Managing Autistic Populations

Every major empire in the world had a conception of controlling the mentally ill. Liberals, the prime example of autistics, are spreading their autism through badly written articles on Trump. Because they are fully autistic they implement autism on us.
If liberals are autism, what

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Here is a video on the subject

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How autistic is too autistic?


Liberals are not autistic. Liberals are effeminate soy-drinkers while autistics have hyper-masculinized brains exhibiting male characteristics like mechanical inclination, logic, low emotional intelligence, solitary behavior rather than herd mentality, etc, but cranked up to 11.

Autistics are everything the liberals loathe in men, and prolonged contact with liberals tends to push us to the right out of pure distaste for their inconsistent logic, their doublethink, and their desire to create more feminine society.

I am autistic and I oppose nonwhite immigration purely on the basis that they create a noisy disorderly chaotic society that's less hospitable for people like me, and I loathe the jews on the basis that they are the principal architects of this.

Excellent idea , could not agree more

Because of the ever expanding definition of Autism. When will Liberals become part of the psychological globalism called "The Spectrum".
The Spectrum is almost like a band of autistic retards in a secret society.

I thought it was a cable company

Both "The Spectrum" and Spectrum Cable company constantly request money for services that manage mental disorders.
Movies are created by happy merchants in Hollywood to subvert and hypnotize the masses. The Autism spectrum requires a happy merchant doctor to give you chemicals in your head.

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How do I acquire those shekels?

By checking out my new video on Autism management 101.

Autism makes you less likely to be liberal social conditioning doesn't take.

Kek found this while posting

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Autists manage you, neurotypical scum. Society is built on the backs of the high functioning autistic master race.

Can't, I disabled the jewtube. Got a hooktube embed?


Here, it's in even higher definiton.

Thank you for saving me the effort, fellow autist. I should also add that Hitler was a rather obvious autist, the Aryans are the most autistic race (largely responsible for our great achievements), and National Socialism was pure concentrated autism, in a good way.

I usually find the easiest way to explain what autism actually is to normies is to tell them we're like Vulcans rather than Betazoids. They seem to find that relateable.

The definition hasn't really expanded, it's just been recognized that the classic Rain-Man archetype is merely an extreme manifestation of certain neurological characteristics that affect a lot more people to a lesser degree. What's more, the deficiencies in social functioning come with a corresponding increase in cognitive abilities that can be extremely useful.

This. Our logical mind rules over popularity - we simply don't care enough to follow the herd over our better instincts.

This. A healthy society should nurture it's functional autists - we are the key to it's success. We make up the scientists and engineers that push things forward.

I think you forgot something

No he wasn't you dumb arrogant fuck. Hitler had an overdeveloped social sense, hence his ability to lead.

Checked but I'm pretty sure you've been trolled

We manage how we used to. Autism is applied to two groups. Those that are withdrawn and odd will be referred to as shy people, be given jobs removed from the public, and live out their lives alone. The spastics will be housed in asylums or better yet gassed.

Overdeveloped social sense makes you a follower, not a leader.

Encourage early marriage
Mandatory abortions for tard babies

There, no more 'tism.

Managing autism is easy. Get rid of feminism and all other jew interference and take any child born to a woman over 35 into state care.
Autism and transgenderism are both solidly linked, they're both caused by shitty parenting. We knew this in the 50s. It was called "Refrigerator Mother" syndrome when it resulted in schizophrenia.
Bullshit. Prolonged emotional abuse and neglect is what causes the subtle structural differences which are sometimes observed.
There's reams of evidence that adverse environment is at the very least a factor in the development of these (and just about all) "mental illnesses", the rest is dust kicked up by feminists and jews - a never-ending hunt for "the autism gene" or "the schizophrenia gene", which will never be found, because they don't exist.
What does exist, are normal variations in constitution which leave some children more susceptible to damage from abuse. Just like some kids have thick, dense bones and others have fragile or skinny bones. The former can take a beating that will break the bones of the latter. If a parent beats their child and breaks his ribs, the cause isn't "genetically weak bones", the cause is the fucking beating, and it's exactly the same with "mental illness".
This is fucking easy and should be obvious.
Q: What sort of woman waits until middle age to think about having children? (and risks the chance to reproduce by waiting so long - 90% of eggs already destroyed by age 30)
A: A woman for whom children are not particularly important and for whom a "career" or having fun or discovering myself was evidently a more important thing. Many of them will only be grudgingly giving their husband progeny to "shut him up at last."
A woman who doesn't consider children important has little incentive to apply herself to their care, indeed the majority of early life care might even be handed over to a nanny or day care center, staffed by people who aren't even White. It has been shown in studies from Eastern Europe, that children sent to orphanages because their mothers didn't want them, have massively elevated risk of developing autism.
Simply put, when a child is not given real maternal love and attention in its formative years the risk of these conditions arises. Multiply this by millions and you have an epidemic of autism. Even women who stay at home may be doing a terrible job as they sit playing online games, watching television, browsing Facebook or Tinder.
As already mentioned, trauma and neglect can cause physical changes in brain composition. As for functional differences (MRI) being evidence of biological origin, this is a reversal of causality. Pattern of brain activity determines what shows on an MRI, which is simply nothing more than a map of oxygen expenditure in the brain. When an MRI radically changes when a subject is asked to think of running, or think of counting, or visualize a certain scene, it is not because the structure of the brain is changing. Likewise a person whose thoughts follow an aberrant pattern because they received inadequate socialization or mental abuse as a baby, will tend to show a pattern differing from a normal healthy test subject. That proves nothing about brain structure OR genetics.
tl;dr the mental health plague is caused by jew propaganda, jew social engineering and jew-made environment.
That's easy. The children of older fathers tend to have come from older mothers and this is why there is correlation.

If shit parenting and a shit environment causes 'tism and gender retardation, why aren't more niggers trannies?

Not if you have confidence and drive.

Pretty much none of Hitler's close allies such as Speer and Goebbels became so due to his "social sense" but rather due to his extreme devotion for his work (the restoration of the German realm).

One could talk about the NSDAP's electoral success and popularity, but that was mainly because the German people overall did not want communism but neither did they want the incompetent German monarchy back, the NSDAP was the preferred option for the right wing. Without Hitler, the NSDAP would probably not have done as well, but there are more people the NSDAP owed its success to than just Hitler, such as Richard Walther Darré who secured the farmers' vote for the NSDAP by popularizing the ideology of Blood and Soil within the party and adding it to the party's agenda - without him, you would have probably seen CSV steal votes among Protestant farmers similar to how Zentrum did in Catholic areas (and Zentrum would probably have taken even more than it did historically).

Contrary to kike revisionists, Hitler was not some sort of smooth-talking savvy conman who tricked Germany into supporting him. He was a passionate man obsessed with the German nation, whose energy and determination gathered other great men to his cause. His speeches are compelling not because of fancy wordplay or anything like that but because of his sheer intensity and focus. The truth of his words resonated in a way few others' ever have.

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Putting facts over feelings is the only way forward. Most liberals pretend to be autistic because they desire the powers of their betters.
Weaponized autism will give birth to the Overman.

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