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Lets have us a music thread, shall we? If I were selected to be a moderator, these threads would not get 404ed.

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Music threads always end in "my tastes are way more sophisticated than yours lol" faggotry.

I expect this thread to 404 momentarily, but here's a beautiful and memorable OST I'm enjoying.

Whoops, it's split into two videos. This half exhibits some heavier borderline industrial and artificial sounds to it, as well as a song titled "Those Everyday Feels".

Composer claims Metroid Prime as an inspiration.

God dammit.

Falkenbach is great, thanks for reminding me. I forgot I had all those albums. Any music by people prideful of their people and culture is fine by me.

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Unreal Gold has always had an inspirational soundtrack to me, got a very strong 40k sorta vibe to it for some reason.







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Well met.





I sense this thread won't last much longer.
Makes me sad, I find good stuff in these.

What do you think about "white" jazz muzic?

I liked it.

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Despite the heavily negro presence in jazz music in general, I don't necessarily see the essence of jazz music itself as being inherently bad or degenerate. However the more abstract jazz has never been particularly appealing to me.

Embedded is a great program featuring Django Reinhardt. Even though he was a dirty gypsy, he still has to be recognized as being one of the best guitarists of the 20th century.

Post 'em while you got 'em fellas.



Merle Travis - Deep South

Chet Atkins & Jerry Reed - Jerry's Breakdown

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CBC Presents: "Glenn Gould On Bach"

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Absolutely Patrician-tier taste, my friend. I listened to that first video for about a month straight on repeat when I first discovered it


Attached: Carl Sagan - 'A Glorious Dawn' ft Stephen Hawking (Symphony of Science)

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I like power metal

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Bortnyansky - Sacred Concertos

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Ernest Tubb - Drivin' Nails in My Coffin

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Arvo Pärt - Stabat Mater for Choir and String Orchestra

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user (1225) - Miri it is while sumer ilast

dat first remix

Does somebody know the song for the drift video? Shazam didn't give any results.

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zack hemsey - the home of a people

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The Koniggratzer Marsch is a famous German military march composed by Johann Gottfried Piefke commemorating the Battle of Königgrätz, 1866. Even today in Austria exists the stereotype of the "Piefke" - disciplined, unfriendly North German Protestant

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Can't you see? You can't have fun on this board?

Also you know people who actually beat the shit out of antifa and protect rallies with right wing protesters?


Andreas Gabalier - Ein Mal sehen wir uns wieder

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She seems to be not a slav but some kind of native finno-ugrian from Russia. Cute nontheless

This classic from The Music.

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ave maria

I made it my life goal to live in Germany after I took 4 years of German in High School and visited there my senior year. I moved to Germany in 2014. It was beautiful, just like this song. Then fall of 2015 rolled around. It's….never been the same since. This song almost made me forget the migrant crisis happened. Almost. Thank you user.

Marilena - Ein Lausbub muss er sein
Sandra Ledermann - Lasst uns heute feiern

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Here comes the slavshit.


Heard this sung live in some biergarden in Tirol. Enjoy.

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Speaking of which. There are so many versions done by various people and groups but I might as well keep with the theme from an earlier post of mine.

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SLAVA, brat

Schönes Osttirol von der Großglockner Kapelle Kals

well, years ago I also wanted to move to germany to start a company but I am not going to pay taxes in a country that furthers the genocide of their own people.
The germans should come to Austria, we can still fight the kikes here but we need to group up, i think the state of Salzburg would be very good for midcountry germans, probably more the urban areas than the country side. We have a partially good government now, FPÖ was founded by Schutzstaffel members and is still ruled by Burschenschaften.
an alternative to this would be that all germans who dont hate their own people move to bavaria.


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Christ ist erstanden

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this is one of the most beautiful things i've heard

Carina - Ein Mädchen vom Land

I think you should have attached an image to your submission, now it can not be selected in the catalog.

if you dont want to use a terminal software to get your videos from youtube you can download download them from in different formats.
I usually download them from there in 720p mp4 for myself and then i webm them for 9gag, facebook and skype.
You can transform your videos to a webm with the following input, 0.5M should make it less than 17mb for songs shorter than 3 minutes, or 0.35 for songs shorter than 4 minutes
ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -vf scale=640:-1 -b:v 0.5M -b:a 192k output.webm

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I like this one.

I usually just use ffmpeg, but to get other anons to make quick music webms, ffmpeg with works pretty well to get anons into terminal sofware. If they really need a GUI handbrake is a cover for ffmpeg and I've seen plenty of other anons talk about it, but haven't used it myself.

I really love it too. And like I said there really is a lot of different versions out there of damn near any type of combinations and arrangements you can think of. I definitely reccomend you search out the different versions too. They could proably fill a good portion of this thread too.

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