Possible False Flag being plan on 4chan

Multiple coordinated threads popping up claiming they've found where the Parkland kids are located.
And predictably, immediate replies pop up about shooting these kids

It's pretty clear they're planning something, keep an eye out

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Let them fuck with them. You know nobody's actually going to try to shoot them, despite the tough guy posts.
They're going to get trolled and bullied, and you are a faggot for trying to stop it.

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You don't understand, user. Gun control backfired this time. People got wise to it. The shooting wasn't enough to get normalfags to shut up about guns. Now they're going to kill "SURVIVORS" of the shooting, paint all right-wing (read: all thought to the right of FDR) as TERRORISM, shut down all speech on the Internet, and get the confiscation they wanted. The goyim didn't jump high enough.

Yeah, not like that would play into their hands with this push for gun control. Not like they've already have done false flags for this exact reason.

You could be right. But a good chance they may carry out with it. Idiot.

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Not what was said. Bump because it triggers you.


The guy in this video is making some serious threats on 4chan and 9gag. I hope the FBI finds him before it's too late. Serious business.

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If you went back after Aug of current year-1, you should have stayed. No self respecting user goes to where the cuckening began, lest it linger in every fiber of one's being.

FBI talking about shooting them and"they wouldn't shoot them"meaning Deep State Globalists. They are willing to kill thousands for false flags and have in past, Parkland, Los Vegas, 9/11.We Patriots disavow shooting

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Perhaps they are trying to distract from this


Yep, its most likely the most reasonable outcome, here are some things that I noticed

they briefly went into the flat earth narrative crap yesterday and this week before, but it seems like they shifted their focus entirely
almost solely dedicated towards raising goblina up as a success, while making us look like losers. They are trying to make us reactionary again most likely
just a gut feeling that because of this they are planning something bigger



What we are seeing right now is most likely the usual share blue faggots being routed towards this narrative…BUT with a centralized effort from the MSM being glued on to them. As a matter of fact, I think that they are the reactionaries now. As long as we keep on the lookout for their prewoven narratives.

yes, we all know
but not the mkultra'd fbi zogbots
the death of these idiots would be immensely useful to those who want to enslave us all

in fact, the smart thing to do would be to stay on overwatch around them and ventilate with high-velocity heavy metal any fbi team remote-controlled team sent to terminate these kids

more proofs

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If something violent does happen, well gee, maybe you shouldn't have called for a marxist uprising and gun confiscation in America.
These things have consequences and if el goblina gets a bullet in the skull, I don't feel like a lot of people will care.
Their whole "movement" is manufactured by Soros. If their op failed, what makes you think actually getting their comeuppance for it is going to grant them any sympathy from Joe Blow out there? Fuck the media, I'm tired of worrying about them. All that matters is losing seats in the house and senate in november. That's the only way they'll have a chance at gun grabbing.
Maybe something needs to happen to spark the civil war. Trying a god damn nationwide gun grab right now is certainly a way to get one.

It's within the realm of possibilities, but I doubt the jews will pull this.

There are plenty of way to "take care" of them without the use of firearms user, just saying.

It's just standard /b/tard shenanigans mutated for current year cancer levels, either gonna devolve into shit posting or provide win somehow. Anyone attempting subversion is just gonna walk away disappointed.

Such as? The is war.

Anyone advocating violant acts are FBI/ShareBlue normies trying to set up false flag and blame 4 and 8 chan to have us shut down And confiscate guns.Qanon wants us to unite Americans,Red pill Dems.Guns safe.

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They even have some dumbfuck running around in their building right now

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Seriously, if you need ideas, you shouldn't be here in the first place.

Holy shit this post is unadulterated cancer.

There's a thread like that here. It was called out immediately for using the term DOXX, and it read like a "hello fellow kids". IIRC it used the term "meme factory" unironically.

probably were alarmed as to how fast the narrative shifted out of their favor again. Might gun them down in a panic now lol

I have several, and I hope anons in the area carry them out.

I mean, the jew shill handlers that they have obviously…

it did get dubs of truth though, take it as you will

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Actually have to guard the building now with chan anons so deep state doesn't red flag people inside.Frog Comandoes need to web cam stream site now.

wow, what a surprise

HWNDU all over again. It will be glorious.

Its just that confiscation plays into our hands.
We want such a thing.

here we go

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Honestly, this would be a great operation for those faggots since they've lost all relevance and need something new to do. What will we call this season?

The narrative the "kids" are coordinating anything is false from the start, they are just actors being handed scripts by (((others)))


Learn to read, fucktard.

Been cross-posting all day and it finally paid off. Good job to all anons who played a part.

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That would be amusing


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Time to relax and get comfy in this thread. Can't wait to see how this ends.

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You Deep State fbi losers pushing for a ff can forget it. Kek has Langley now. They already have your IP. Do you know what OWLS sound like? Your about to find out.

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There's no indication of any violence at all. In fact the OP here is the one that's implying something will happen to these students based on harmless posts. Delete your thread OP for once again poisoning the well and using the "muh FBI" claim to prevent positive memetic warfare gains.

If someone throw a petrol bomb while (((David Zogg))) and La Goblina are there, would this kickstart a "ban assault petrol" campaign?

These actors has done their job and is now a liability to ((them))), what better way to get rid of them all in one go then to stage a massacre ?

Hello, kike

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Everybody hates those commie faggots, who cares?

>Implying the (((CIA))) will ever be on our side
Nigger what?

It's Q-ARG. Shit's gone off the deep end.

your either new here or fbi

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It took me like 5 mins to find this thread on halfchan. Wew. What a clusterfuck of faggotry. I sure am glad I left that place.

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JFC. Be more of a faggot.

Soros's Color Revolutions always use a false flag "sacrificial lamb" figure to tip things over into open street war.
Joe Blow ain't gonna say squat once the MSM narrative is up and running at full speed post-Goblina's Melon-Popping being broadcast around the world and every globalist-infested government marching in lock step on the anti-gun/anti-armed citizenry meme.

And every Jane Blow is gonna be back on Fraudbook even harder than ever signalling her communal emotional virtue.
All focusing on making Trump betray his MAGA pro-Constitution base or facing a huge popular backlash during the next election.

Any false flag action like this will be swiftly followed by Waco-style shoot-outs with carefully pre-selected libertarian strongholds, to give the sense of a running battle between the caring, protective authorities and "terrorist groups". They may even run the "White Supremacist" angle at the same time, since Goblina is a Jew/Spic hybrid.

That's the language of our enemy.
If you don't know why, lurk Zig Forums for a few years.

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I laughed more from the voice synthesizer pronouncing the words than from the video itself.

Go look now.
You pissed them off. Obviously you’re right.

Time for slaughter.
Don't give a fuck.
God is just.
God wants all scum removed.
These students are scum.
They shall be removed.

t. glow flattening machine.

You sure do.

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Fabio Tylim 20 years in executive management of sales with focus on business development of high end software and technology sales,partner/channel management,and solutions engineerind. look to rabit hole to human trafficking

Do we? No one ever fought back against any of them in the last century. The NFA is still on the fucking books, as is everything else since other than the "semi-auto ban".

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OP is such a faggot that he thinks killing these retards would be a false flag and not a matter of, first come, first serve.

Very suspicious anons. They're all checking in by giving their location and none seem to have ever seen the infographic on how to ruin lives. Some of the ideas they've come up with like sending Korans they seem to think it's never been done before kek.
getting a Qtard vibe here

Fabio Tylim Volunteers for program for special needs kids. Running Buddies is a running program on South Florida w Middle school, High School and adult volunteers w special needs kids for 1 hour running related Ctivities. Pedo activities? Pedo site?

So, what happened to /our guy/ on the ground? This thread, both here and on halfchan, has turned into low energy. Did he get arrested? What's going on?

THIS. FF confirmed.

There's something gay and annoying going on 4chans Zig Forums. Once it was implemented all discussion ended. Strange.

well it is passover so i wouldn't be surprised if the jews decide to sacrifice some more "children"

this was probably a test to see how fast we assimilate information THEY ARE TESTING US FFS

He took pictures, got confirmation, and said he was leaving without doing anything. Those threads are getting shilled really hard right now. I'm surprised we aren't seeing a big influx of people right now. I was hoping that user could see what kind of wifi networks were around the area. Oh well, anons went from "lol they're declaring meme war?!" to "found their secret HQ" in about a day so that's still pretty good.

it's not that we shoot them
it's that they make it look like a dangerous site inspired a killer- SO EVERYONE SHOULD BE WATCHED, NO ANONYMITY
no mentally ill with guns, then anyone. gun control passed, easier to take anything away after that
it's such a popular site, no one would plan something on 4chan so publicly. it's to make sure everyone sees it it's on display. a false flag is a government planned event not a completely fake one, the people who say kids didn't die are put on display to discredit people who don't trust the Government not to kill it's own people to pass laws easier

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That "Team" faggotry? Auto-saging mods? That's why they need to leave cuckchan and come here. Have they learned nothing from /hwndu/?
Only after they lurk for 2 years and then they can post. :^)

You would think (((they))) would know us well enough by now and how quickly we operate. Then again, maybe not. They underestimated us during Brexit and the 16 election. We thoroughly fucked their shit up and made fools out of their beloved MSM shills. Now they're focusing on us and learning all they can. I don't doubt for a minute that all of the CTR and Shareblue faggots are paid to lurk among us now.

So I checked the threads, the most that's being advocated is sending pizzas, posting the bill of rights up or sending them an image with Sam Hyde choking out Hogg. OP is a fearmongering faggot.

Its not suspicious at all, cuckchan is full of newfags which you should know by now. Of course things like this is all new to them.

your a lieing shill. There are threatening posts above. Leave Kazarian fbi/Shareblue normie

I just realized it was April Fools Day. ebin XDD

Last April Fools Day was bad for us here. Remember? It'd be a bad time for us to go down and a happening also occur.

Go look at the threads you lazy nigger.

It was worse for Zig Forums

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There is no anonymity and removing the veil that pretends to anonymity will pave the way for a truly anonymous medium.

A lot of people are saying that the Parkland kids are bullies. My guess is that one will commit suicide or attempt to commit suicide as a distraction.

I chuckled heartily. Thanks for that.

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Zig Forums is compromised and censors criticism of Trump for signing the omnibus.

/zenpol/ may be the answer for an exodus as it's minimally moderated.

The omnibus needs uncensored discussion as it is a massive stab in the back:

-No funding for any border wall–just 33 miles of fence.
-No money for wall prototypes. Only “operationally effective designs" already in use.
-Prohibits hiring of ICE field agents. Fewer than 100 support jobs allocated–not field agents.
-Reduces the current number of beds for detained illegals–about 40,761–by about 250, which means fewer, not more, illegals can be detained for deportation.
-H-2B foreign worker visas increased by 100,000.
–Prohibits cutting federal funding from sanctuary cities. Remember that, per the courts, a president cannot cut this funding on his own.
–Massive $1.3 trillion omnibus gives 3.1 billion to Israel and billions to various middle eastern countries like funding for Afghani women police while leaving America's border unsecure.
–The military will not fund the wall or assist building it. Mattis's policy is to remain neutral on any political issue.

Omnibus text:

Related articles:

Fuck off with this horseshit. MOSSAD IS PLANNING A FALSE FLAG.

Side note: If anyone is in the honeypot threads on halfchan, have you noticed the similarities to the original Q user Bot spam threads? Every time someone brings up a concern or contradictory statement against the OP or their narrative they go

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The same thing is happening to 8cha, but with the army of hues marching through Mexico up to America.

Yeah it's not the same thing at all, nice try shlomi.


The people complaining about it on there remind me of Q cultists more honestly. I haven't seen anyone calling for violence, its all stuff that we've done countless times to leftist groups before or benign things like sending them the bill of rights so I really don't understand all the complaining.

No one is falling for your tricks as usual, FBI. You'll have to start the false flag yourself. No patsies here today.

You're a kike shill dude. Fuck off. Nobody has time for your shit. You're glowing.

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the fact that these gun grabbing ZOG faggots probably say this unironically tells me they're in for an ass-whopping

Fuck off newfag. Doxing and memes is nothing new.

Just stop dude, you talk like a faggot and your shits retarded.

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Well the cum on the windows thing just posted a few minutes ago is new and fucking disgusting. That was probably some kike shill.

Try saying something coherent instead of just plugging your fingers in your ears and acting like I'm making things up.

Looking through your posts you immediately defended those Mossad threads and continue to do so. Your insistence on it being an organic operation with no skepticism in anything you've said is the most telling part. You're unwilling to discuss the possibilities because you are a kike. Fuck off Mossad nobody likes you.

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