Post Florida massacre, in gun-friendly Vermont, lawmakers pass firearms control bill

Post Florida massacre, in gun-friendly Vermont, lawmakers pass firearms control bill
Vermont lawmakers gave final legislative approval on Friday to a bill that raises the legal age for buying firearms and expands background checks, becoming the latest state poised to tighten gun restrictions after last month's Florida school massacre.
Updated: Mar 31, 2018, 04:30 PM IST


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Free magazines to be given away to spite vermont.

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Vermont is probably going to go the way of most places which is liberal and majority white: all available green space and natural environment plowed down to build new cities and sprawling suburbs to encourage (((growth))), with all locally owned businesses replaced by chains. Then the streaming in of shitskins and wealthy yuppies who will undoubtedly soon bemoan the wonderously rising prices and unaffordability of daily living unless you're living like a shitskin who doesn't care about quality of life.

Of course, the redneck white niggers that populate my state have allowed the exact same thing to happen here.


nowhere left to run, then

look up VT gun laws you didn't even need a license to CC, no NFA restrictions. look up the Green Mountain Boys there is a culture there

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Stand and fight. Use the rifles to shoot those that would take them

Umm… Anyone who doesn't live in the capital, Montpelier or Burlington (The hub in which NYC/Boston/Montreal have high influence) - Are pretty much supra conservatives.

Second Vermont Republic being my biggest case and point. A large majority of people NOT living in either of these liberal hell holes are pro-gun / pro-life.

Even in Vermont, Bernie wasn't very popular until he ran for President.

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News flash every idiot redneck who keeps saying that their state is based and laughing at any other state for not being able to hold up the Second Amendment is absolutely cucking themselves. Jews were never going to be satisfied staying in the cities, the countries were always in their crosshairs. Remember the training to West Virginia? That was a signal to us, time is up on our new found freedom on the internet. We need to get aggressive or they will keep going until everything is gone.

rednecks are essentially niggers. Expect no help from them, they're beyond saving.

Vermont is very much a nationalistic state that has been cucked by NYC/Boston/Montreal who use Vermont as a commercial port between them.

It's caused a lot of issues that real Vermonters are aware of.

1985 Vermont - 98% White, even in the city it's mixed conservative

2000 Vermont - 90% White, largest cities are majority liberal

2015 Vermont - 80% White, cities are now overrun with immigrants , schools in the city are terrible, crime, rape, gangs, etc … Most originating out of state.

2018 Vermont - Just 3 years later, the crime stats and anti-white crime has sky rocketed.

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Do you have a pulse on whether they'll vote from the hills and rooftops on this one or just take it? I live right next door this shit is making me nervous as fuck

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I disagree - white trash are essentially niggers

Rednecks are sometimes white trash. But not always.

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Oh, they'll take it like the pozzed state they are now. There is a reason I don't live there anymore. I watched that state die from 2000-2015. The Bush era bred more liberal hate, and Obama fed it.

The only thing they will vote on the hills and rooftops with now, is a doobie.

Unless you're out in the sticks. Those Green Mountain Boys will fight tooth and nail. Think Finland, but with shit tons of mountainous hiding places.

Kill yourself, gun kike.

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Omg, that picture is a complete summarization of niggers.

This picture infuriates and depresses me at the same time.

I'm not doing shit this weekend , Sunday works for me

Well woke up early I was trying to have some constructive criticism in the group not inviting a bunch of Jews over to start jewing with me

shouldnt have used a word to denigrate your fellow european brethren then tbh. you basically asked for it

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you are really sounding like you are on the outside of an inside conversation here mister huwhite man

Don't let the American Camp of the Saints happen
Inform ICE about the horde of refugees being caravaned to our door steps!

It was bound to happen. Vermont has been swamped with liberals, faggots, muds, and kikes, all fleeing the sorrow (and high prices!) they created in the DC-NYC-Boston corridor.

The state is deep blue faggotry. New Hampshire is much, much better. Maine, too.

keeping calling white people rednecks or white trash see how that works for you

I believe everything you say. They didn't even want to be a part of America but their own country way back when. As a person who has lived there so long, what causes the differences between Vermont and New Hampshire. Even when you look at taxes, the tax burden as they call it is much lower in New Hampshire. Is it just the kikes that come up from New York to infest Burlington? You have an absolutely beautiful state too though.

What is the reason for this, do you think? Keep in mind though, far southern NH is getting flooded with hispanics atm.

Yep. They're pre-empting white flight. Getting the laws changed and rights diluted early and fast.

To be fair there have been no consequences so far and you keep cucking so I wouldn't be worried if I were him.

The only state in New England that is faggier than Massachusetts, why is this not surprising?

It doesn't matter how conservative your state demographics are, if you have jewish slaves for representatives then they will take away your rights. This disconnect where you believe democracy doesn't affect you if you don't participate is a jewish lie. You need to make it work for you or step up and force it to work for you.


Please move to /zenpol/

Zig Forums is compromised. It is controlled opposition and a honeypot. It is censoring criticism of Trump for signing the omnibus spending bill.

But the omnibus must be discussed uncensored. The omnibus means whites have no future. Trump was whites' last chance to save themselves. Trump signing the omnibus was a massive backstab:

-No funding for any border wall–just 33 miles of fence.

-No money for wall prototypes. Only “operationally effective designs" already in use.

-Prohibits hiring of ICE field agents. Fewer than 100 support jobs allocated–not field agents.

-Reduces the current number of beds for detained illegals–about 40,761–by about 250, which means fewer, not more, illegals can be detained for deportation.

-H-2B foreign worker visas increased by 100,000.

-Prohibits cutting federal funding from sanctuary cities. Remember that, per the courts, a president cannot cut this funding on his own.

-Massive $1.3 trillion omnibus gives 3.1 billion to Israel and billions to various middle eastern countries like funding for Afghani women police while leaving America's border unsecure.

-The military will not fund the wall or assist building it. Mattis's policy is to remain neutral on any political issue.

So, is this how gungrabbers will do? Pass a law and all gun owners roll belly up?

Wow, they really are using Boss Hogg and friends as your guncuck Montreal Massacre. My advice is to fight back hard.École_Polytechnique_massacre

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tfw trying to decide to live in either nice white area in MA or diverse southern NH
I just wish I could get a nice comfy job near the white mountains, cities were a mistake