Commiefornia : Starbucks forced to put cancer warning on coffee

Because it's roasted.

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That's pretty fucking delightful

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Everyone already knows that Soycucks causes liberalism of brain.

Why is this bad?

so this ingredient happens in any roasting process or only their process?
(don't drink the coffee-jew eitherways)

Any roasting process, but the amount is so infinitesimally small that only a liberal would throw a shitfit over it. People have been drinking coffee for centuries and no one has gotten cancer over it.


and nothing of value was lost

I agree with putting warnings but commiefornia is ridiculous. Coffee, like wine, is something research is always saying it's good for you one week but bad the next. So it may cause cancer, but may also prevent it. Companies there should just put a warning on everything and be done with it, not like warnings have any use when 90% of products have them.

what the fuck

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In California, they basically already do. I've seen cancer warning signs up in parking garages because of the car exhaust

You get thrown across the border last, Carlos.

OK I escaped after two years in that shithole, why are you still there?

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Seriously though, taking steps to ban coffee is going to go worse than prohibition did. Liberals fucking love "coffee", moreso than conservatives do. People here postulate that the ones who are sickeningly thin are that way because they have meals of Jamal's semen - this is a contributing factor, but the sheer amount of caffeine they consume is also a factor. The most obnoxious libfag I kn ow got so hooked on the shit that he can't drink coffee anymore - he downs fucking caffeine pills.

This is hilarious and we shouldn't really try to stop this.

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Mods really need a "merge thread" function to keep this kind of thing from being a problem.

report this post so they see it and maybe it happens

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This is only win/win no matter how you cut it

like what, being a sickly jittery mess?

That's the attitude! I agree with this guy. Fuck faggots and shitskins who think they can steal our land. They won't be able to in the next decade when metal is flying 24/7.

Thank you.

Like not feeling caffeine withdrawal.

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Don't let the American Camp of the Saints happen
Inform ICE about the horde of refugees being caravaned to our door step!

It's just like when people say the Boers should just leave SA. What they should do is regroup within SA and move to a single area that they can exert control over. Things aren't close to that bad here yet, but fleeing is not the answer until the hordes are upon you.

I reported it you tard, I want others to do so as well so the mods see the idea is popular.

Feature requests go to >>>/sudo/

hi faggot

OK, I made the thread there.

I'm not going to bother paying attention to it ever again, but if it's in their heads they might get around to doing it eventually.

I requested the bobber function about three years ago. Pic related.

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Starbucks on… CancerWatch?

If I get digits you have to tell me how much the CIA/Military/Intelligence/Alphabet soup pays you to run this demoralization/trump shilling board.

Good. Coffee is fucking degenerate and addictive, far too many people use it as a crutch or excuse for 'x' behaviour.

Good luck, they don't give a fuck about feedback from anons.

You're just a ray of sunshine aren't you?

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