Whats the worst kind of idpol...

Whats the worst kind of idpol? Imo it's tranny idpol because trans people have been taking over every part of the left to make it solely about trans issues.

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First panel: Punk kid, deserves to get bullied

Second panel: cute

Third panel: cute

Fourth panel: Gross man-child who deserves to get bullied

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There's no such thing as bad or worse forms of idpol. It's all cancer.

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Disregard the "liberalism" part, btw. It's also cancer

In America I'd have to say it's the white guilt kind of idpol. Makes white people do a lot of stupid stuff and is the most effective form of undermining class solidarity by alienating the biggest demographic. Misandrist male guilt is its runner-up.

white guilt is a meme, I’ve literally never seen a white person cry about being white outside of the Internet

Yeah but almost everyone is biased on the subject to a degree


Why is America of all places the most prone to idpol?

White guilt isn't crying about being white, it's trying to "make up" for crimes a century ago to black and natives by sucking up to their descendents in an attempt to feel better about something nobody alive today had anything to do with.

Good critique of white guilt in action here:


The CIA.

Capitalism. Okay, the CIA more directly
Why there's such a puny socialist tradition here.

They are the most prone to intersectionality but there is still plenty of nationalist/ethnic/religious idpol in the old world

Honestly should've had stopped at the third panel, he was really cute

Why shouldn't it be? Everything about America is engineered to benefit the bourg. America literally invented racial idpol as we know it today. Everything. It is an abomination.

Trannies are biological abberations.

The United States has a rich socialist tradition. Utopian communities, a strong labor movement at the end of the nineteenth century, and the Haymarket Affair inspired an international holiday. However, the CIA as well as liberalism have pushed identity politics so far down the throat of American culture that the only type of “leftism” recognizable to most Ameritards is bleeding heart shit descended from Social Gospel derived [[[progessivism]]]. The notion of teleological course of history and the incremental achievement of social justice wins is a cancer that will plague organized labor unless it is dealt with swiftly.

That is what I meant to imply.
Just watched a Richard Wolff Economic Update about the labor movement getting squashed right after the end of WWII.

When will we be as raucous as France. Soon I hope.

They're mental, by their own admittance, and I pity them. The notion that they can transition at all should not be encouraged. I am sick of hearing about them, I am also sick of hearing the trash talk too.

The sort of SJWism that mimics leftism.
'Communists' calling each other 'comrade' and singing the internationale. CIA stuff basically.

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idpol is bourgeois democratic politics that can be ignored or otherwise dismissed as reactionary.

I'm pretty sure liberalism has to do with economics, not social issues. What's your point?

Is being trans reactionary?

It’s a reaction to being born autistic.

Liberalism encompasses ideals contrary to censorship, surveillance, religion a.k.a. idpol, centralization, autocracy, etc.. All of these issues are, perhaps moreso even than their denial of economic class, is fundamental to our opposition to SJWs.

SJWCIA types keep taking all leftist labels and making them unusable, but leftism is the peak of the liberal enlightenment tradition.

capitalism + diversity = a fraction easy to control populous that cares about their groups

political system and consciousness frozen in the late liberal 18th century. the fact that constitutional 'originalists' can exist as if the world is exactly the same as it was back then is baffling - and leads to all sorts of issues with the institutions of the political system.

Textual originality’s are not the root source of the United States woes.

'course not, but its a symptom

I hate "leftists" who are nice and reasonable to idpolers.

They are diametrically apposed to one and other.

No one cares you stupid fuck
Kill yourself and everyone around you

Being a filthy commie.

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Citation please.

SJWs are nothing more than emotionally manipulative/abusive drama queens who are taking advantage of the high concentration of vulnerable empathetic people in socialist or progressive circles. That's the beginning and end of the phenomenon. Don't elevate that childish bullshit by suggesting there's legitimate thought behind it.

I can't tell if this guy was actually from Zig Forums or if this guy was actually from here and decided to falseflag out of boredom.

'pomo' is finnish for 'boss' btw

That and there's always someone who wants to make money or get attention through those sort of antics.

Heck, remember Ghostbusters (2016)? When Sony used the manufactured controversy as nothing more than a marketing tactic to get asses in the seats. And all of these media people and feminists were cheering it on as if it was the greatest Feminist achievement.

When in reality it was yet another badly-written "nostalgic" cynical cash-grab reboot in a sea of badly-written "nostalgic" cynical cash-grab reboots, that was using "OMG there's Women in it" as a obvious marketing ploy.

I legitimately believe that transsexuals are freaks of nature that have modified their bodies past the point of recognition as humans. That is not trash talk it is a natural impulse against chimera freakazoids.

Appropriating emotions for marketing purposes and exploiting journalistic forces to that end as well. Welcome to capitalism. Enjoy your stay.

The people themselves are functionally identical to born again baptist fundy christards and countless other incarnations of moral panicking outrage mongers throughout history, but the particular packaging in which SJWs deliver their con artistry is highly distinctive.

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But SJWs don't care about anti terrorism or protecting kids?

Please tell me that is true.

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It literally is

. Some trans people might have a different view on things than other people, but that's alright, isn't it?
I would have thought there's space for all in the Communist revolution (except porky, and even that's nothing personal, it's about ending exploitation not porky him/herself.)

I like this article for example, by a trans person, on the Republican candidate Paul Nehlen
"Other, similar tweets suggests that “those bastards” include gays, transgender people, anti-capitalists, and nonwhite people writ-large. Nehlen sees anyone outside the white Christian norm as someone who might, at any moment, begin a conspiratorial plot against white families." (The pic attached is the writers screen grab of a retweet by Candidate Nehlen.)

Now, I don't and I don't think the writer sees anything wrong with being white, Christian, or normal.
(Quick recommendation for last minutes Christmas shopping for your Christian relatives, anons: Apocalypse, The Great Jewish Revolt Against Rome AD66 - 73,by Neil Faulkner. Sample quote;"So the Dead Sea Scrolls show the Essenes to have been a revolutionary millenarian sect whose aim was to destroy the Romano-Jewish state in Palestine as the prelude to a world war of poor against rich." p. 74)

But at the same time, I think its true that:
racial divide and rule of working people,
the nuclear family churning out the next generation of workers,
the Protestant work ethic,
and the rollin' weight of normalcy, having to put off your pipe dreams (until your deathbed regrets) and earn a living
These have all been motors in the capitalist machine.

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Tumblerite trans fadism is bourgeois diversion tactics

But come the time, the trannies will be with us to hang those cunts from the trees

That comic was from the pre-SJW era, about Republican-backed Internet censorship in the Clinton administration versus the Dubya administration. Instead of "muh children" or "muh terrorists", it's "muh soggy knees" or "muh waycists". Same tune, different song.

The problem isn't people who join socialist activism that also have other interests, it's people who join socialist activism that only have other interests. They see us as nothing more than a means to an end, which is doubly harmful when they end up IN LEADERSHIP POSITIONS.

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That shit goes back to the early-Seventies and much earlier if you count the Jesuit version.

It was mostly hidden away inside the parallel pocket universe of academia and nonprofits up until 2007, when it exploded into popular culture via goons & Tumblrinas

Hell no, it wasn't. That shit was mainstream by the late-eighties.
t. old guy

tie between feminism and white supremacy. The other types of idpol are harmless. Some of them even have good goals, even if they distract from more important issues. Tranny idpol is still pretty small and tbh aside from distracting from other issues what harm is it causing? They aren't taking rights away from cis people.

But feminism and white supremacy are influential forms of idpol which fight against equality and human rights, which makes them the worst. Feminism killed Bernie Sanders who was the most leftwing American politician since FDR and white supremacism gave us Donald Trump.

Tranny scum don’t deserve to live tbh

You need a hug?

Get none from me

postmodernism (French Theory in particular) IS the path to idpol. I'm french so i only know David Graeber & Christopher Lasch as english critiques of what they call "post-anarchists" but everyone here should read them and also know that COINTELPRO is behind French Theory thephilosophicalsalon.com/the-cia-reads-french-theory-on-the-intellectual-labor-of-dismantling-the-cultural-left/

Also watch the Foucault/Chomsky debate to understand how postmodernism is litteraly idpol relativism.

You realize you're engaging in idpol right now, right?
Fuck off Zig Forums. We can tell you're not leftist.

The well is thoroughly poisoned on this whole issue.
Dysphoria is real and probably not just socialized, and hormone treatments, presenting as people would expect the opposite sex to socially, and potentially sex reassignment surgery are shown to be helpful treatments for people who really experience it.
But gender masturbation makes it sound like transsexuality is about picking and choosing gender like picking your clothes.

I entirely agree.


Back to Reddit with you!

This. Idpol works both ways.

This. Idpol works both ways s

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Your point?


and you wonder why omegas go on shooting sprees. you're only helping.


that's enough, egodyke.


What the fuck is with the obvious flood of reddit chapofaggots on this board and Zig Forums?

I fucking loathe the seppo "resist" movement. Yeah nice one Carol, really stopping authoritarianism by sharing a photo of Trump photoshopped wearing a nappy. Nice one.

Thanks for your contribution.


I blame third wave feminism for the trans problems. All this "unlimited gender" nonsense. Back when it was about destroying gender it would have been ok to "be a girl" with male sex and just be gay.

Gender is the new taste in music

calm down