beneficial - when nothing could be further from the truth. Cherniske covers it in detail in his book, and I recommend that you read it for yourself - particularly given your skepticism around the issue.

Basically everything causes cancer.
Red meat and bread cause cancer as well, will California force labels on them as well?
The more and more these labels appear the less and less people will give a shit about them.

Coffee is fine if your diet is good and you're getting a lot of healthy nutrition (which most people nowadays aren't, so it's normal for nutritionists to recommend cutting it out). You have to make sure to put in a lot of sugar though since it relies on that so it doesn't fuck you up. It helps your liver function better as long as your metabolism is fine. Much, much healthier than tea, and it's a good source of potassium and magnesium.