Have we no plans?

Each and every one of our countries which hold wealth will be usurped by foreigners, and you wish for us all to just watch as centrist parties are elected that only aim to reduce illegal immigration.

There is no great right wing shift and there will be none. Public education has assured, and anyone in Gen Z will testify to this, that any actions to restrict the flow of foreigners into our countries would instantly be perceived by the vast majority of the public as racist, and therefore the epitome of evil.

There can be no preservation of our race if we do nothing to preserve it. It isn't preserving itself. That's exactly what (((they))) want you to think. If you aren't black-pilled, that is - a radical - then you are blue pilled.


… and if we all do nothing, we will all have nothing. Let's save each other, Zig Forums.

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And yet you suggest nothing and demand that others provide answers.

Why don't you post a solution instead of whining and asking others for help.

The nearest thing there is to a solution is

Small groups. Great. I can see you're thinking big here.

None of these things will alter the demographic shift. It's a waste of time, in the grand scheme of things.

And you can compete with the education system, which instills complete faith in and obedience to the current order of things in every child, and teaches fear of being ostracized should such order be rejected, and therefore, also fear of ideas that might lead to such a scenario?

No. You can't. I recently graduated from high school in Australia, which is 70% White. We've seen a recent demographic shift, and it's been accelerating since then. Classes in suburban areas are now also only 70% White - which is an incredible amount for what was once a White majority country.

Nobody, however, sees this as a problem. They integrate into the system and adopt our culture, so are they not too Australians?

LEGAL immigration cannot be argued against. Any attempts to restrict it WILL be seen as racist.

This is just

The victories are too small. They will never add up to anything. We need to try and win bigger victories.

I'm just one man, mate. We should brainstorm more effective solutions to the problems we face.

So much this. Don't blackpill, get healthy and socialise with you rown kind. Have at least 3 white kids in your early 20s.
Oh, and switch off the talmudvision.

And then big daddy government brings in another 300,000 immigrants for each year one of the few thousand WN's have one child. And they'll continue to do this for decades to come.

You know that it's impossible for that to do jack, mate. You're deluding yourself into thinking a passive solution is possible. There is no passive solution - we must confront the public with these issues directly and be catalysts for great change.

Two Wongs don't make a White cunt. And the ratio tips in our favour the further you go down the evolutionary scale.
We boost our birth rate and we're good to go.

Here's an idea for a solution - every autist affiliated with the right organizes and attends a family friendly series of protests against demographic replacement.

There will be no nationalist imagery, as foreigners can adopt such an identity.

The only unifying feature would be the single, clear message, and the skin of the race we wish to preserve.

Ultimately, no matter what solution we choose, if we wish to gain the public's support - and rob our opponents of it - then we must make our ideas palatable to them.

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And you, Chad Thundercock, are going to singlehandly achieve this task, in the face of MASS immigration?

Autists really don't have great threat perception skills.

If we wish to change public opinion, as I suggested here:

then we must put effort into making such a change.

Our ideas must first of all be made palatable to the public, as otherwise they will never be adopted by the public.

Any efforts in doing this, therefore, must be free of nationalist imagery which might be perceived as racist.

The efforts should have the message of
"If more foreigners come, we won't survive"

instead of

"Foreigners have no place at all in our countries"

We must also truly become the fear mongers that the left label us as if our ideas are to dominate the minds of the public. Let us dominate the market of fear with this one great threat - the threat of the death of our people.

m8 I've sired 4 white kids and raised 3 of them to adulthood, I'm betting that I've done more than you. You think I'm a fucking autist and maybe there is some in me but I can still bench press 170kg and raised racially aware daughters and a full 1488 son who is currently homeschooling. I have plans. Fuck me, my own daughter came back from school a few years ago telling me about her cunt marxist geography teacher telling her class not to have children but to adopt fucking nigger grublets instead. You better believe I have plans cunt.

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Based Israel reaches deal with UN to forcefully deport niggers …to the West instead of their home countries



In two score years nearly every affluent Western country will have a White minority.

You aren't doing shit.

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Oh well, just go to the link.

Fuck off cunt. Israel is of shit all importance.

Yeah you've shown your true colours haven't you, fuck you and your blackpills.

So complaining about a useless shit like you doing useless things instead of something useful, WHICH I BELIEVE IS POSSIBLE, is a Blackpill?

No - you just want to protect your retard self from criticism.

You contribute nothing to the cause. That is the simple truth. You and your three white children is nothing to 300,000 immigrants a year.

I just want a future god damn it.

Hi Brainlet,

We're presently working on a solution which spreads through multiple vectors. We're spreading propaganda and waking people up, we're improving ourselves and preparing ourselves to live independently of state coercion, and we're creating communities of like-minded individuals. All of these are pre-cursors to mass action in the political sphere and they're being pursued in an organic and decentralized way. That you can't see this is your own problem. So, rejoice knowing that we're all working full steam ahead to achieve our goals and that you and a few other grey-matter-deprived mouth breathers don't slow down the train one bit as you hang off the caboose shouting nonsense. If at any time you'd like to join the big boys, feel free to do exactly what all right-thinking people have been doing as a matter of simple common sense: talk to your neighbors, your church, your professors or fellow students, coworkers, family, friends, and anyone you meet about the problems we now face honestly and with integrity, without shame and without malice, and you will contribute your own share of the solution without needing some authority to direct your will. As free men of the West, we're more than capable of pursuing our goals in a realistic and tangible way; are you?


Not brainlet

How many? Perhaps a million, spread across the entire globe.

The problem is that opposing legal immigration is seen by the public for exactly what it is - a restriction of the flow of ethnics into the country.

If you push for it, especially if you push for it with the only convincing argument for it - as a defense against genocide - you would be viewed as a racist for discriminating based on race.

As I said above, opposing replacement is seen as far right thought - something the education system programs extreme avoidance tendencies to.

How will you be able to make any more than a small minority of people extremists of an extremely unpalatable ideology? How have you done this?

You have no fucking clue.

go full breivik pussy

Of course I have a clue. I understand that an insurgency takes time and grows via social relations.

You, on the other hand, seem to think there's some magic plan of action we can simply come up with and implement on the spot which will immediately stop mass immigration or endear the rest of the population to our perspective in a matter of moments. You're a fag, friendo.

We don't even take in 300k per year even though 190k is still way too fucking much as it is. You don't even have your numbers right but typical blackpill dispenser that you are, you don't care.

The thing that worries me most is population growth is directly linked to species loss and Australia is currently in the top 5 countries for species loss at the moment. We are in the throes of an extinction event in Australia right now. We can't afford any more migration!

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Whatever the rate, it doesn't change the reality on the ground. There is no solution at present which will immediately reverse this demographic trend, which means we have to continue doing what works even if it means slow progress.

If you have a magic lamp or something and you're holding out on the rest of us I'd be happy to consider it, but short of something of that nature what you're doing is saying "I don't like this and it needs to change!" without understanding the baseline requirements for that change. It's well and good to say "it would be best if this changed immediately" but the means simply do not exist. In the meantime, continue (or begin) to contribute at the individual level by networking, proselytizing, and building up your own ability to resist tyranny.

What did breivik accomplish? Just as little as the rest of us.

Of you and your ten friends?

Raising awareness that ethnic replacement is genocide should be possible, considering that it's the truth.

If the message is made palatable enough for the silent majority (or large minority) to speak up then it would also be palatable enough for the rest of society to support it.

Opposing genocide is an idea which the vast majority of people, if they are allowed to support, will be willing to support and will support with further.

It is therefore our duty to make it palatable.

>The thing that worries me most is population growth is directly linked to species loss and Australia is currently in the top 5 countries for species loss at the moment. We are in the throes of an extinction event in Australia right now. We can't afford any more migration!

Normies don't care unless they're essential to the ecosystem.

Are you going to start an insurgency of biologists?

And what of our European brothers, with no such arguments of their own?

Opposing genocide is an idea which the vast majority of people, if they are allowed to support, will be willing to support and will support with fervor.

If we reveal to the public that ethnic replacement is genocide - and if we concentrate ALL of our efforts on this one goal, we should be able to reverse the trend.

m8, i'm sure this has traction as it is promulgated by esteemed academics and all these things the leftists love to claim as their own:

Workers rights: tapri.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Final-March-8-Australias-skilled-migration-program.pdf

Species extinction: abc.net.au/news/2015-08-19/fact-check-does-australia-have-one-of-the-highest-extinction/6691026

If you have a network for dispensing memes then feed these to the greenies and rabid left as if you were one of their own.

Breivik wiped out the cream of the youth wing for the party that was pro migration. Take a look at the history of most politicians. What brievik did was wipe out future, possible prime ministers and foreign ministers and leaders of the eu.

The thread should have died right here.

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I've often thought you need to appeal more to the greed and selfishness in society today. At least half if not three quarters of the people I know just don't care about any of the things we do because they're able to earn money and buy all the trinkets and other assorted bullshit they want. In such an atomized society where most people only care about themselves, appealing to them on the basis of race or community isn't getting us very far. They have to feel like they and their immediate family are losing out.

Shut up. I just wanted an embed.

And are the majority of Australians greenies? Are even a significant minority of Australians?

They have just 23 seats, mate. That's not going to do jack shit.

In Norway, a country which is already opposed to mass immigration.

Losing your race is losing out. It's losing your entire heritage, and all heritages that are similar, forever.

Trust me mate, if people found out that this was happening to them, and it was also an unethical thing called genocide, then they would protest mass immigration.

lol the irish were and are renowned drunkards and look what they accomplished vs the british.

They've lost their fucking future. The work force has been casualised and invaded by pajeets and chinks who work for a pittance. It's something that has really hit the lower classes more than anyone else. The lower working class poor in Australia are angry as fuck but they're generally uneducated and don't understand why and how it's happened.

Just keep spreading redpills and projecting an image of strength and growing power through marches and stuff so the normies feel they have to conform to us for acceptance while we put immense pressure on the government and others to deport the non-whites and require everyone arm and train themselves so that people take us more seriously and nobody can start fighting us without huge losses and great expenses. Make it so that nobody dare stand up against us. That's my plan. Expect to be completely rejected, but plant those seeds, and they WILL germinated. The seeds must be planted though in every mind.

Oh and don't appease, don't moderate, don't backdown. Openly demand the actual solution. No non-whites allowed in the same country as us. No immigration except of fellow whites. WHITE ETHNOSTATE.

There's about a million people who believe this sort of stuff world wide, made.

If you want to convince society of something, you have to make it palatable to them. Racist opposition to ethnic immigration isn't currently palatable.

Also, keep spreading philosophy, and fighting the egalitarian menace. There are no equalities. Not equal opportunity, not meritocracy, not we are all equal, etc. it's all bullshit there is nothing that is equal. Everything is hierarchy, inferior and superior, god at the top.

None of this has anything to do with mass immigration. You're being spread too thin by (((the enemy))), fighting a hundred headed hydra.

Apply the redpills like you would gore. They'll be shocked at first but they will get used to it and stop being shocked. Don't moderate the message at all. However, you should be like me, where I have every philosophical argument and statistic memorized, and able to passionately go on rants lasting hours about these things, and convince everyone around me.

Stop using the word "ethnic" wrong it's almost as cringey as when someone calls non-whites a minority even though whites are a minority.

I have been redpilled about race and the jews 10 years and even before that was redpilled about many other things. Every single damned thing we talk about is ingrained hardcore into my mind. I can fight all evil on every front effectively. I am a master redpiller.

Of course it is, but my point is people just aren't buying it, for a variety of reasons. That's why I think more of an indirect approach might work better in the interim. They'd come around eventually, I have no doubt about that.

Immigration isn't even the issue. Legal or illegal is not the issue. Borders aren't even the issue. It's all race in the end. Everything that needs to be said about this must be said.

Demographics are destiny.

It is a problem to obfuscate your real meaning.

Also it does help that National Socialism is a universal ideology and the philosophy of hierarchy, fascism, and tradition is applicable to anyone. Every race can form its own National Socialist movement.

We must network with all National Socialists the world over to amplify our message.

The fuck do you think we've been doing all this time?

No shit, which means we need to keep spreading propaganda and waking people up. That you think we can somehow concentrate all our efforts on such a thing is laughable. You're trying to impose a top-down organizational structure on an organic and decentralized network of actors. Our strength comes from our lack of leadership my man, it's individuals responding in whatever way is best for them with the occasional mass operation decided on the basis of mutual enthusiasm. What we're doing is good, and what you propose is untenable.

Sure, that's one way of doing things. If you're around a bunch of lefty people then it's definitely a good idea to pursue this goal.

You're probably right, and I'll polite sage from here. No need to clutter the catalog with the same old crap we've discussed a million times.

I think you miss something: WE are a hundred-headed hydra, which is why we're effective. We're all pursuing the same goal through many means and that's had a significant effect on the public consciousness. Instead of absolute numbers (which we don't know anyway) you should concern yourself with the rate of change; how fast are we converting normies? How quickly has the public dialogue changed? What's the mood on social media? These are more important issues.

Ethnic replacement of a race in it's homeland is genocide. It makes the group less prevalent in the area, and thus, as the definition of genocide goes it "destroys a group (sic in an area) in whole or in part".

I'll call them foreign fellows, then

What in the God damn are you talking about?

That and 50 other pet projects. There is no concnetrated effort outside of these echo chambers.

We've been waiting for people to come into them, tolerate extremist nationalist sentiments, and then hope they'll listen when we say that it's genocide.

It isn't a strength when it has achieved nothing. There are but a few thousand in my country which share my view. Your actions have done nothing.

It's too limited. You need to air your propaganda to everyone so it gets the most exposure in order to maxemise efficiency - hence the need for protests.

We, WN's, are but a few million spread across the globe. We are nothing, and we shall perish with our race.

You're just a blackpill faggot my man. You can ignore our progress if you want but the rest of us aren't so blind. The gears are moving.

Fuck this. Fuck all of you. I hate that I ever found out about this shit four years ago because nobody's done shit since.

We might as well all say good bye now, faggots, because nothing is going to come of us.

I wish I was black so I could say fuck whitey a thousand times over. You're a pathetic, pigheaded, lazy bunch, and you very much deserve your fate.


This. And nu-/po/ is about as effective as a glass of water trying to put out a Commiefornia forest fire.

The character of a nation is not defined by merit.

It's defined by race.

Take poor whites, criminal whites, any kind of whites; and they make a great nation.

Take the best non-whites, and for one generation there's a boost, and the next the average comes back into play and they drag things down.

Demographics, aka the race of the inhabitants of your nation, decide the destiny of that nation.

Above all else race matters.

Listen you cunts the best way to achieve a higher birth and more favor for our ideologies and beliefs would be to produce alternative media promoting ideas and memes that are aligned with our own needs and wants. (((They))) control the media and therefore control the people. Before (((they))) created the alt-kike bullshit there was a legitimate alternative media movement that the left tried to take over but ultimately failed as it grew more anarchistic in its culture. People did whatever they wanted, how they wanted with no regards to anyone else. Surprisingly that movement still exists but fractured. If you want to start changing things, push out original content with a lean toward the right. Learn to out Jew the Jews. Take SFW fetish shit like purification or beautification and turn some feminist or liberal icon into a model of European beauty standards. Make a webcomic series that's subtle enough to redpill people. Play mind games where a character isn't shamed but has a breakdown for sleeping around. Small steps will lead to great leaps but don't expect everyone to do it. You have to do it yourself. Don't even tell anyone. Just do it. Brush up on infosec and opsec and start cranking out OC on Tumblr, Reddit, Deviantart and other similar sites. Comics. Images. Gifs. Videos. Music. Take what's popular, play off of it and start creating societal contagions that'll spread from one person to the next.

Get a foot hold and a following. Use it to your advantage. If you can't do that, get a job and an education. Besides STEM or a trade, look into minoring in SJW studies like anthropology or journalism. Take over their favored subjects. Get people majoring in it. Get into their jobs and positions. Take control and push subtle pills into the world. It's all about D&C'ing those who try to D&C you.

Learn about their hobbies and interests, become educated on them. Learn more than them and then exploit their ignorance. If you know the tiniest of flaws in Harry Potter, you can tear down their HP based arguments. Wands = guns, therefore guns = good for defense. Such things set people off and causes them to shut down at times. Do this with all their favorite things and you can turn Steven's Universe into some 1488 propaganda. Same applies to comics and video games. Learn. Adapt. Control.

I was standing over my son's shoulder today while he was playing a few games (he gets a reward after the day's work load is done). He has some kid msg him that he just befriended and played a few games with. The kid asks "what are you into?" and I tell my boy to type "Hitler and the Fourth Reich" and this kid answers back "Oh you browse 4chan?" and my son responds "No, my dad says I'm not allowed to yet and when I am allowed, only Zig Forums". They then proceed to play some fighterZ.
I fucking swear, Genz is fertile soil.

I've never been completely sold on this. I've always had the feeling if something happens it's going to be one or maybe a couple of leaders standing up and taking the bull by the horns. It's just that nobody in the wider "movement" has shown the qualities to be that person yet.

There's about one million WN's globally, and many of them are shit skins. That isn't progress at all.

Fuck you. I offered a solution - making ensuring the existence of race palatable by a concentrated effort to alert the public to ethnic replacement in countries where it hasn't become out of hand, and to paint it as genocide.

You're just a lazy shit who doesn't want to do fuck all except marry some autistic woman and live in the bush like Varg fucking Virkenes.

Take some kikes and shabbos goy out with you, you sad cunt. kek

I have:

I'm a redpilling superfascist machine user. I've done a shitload. We are going to tip the balance of power and we're going to do it with so much popular support for our insurgency that we will WIN. Only a few will fight; but everyone will support us. HEIL VICTORY!

I never said anything different mate. Of course a nation is it's people. That's obvious to anyone with an unflouridated brain.

Are they going to be far-right memes? Or are you going to convert everyone to mormonism?

Both would be unpalatable. The man of the future does not want a family - he wants to drink with mates and lament his poverty. This is for both genders.

Having children doesn't energize people.
Fighting genocide does. Fighting is something our society sorely lacks - and something our men would take up once it becomes acceptable for them to do so.

Oh that's my fantasy. Just fucking pound some high functioning autistic red head for 2 hours every day and she gives birth 10 beautiful, white spergy kids that go out and have at least 3-4 white kids each.
I would shower her with riches and build a shrine to her.

Subversive blackpill: the thread.
Time has come where you can barely throw a stone and not hit someone who is becoming acutely aware of what is happening, who is doing it and why…

And in that time, leftists had millions of children. And centrists, whose children would be educated in the public system, had millions of children. And right wingers, who were apathetic enough to allow public education to educate their children, had millions of children.

You're fucking cooked, mate

I can confirm. All of GenZ is extremely redpilled, no exceptions. They love our memes and they know the cultmarx is complete bullshit meant to destroy them.

You keep sperging out and yelling "no!" you blackpilling faggot. If people want to have fun, then you find a way to make your thing fun. Gamify certain things, make them fun and addictive. If you want people to have babies, then find something to exploit to do so. For instance, if you made a popular webcomic, you can sneak in something similar to the "bang list" from movies that rate win and give them a point system. Such movies award these points to whoever bangs said women. Take this popular trope and make it about maturing and growing as a person.
Something akin to the above but more refined. Look at the faggots and how they mimic SU, MLP and similar shows to the point of sperging hard for communism and similar shit. You need to follow suit and find a way to exploit it for the things you want.

I want to do that too mate, but it's not going to fucking save the White race.

Just having children and making far right memes is a meme solution.

You've been subverted if you think 1 million shit skins globally are going to save the White race by making nazi and far right extremist meme images.

It doesn't require everyone to be fully onboard with us. It just needs to be enough to infiltrate every level of government or put insane pressures on them, to make sure the internet is plastered with our memes everywhere, and that everyone gets the message, and that there's a big enough fighting force to counter the enemy.

Leftists have less children than people on the right.
Australian overall fertility rate is 1.85 or some shit right. Well the "conservative" fertility rate is 2.11. It's even higher in the USA lol at 2.88.
Niggers like you are thinking you got whitey beat but it's actually the nigger loving whites that are breeding less. In 50 years white numbers might be lower over all but the ones that are breeding are hardcore!!

If you want to fight then organize a group of men first who are able to do it. Get your logistics and armaments and everything else ready. Then when you have a strong enough fighting force you can, alongside popular support for your cause, begin guerilla warfare against the ZOG.

Hitler and the EU?

There are at most 1 million four chan users in total. Very few of them will use pol enough to ever accept FAR RIGHT EXTREMIST thought, and fewer of these still will be located in your country.

The public education system, with all of it's sophistry, is far more alluring for the majority of young minds.

m8, ignore him. he's an obvious shitskin attempting to blackpill all he can. He comes back with no rebuttal or logical argument. Let's just pity him for his brown skin and resentment.

Story time user? Tell us your adventures nao!

IKR this faggot keeps finding ways to sabotage himself. If the US were to have a disaster on a large scale, a lot of minorities and leftist scum would be up the creek without a paddle. Most of the conservatives I know, even the liberal leaning ones, tend to own at least one gun and have some sort of hunting experience. SHTF, they most likely will survive.

Don't even need that. You can bring a city the size of New York to a halt if you know what you're doing. Someone post the screen cap about disabling net, radio and emergency responders. Don't have it on this laptop.

It really doesn't. That's why we have a birth rate below the replacement level. People don't want to have a future.

We need them to think it's their duty to make one, whether they want one or not.

What's your point? Our enemy's apathy will be their own undoing. They aren't armed, they aren't willing to fight, they will cave in to a real fighting force very fast. The whole reason they look up to Religion of Cuck™ is how unapologetic and ruthless they are. Once whites start honoring their martyrs and showing they can fight too, the wailing of the media won't matter. We're going to win this race war, it is inevitable, and the shitskins are going to drive in droves. We'll take the armories and use their own weapons against them. Soldiers and police will defect to our side, ones that don't will be just the welfare leeches that never had any intent of ever seeing real combat anyways. Soon as Trump gets impeached or his terms are up, shit is going down hard. This is our time to create a big fighting force.

Women are still energized by parenthood, they've just been lied to and think they can have them in their late 30s, early 40s because slutmag said "madonna" and "kardashian". They still want to breed.

The world needs less people. The world having less people means more resources. More resources means better progress in tech and society. If the US stopped immigration, deported its illegals and held on for a few years prices drop, wages rise and they can do whatever the fuck they want. Japan has it right. Once the old dies off and you're left with a huge employment gap and tons of property, shit will equal out.

stop black pilling faggot.

And then public utilities would be protected with armed guards, and your dream insurrection would be over as quickly as it started.

YOU have come up with no argument. Spergy skills aren't going to end mass immigration. Neither are unpalatable far right extremist memes.

It's a sign.

Fighting will do fuck all, mate. I want to wage a war of ideas - where the government is defamed as criminal for imposing genocide on an innocent people.

It's a sign that White society will be upheld by Mormons and the Amish, and die everywhere else.

You know in my city anyone who even has white children is called a racist and openly shamed for having done so. I've seen it happen. Lots of people in the city don't even have children at all and are insanely anti-natalist and anti-white. I live in the California of Canada.

However these attacks and these experiences of being called racist for having reproduced and had white children are just pushing them to our side and the kids especially are all growing up hardcore ready.

GenZ might as well be the Hitler Youth. They are being molded that way.

You are small minded.

Societal conditioning through media and trends. (((They))) push this through media consumption, trends/societal contagions, and education. More of our own people get these degrees and positions, more we push our own things out there.

We can see the dissonance here you know. The way you contradict yourself. Go have a sit down you daft cunt.

Do they really? Can you provide evidence of this? Most just seem to want "partners" and "fulfilling, long-term "relationships" ".

There's just 1 million or thereabouts RIGHT WING EXTREMISTS - which is what you are - globally.




The most powerful military in the world, the American military, is about 1% of the population of America.

Keep pushing people to homeschool and to withdraw from the public education system. I myself am the product of homeschooling.

The kind of shit they're teaching in schools is so blatantly anti-white and hurtful anyways that white kids don't fall for it anymore.

SJWs are practically universally hated.

Btw, think about "radical Religion of Cuck™" and all the in-depth breakdowns and arguments about it.

The majority of Muslims are "moderate". The radical ones are a very small minority… but the "moderate Muslims" support them.

Even a hundred thousand hardcore white supremacists in America that are all armed and trained can overthrow the ZOG.

Hell, James Mason says you only need 50 of them to do it.

We can't even defend a fucking border and you expect them to be capable of defending every inch of cable? Be a blackpilled faggot if you like but don't be stupid

You also want to fuck an Asian shishka too, right, Chaim?

Biological urges are my proof. Are you stating that the feminist mantra that everything is sociological is correct? We see your contradictions again. "oh look goy, prove that women want children because I believe it's all down to social influences"
You're either the worst shill or you're very naive and confused.

I'm suggesting that we shift the overton window for just one fucking idea, because it might be a bit easier - and because we only need the one - by pointing out the obvious - that ethnic replacement is genocide - in a palatable format.

Not only that but the US' fucking infrastructure is shit. It's so old that (((they))) hope its obscurity will protect whereas fucking Pedro and Tyrone rip into shit on an hourly basis for dat coppa yo

It was actually up on youtube but got taken down. They stole my pepe pumpkin and I chased them down and a dog owned by some white woman walking around also sensed me and came to my side growing at the shitskins. They never came back the next Halloween. I also got my pepe pumpkin back, they put it behind a wheel of a car so if it backed out it would destroy it. The pepe pumpkin was returned to its proper shrine where no shitskins could cause it harm.

Where is your proof that women aren't utterly confused by them and actually act on them? Society has lobotomized women, just as it has men.

Stop being such a black pilled faggot and do it yourself then. Make some normalfag safe meme and spread it where you can.

If this is true then it's already too late and you might as well sow discord and strife. Worship Chaos.

Since we're at war though it is our obligation to breed as many children as possible and raise all of them as militant white nationalists ready to give their life for the cause.

The point is that a low birth rate allows for immigration to replace the natives at a far higher rate.

Also, if you haven't noticed, I have been arguing that we go directly to the cause and fight immigration and immigration alone.

You know Bob Katter siad that in parliament a few months back. He even threatened Christopher Pyne with death when he interjected. Katter clearly stated facts about white demographics and when Pyne heckled him for being a "crackpot" Katter threatened along the lines of "You may not think you're a part of a disappearing people atm but you will be soon if you don't shut your mouth" lol.

Biology always wins. Always has and always will.

No, as there are still women that are reproducing mate. The birth rate is just too low to compete with mass immigration.

They can't protect everything. You spread them thin and hit them where they are vulnerable. There's btw millions of miles of unprotected pipelines for natural gas and I've walked over one of them personally. Literally anyone could easily attack it and destroy all natural gas for my entire province and a couple areas beyond it. There's only like 10 such pipelines in total. Use remote detonated or timed explosives and they could all be taken out simultaneously by one person.

Why do you hate the immigrants, user? Why so racist? What are you, a nazi? Calm the fuck down. Toke on this weed. You see Tysha? Don't she have a big ass?

Answering the question (and ignoring OP's post), I'm planning to go to Brazil because they allow weapons though it's quite restrictive. Unlike the other Zig Forumsacks that have gone to more redpilled countries (like Bolivia, Ecuador, and Chile), I rather live near big cities…
I don't have the energy to make my bunker under my house surrounded by walls. I like how some of the Zig Forumsacks who posted their new homes in Latin America were, but it's just too much work.

Fighting does a lot when it means assassinating key politicians, escalating tensions, and forcing people to pick sides aka "oh shit I can't be a moderate white anymore these niggers are going to murder me and burn my home and the only people who are willing to stop it are those white nationalist guys"