I Can't This Shit Seriously Anymore

I-I'm sorry, but at this point I have nothing left but sarcasm and satire for this cluster fuck of a liberal retard race… so I've started making parody accounts…


Honestly, what tha'fuck are Democrats even doing? I mean are they fucking themselves over on purpose or are they just so cluelessly inept that they're just tripping on into a pile of their own shit out of sheer undiluted stupidity?

I mean you'd think they'd have wizened up after Hillary, you'd think that would have been some kind of wake up call or something to get their gawd damn heads out of their asses and rethink their whole "marketing stratedy" so to speak… but no, no they just keep on fuckin up!

They are their own worst enemy, to the point where I just can't take any of it seriously anymore… at all. It's like watching an endlessly unloading clown car of deranged insanity.

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Lurk 6million more years

I'm the oldest fag around, kiddos.

Anyone whose been around for longer than a year knows who the fuck I am. I use a unique name on boards like this so the more ~sensitive~ of you kiddies can actively filter me if I start "triggering" you. ^__^

back to the_zogald

Why would somebody start an OP before wanting to be filtered

I've only ever made like one post on Reddit… and then I wound up with like -29 "karma" or… whatever the shit that is.

Well if you filter me you won't be able to see ANY of my posts, in any thread, on any board.

But regardless, it doesn't really matter either way because anyone can tell who I am from my typing style. My work innt exactly subtle…








…and hundreds more.

I'd estimate that around 10% of all the major articles on ED were written by me. I'm so old I date all the way back to the Meow Wars.


Still at it? Why the persistent hogg posting I wonder? A few digs through ED and you think you're ready to ebin troll some nazis, eh?

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A lotta loyalty for a hired shill

Troll some Nazis?

LOL, the last play pretend Nazi that thought it would be a good idea to fuck around with me was William Atchison… it uh… didn't end so well for him. ^__^

Did you also forget who wrote this…


Or who fucked you all up on YouTube…


*slowly licks your face*

You're no Nazi kiddo… a Neo Transsexual at best. I really don't give a rats ass what the hell squirrely shit you "identify" as, but seriously, Hitler's abortive attempt at world domination is about as gutless and WEAK as you can possibly get.

Why not sexually identify as a political party with a bit more BALLS… like the Mongolian Empire… seriously Khan like… fucked half the population of Asia, the other half he pretty well slaughtered the fuck out of the other half. Hell he decimated the total population of Persia from some 2.5 million on down to 250k… and they weren't a bunch of fuckin pasty Jews or drunken, half-starved Russian farmers being conveniently excised by their own government.

Yeah, that's right, Hitler was such a little bitch that Russia used them as a convenient means to exterminate upwards of 12 million of THEIR OWN POPULATION simply to keep their crazy Communism going for a few decades longer… now THAT takes some balls!

Oy yo yo, don't you have another slide thread to be making? earlobe spacing butthurt can only get you so far, shill-kun. Work for those shekels.

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I like how chan-tards are so autistic you can "trigger" them just by using standard MLA spacing.

I guess one really can't expect better though from a bunch of fuckin dropouts using a twenty year old cookie cutter webbie board they bitched off the fuckin Japs, which in turn was a half-assed attempt by the Engrish molesting squid suckers to try and emulate Usenet.

I should be thankfully you pant dribbling crotch goblins can even manage elementary school level punctuation… well, some of you anyway.

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Uh huh. we're all retards here, yup. Kissless virgins too! Thank you for posting.

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Sex is like air kiddo… it's really not important at all… unless you aren't getting any.

you trigger me boii, stop. pls stop.

Nah, you kids aren't all ~that~ sensitive… I mean you're not 888 Chan… they effectively destroyed themselves just to spite me. Committed virtual suicide, hung themselves with their own hypersensitive stupidity in the wake of my presence.

As far as "toys" go 8 Chan doesn't "break" so easily.

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jesus christ, its like you're trying to be huge faggot. nobody cares who the fuck you are. if you know anything about these communities you should know that anyone trying to forge or dine out on an identity will be met with open hostility. tripfags always get the rope. you can't prove you've done anything you've said you've done and even if you could, a couple of ED articles isn't that impressive. what's even the point of this thread, we've got like 4 Zogg threads already. looks to me like you're just begging for follows on you're shitty parody account. I hope you're banned.

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reminds me of the sanctimonious tone of mister metokur:
after a few minutes of reading (or listening in his case) it starts sounding like a screeching hag, gossiping and shaming/belittling others to no end for the sake of a ghost mother persona
literally hysterical

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oh yeah i reported you on twitter too faggot

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Dude that parody account will probably be nuked by Twitter in like… a day. LOL

Oh and, to be honest, I'm actually trying to piss you off. I actually don't like "followers" and shit, so I generally go out of my way to try and infuriate everybody.

Simply put… I don't want lessers like you to enjoy what I do, on any level. What I create is for me and for the ~very~ small portion of the population that doesn't take anything seriously… which isn't YOU, kiddo.

In order to ensure my work remains in as much obscurity as possible it's necessary to forcibly grope your insecurities with squeezing agitation. Which I've achieved, as is clearly evident from your flustered wantful wish of a mommy moderator to come and coddle you.

As such…I am now going to bed, with the contented assurance that only my ~intended~ audience on this board will be allowed to enjoy my little parody account.

Not for you, little one. For you… there's nothing but HATE.

That's all I'm allowing you to feel. ^__^

this is the most semetic shit I've read all day and I just got done with the fucking Ruth Bader Ginsberg thread

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Sorry, I'm not Jewish, but I am Discordian.


go to bed kike

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ebin thread my fellow Kekster
shadilay, for the republic of kekistan!!!!! xDXD O_O LOL

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Do a Google search on "degloving" or "avulsion" to find some good gore pics.

go to bed chaos cultist kike

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Kill yourself faggot, sage

The difference between us and you is that we will leave this thread and call someone a kike in 5 minutes, forgetting about you. You, however, will continually check back to have partial conversations with people that don't give a shit about you past a chuckle and an insult. For instance, I am going to call you a faggot kike then close this tab. You will argue back against my words, which genuinely hurt you, but the next reply will simply be a variation of calling you a faggot kike and a repeat closing of the thread. You are basically standing on the side of a freeway arguing at the cars as they speed by, each one yelling "faggot kike" as they pass.
Reddit space
Faggot kike.

Dem/Lib/Left are "overloading" their opposition;
The Wheat and Chessboard problem.
Replace the Grains of "Wheat" with News Stories about Hot Buttons/Topics;
If a chessboard were to have wheat placed upon each square such that one grain were placed on the first square, two on the second, four on the third, and so on (doubling the number of grains on each subsequent square), how many grains of wheat would be on the chessboard at the finish?
The total number of grains equals 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 (the 64th Mersenne number).
Dealing with/addressing every News Story, (some of the opposition may agree with certain news stories), keeps the opposition busy, busy, busy from the REAL Agenda;
LGBTQ Marriage, Guns, Stormy Daniels, muh Russia, etc. NONE OF THIS MATTERS.

Dude, he's the Demon_God! You can't scare him away.

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Eyes on the prize , not on distraction.
Why were Parkland student march permits issued by DC police months before shooting ?


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The reason why they are doing it is because the jews will release the videos of them raping and murdering babies. duh.

The optimism is appreciated, but if the sight of Obama and Hillary's face didn't turn America into a National Socialist Ethnostate, then why wouldn't the masses be turned on by some hormonally deficient CNN employee?
Form militias, the caravan is coming

stay mad, schlomo

Demographics is destiny
everything else is either secondary or irrelevant

The total number of grains equals 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 (the 64th Mersenne number).