"Wow! So the left hates Trump for what the Clintons once advocated!"

This 1 minute 30 second excerpt from Bill Clinton's 1995 state of the union speech is a brilliant find. It should be embedded at the top of the front page of every alternative media site in America.

Can we get this shit to go viral on the Fake Internet (Facebook/Twitter/etc.) so all the normies will see it?

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He let a fatty slob his knob in the White House and then lied to Congress about doing so. Then we failed to impeach him on perjury.

The news is literally being Paul Revere telling us "The wetbacks are coming! The wetbacks are coming!" Yet we're not forming militias to protect us from the coming wetback caravan.

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The problem with mass immigration is simply cuckolds and women. Women are disloyal wenches (dogs are better) that want to fuck sub-humans and the cucks get off on it.

Solution? Kill the cucks, chain the women. You're welcome.

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It's that yummy new phrase that should go viral, friend.

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I completely agree.

Women are serving as force amplifiers for the Jews, who have lured them to hump nigger cock by removing the cocks from their own race's males.

Simple but tragically effective.


No, because then they'll start wanting to find the real internet. Leave the idiots be.

It's the pregnancy pills and the indoctrination you dumb nigger.

During the Hillary vs. Obongo election, Hillary also proposed a border wall.

I showed that to a liberal family member once when he said "there's no way that's true!" He pulled off some olympic level mental gymnastics and told me "times were different back then."

does anyone have that webm?

Nothing will happen. People who are incapable of self introspection are immune to charges of hypocrisy. At best they will laugh at you and say something like "Clinton only said that to trick Republicans into giving him what he wanted, its called the Art of the Deal kiddo! Perhaps you've heard of it?"

The only thing that works on them is Visceral Emotion. His history of rape and sexual abuse was documented as having a real negative effect on Hillary's campaign; especially since she defended him the whole time.

Calling Democrats hypocrites is a low mileage tactic, unless you can find a way to reframe the situation. For example, the old clips of Hillary talking about "Super Predators" worked because her hypocrisy for now supporting BLM and turning against the cops was easily reframed as racism.

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Women want to be impregnated by alphas. If all males in their tribe have turned beta, they'll go outside their tribe to find replacement alphas.

Yes, the pills and indoctrination are supporting factors, but ultimately it's their biology.

The simple solution is for white men to stop cowering, behead all the fucking cucks and screeching Jewish university professors, and take back their goddamned, godgiven women.

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Nobody said they should be shown the actually real internet, dingus.

"Fake internet" would just be a perfect meme to help grease herding the cattle out of kike mind control shitholes like Facebook and onto free speech positive platforms like gab.ai.

Nothing a chain won't fix my soyboy.

Well said. No indoctrination required, just a little nudge and off they go. It's hard to accept if you've always been used to putting women on a pedestal all your life, but it is what it is.

Still, you could argue that it's at least in their nature to be disloyal and undependable. Cucks are an entirely different matter and should be treated as the plague.

It's team-sports politics. The right does it also. It's just about your team winning, and is nothing about ethics and principles. Although both sides scream 'but ethics and principles' when the other side scores/tries to score a goal.

You instantly lose the argument or enter into one with a mind numbing deadlock when you fail to discern nuance. Which is exactly what you're doing here.
The left by and large is not opposed to deportation of "illegal aliens/immigrants". It's opposed to who you define as an "illegal aliens/immigrants" and how you deal with them. This speech by Clinton addresses neither of those two points and it's clear some his subsequent comments and actions that he has different opinions on those two matters than Trump, which is the basically the whole point.

That's a good opportunity to press them to justify their stance by saying, "Well what was the difference?" and after their likely reply which fails to address the core point say "Exactly, there's no actual difference". You can short circuit leftists by forcing them to elaborate on their own position and swing the argument in your favor. Thought termination triggers extremely rapidly for them, because the very way their beliefs are integrated are superficial in nature. Their mental barrier is trained to aggressively filter and kneejerk against foreign opinions at all times. However forcing any level of self-introspection on their part by having actually think about their own beliefs, and sparking epiphanies no matter how small, allows for a chance to chip away at such a barrier.

Leftists eat, drink, and breathe hypocrisy. Their entire worldview is a bizarre collection of demonstrably obvious contradictions. Logic has no effect on their juvenile brains. The only way to stun them is to lay an emotional judgement on them regardless of the facts. No matter what they say, you respond with, "wow, that's (X)ist" and walk away. Being called racist, sexist, ableist, etc. is like being punched for a mentally well person. Walking away is more for your own benefit.


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Old philosophers like Schopenhauer already warned us about women's treachery, so this is not a recent thing like you imply.

Keep stroking your dick over 1 minute youtube videos and 5 word long advice animal memes on reddit pal, not here.

In that case you'd have to consider how you'd work with deprogramming a child that's been taken into and raised in a cult.

You'd think someone on Zig Forums would at least know about women in WWII avoiding the draft, then shaming men who dodged it.

If women change what they are i'd be more than happy to change my opinion on them. But until then; fuck 'em.

Not an expert on that but let's start with a padded isolation chamber and a mental ward.

Why are you still here? Oh, right, because your own board is full of stupid, boring welfare niggers who can't meme and spend all day blaming white men for their non-lives of cancer and AIDS just like the electric jew box instructed them to do.

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Carry on, lmao.
Instead of this spastic and pointless naming calling how about you actually prove me wrong a name one president or even serious presidential candidate that has been in favor of illegal immigration?
Only a literal invalid would REEE as hard you're currently doing over the comment I made. Lefties like Clinton think "illegal immigrants" are 20-50 year old male beaners with no families, health issues or social struggles that have potential criminal links. These are the types they want to deport. They don't think a 5 year old is an illegal immigrant, they don't think a ~18-20 year old in college is an illegal immigrant, they don't think a single mother with kids in an illegal etc…Trump rightly (or hopefully) does.
Lefties like Clinton think you should handle deportation with kid gloves, give them ample time to appeal and make their case. Take into context their living/family situation and maybe even let them stay. They don't think you should kick down their doors, round them up in the streets and instantly ship them back to their homes countries and let them fend for themselves, like Trump rightly (and hopefully) thinks.
DACA are illegal immigrant, lefties like Clinton don't think they are.
You're literally a mouth breather if you can't see that and start getting a "GOTCHA" hard on because Clinton made a speech about illegal immigrant but totally failed to define who/what they are.

sounds like a boomer tier argument
it's the Current Year anyway

Okay coincidence time is over who the fuck holds a baby like that

That's actually not that weird, I see it a good amount tbh, it's more of a temporary holding technique, not one you'd constantly hold the child by.

Where were you during the election?

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He was impeached, he just declined to leave office.

Wow! Op still hasn't figured out that none of this has to do with ideology! Amazing! It's about the myth, two different versions of it that have been watered down incrementally with each new 'idea'. It's all an equation. Everything is, one big equation. And the war is over the final solution. Reduce it to zero (order) or keep it infinitely dynamic (chaos).

He didn't decline (although he probably would have if it came to it) he was acquitted by the Senate.

I hate Trump because he supports Israel.
And Israel supports white genocide. Therefore, Trump supports white genocide.

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Evidence that leftists are hypocritical? This will change everything!

"We've secretly replaced the ethinylestradiol with cyanohydrin"

50 shades of gay? No.

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WWI, and it was the (((feather))) campaign.

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Further proof that we need to kill all the cucks and DUH ABSOLUDE STADE OF BOL.

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Oh wow they word-filtered that too now? Ahaha, the cuckoldry is worse than i had expected.

This isn't a game.

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One last post before i'm out: i don't even see what feminism has to do with degenerate whores engaging in bestiality (which they did even before feminism).

Then again i shouldn't expect a cuck to be anything more than a brainlet i suppose. Cya and have a good one.

There's one mod who is super triggered by anything that in his puny mind be characterized as MGTOW.


No thanks.

My VPN had dozens of outdials, faggot. Don't make me make this an issue.

You either discuss it here with all of us or you can blow it out your ass.

we are too busy being consumers. it will take a massive crash to wake us up. we are weimar 2.0.

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I bet you do.

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Ah yes, nuance. Such a reliable rhetorical path when the left is engaged in bad faith debate.

Found the jilted virgin. Sorry mommy never loved you. You might as well become gay at this point.

Anyone else just get a vision of the timeline where Hillary is a far-right pro-working class nationalist, and Trump is a hyper-progressive leftist?

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Found the beta cuck.

Off yourself

Here's how it works, both positions are meaningless puppets for the ZOG, every few years they switch positions on key issues to leave the masses confused.

In the 90s, clinton said what white america wanted to hear to get elected after bush fucked them over, then bush "stole the election" from Gore and 9/11 got the country rallied behind him, then Obama and his pet niggers stole the election from White America and and used his quasi-socialist bullshit to get the white libtards(which unfortunately make up a good portion of normalfags) to support him, now Trump has "stolen" the elections from them and will use a booming economy or 9/11 style event to rally the country behind him.

Those who support the political system, and think that any candidate that gets to an electable position is an "outsider" is a lemming.

There have only been two outsiders in the history of American elections:
One was JFK, and they killed him for it. The other was Ron Paul, and they sabotaged his campaign for it.

Women are animals, >reddit-spacing white sharia cuck. I'll agree with you on that.
However, the root of the non-argument you're defending is

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I backed Trump for a 4 year term, so I'll wait until then before I officially back off from him. But it's very obvious that ZOG has been helping orchestrate a lot of this right-wing surge in order to get kosher zionists elected. The middle-east is just a spark away from world war three, so it makes sense. But it makes me wonder what the extent of their control over both sides is. I've just presumed that their intent was to flood Europe with non-whites and destroy it, but considering they have their hand involved in the opposition to that it doesn't seem to be such a certain decision anymore.

Do you have any thoughts on the long-term goal they have in this game? I presume it's just what has been written in the protocols, but their method of getting there seems really uncertain.

They only have two goals: financing endless goyim-wars and staying in control. They don't much care about race and nation because to them - we're all goyim.
Of course they would finance the opposition to race-based issues, because it obfuscates the fact that zionists control the majority of world-governments. Notice how they aren't backing any cause that opposes israel's existence, the existence of central banks, or the denigration of jews and zionists from national institutions.

The "opposition" goals they support are not National Socialist, but rather range from Civic Nationalist to Fascist (all of which are compatible with the idea of a jewish homeland in their propagandized region)
Their intent is to flood Europe with nonwhites and destroy it, because nonwhites are less likely to espouse higher, anti-zionist ideals and the ones who do are less likely to realize those ideals

However, they aren't opposed to putting the Hooton plan on hold for another few years to keep the nigger cattle nice and docile.

After these goals are achieved, they have a bunch of esoteric schizophrenia-tier goals like summoning a messiah and openly practicing blood-libel to feed him energy, creating a slave race, and making sure Vishnu doesn't reincarnate by trapping humanity in an AI-driven false reality under the guise of achieving immortality. Jews are fucking nuts, don't expect the long-term goals to make sense, focus on the short term ones of spilling goy blood and maintaining control over goy nations and the institutions that comprise them

I've heard that the Sabatean Frankists were essentially "satanists" in the sense that they thought destroying all good in the world would make it better, tikum olam. This is probably another reason why they're so ruthlessly anti-white.

Although I was asking a bit more about their methods rather than goals. Do you think they'll just continue down this same track, or do you expect any other developments while they're creating their NWO?

I suspect that they will create a false pro-white resurgence that's really not pro-white.
You see this with the trump / alt-right movement, so I suspect they will keep going down this route, all the while quietly letting the subhumans that are already here outbreed and mix with whites. Either that, or hubris will get to them and they'll double down on the blatant anti-white faggotry and get gassed quicker.

Not sure really.

Do you think Russia, Iran, and North Korea are controlled opposition as well? If so, what changes do you expect to see in those areas, and how will it affect the west?

"A nation of pioneers," he meant to say.

I'm getting so fucking bored of this "OH HEY GUYS, LOOK THE LEFT ARE HYPOCRITS CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?" mentality.

How many of these incidents is it going to take for people to wake up? How fucking many?

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That's demonstratably untrue. Andrew Jackson was an outsider and almost got killed for his successful effort to crush the central bank of his time (yes, go read about it: before the Federal Reserve, America had two past Rothschild central banks). Also, Trump is definitely an outsider, even if he has been compartmentalized and surrounded and blackmailed by means of uncovered illegal NSA surveillance data on him. The simple proof is the hysterical reaction of the entire CIA mockingbird media combined with absolutely everyone in all power positions of the federal government since the beginning of his candidacy, a reaction they quadrupled down on when he won. Fuck, the Soros/Rothschild axis even staged violent riots throughout America immediately following election night. Whether Trump has been co-opted now is irrelevant to the fact he wasn't an insider at first. And I say you can gauge, at any given moment, how satisfied versus unsatisfied his captors are with his performance by how brutal and omnipresent the attacks are on him in the MSM. It's like one giant firing squad. If they're all screaming and howling at the moment, then he's once again bucking their control. If they've calmed down and are giving him a break, that means they've currently got him under their control – either by blackmail or by trick.

His building had a fire yesterday. 50th floor. Symbolic?

Have you seen how women flock around jailed serial killers?
The virgins of /pol could be swimming in pussy if they started RWDSing traitors and invaders.

Bill was always a blue dog (right leaning) Democrat at heart. At least he was until he sold his soul to (((them))).

And the raising of the age of consent and marriage way too high. If you criminalise relationships with young women then only criminals will have relationships with young women. You can't stop biologically hardwired desires and if white men aren't there for them due to fear of the law then others will take advantage of their desires instead.

Looks like the black pilling kikes got FP again.

A politician's words mean nothing. How many things has Trump said that his actions have contradicted. Never get into a pissing match over who said what. Only use these quotes to make this point.

Clinton was a pragmatist, people like Shillary and the KANG are ideologues

Nah, both the Billarys are cold pragmatists at heart. The rhetoric that was used on the campaign trail was only for votes.

That's the difference between then and now. Bill did that part of the speech because that was the prevailing feeling on the left. Hillary did the SJW crap for the same reason.

And the right wing retards hates the left for wars being instigated against Russia, Syria and gun grabbing but now love them because zionist neocon freemasons and jews tell them to love this plan.

Old fucking news.

heil is a shitskin turk and skeletor is the the mod from r/t_D

heil is a shitskin turk and skeletor is the the mod from r/t_D

Aww, does the little baby need a belly rub? These are the faggots who call others "shills".

Let's play a game

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Women haven't changed, men's attitudes and behaviour towards them have.

No one said the Clintons don't talk a great game. We hate them because they're two-faced scumbags that sell you a fire extinguisher that's filled with gasoline.

Today's leftists would say Bill was a misogynist white shitlord.

It's relevant apparently since this board was filled with retards since day fucking 1.

Please tell me how the fuck he is wrong.

You should change the YT link into a QR code for the normies.

This shit needs to be spread out to them.

Here I'll make it easy.

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King nigger said something similar when he was first elected.

If you can find it, I'm sure another image could be made.

hahahahahahah you fucking retard there is one side to politics controlled opposition. meanwhile they destroy our race through attrition by means of racemixing and immigration. GTKRWN