SpaceX receives approval to create global 'megaconstellation' of 4,425 broadband sattelites

SpaceX is the fourth company the FCC approved to launch a new non-geostationary (NGSO) satellite constellation after opening up a new processing round in 2016. Other companies approved are OneWeb for 720 satellites in low Earth orbit, Telesat Canada for 117 satellites in low Earth orbit, and Space Norway for two satellites in highly elliptical orbits. Last month FCC Chairman Ajit Pai urged other commissioners to support SpaceX’s application, arguing it would help bring internet access to rural and underserved areas of the United States.

The FCC rebuffed petitions from fleet operators Telesat and Viasat to reject SpaceX’s application on the grounds the constellation poses a radiofrequency interference threat to other satellites.

elon musk is trying to build a global satellite network to 'provide broadband to rural areas' to fund his mars ambitions - seems more likely he's building this network for NSA. could US gov request non citizen data without warrants (not that US citizens data would be protected anyways)? i don't think any one company should have that much control over data. this is worse than facebook. can't imagine russia or china allowing this shit over their airspace either

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user those two things you wrote mean the same thing.

Government grants get shit done

I realized how retarded that was as soon as I hit enter

Why would the FCC deny the waiver to extend the deadline if that was the case?

Feels like old Zig Forums

we gneed deez rite NOW!!!11

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YAY, mega surveillance network and flooding every last square inch with em radiation. Going innawoods? Zig Forumsommando pls, you still get your cancer

Still waiting for this stooge to deliver on at least one of his programs. Tesla, operates purely thanks to government subsidies. SpaceX still hasn’t delivered on its program goals further endearing the US population.

This guy is a goy shuckster. This Jewed world has everyone behaving like a Jew.

Hughesnet and other garbage Satellite companies already sell craptastic "High Speed" Internet with; up to 8 seconds worth of delay lag (4 Up and 4 Down, so video games are impossible to play) slow as a frozen Snail Upload, Data Caps (and high costs for extra of overages, so Streaming not cost effective), all for only FOUR TIMES the cost of a Basic Landline Service that provides better Speeds, no Data Caps, etc. and at TWICE the cost of what a Cellular Service with no delay, better Upload and etc. would charge.
Welcome to the 1990's Elon

Just what we need, more space junk to pollute orbit.

Yeah Elon Musk is a meme. Nothing more nothing less. He's actually a decent engineer, but he should be an engineer for a company like boeing or another military contractor. He has no business operating businesses. They don't survive without Gibs. So I guess he's a nigger meme.

With as inexpensive as fiber optics have become, it seems suspicious that they would choose the satellite network, instead (not to mention 3/4G.)
What do we know about Ku and Ka band, anyway?

satellite is terrible for transmitting data to/from earth. in space, direct satellite-to-satellite connections are fine, but the earth's ionosphere either reflects or absorbs many bands. you have to use a frequency way into the MHz, getting close to microwave, to get through the ionosphere and have enough bandwidth for any kind of respectable speed. the problem with those frequencies is that you also have to use a huge power source to transmit anything far enough to reach a satellite in orbit. it's really a half-assed approach to solve a problem that doesn't exist.

the entire world is wrapped with fiber optics at least 10 times over. Level3 has a fiber network that goes over every continent but Australia - at least to my knowledge. there are also smaller, regional fiber networks that cover hundreds of thousands of square miles. it's a big joke to need satellite internet for anything. if someone is out in the wilderness or lost at sea, they don't need satellite, they need a radio, and they surely don't need to send and receive digital data on it.


oh the jews will love this

You’re conclusion is the same as mine. I had been excited when he came out with Tesla, and I understand that space flight is a monumental task to achieve, but enough is enough. He’s going in too many directions at once which is diluting his talents. It’s obvious he’s got a Jew near him that “advises” him.

Wait I thought we were NSA faggots
They got us

Spy satellites have existed for a while. Everyone knows they're there since you can't really hide it.

This. It means they aren't fucking around.

We're "Non-Conventional Assets".

Not only did Iridium literally already do that, but it was a disaster and nobody fucking uses it.

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There are a bunch of reasons this will be useful. The tech will get better and better and spur new types of technology.

First, they will be able to instantly connect to and track every vehicle on the planet because all cars will need it for *safety* & entertainment.

Second, forein governments will become reliant on it, like gps, and we can instantly kill their internet acesss or attack every single device on the planet at any time.

Third, a forein government wont be able to cut fiber optic cables in the ocean and isolate the US from the rest of the world.

You've got that backwards user.

Kek , all praise

Yep, they are complete shit. And also complete loss of signal whenever there is even moderate precipitation.

Implying you can't do both. US internet is monopoly crap, it is opportunity to score big profits with venture investment paid and insured by NSA.

Also such megaconstellations raises new problem. It very possible that launch costs will plummet down with all SpaceX work (behind the schedule but nevertheless). And everybody and their mothers will run to launch thousands of cheeapo satellites, coms, photo etc. Such numbers of satellites would be interfering with each other signals and even colliding. It would need international regulation who can launch and how many satellites. Wild west market of every nigger wanting to put 5000 satellites on the orbit is non sustainable.

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more space junk.

This is what the network is for (also read up on his Neural Lace project)

These is different kind of satellites
Hughesnet etc are geosynchronous satellites at 36000 km attitude.
SpaceX constellation is at 1200 km. 30 times closer.
It means 30 times less ping (theoretical best possible ping for SpaceX constellation can be as low as 10 ms). And it needs 900 times less sensitive antenna. Big difference.

But low orbit satellites move relative to the Earth surface so it will need antenna that can automatically l track moving satellites. Mechanically or best electronically via phased array. This is a marvel of technology.

Fuck this gay timeline.

Jesus Christ no one in this thread has any idea about how anything works.

Yes, the most advanced internet and global telecommunications network is run by the Russian government and it is called Inmarsat, and it is 20 years more advanced than whatever the crappy US product developed in 80's in called….

care to explain then?

question: who in the flying fuck is going to pay for it?

tesla just got a SERIOUS credit downgrade, their corporate bonds are fucking flushed (again), and their stock price has lost like 30 fucking % in a week. the corporation operates at a deficit of about half a million dollars a day. and since their credit just got downgraded further, there will be very few banks willing to even lend to them.

but since this tech will be incredibly useful for mass surveillance, you can bet that ol elons gonna get a fat fucking check from daddy government. i can only hope he continues to be incompetent and wastes it all before completing the project.

also have a rare elon

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It's not even worth the effort of pointing out these morons are in fantasy land. The stupid, ignorant and all-out retarded are useful with the shit they conjure up even if it is bordering on the insane.

No where to run
No where to hide
We will always be watching you

kek well it will certainty accomplish their stated goals and unstated goals.

it's infrastructure to do the magics they did with satellites during the bush Clinton campaigns
just with the internet

Is this the new LTE5 or 4g that we were warned about a few months ago?

I live out in the boonies and even I wouldn't lower myself to using satellite. My current setup is a glorified mobile hotspot, which is horrible, but just good enough to play online games, and download things within this lifetime.
Satellite internet isn't even useful for its intended purpose, we have better ways of reaching rural areas already.

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nobody use's it because it's $20/min voice and $5/KB

Making sure the goyim dont take down the old style brainwashing network of (((news feeds))) with high powered lasers from earth.

Now theres too many to destroy the network.

Until they can fix the latency with satellite it's only good for bringing streaming and products to buy to the poor.

They are starting to sell coring rocks. Liberal yuppies will be falling over themselves to buy those lego rocks.


We want "affordable" Internet to Rural areas, which are the fly over red states, then Rural areas can go online for News, and not have MSM be only News source.
Gov money for Rural expansion given to companies by Obamz did not hold companies responsible, so companies sought out "New Developments" within a Rural area and provided there with the Gov funds rather than down-the-road to existing homes.

This would also benefit white rural and Appalachian people who only have dialup or last tier DSL.

They are in low earth orbit, much much closer than geosync. The latency will be under 20ms.

of course user doesn't know how anything works either. you're a big asshole user, a big sloppy, shitty asshole.

Heil's login got taken over by imkikey and skeletor is a Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal, owns reddit mod

Space elevator when?

4,425 is an incredible number of satellites. Curious as to why they would they need that many to achieve their desired coverage, considering that, according to the Union of Cucked Scientists, there are only 1700 operational satellites in Earth orbit (LEO and GSO) (

This is a cool page that shows all satellites and tracked debris and their orbits.

Its mostly used by industry. All remote mine sites have satellite internet connections, even small field camps usually have an uplink for email and backing up data. I often have a sat phone for remote field work to schedule pickup with helicopter/float plane pilots, and in case of emergency.
I think most backpackers who feel the need for such a thing would use a smaller, cheaper, lighter SPOT or InReach messenger/locator.
Don't knock Iridium though, it's amazing being able to be able to pick up the phone and call someone from the middle of nowhere.

Burning giant chemical missiles is a dumb way for monkeys to get to space.














Commit suicide.

wew lad, this is your brain on government

The price will be out of this world.

Hey faggot the top five isp's already serve 56 million american households, about half of all Americans with internet get it from those 5.

I see Blue Origins and ULA have been keeping up on there shill bill.

What your talking about uses statalites 22,000 miles away in geostationary orbit to give you internet, using the same satellites sense the late 90's.

Elons internet will use a constellation of low earth orbit satellites a couple hundred miles up. The latency will be about 30 ms, better than what most Americans get with land based internet, certainly good enough for gaming.

I really don't understand this nigger tier kiky argument. His competitors receive more gibs than him. Why aren't you bitching about the gibs nesan gets for there electric vehicles or the billions ULA gets for nothing?

SpaceX provides comparable service at a drastically lower price than ULA, tax payers save money by using SpaceX over the competition.

The trade off is you have a 6% chance your satellite will blow up. It is common for the launch service to cost more than the actual satellite so you come out ahead.

There is no fiber internet available where I live faggot. I got a choice between DSL on rotten old copper lines, shitty ass fixed wireless or using my cell phone.

It's actually $0.89/minute and ~$1.43/MB. It's used a lot by industry but not practical for most consumers.


Lol they might as well stick to dialup



jelly much?

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Is there even space in orbit for 4000 more satellites ….?

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Sorry m8 but latency is actually going to be fucking stellar on elon's starnet or whatever it's called. We're talking 10-50ms round-trip from australia to uk, it's going to be a fucking hit for gamers.

Where it actually sucks is bandwidth. You'll be limited to 100gb/mo probably with 1gbps transfer rates at best. For videogames it's not a problem, you're not transferring tons of information and latency is more important. For pretty much everything else, it's a huge fucking problem. You are not going to be watching netflix on spacenet. You will text and chat over it, you will play games over it, but you will not watch netflix over it.

Most people will stick with their landlines, and the few that get onto spacenet will more than likely keep an additional landline connection for bulk transfer of data.

Yes, because your image grossly inflates the size of the satellites in comparison to the size of the earth.

It's nowhere near as congested as your image implies. Spread the distance between those points by a few orders of magnitude and you'd be more accurate.

This is pretty ridiculous, he's starting a satellite ISP, ISPs are already incredibly centralized and NSA can already get whatever they want from them. This changes nothing as far as privacy concerns go.


the earth is not in that pic
just outlined by leo sats

You fell for the meme

Alright, more work for our future space-garbage collectors!

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You fell for the fell for the stem meme meme

No where to run
No where to hide

No matter when you go (((they))) can track you.

fuck technology

Elon is red pilled as fuck, here he talks about white genocide and confirms that shit skins are not even human in his mind.


Tomorrow's Skynet, today!

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Ka band BTFO

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You type like a nigger

This. I am in the same boat, except I get full bars of LTE

forgot to say I don't even have DSL as an option

my money is on he's a figurehead for pushing deep state products both to hide technologies they originally made, and to turn a dime for black projects.

boring company isn't ironic because they sell flamethrowers, it's because they make tunnel boring machines and (probably) tunnel dumbs for the airforce

You dingus, if that were true than why does satellite TV work? If that were true why do companies use satellite for credit card transactions all across the rural US? Seriously, look on the roofs of many gas stations and you will still see the large satellite dishes.

The frequencies issue is a moot point because muh bandwidth has the entire 11-13 ghz spectrum.

But the biggest reason you are a dumbass isn't because of any of that, its because you think this has anything to do with first world countries like those in Europe and North America. Theres' a fucking goldmine if you can offer laggy internet to remote villages in South America. Australian outback, Africa, and the Middle East. None of those places have your fucking fiber optic cables. And you know what? Thats the fucking plan. Like Western Union, this will be used by shitskins around the world, and they will have to pay for it.

On a side note a good thing this will do is further hurt Hollywood since the Newscorp/Hollywood that uses satellite service to serve the rest of the world will now have competition from Netflix and other streaming services.

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GEO orbit and LEO orbit are totally different though. If you look at how the Iridium network works vs satellite TV you would see that this network would be several times closer to earth.

This user has it right about orbits.

And not really about antennas. It would need to be only a few times bigger than a standard cell phone antenna since you will have the satellites overhead instead of sending signals through terrain and obstacles.(terrain absorbs signals)

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Lucky. Don't even get cell here (which is great tbh).
I get dialup dsl speed during peak times and have not played online vidya for 7 years :/ It goes fast enough for 720p at like 0300 though :/
Single player life for me.
Was going to start a WISP service but with this coming through the pipelines I think I'll invest my sheckels elsewhere.

Proper dumbs are built using high powered/nuclear/laser/plasma TBMs which are self-sealing. One day the rest of the world will find out about how much is at our feet and it'll be interesting to see how they react.

100gb a month is going to be a problem for vidya.

Average game is about 50-60gb now, and no (((developer))) ever releases shit in a finished state, so add the day 0,1,2,3,4,oh shit we really fucked up, rollback and start again patches to the mix, and steam has eaten all your monthly quota in a matter of hours.

You know nothing. Netflix is owned by a kike, user (and that kike is related to another kike who is the so-called "father" of propaganda.) Look it up for yourself.

If Musk is successful, it would mean the 4 other ISPs will want in the type of constellation musk has. They say this internet will be just as good if not better than the terrestrial internet connections such as Comcast.

Don't forget that countries such as Russia,China, and India will want their own internet constellations for national security reasons like they have their own GPS sat fleets.

The Jews will start freaking out once we see 6 or more Musk space internet services.

Ya, but it's going to get better.

see here

Once you have 10 companies competing aginst each other to sell services in the same area the satalites will vastly improve.

Instead of 100gb a month we will see it go to 200gb and above.

Also with greater competition expect rock bottom prices.

It will get to the point that it would be cheaper to deploy satalites than it is to wire up homes with fiber.

It costs a millions of dollars to deploy fiber for a few miles.

It will be cheaper for startup ISP to get established with satalite internet than it will be to deploy fiber infrastructure. Just the permits alone..

Satellite is the last resort of "This idiot 200 km away from the nearest mast and cable node wants to have internet, and he doesn't want to/can't pay for cabling or a repeater mast"

Lmao, no. 1200 km are 1200000 meters and the electromagnetic waves travel at almost 300000 meters per second, therefore you're going to have 4 seconds of inherent latency, you can't have a decent ping on satellite.

keep crying bitch nigga

you missed a factor of thousand dipshit
light travels at 299 792 458 m / s
not 300 000 m/s
a low orbit satellite internet will have a lower latency than a fiber line, because light travels slower in glass than vacuum

warned? is everything a conspiracy to you?