Reasons to Ban All Guns in the United States:

Reasons to Ban All Guns in the United States:
In 2011 alone, a total of 478,400 fatal and nonfatal violent crimes were committed with a firearm, as noted by the Special Report on Firearm Violence, 1993-2011, published in May 2013 by the Bureau of Justice Statistics. The same report states that a shockingly high 8% of all violence was committed with a firearm. If firearms had been banned in 2011, the most recent year in the report, there would've been 25% fewer robberies and 69% fewer homicides.
According to the above-mentioned report, only 0.8% "of victims in all nonfatal violent crimes reported using a firearm to defend themselves during the incident" in the years 2007-2011. This included instances where the victim "threatened" their assailant with the use of a firearm as well as occasions where a firearm was actually fired in self-defense.
From 1993-2011, only 0.6% of firearm violence was committed in gun-free school zones. Compare this with 19.3% of said incidents occurring in the home or lodging of the victim, 22.7% occurring near the victim's home, 8.8% at a commercial establishment, and 22.9% in public spaces. In fact, the notoriously gun-free school zones had the lowest incidence of firearm-related violence out of any classification in the BJS's report (which spanned nearly two decades) and that's even when you include crimes that occurred when the victim was "on school property, on the way to or from regular sessions at school, and while attending or traveling to or from a school-sponsored event."
After nonfatal crimes involving firearms, 31% of those who did not report it did so for fear of reprisal; compare this with just 5% of violence that didn't involve a firearm. Conversely, 36% of victims of non-firearm violence were able to resolve the situation without involving police, compared to just 12% of firearm violence victims. A shocking 27% of firearm violence victims reported that "police could not or would not help," while only 16% of non-firearm violence victims said the same.

Source for stats:

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Reasons to Keep Guns Legal in the United States:

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Don't worry, we will. Drumpf even said so himself: "We'll take them first, then worry about due process later." No-knock SWAT raids in the middle of the night with flash bangs thrown through every window and doorway will guarantee you're caught unawares. There will be no prior notice; just one heavily-armed manpig after another having his weapons of war confiscated and destroyed.

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Why can't you be unlucky enough to have your head sawed off with a fucking butter knife? Kek needs to pay you a visit.

Semen, drown yourself in it.

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Hardened doorways , country living
Steel gates
Rifles at the ready , tNnerite ready to mix , wire pull shotgun trigger
Cops all buddies of mine (yep SWAT too)
Like I said , MOLON LABE rach
I hope (you) come to get them personally
Killdozers and such

Leave Emma alone. She's stronger (physically and emotionally), more well-spoken, and more competent than David Zogg could ever dream of being.

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First, [citation needed] on both of those stats.

Second, sure, if pools really are that dangerous, we absolutely need to ban them in addition to guns, not in place of.

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It never ceases to amaze me just what disingenuous illogical compulsive liars the left are.

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I'm starting to notice your writing patterns rach
You don't reall believe all that lefty dribble , it's kind of funny in its own way. Total sarcasm with hint of woman ineptitude and it fits

Good one.

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Even you local police/sheriff likely has an APC, do you really think they'd bother with using a door? They're going to plow right through your wall.
Utterly meaningless. We'll find you and neutralize you as a threat no matter where you live. Your weapons are going to be seized and melted down into something useful and harmless.
That worked out well at Ruby Ridge, didn't it? A winning strategy. Really, stick with dogs. They'll protect you.
Again, APCs at worst, or tanks at best (as were present at Waco etc.).
Not when you're asleep. And we will find out when you sleep.
As in, not mixed. As in, you're woefully unprepared. You might as well bend over right now and make ready for Big Brother to cram the BBC of Justice inside your fascist ass.
"lol cuz da gubmint dunno wot body armor iz" - You, just before your beating by ATF Agents of Peace.
0/10 LARP, try again. To indulge you in your make-believe fantasies though - this is exactly why federal agents will be used, not local.
And like I said, we will.
Me? No way, stormderp - that's a job for idiotic manpigs who want to play at war. And after the war's over and they're the only ones left on the continent with guns, we'll get rid of them, too. Gulags for everybody!
Are you literally 10? You certainly do fantasize like it.

You aren't even American, or a native English speaker. Why do you care what goes on in the U.S.?

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rachposting is still shitposting though

reminder, this is who is moderating your threads

And yet you haven't even attempted to refute a single point made, you haven't debunked a single statistic, and you haven't posited even one counter-argument.

The right is already intellectually dead. Disarming you vegetables will be a piece of cake, no matter how much armchair commandos want to LARP on the internet about being always ready or whatever.

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Im pretty sure the point of Rachposting is to sharpen your debate tactics btw. Hes doing this for your own good, I think. Its like the guy who comes in trying to better people in their exposure of holohoax by being the devils advocate and trying to shoot down defenses with typical kike copouts, and tells you where youre making mistakes if you fail to effectively defend it on behalf of white interests.

Go ahead, leftscum, you sure do talk big but I still have ALL my guns and I'm spending the day loading "bullets" (what a moron like you calls cartridges).

When you think it's time, come to my house first, I would be glad to dispose of you and your kind and spare my neighbors the annoyance.

well, I wish that is the case, but the turkroach shitskin mod is obviously mentally ill

This is an utterly false accusation entirely without merit. As proof that I'm not a mod and never have been, you'll see this thread deleted and a ban message in the mod log.

You should really see a mental health professional about that Imkampfy Derangement Syndrome, though. :^)

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you will never, ever be white :)


I dont really have an issue with the mods, Rachposting isnt even what gets under my skin, its that obvious shill crying about shareblue while openly admitting hes pro-Spencer, here to defend the alt-right, identitarians and such. Now thats pure cancer and it does not get removed as soon as it should, often times hes just left to shit up the board with astroturfs for faggot based nigger kike lovers.

my dubs confirm

fuck, it feels good to be white

Thirties , white , killdozer owner myself
Damn rach , I was hoping you'd come get them. There's a lot of them and they're heavy
Please come rach , come get them
You can see my APC and my puppy and my body armor too
To win I've undertaken a meticulous analysis of history so as to not make the same mistakes
Related you nigger

Finally, someone else gets it.

Zig Forumsniggers are completely idiotic and live in an echo chamber, without someone like Rach around to act as a training sim, you'd all fall apart in public debate, and often do.

Rach doxxed herself in an older bread, before Zig Forums, and it was found that she's a MENSA-tier law student at one of the Ivy Leagues (Yale or Harvard? I can never keep them straight) with a shitton of awards to her name. She's (it actually is a she) doing us a service by trying to train us to debate properly and source our arguments.

lol @ all this all-powerful government fantasy nonsense liberals engage in to fill the void left by a lack of spirituality and self awareness.

I wouldnt start with such a blatant insult of what amounts to the elite National Socialist intellectuals of our larger movement. The people who come here are dedicated to seeing actual change and have a much greater wealth of understanding and knowledge on the related subjects we are concerned with.
Despite that, yes, sometimes its nice to have a debate partner for you to beat the crap out of as a means of bettering your ability to beat the crap out of actual marxist faggots etc.

Instead of making gun ownership a crime. Why not make killing people a crime?
That would solve the problem overnight.

Are all the guns just going to magically disappear, you stupid faggot? How are your laws working for cocaine? There's laws against it yet I can pick it up on every corner.

Things don't work according to your magical thinking, you pile of shit. You can't just go HURRR DURRR GUNS DISAPPEAR AND EVERYTHING IS GOOD, because that is mental retardation.

How old are you?

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BTW the Turner Diaries happens after a gun ban, I say bring it on, show the Americans they really need to worry and take drastic action. Force their hand, be my guest.

Reasons to keep guns legal:

wow, that was actually impressive, you rachposted and in the process gave some anons redpills on how to better prepare for civil war, how can I aspire to post like you user?


Most of it is non-Whites, and its a pitifully small % of the population.
478,400 over 18 years? There are - and have been - upwards of 100,000,000 firearms owners. Even if that were all in one year, it'd be less than 5% of the gun-owning population, and that's assuming every one of those 478k were a different gun owner.
On top of that, most of the crime using firearms in the US involves handguns.
From the source:
Why use such a small period of examination? One could be forgiven for suggesting this a manipulation of statistics.
In any case, the majority of violent crime is perpetrated in urban centers… Where firearm ownership is lowest and firearms laws are most strict. Speaks for itself.
While the majority of firearm crime transpires outside gun-free zones, such zoning has utterly failed on repeated occasions to curb mass-shooting events.
Statistical manipulation - the fact that the statistics show that crime rarely happens in gun-free zones does not equate to demonstration that gun-free zones reduce crime within those areas.
This whole part just sounds like nonsense of no significant import, relying upon claims on behalf of people without any proof of those claims. How do you prove that someone didn't report something out of fear of reprisal, and that this wasn't merely their excuse for not caring to get involved? You can't. So its a worthless statistic.

Reasons to Keep Guns Legal in the United States:
1. The US government.
2. The non-White population of the US, who commit most of the firearm-related crime in urban areas with strict gun control laws.
3. People like you, rachposter.

Let's think about this…

Depending on the source cited, there are between 70-80 million (NRA, 2013; and 106.3 million (Injury Prevention [journal], 2015; firearm owners in the US.

And then consider that there are ~30,000 firearms-related deaths annually in the US.
2014: 33,599
2013: 33,636 (Remember this one!)
2012: 33,563
*2011: 32,351
2010: 31,672
2009: 31,347
2008: 31,593
2007: 31,224
2006: 30,896
2005: 30,694
2004: 29,569
2003: 30,136
2002: 30,242
2001: 29,573
2000: 28,663
1999: 28,874

(Center for Injury Prevention and Control - CDC, 2014;
(National Center for Health Statistics - CDC, 2-1
*(US Dept. of Health and Human Services - CDC, 2012;
( Sydney School of Public Health, 2015;

… and further note that approximately 60% of firearms-related deaths, are suicides.

"61% of gun-related deaths are suicides"
(The National Academies Press, 2013;

"The U.S. Department of Justice reports that approximately 60% of all adult firearm deaths are by suicide"
(Bureau of Justice, 2010; [wiki:])

… So, if we look above, we see that in 2013, the year with the greatest firearms-related deaths since 1999, there were 33,636 firearms-related deaths in the US.

For our purposes… Ah, why not?
Let's increase that to 34,000.

And let's account for suicides while we're at it - remember, about 60% of firearms-related deaths are suicides…

34,000 - (34,000 * 0.6) = 13,600

… Giving us a total of 13,600 deaths annually in the US, in this (high-estimate) theoretical paradigm.
Note: Though suicides have been accounted for, accidental deaths (and other values potentially worthy of exclusion) are included.

… So, let's assume, each of those 13,600 people is killed by a different firearm owner - this is obviously not the case given many incidents involve a single person killing several people, and such assumption will inflate our number (potentially considerably), but let's assume such is the case.

If we make such an assumption, that means, of the between 70-80 million and 106.3 million, there were 13,600 people who used their firearm to kill another person.

Note again: This includes accidental deaths, and assumes each death was attributable to a different individual.

In that case…

(13,600 / 70-80,000,000) * 100 = 0.019% to 0.017%

(13,600 / 106,300,000) * 100 = 0.013%

… Granting us a theoretical range of 0.013% to 0.019% of firearms owners who will use their firearm to harm another human being with purposeful intent.

Not 1%.
Not half of 1% (0.5%).
Not one-tenth of 1% (0.1%).
Not half of one-tenth of 1% (0.05%).
Somewhere between one-tenth of one-tenth of 1% (0.01%) and one-fifth of one-tenth of 1% (0.02%).
Elevated relative to actual figures due to our analytical approach, of course.

The point being?
Remember these numbers when someone tries convince you that firearms need to go after some random nutjob goes on a shooting spree.

Because the notion of denying the Constitutional right - the Constitutional duty - of the American citizenry - all 318 million of us - due to the actions of criminals and the mentally deranged?

That's not very American.

… One last thing to consider:

"Black Americans are more than twice as likely to die from gun violence than whites, according to a new study that surveyed more than a decades' worth of data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Between 2000 and 2010, the death rate due to firearm-related injuries was more than 18.5 per 100,000 among blacks, but only nine per 100,000 among whites. Hispanics, it was just over seven per 100,000, and for all other races it was just below 3.5 per 100,000…

… As The Washington Post noted last year, African-Americans who are killed by gun violence are significantly more likely to die as a result of a homicide.
Whites are much more likely to use a gun to commit suicide.
A white person is five times as likely to commit suicide with a gun as to be shot with a gun; for each African American who uses a gun to commit suicide, five are killed by other people with guns…

… A Washington Post-ABC News poll from last year found that more than three quarters of African Americans support stronger gun control, compared to fewer than half of whites."

- Washington Post, 2014

Control Gun Ownership vs Protect Gun Rights
Non-Hispanic White: 39% Control vs 59% Protect
Non-Hispanic Black: 72% Control vs 25% Protect
Hispanic: 70% Control vs 28% Protect

- Pew Research Center, 2014


Try convincing an AI.
I double-dare you.

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