A well Trained Militia

My Aryan Blood Is BOILING. I'm sick and Fucking Tired of hearing about "Muh White Farmers" in South Africa. WHY is there NO crowdfunding/support for people like Myself who would GLADLY get a well Trained Group of Men together to go to South Africa and Help Farmers Hold onto Their Land? Our white counterparts are suffering daily.. I want to help these people, forget about sending money, we should quietly crowdfunding tickets to SouthAfrica and have arms sent there so the Farmers can have some peace of mind. Niggers are fucking dumb and they have NO BALLS, If they arrived at a farm to rape and pillage like the filth they are, and they ran into a well trained group of 6-8 Men, they'd shit a brick and be slaughtered on the spot. WHY IS THIS NOT BEING DONE? UNTIL SOMETHING IS PROPOSED I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR KVETCHING ABOUT SOUTH AFRICA.

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They already have relatively easy access to guns.
It's Africa.

On top of that sending a bunch of armed goons there won't do much good.
The days of shit like Executive Outcomes are done.
We send in a militia it'll be going up against one of the largest mercenary armies in the world (the South African one)

What is Urania you dumb shit? They've had miltias for years, it doesn't matter when you're outnumbered ten to one.

It can be done with the right funding and equipment and more importantly, a team with a singular focus.

Okei friend. Me too.

Remember the Namibia Project anons attempted? Oldfags know. They had some fantastic financial excels IIRC including costs for weapons, vehicles and flight tickets. Take the existing security research and make a guide for your fellow Zig Forumslacks to have an easy time flying over there and volunteering as a foreign mercenary. Good luck and fill us in brother.

Thank You. These noggers above already Are defeated, groups of 6-8 men with firearms, strategically placed at farms not too close but not too far apart where they can get back and forth quick enuf and provide support for eachother. It'll be good training for when America spirals into the same shithole.

Any SouthAfrican anons? I'll make a discord, I really don't want to talk much about this on the web but American user Sympathizers, we should figure out a way to clandestinely get together. Or atleast chat. And any lawfags that can help with possible legal/travel Stuff pls help,

6-8 men 24 hours a day. So triple those manpower costs.
Because you need to rotate shifts.

I'd go if there was an avenue that provided basic needs and training.

Two years, $50 million on top of equipment costs and a few dozen of assorted personal with a support vessel and helicopters and I can decimate the South African militias.

Quit with the tranny codes you faggot.

Anyone have any legit SA contacts? I'm willing to live off of MREs for 4-6 months at a time, we can have teams going into affected areas for a few weeks/months at a time, then switch out with another few guys waiting back home.
Operate just like the mil.

You faggots are non-stop niggertown aren’t you.

It really wouldn't cost too much if sympathetic anons, helped out the families financially of the guys who volunteer to go while their there. Do a few weeks at a time so guys can keep their jobs. This would be a humanitarian mission. It can be done. Passports, Plane Tickets, and contacts within SA who can secure a*Ms and list of affected areas before anyone goes. Wouldn't cost millions, couple hundred thousand maybe just to keep volunteer family's ok while they're not working.

No, I never made a SA thread before, I just heard some semi mainstream newz about it after seeing a million threads. I'm not sending money to no white farmers, I'd rather go be effective.

What you described is not effective, and it hasn’t been in decades.

I am not an 8, been a 14 for months now.

K Homeland security.
Or will I be arrested upon reentry to the US and tried for fighting against Us interests?

You’re talking to guy on watchlists in over a dozen countries.

I'm on a few myself.

Mind your OPSEC then, servers get compromised easily for projects that have potency.
By OPSEC I mean traceability, make sure they cannot trace you personally

Sure, you might be. I know that everything I say and do is being watched and recorded thanks to a Jew named Ross Rappaport.

I can’t even step foot in Western Europe. Russia won’t take me. South America keeps asking for me, but never gives me a realistic trade for what they are asking me to do.

So far the only reasonable offers have come from the Central Intelligence Agency, Japan, and the Saudi’s.

Shit, I'd willingly contribute to this. I feel bad for all the SA whites that niggers are fucking with. They deserve to get their heads popped.

You guys will need a camp cook. I'll go. And I'm pretty good with a rifle.

I feel like I should say that the militia should include medical support staff. When the shit hits the fan I'd like some medics to be around to patch up the white men.

Because nobody actually has a focus. "Defend white farmers" is a nebulous objective with no end. If you just want to shoot niggers, charter a private flight and bring your guns.

How does one do that? I'm assuming a simple VPN wouldn't be enough. Also, what are some good alternatives to discord in your opinion?

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They could make money robbing and killing black farmers and making it look like blacks have done it. There are many black farmers calling for white land appropriation - they're not on white farmers sides, until they eventually get purged from their farms by DNC party members.

Why are you capitalizing random words like Chris-chan? Autistic fuck.

the (((people))) who control the government of most/all of the Western countries DON'T CARE
the Whites of most countries are thoroughly pozzed and/ or "too comfortable"
they will ignore the problem for as long as possible
if the White africans rebelled, then the (((UN))) would 99.99% side WITH THE BLACKS
the whole situation around the world is fucked up.
the best thing that White Nationalists can do about the White genocide in africa is spread the word of it far and wide
South Africa is the canary in the mine
(also England and Sweden)
the White peoples around the world must be made to watch it dying
must be forced to acknowledge its existence
and thus shown what the true cost of (((diversity))) REALLY IS.
(White genocide, tbc)
the lying press will do everything they can to "blackout" and "conspiracy of silence" the ongoing White genocide and the plight of SA Whites
they must be circumvented
and the truth must out
if White America or a majority of Europe become White Nationalist, then SA can be made White again (and it should. as a wildlife preserve, if nothing else)
until then, the nightmare of South Africa must be used to wake White people up.
that is their best hope.
and ours

I'd like YOU and everyone else to take into consideration all but jews are being played.

If you look further back than todays conspiracy, you see this is what founded America. The jewish slave trade basically employed whites to make America and control the slaves.

Then they freed the slaves and incorporated America to make whites and blacks "equal" in the eyes of the law.

That law was Rothschild banking law, Ben Franklin said it "mind your business". They want you working or out of the way but over centuries they craft stories to get the masses to adopt changes that keep them entrapped in their systems.

They taxed Americans with the formation of the Federal government at the end of the civil war. They taxed them for a war already fought and paid for.

They were taxed because it was repayment for the rebellion from the Rothschilds bank.

From that point on they integrated in government more and more to craft society to worship idols and forget about them. They funded Rockafeller and in return he cooperated with them and Duponts which were funded in earlier generations, they gave JP Morgan Chase their banking interests in America in the late 1800's in return for his father (Solman Chase, Secretary Treasurer) issuing the tax on America two decades earlier.

American dream is just that. A story you buy into when you work for them. Everything else is religion and the reason we have the war on terror. America is "world police" for Rothschilds to expand their repurchase of Israel.

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lotta butthurt kikes itt. getting whites interested in killing niggers in south africa is one of the best things we can do. the jews know it's close. they can feel it

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What we really need is to crowdfund a large boat to bring us over there with no intermediaries.

Maybe that Australian billionaire could be persuaded to fund this?


There's /boers/ already, why make such threads? Besides, OP's typing style seems a bit off.


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I have nothing against talking about the Boers, I even mentioned a fucking board committed to the initiative, it's the OP who's
He can fuck off.

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Night time dinghy to fishing vessel. A month or so at sea and hey presto you're set to arrive safe and sound.

t. Hyperkike

I bet you're wearing a yarmulke right now yearning for an itch beneath you hook nosed psycho

For one thing, /boers/ won't advertise itself.

Nah. First ship the jews in the US to concentration camps. And put them in the oven, but this time for real.

sry for multiposting but just look at this shill density, it means we are hitting gold. Keep at it.


Go to /boers/

עד כה, זה נראה כאילו אתה היחיד מתלונן על חוסר כביכול לכאורה של SA. למה אתה לא עושה משהו בקשר לזה?

Here is a LARP some anons are putting together that sounds similar to what you're interested in.

This site is now officially cuckchan level. Do you think some radom fatass from ZOG actually knows the terrain and how to fight niggers better than the Boers do? The problem is that with their chink and jew diamond money, the kaffirs could still buy professional mercs from an actual company. how exactly would you plan to fight a fleet of little black helicopters with 4 mini-guns and NVGs on the ZOgbot/actual Jew pilots?

I'm gonna get called a shill/demoralization but let's sy 6 guys get there with their ars and some ammo. What now? Sage, entire thread is bait anyway,

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There’s nothing left for whites in Africa until we banish this equality of races and humanism bullshit. If we were to attempt such a foolish thing not only would the casualty count be high in our side from being hopelessly ounumbered what white western country in the world today wouldn’t throw their weight in behind the black government to stop duh ebil Nazi South Africans?

t. Former South African

Well regulated*

Also, this is rightfully saged. Why the hell would we be going to Africa, when we have our own problems here, and in spades? We literally have a massive 1500 person-strong invasion force arriving… and we seem to be waiting on them to arrive. This is precisely where our right to form up an army comes to play. "No. You cannot come and steal our stuff."