Seems to me Trump got word of the Soros-Caravan of thousands of people trying to make a run at the border and snapped. Beaners and goblins BTFO. You want DACA protections? APRIL FOOLS! Liberals everywhere are crying and pretending to be religious in order to shame Trump for saying this on Easter Sunday right before going to church. Meanwhile my Easter turkey is done and I'm gonna eat good. Let's see how the Republicucks respond.

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Game. Set. Match.

link of the tweet or I'll call it April Fools

Why didn't you add this? He just put NAFTA on the table. That's a big one.

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It's real.

Because I'm a nice person.


2) (he got trips in his URL kek)


Just go to his twitter you fucking nigger.

Men at the border with machine guns. Mass grave. Broadcast the event live to their shithole country, if the mother fuckers even have screens.

He's probably going to position them to do something for the promise of a NAFTA deal but then pull out

Fuck off. You know to archive.

I hate Christianity more and more every day.

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HIs beard doesn't even distract from his gooseneck

Just go back to half, cunt.


Same arguments, every time.

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Hate to blackpill, but wake me up after he actually does something instead of making more empty threats. Getting tired of this.

I rather wouldn't


Yeah you'll have to edit your spam post now, you foooooooool.

What happened to all the Minutemen? Do they still exist? Cant they help here? Can't Trump just mobilize the military to defend our border against invading hordes?

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How are christians not "jew-lite" when they pull shit like this picking and choosing what they dont like about your holy books?(Blaming Christianity for being twisted by kikes)

And I'm sure you apply all of the Havamal equally, especially the parts about butt fucking Irish boys.

Don't forget to grave dance on these faggots, they sent a caravan to fail and got DACA RIPd in the process.

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The caravan is a cover for an arms shipment from China to antifa and cartels in California. Trump needs to take this extremely seriously.

Oh, so it's not a joke. Thank you.

I have a feeling by this time next year its going to be renamed easter gunday

Anyone can just say words. What are you talking about?

Sitting in Easter service today, i felt encouraged. Our pastor shared verses about the secret meetings of Christians after the Ressurection of Christ. And how he encouraged them to not fear the Jewish leaders, for his rising was his defeat of them, even when they killed him. Then i come home and the Pope is protesting Palestinians killed in gaza, and saying the violence in the Holy Land must stop. Well, he's half right, it must stop allright. The pozzing of our religion amd land must stop! There will be no peace in this world until the Holy Land is in Christian hands again, and the traitorous Jewish scourge amd Muslim hordes have been wiped from the face of the Earth! Then i came and read this, and instantly smiled. Spics BTFO haha.

Attached: aryan_nations_3d_logo_by_enesbe-d8kolrd.png (440x264 361.88 KB, 10.8K)

I bet this nigger has only read Genesis and Exodus like the fucking pleb he is. Also you're a faggot.

No I think that is a saga about some fishermen who finds a couple stranded and that is the fate of the man and the woman is left alone or something. I don't remember which saga though.
sorry for off topic, not trying to derail.

Dont blame the Christian, blame the Kike. That verse is being taken way out of context anyways. I

There's a trend in liberals being interested in Christianity, but far more twisted way. They take some verses and translate to support their ideology. A sick commie strategy to manipulate.

What happened to minutemen? The Automatic Weapons Ban neutered them is what happened… an army without military grade weaponry is only an army in spirit, a spirit which needs to be awoken!

I like to say, "Jesus was a refugee! But…. he went back to his own country."

Makes liberals/commies mad.

Trump tweets a lot of things an in the end I always end up with a sore asshole.

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Lel. Fags

"The community is to have the same rules for you and for the foreigner residing among you; this is a lasting ordinance for the generations to come. You and the foreigner shall be the same before the LORD:"
- Numbers 15:15

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”
- Matthew 4:4

Tl;dr the Bible does say to not oppress the foreigner, but it also says the foreigner is to respect the laws of his host nation, or else he can fuck off and face punishment like any other law breaker.
And then there's the laws in Deuteronomy that put the nation's citizen before the foreigner. Foreigners could not become rulers, were subject to usury, and were not entitled to harvests except for the leftovers. The laws are very much "nation first."

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Remind that faggot it also allows slavery in the same book.

there has been a general trend since the 1890s of pozzing up the translations of the bible, most of the "common" phrases spout from the bible are deliberate misinterpretations to distort the meaning. it's also a big part of the bizarre zionist evangelical shit, but in most cases with the blood and fire evangelicals they havent actually read the bible anyway.

good example of my point.

I am just going to point out that you shouldn't even allow muslims just like other heretics and judaists into your house, nor welcome them, nor touch their clothes, cause they are heretics with rewritten bible scriptures and false prophets. And neither you should hate rulers or any kind of ruling force that isn't antichristian, because Jesus commandment was to give to Caesar the things which are Caesar's. There's no point for Christians to be in conflict with any government.

2John 1:9-11
Jude 1:23
Jude 1:8
2Pet 2:10
Rom 13:3-4

But i am not quoting this for babylonic devil's teaching worshippers, so you know yourself what is right.

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It's not too late to turn from your sodomy and stop hating God.


New shilling tactic.

No he wasn't. All of his life took place within Roman provinces.

I've been on imageboards longer than you've been able to count.

You faggots don't get how absolutely transparent you are.

"In the interest of National Security I have ordered the Boarder Patrol to implement new security measures
at all US/Mexican border crossing. Concerns of human trafficking and or contraband smuggling have forced new protocols to be implemented. Starting tomorrow all transport trucks will undergo a new series of inspections checks including but not limited to, cargo removal for a more thorough inspection of said cargo
and trailer.

Another issue has been brought to my attention and that is of public safety. We must protect the lives of American Citizens travailing our Highways and byways. New safety protocols for transport trucks seeking entry to the US will be implemented. A battery of safety inspections will need to occur for entry to be allowed.
Full brake system analysis will be conducted (caliper thickness, brake fluid volume etc.) as well as tire tread depth measurements are to be preformed.

Average time for the new procedures to allow entry is est. 36-48 hours.

With these new measures, it is my hope to make a safer and more secure America."

Donald Trump #45


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Nice that Trump is blaming Mexico when he has both the responsibility and power to protect our border as chief executive.

He completely abdicated responsibility.

This is not a matter of opinion. It is written in the text of the spending bill Trump could have vetoed but did not.

-No funding for any border wall–just 33 miles of fence.
-No money for wall prototypes. Only “operationally effective designs" already in use.
-Prohibits hiring new ICE field agents. Fewer than 100 ICE support jobs created.
-Reduces the current number of beds for detained illegals–about 40,761–by about 250, which means fewer, not more, illegals can be detained for deportation.
-H-2B foreign worker visas increased by 100,000.
-Prohibits cutting federal funding from sanctuary cities. Remember that, per the courts, a president cannot cut this funding on his own.
-Massive $1.3 trillion omnibus gives $3.1 billion to Israel and billions to foreign countries (like funding for Afghani policewomen) while leaving America's border unsecure.
-The military will not fund the wall or assist building it. Mattis's policy is to remain neutral on political issues.

Related articles:

Who cares what some fucking jew says about the Bible on the day celebrating the resurrection of the Son murdered by Jews?

Isn't it hilarious how one fucking tweet made you lose half your spam post?

Get mad, Mr. President.

Easter started because of Jewish tricks, user.


kikes are mad at this thread.

This is absolutely correct the Marxist globalist agenda moves on undeterred at the democratic donator class charlatan that is the president.

Oh boy I can't wait to see you faggots spam this exact phrase for the next few days until Trump fucks your strategy up by casually tweeting again.
How does it feel to be so reactionary?

Jesus wants all these people dead.

The Bible also says to kill people that blaspheme the LORD but I don't think that we will be gassing Muslims and kikes any time soon.

Yet you use a kike meme yourself. Fuck, you must not understand how many times the bible has been intentionally misinterpreted, changed, obfuscated. Then there's the whole Tower of Babel part, kinda disagrees with that guys implied meaning of that verse.

This kike is quoting the Torah (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, NUMBERS, Deuteronomy) and pushing it as Christianity.

You kikes follow the Torah, not Christians. Open Israel's borders.

Not to mention Jewry is actually in a huge breach of their filial obligations to their fellow semites. The Muslims are as much Jews as the Jews, as neither follow the actual ritual proscriptions set out for their priestly caste.

Remember that Yahweh abandoned the Jews in 70AD after they failed to keep the Covenant by allowing the destruction of the Temple.

U wot

You forget this bill is just a guidance. He can do what he wants and answer to them when they come time to review in 4-6 months.

Why can he do this? Because he knows who's going to be around won't be enough to challenge him, the rest will be swept up and they'll abandon ship at some point.


Don't forget to connect ALL Dots. Any email address is a company this organization has in their pocket.

We traced back this caravan organizations server to the same company that hosts a bunch of other initiatives of theirs in India and a kiddyporn stash with hidden links to non-google crawled freemason library of materials


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These (( (refugeeeeees)) ) have enough dough to stop and peruse hats for sale. They're all dressed in non tattered clothing too
To arms men! To the parapets!! Man the machine guns immediately

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If Trump used the money for the wall it would be literally illegal

Do you know what "shall" means?

Not to mention it's a totally moot point since Trump had to go elsewhere for funding. According to the border patrol, only 200 out 2000 miles are funded now.

But I thought dumpf was kikes!!11eleven

That's wrong too, depending how you define the wall. If by 'wall' you mean any of the prototypes in california, then there's 0 miles of wall.

Might want to try harder.

Correct. The word "shall" is used to mean "shall."

This site is Trump koolaid bullshit at this point. Zig Forums used to be about truth and not propaganda bullshit.

This is over a year into the Trump administration in what is clearly an emergency situation–an invasion with weapons, violence, drugs, and filth stealing tax dollars and draining our system. That's PERMANENT damage.

This is an emergency, and Trump LIED to exploit voters desperate need to fix this EMERGENCY.

So apparently all Trump has to do to placate his sycophantic base is espouse shitty positions that he previously didn't hold just to hold them until he does something shitty and then he can re-espouse that original viewpoint (in this case being against DACA) to make his base happy again.

I agree with him. Nobody wants that trash. Especially if the open borders marxists at the DHS and democrats in the house keep shilling for it, you know it's shit.

kikes don't give a fuck about anything except their talmud.


Hmmmm how do I quantum memetically shit and piss all over their talmud?

Nonsense. Easter started as a 'pagan' (read: non christian) fertility celebration. Eostre. Why do you think there are eggs involved? Eggs have to do with fertility; not Jesus.

Protip: Christmas is a Christianized celebration of the Roman holiday Saturnalia. Most biblical scholars agree on Jesus' birth taking place in midsummer.

Don’t give up hope brother.

Do you not know what that means? 0% of his base had even a tiny bit of wavering support for any part of DACA. None. (((alt-right))) yes, not his base though.

I'm saying that all the faggots ITT bragging about this are bragging that Trump isn't shilling for DACA anymore which is a very LOW bar.

The absolute state of shillry.

No biblical scholar knows when Jesus was born.
There is nothing wrong with celebrating the birthday of Jesus.
Since we don't know when he was born any day is just as good as the other and I don't see why people adding in local traditions in their celebrations is a bad thing or something that somehow disproves Christ.

People wearing clothes made in China while celebrating new years doesn't mean that it's some ancient festival to honor the Chinks either.

He means that Jews killed Jesus, smarty.

Talking "kike kike kike" is distraction from the problem. The problem is that Donald Trump the liar and this situation is an emergency. It is not something to be lied about without serious consequences for national stability.

Say America was bleeding out in the street with a barely-survivable wound to one leg. America would lose a leg but survive.

Trump comes around and says, vote for me, and I'll summon an ambulance. You sign whatever form he pulls out. Trump disappears and comes back with a group of people–the same people who shot you before, and they shoot your other leg.

Now both legs have been shot. Trump tells you, hey this is really bad–it's those people who did it, not me.

See how this doesn't make any sense?

Oh for fuck's sake.


Yes, because it's coming from a depraved Jewish mind such as yours.

Democrats literally banned him from using concrete and forced him to only put up this glorified fence, did you ever wonder why nigger?

you are right torpedo, you make no sense

Because they thought it mattered when it clearly doesn't.
A shitty barbwire fence stopped the dirty mudslimes passing through Hungary.
You really think the tacocunts are gonna sxale that thing in the millions? Not even by dozens

Attached: Trump LEGO wall.jpg (672x680, 88.03K)

It’s painfully obvious that you don’t belong here

You all seem to think the wall needs to be 100% to do its job.

Remember this is all to concentrate the entry points so less border agents can do more.

He's building the wall so the CIA's old plans have to adapt and they either lose their business of guns for drugs and people, or they spend time adapting new plan.

He built the wall without sharing where he's building so the CIA scrambled to get arms out drugs and people in while they can. As the wall grows they have to revise plans and waste time on things they otherwise had down to a practiced blueprint.

He's slowing them down while he makes other moves to round them up and detain them. The way real crime "fighting" is supposed to work when you have one cohesive system working for the same cause and all corruption and sabotage is bogged down and rendered ineffective.

So even if it's illegal, the only people that are willing to prosecute will likely be detained for being a traitor making $1 year under the new revision for suspended government employees.


Which is why they overwhelmingly funded Hillary.

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America doesn't build fences, it builds walls. There was a time, not long ago, when Americans weren't such desperate faggots who settled for shit. If a fence works so well, a wall will be even better.

The scum fuck invader swarm made him finally put the nail in the daca coffin.

Some artifacts were removed from the background. Sorry about that.

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