Teacher goes on anti-white anti-Turmp rant in class

Told the white students in the class to 'look at your ancestry' of killing 'millions'

Castigated 'Make America Great Again' as slogan advocating for segregation

Occurred at same middle school that tasked kids with writing anti-gun essay


FOX interviews little girl

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Shameless self bump

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Middle schools are full of loons and always have been. Let's hope this inspires a school shooting. These marxists pigs need their mouths shut. The only reason they talk this shit is because they don't think anything will happen. Shitskins need to fear for their life if they utter such garbage in public.(USER WAS BANNED FOR SMELLING LIKE FBI)




"… Trump is talking about illegal immigrants, not legal immigrants."

See, it doesn't matter if the father takes the daughter out of school to "stop" the liberal agenda brainwashing if the father is already brainwashed.

this can only be good because young whites are now being immunized against white guilt

Hopefully. Why else do you think they have Holocaust classes now?

Oh that’s nothing Masons use this board for the SA crowd to immobilize and rape grown ass men using hypnotic subliminals anyone that won’t commit terrorist acts for them. Compared to that, this teacher is nothing.

This is just straight-up abuse at this point.

I wish she would ask:

How could the europeans break native american "law" in order to become "illegal." Weren't the native Americans illiterate?

If you're sharing a video, always post a WEBM

FFS, literally everything shitskins do is to further the effort to destroy whites. Just blind, retarded anti-white stupidity. Trump could cure cancer and they'd still call him a nazi and demand impeachment and open borders.







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This is disgusting. They'll post the picture of the kid but not the teacher?! Deep state protecting its own kind.


So…..you're saying SA owes me hush money for mentally raping me? Gotcha
Must ….. go……..bbbbbombitty bommmmmmmbbb……aahahahahahhhhhhhhgggggggggggggggcccxxhx
Fuck SA

Checked. Meh. Hitler was better

Zimbabwe and South Africa.
Slave mentality is a bitch.

Why have none of you fucking niggers thought to look up the fucking negress that did it? We know why none of the jewsmedia published a photo but why didn't you? This is an easy redpill you can feed to normalniggers that was handed to you on a silver platter.

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But when the country is ruined for everyone, it'll be just like their home country! And then they'll go to another one until no country is free of their destructive ideology. Then the world will be utterly ruined and they will be trapped among that ruin, begging for a now absent European to save them from themselves.

Lets take into account how a black savage thinks:

"White people are performing better than me in education and in society in general" → White are a threat and will always keep me down

"White people are the dominant force ruling the country, the wealth is concentrated with them" → Whites are a threat and will always keep me down

The reason that they hate white people is because they see white people as a threat that would be harvesting them. Harvesting them for their labor (slavery) or other resources. They believe to be put down.

That logic would be a correct logic. Sadly white people have been socially engineered through psyops over the years by an elite to have no regard for their own bloodline and the preservation for it. Even though that is one of the most important things in nature.

There ought to be a law.

Why wouldn't they want one world only populated with their tribe?

Of course it would be a shit heap but they naturally want self preservation as well, even if the end result is chaos and ruin.

why are you trying to appeal to people who hate you, denigrate them instead

wait hold up…

you're saying there are freemasons on this board? On Zig Forums? Yeah right, get real..

the video in the OP is 15 minutes long.

Sounds like a comic book superhero team.

Poor Russians probably fetched a toilet brush instead of surgical gloves during her birth out of confusion.

Probably meant to say St. Petersburg FL. Guess she's not the geography teacher.

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So Europeans are superior?

They're literally the equivalent of that kid who accuses everyone of hacking because he sucks at gaming.

Whitey cheated the world with his white privilege.

That, and talk about Solutreans and ask how prehistoric non-Asiatic DNA showed up in the Northeast. The Euros were here first, we just came back to claim our homes from Asian invaders.

Sometimes I wish we would die just to see what they'll blame their failures on. Probably still claim it's whitey's fault even hundreds of years later.

Curious why she doesn't mention that "Native" Americans are actually from Siberia.

No need to die; just get those space colonies up and running so we can go build a Kardashev-II civilization around the Sun. We'll check in once a century to find out if whites from the 18th century are still to blame for Cape Town's water shortage. Then the expedition can return and we'll all have a good laugh while building fusion-powered deep space arks on our way to Kardashev-III while niggers and spics forget how fire works.

It's always been abuse and never anything else. What do you think kikes are?

And of course said privilege is magic and not subject to objective measures or third-party observation of any kind, but it's NOT genetic, goyim!

Because communists are lying cunts.

Never change, niggers. Don't you do it.

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Do you really think she's ever thought about that? Her profile mixes up Russia with Florida. She probably never even got curious about where the timber niggers came from.

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My sides are in orbit

Dumb bitch does not understand that Saint Petersburg is not in America.

We, the Jews, have set one against another the personal and national reckonings of the GOYIM, religious and race hatreds, which we have fostered into a huge growth in the course of the past twenty centuries. This is the reason why there is not one State which would anywhere receive support if it were to raise its arm, for every one of them must bear in mind that any agreement against us would be unprofitable to itself. We are too strong - there is no evading our power. THE NATIONS CANNOT COME TO EVEN AN INCONSIDERABLE PRIVATE AGREEMENT WITHOUT OUR SECRETLY HAVING A HAND IN IT.

I spent a good few hours today thinking about a way there could be the creation of a black ethnostate and a white ethnostate (separate of course) but after listening to this and having a flashback to college…nope. Niggers are too far gone. No developed country can exist with undeveloped niggers.

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Whitey does have privilege… the genetic privilege.

American niggers are actually marginally smarter than their African counterparts due to some white ancestry (it's visible in their appearance as well, they have lighter skin and sometimes random European features pop out in them like straight foreheads, longer necks, larger ears, etc.), they're just far more spoiled than Africans (constant gibsmedat from whitey vs. being used to African squalor only getting scraps of foreign aid at times that mostly got seized by local warlords).


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wtf i love federal agents now

This. You can't fight parasites on their terms and win because street shitting and rubble is their norm as primates.

And look how much worse off the country is after 400 years of niggers. It's not worth it and it never was. Niggers must go and stay gone.

I know, shame Lincoln never fulfilled his idea of sending them all back to Liberia.

You can leave anytime. Getting too spicy for you?

WebM is black magic if you apply enough compression well enough. Hell even just downloading the things through youtube-dl -f 43 they're approximately 10MB and 24MB respectively.

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All those hens. All that fried chicken niggers will never get.

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ffs these lying kike cunts need to be gassed

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This. Niggers, kikes, assorted non-whites, leftists, communists and feminists are retarded and mentally ill to the point of suicidal. I'm not exaggerating when I say that, either.

There is a reason why the White way is the dominant way of the world - science, logic, reason and the technology they make possible are the domain of Whites. We fucking invented them in their current form.

The only non-whites that are even in the ballpark of being as successful as whites are the japs, and only because in every area that counts, they devoted themselves entirely to learning the White ways and practicing them, after we showed them our superiority in the form of splitting a couple of atoms in their neighborhood.

tl;dr - White is Right.

Why do I have to bant, why do I have an enemy? I'm pretty sure the internet was a mistake. Rather just be sending postcards.

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There is so much love, and this revolving door here, as it needs to be. I'd rather be eating a lime in Capri but the magnetis and gravity that keep me from higher works. I am the one, I guess. That keeps you here, away from the hereafter and your family in grief. I love you. No matter how broken I become. Everyone is going to tear it up, no matter what hereafter is to them. I love you.

The more I understand why I exist and my eye turned. I don't need tattoos, just a mess. Here, and other minor boards. The real grief on a heart level. Being a curious animal that invaders cannot touch. All of this
Just stop ramming at the stupid. I know you mean well, but this is now.



I want them to know how much I love you.

You're going to scare the donor class with those pictures.

Here you go, effete libtards. Don't be scared of it.

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yeah, St Pete is west FL. Faceberg autofilled it in and she, being a she-boon, didnt know how to fix it.

Most likely, like other non-Kang normalfags do as well, she thinks they were just always in North America since time immemorial and evil Whitey came on boats from Europe and took away their land :*(. I couldn't even have this discussion with normalfags in college because they were absolutely unwilling to even consider that Amerindians might have crossed the Bering Straight at some point in ancient history.

You can just here from her voice that she is a nigger.


I'm sorry user-kun, I'm ashamed I didn't look it up, thank you.

The little girl is hilarious.