Trump goes after the pedophiles

Read the new language and changes that Executive Order 13825 does to the Military Justice Act and to the Manual for Court Martials, not to mention the 114th Congress Public Law 114-328. It undoes (again) the softening up that Obama did to those laws. Obama, in essence made many of the court protocols "defendant friendly" even in the most egregious of instances .
Especially distinct were the shifts and amendments in relation to courtroom and defendant protocol before, during, and after being taken into custody by the Military, for sex crimes. Also noted were big adjustments in how sensitive evidence in sexually explicit court-matters is to be handled, presented, sealed, etc., and a lot of mentioning of new protocol for in camera evaluations of sensitive evidence, and in the questioning of defendants. Mentions of relaxing strict rules and attitudes dealing with the immunization of defense witnesses was also noticed.
Sometimes a one word change or redaction in a specific sentence in a statute , creates a huge shift in meaning that will seal a loophole, and the fate of anyone accused.
And another thing that people don't realize, is that when Trump declared a state of emergency (in a Dec. 21st signing of an Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption), he created the means for the Federal Gov't to exert it's right to hold military trials, for basically ANY citizen of the US accused of crimes like these……whether they are in the military or not.

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Good topic, and I've been waiting to read just what language was changed by the order.

And FOSTA is very important to strengthen that. We need Trump to sign FOSTA.
Guardian says "Sexual freedom is at risk from these damning new bills". Kikes are afraid.

Welcome to my reality pedos and fag rapists.

Would you like to play a game now? Are you sure?

Holy shit, the annex is 400+ pages! Good find user.

Holy fuck. He's expanding grants for immunity. Read the changes to 704(e): decision to grant immunity, very specifically:

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Ran into this today…

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He can start with the one across the street and the one upstairs from me. Then he can go to the refuge ones down the street.

(no (you) for you)

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Hey kike, wasn' there a fucking spiel on why FOSTA is gonna fuck many places over?

I will point this out before the thread gets shitted up. These kinds of things can be really good or really bad, it entirely depends upon who Trump wants to use this against, if at all. Let the shit flinging shilling commence.

This should be stickied and anons should be crawling through all these documents.

They rape kids to suck their power. Makes sense they would use that pattern to show off if it actually does that.


24,544 Sealed Indictments. Something big is coming.

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So the first indictment to be unsealed was that Ranier sex cult NXIVM guy. For human trafficking. Remember he was arrested in Mexico..

Anyone following this NXIVM shit? It’s a deep rabbit hole with many surprises. Roger Stone is listed as a client! Now why would Stone shill for Trump and be on his side if he was going after human traffickers, including an organisation he had dealings with? Was he a mole or is he implicated and thought he could slip through the net if he coseyed up? Anyone can shine light on this?

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Thanks for the source tard.

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Pedophilia is not a crime. Please specify if this only targets people who violate age of consent laws or if it also targets those who violate obscenity / CP laws. Is my manga safe?


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Start in Hollywood.

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Q predicted this.

Assuming your statement is accurate, I don't like the idea of opening up military trials against citizens who aren't militants. It's a quick move from "crimes like these" to "anything" as the Snowden leaks have shown.

Not a fan of the convictions-no-matter-what way of thinking. Not much left to protect you from your government these days.


what website is that?

Crazy Days and Nights

Life is going go be so much better when we can torture our political opponents for their unpopular opinions.

I was thinking we could crucify Christians. People who drink alcohol we can set on fire. We can use the brazen bull on anyone who smokes. If you pull your kids out of public school (those sick fucks) we'll give you the old limb and quartering.

fuck a buncha faggots till they die eh? negative ghostrider the pattern is full!

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Mods are on point. We are never going to win this war against cuckchan without good mods doing shit like this.


It's also confirmed that (((they))) can plant images onto your hard drive, good luck explaining that at trial though. It is amazing that people here are only discussing this in a positive manner when this could easily be used to set people up. I guess we are only allowed to discuss it in a positive manner because it's one of the few "good" things trump is doing.


Trump's gonna lock up Jeffrey Epstein with Hillary and the rest of the pedos in his little black book!

WhooHoo, Trump is mah Presiden'!