Final Solution to the Invasion Caravan

Trump will not do anything. ICE will not do anything. Congress sure as hell won't do anything. But WE can do something, we can shut this down.
They are supposed to be arriving in Brownsville, TX. Texas is an open carry state. You are even legally allowed to use your weapons to stop felonies. Why not hold a protest there when they arrive? Stop them from entering the country. If there are enough of us the cops cannot do anything, and they won't do anything to an armed crowd.
Come on guys, we can shut this shit down! We can block them from coming in. If they move west follow them from the North of the border. Bring in the buses. Set up a campsite. Burn it down if you have to leave (it's not illegal to burn down your own tent).

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אוי לי


אל תדאג לגבי זה.

I think we will all be shocked by an unforseen consequence

If America fails this test, shit's toast forever. It's now or never.

Checked and agreed

Get fucked kike your kind is through
You will ever ever be white and this time it will be from gas not typhus


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Sage cause I can't spell

This is a good idea. Not even fed-tier because it's perfectly legal.


You do not want to open carry your weapons across state lines without first making damn sure it's legal. Just FYI.

Also, it could be illegal to burn down your own tent. There could be a burn ban due to dry weather conditions or other factors. Stay legal and stay safe!

Report me please. I got cheated out of a permaban.

Last month there was extreme wildfire hazard signs posted along Interstate 40 so I would assume yes.

I've been thinking about this on a more Darwinian/selection mindset of late after randomly watching some TV, shifting the channel and then landing on a moment in Star Trek when the Prime Directive is being discussed.

If you really think about things and throw aside everything else Euro cultures rose above everything else before them and sped right past what anyone would even think possible for a species that was constantly fighting and could never work together. Free thought meant free ideas and free ideas meant expansion of mind and this meant our eyes looked toward the stars. My point is those societies so clearly passed selection and rose above all others to lead the species much like has happened MANY times over with every group on this planet from the start. But what happens when said group stalls their own evolution and expansion to rise up a lesser evolved group? I think the answer is obvious. While western societies give leeway and open doors to issues, diseases and problems we have LONG gone beyond we stagnate ourselves and, frankly, we quite literally run the risk of destroying the earth. Just think about an entire planet, with NO white societies (none, all gone). It would be absolute hell on earth, constant infighting, hunger, cities would look like Haiti all over, groups would not have deterrents to use whatever on whomever, depravity and disease would reign supreme everywhere, etc.

So I truly have been thinking about the effects we are having long term by uplifting groups that simply failed their selection test long ago.


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That's why long term Mars Colonies are the only course of action that we can take.


Do it fgt

How many illegal immigrants will you be able to keep out from your prison cell?

At this point it is either that or culling of massive amounts of that herd so, yeah, agreed. It is what pisses me off lately about the issues between Russia and the US. We should be allies. If America falls, Russia would be put squarely on the radar as the last bastion and they would throw everything at them to remove the last predominantly white area. If Russia falls, the same would happen to the US (already is). The two countries should be natural allies and it infuriates me the shit the media causes. When the space programs began and American/Russian science were working together we accomplished so much… just so damn much.

All of them. Because the government refuses to jail illegals.

You've got to expand your thinking. There's a quiet eugenics revolution occurring in laboratories across the west thanks to CRISPR.

We can not only conquer the universe with our superior geneseed, our descendants will be resplendent Adonis' with endless vigor and wonderful meaningful lives expanding humanity into the deepest corners of our nascent galaxy.

>(((it infuriates me the shit the media causes)))
>(((it infuriates me the shit the commies cause)))
>(((it infuriates me the shit the marxists cause)))

Russia never bothered me. Not even before the cold war. Now China is the snake in the grass that I'm worried about. I have a feeling that they want a proxy war through the gooks in DPRK. ""And this isn't about the zog machine."" I hope you do realize that China over took the US in the world's largest producer of nuclear energy.

Damn Terry, they let you out of jail already?

keep in mind in Texas you can carry a sword leagly now.

Anyone who does so earns extra points.

And yet the "knife to a gunfight" keeps coming to mind.

Come on down to this shithole, Zig Forums. I could use some backup even if it's just for a day.

Well psychopathic traits are undoubtedly why mankind is alive today. Without those traits the species would not have become civilized to the point it has gotten in the west. No, it isn't psychopathy but… I don't know.. my mind always shifts back to how a few groups warped their initial religious beliefs to truly be convinced they are the rightful chosen and it is their duty to eradicate every other group be it overtly or covertly. How I would love to see the founding of some of these things as I would bet it was nothing more than a bunch of ancient dudes coming together detailing how they could control the masses.

I just feel bad for the hwy patrol that's going to have to deal with this.

Yeah no doubt China is a big deal. One thing that gives China a massive advantage to the west is China doesn't give a flying fuck about PC and they have absolutely zero racial arguments in their country with one group or subgroup demanding this or that. Their society can focus completely on what is needed and not on anything else. That is a major advantage they have.

The entire downtown area will most certainly be shut down. That's where the city's government and spic-hipster bars are. If we had any real border protection they would shut down the border and keep them out, keep them in Brownsville's toilet, Matamoros.

Hey shareblue

Texas Governor has already deployed the national guard. To do what exactly? I'm not sure.

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I put this in the other thread. The Texas national guard is being deployed, but that’s not enough. They’ll split into small groups and cross the border with the help of their commie friends, or they’ll divert to California. We need minutemen to be called on this and stop them, they aren’t bound by shit like the Geneva convention. All anons in the southwest who have arms and time should make their way to the border and prepare. Remember to sabotage water left for the spics with pesticide and detain any commie fucks you find. Good luck, it’s up to you now.

This is why the borders, in general, should be under complete federal jurisdiction and treated like a military base. Why this isn't the case already is appalling. The military should have always guarded our borders much like they guard our shores. You attach federal penalties to anyone fucking around at the borders and the amount of bullshit traffic goes down immensely.

I absolutely despise the buddy-buddy nature of South Texas with its "sister cities." Spics wake up in Matamoros or Reynosa and cross over and cross back sometime later like it's a subway terminal. So many shitskins pass through our borders that in any sane society wouldn't be allowed.

Tons of spiclets wake up in Mexico, go to school for free in America and return to their shithole by the evening - all on american tax dollars. They use their cousin's home address to say they live in America and the school districts are corrupt shitstains that let it happen. South Texas has been investigated for this many times but nothing ever gets done.

Keyword nihilism friendo. Psychopathy is simply a clinical fact. It hovers steady at around 2% of the global population across races. Now how much of the social sciences are cucked leading to falsified psychopathy rates? Hard to tell. Note here I do not mention sociopathy. Indeed, modern degeneracy and brain damage can induce a detached state of stupor resulting in sociopathic tendencies. Video related.

Nihilism however is a specific philosophical school of thought which was made popular by jews and atheists. It is distinctly anti-human with only a few subgroups of nihilists reconciling their cynical perspective with a positivist constructive attitude. Others becoming drug addicts and artists to seek hedonistic indulgence and distraction from their own bleak conclusions about life. Combine the two and you have a volatile combination of someone who enjoys causing pain and revels in their negative impact on the world. A true monster who does not seek ends to justify their means: these subhuman ghouls break the social contract through their constant violence and subversion of work, genetics and ethics. All major secret organisations started as an intimate club of highly motivated visionaries. Unfortunately, the vision dies with the founders, no replication can ever approach the original ideal, but striving towards enacting genuine wisdoms from an ancient codex can be its own reward.

Power itself is intoxicating, literally. Lots of medical research into authority shows it increases psychopathy, egotism, and usually has a host of other negative effects. Being a leader is a toll not just due to insecurities, but your very biology trying to fight against your higher human ideals.

fuck forgot vid, this is a classic case study in why we should never have outlawed duels

w w

Oy vey, I sure hope you goyim aren't into guerilla warfare, sniping, or even constructing drip rifles!

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Yeah agreed. Makes me wonder if this is a cycle that is simply bound to repeat regardless of any other factors. There will always be a power vacuum and will always be someone craving it and will always be the potential of that person/group manipulating others to cause damage to the structure so they may obtain what they want. It seems like an endless cycle with no chance of ending as the high chair is something that will always exist in any society. Makes me think ancient Rome had it right when the new ruler would kill off any potential trouble makers so society would not be swayed by any bullshit they could spew.

That and they also have like a billion ants in their colony when the US has only a couple hundred million. And honestly only like 30% of our population is even fit for service. It's going to get pretty rough if shit doesn't get buckled down soon.

There's a reason why Fascists are well known for being strict. There's a hundred million wild goat paths into oblivion following the honeyed words of someone with only fire and hatred in their heart, while having no care or love for his/her kin.

Luckily normal humans like you and me are smart enough to recognize tyranny and abuse for what it is. We are the only hope for achieving what we know deep down we deserve. This is why I hold hope for MAGA and other lite movements. The NSDAP was fundamentally based on love of one's people. It's a basic emotion, and one which will win over their lies. Eventually our space colonies will live in happiness and plenty if enough white people survive to design the systems needed to survive. You know what? I'll be fair, since humanity will spread anarchically. All the other races can have their own space colonies too, as long as they follow the morals and futurist idealism we are working towards.

If americans don't do something for their own country, nobody else will. It's about time you fucking fagots start taking matters into your own hands.
Careful with the gun thing, a false flag bullet would be disastrous.

As much as their bug people freak me out, I predict they will take over this earth someday. White people of the future will have lost their own nations but will work as enforcers in asian countries against shitskins. Maybe have our own protected communities in the greater Han hegemony.


Thanks for the stallion sized blackpill, care to check out the gift shop on your way back to Reddit?

You play out like a character in a sitcom. Right before it cuts to a suicide prevention commercial

Shooting a few hundred taco niggers won't help. It's the jews in DC causing the problems. Aim your guns that way instead.

If you guys don't do anything, you're as cucked as the retarded Yuropoors who let in those ragheads.

China is also still half-following a very dysfunctional ideology that has led to the moral decay of their nation. The average Chinese bugman either embraces folk superstition, absolute self-serving cynicism or elements of both.

China's population advantage is on the decline due to this reason. Every other dipshit peasant family wanted to rake in dowery payments(a rather big deal in Confucian influenced Chinese culture) for marrying off their sons, but the one child policy meant if they had a daughter they would be the ones paying without any chance of cashing in. So Chink families would abort daughters to avoid paying out and try to have sons to leech off of, leading to a shortage of Chinese women. A shortage that is going to fuck them in the near future. Tales of the Asian bugman takeover are vastly exaggerated

I don't believe they will takeover/never have. Just feel they could cause/have caused issues. More so for Japan but that is a different story. Although if Japan becomes based again that could switch real quick for China.

As much as I love this idea, a better one is to simply take pictures and spread them everywhere. They look like an invading hoard, and will cause people to start fearing immigration. Fear is the most persuasive emotion, and will pull the public to our side. If the sheep see us sheepdogs slaughtering wolves, it will make them fear US instead of THEM. This is counterproductive.

It would be good to turn off the cameras and dispose of them fairly silently afterwards, though.

Do the same on any future caravan of this type. It will FORCE the construction of the wall.

I thought they'd import females from vietkong and the surrounding asian steppe countries. Either way, they're our true threat.

(fucking checked)
say it with me Zig Forums & Texas

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bring some assault rubber bands if bump stocks get banned

That will just lead to the further genetic and moral decay of China if they can do it successfully. The Han Chinese are mixed with inferior steppe Mongoloids already, further mixing with them and with swarthy Jungle-Nigger tier Asians will just ruin them further.

It would take foreward thinking and some semblance of morality and selflessness on the part of the Chinese realize that if they continue recklessly polluting their country (Including its arable farmland), aborting female children, and doing absolutely vile things for a quick buck it will destroy their society. By corrupting their gene pool further they're just going shit out even lower quality individuals and hasten their own destruction.

While they are a threat for the moment, they're not going to be the next global superpower. If anything as suggest, Japan could end up being the big dog in Asia. They've got problems to be sure, but their society is more stable, less genetically polluted, and they're not half as technologically incompetent.

Found on cuckchan. Don’t know if I believe it because this is one of the swine who is running this thing. Plus Mexico is probably going to fuck it up anyway.

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"dispand" and disperse into smaller groups and cross the border at separate locations and times. What kind of dumb ass goy would believe that thousands of beaners would walk for thousands of miles all the way up to the "undefended' border of the US and NOT walk through it?

And apparently that means Mexican visas. I think they might have to stay there. I won’t believe anything though. We’ll see.

Man idk I said I don’t trust the info. Maybe trump really threatened Mexico behind the scenes.

This whole story is very distressing. Whitepill yourself tonight by going on governor Jerry browns twitter. Normalfags are all roasting him. Maybe people are wising up.