New Trump Tweet: Unfortunetly We Have to Let Them In Edition

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He can’t use his powers as commander in chief to stop this?

It’s up to us I guess.

Is the United States government even controlled by its citizenry? Is this whole country just one giant fucking joke?
We are literally in a designated global welfare redistribution zone. Not a country, not a nation, just one giant Jewish playground.


Did you just wake up?

Where is the coon & friends when you need them?
Oh well, at least you have captain hindsight.


What a fucking joke. How can a civilized country let these subhumans in?
Nukes can't start flying soon enough

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Take a tab of acid and think about what you have just said.


Wtf is this shit? The laws of this country my ass; you mean pilpul written into some obscure clause written at the eleventh hour by crafty Jew lawyers? Somehow you have got to get BEYOND their smoke and mirrors, my Lord!

It's that "checks and balances" shit. The executive branch doesn't have absolute power like a dictator.


He can declare a state of emergency and militarize the border.

No it isn't. It's literally within the fucking law for the president to keep ANYBODY out.

No, I'm just astonished at how far we've come. I thought the kikes would at least pretend to keep order in some regards to keep the goyim complacent, but apparently they can get away with just about anything.
There really is nothing stopping them from just going full brown homo futurism. The white man will verbally protest, but ultimately submit in the end.

Have we completely lost our balls? After only a few generations of toothless propaganda?

Feeling pretty blackpilled if not even the president can stop a bunch of squat indios from walking across the border after announcing it weeks beforehand.

Our best bet would be seriously organizing militias and civilians willing to stand guard at the border.

I died in 2012.

This is hell.

That's what i've always thought as well.

Chill, reddit shill. The thing that will stop them is whites waking up; Trump's a sign of that happening, but it hasn't happened totally yet. For that to happen, the entire white population will need to get desperate. Fortunately, the next financial crisis will probably do that.

Dubs command thee.

you are like little girl


This election cycle turned me into an optimist. Everything afterwards turned me into an accelerationist. Just let me face to bloodshed already. I'm tired of playing these games.



I agree with this.

Trump won't fix this. Only we can protect ourselves now. Form cells and start subverting local organizations and military units.

Only 2% of its citizenry, goy.

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Why do I have a feeling all of these posts like this are just kikes tryng to get us to force our hand early.

If you want to false flag gunning down spics get some CIAniggers to do it as per usual

Isn’t there already a state of emergency in effect? I thought I read here that there was one declared in January. I mean this is technically human trafficking. This isn’t spontaneous. Why won’t someone official ever name Soros? What are they so afraid of. This is probably him.

How is Virginia still so fucked while having the fewest on the east coast?

You may be right, or you may be accusing a patriot of being an agent provocateur when all they are doing is spilling their heart out to you through the only channel left to them.

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I don't want to sound like FBI, but really does sound like our only recourse. Trump evidently can't stop the shitskins and the Jews are pushing them on, so ultimately we have to take matters into our own hands and blockade them IRL. If there's only one thing I don't like about Trump's election, it's that it's instilled this complacency that he can stop whatever Jewish scheme comes the USA's way so the only thing we have to do to change the world is shitpost. I like to think that this Caravan business is a test from Kek to see whether we can muster the will to fight not only through memes, but through force as well.

This guy also brings up a good point. If we do step up to stop them, we have to make sure NOT to shoot first. Otherwise, we'll be politically crucified. That isn't to say we should go full cuck and not fight back if they get belligerent, but use your fists first. If we shoot willy-nilly, we'll only give the kikes ammo for their (((gun control))).

Once again, remember (((who))) enforces our "laws". Law without anyone willing to inflict consequences for disobeying are just meaningless words, and the police only enforce for the kikes.

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You are like fucking jew now get out.

This is such an educational opportunity tbqf. People think you can just fucking elect one guy and fix it. No, the way you fix it is you replace the whole jew party fag party one party system with a Fuhrer.

The lugenpresse actually tried to make the claim tonight that the caravan is an annual thing and they just turn around and go back when the reach our border.

My mother actually believes this.

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- 368555
id checked

You should point out to her that she never heard of it until now :^)

While it is true that something like that does take place regularly, though not yearly, it is untrue that such a large one has ever existed.

by the way, I only THINK it's not yearly. I know when I looked in the archives it didn't seem to make the news every year, and was never so large, ever.

But I don't read spic talk, and don't plan on starting.

How convenient for the Kalergi plan and Globalist agenda! Soros must be delighted that we have recurring holidays celebrating roving bands of 3rd world deserters! You know what? We need to invite the entire 3rd world over to celebrate this great cultural even with us. Let's take pics with the Caravan, fuck the gypsy people, and empty our granaries, truly we need to be celebrating the bravery of these worthy future Americans.

It has nothing to do with Obama. How do people take this guy seriously anymore? The borders have been wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide open for DECADES through half a dozen administrations.

"Turn back"
Aka dispand and disperse into smaller groups and cross the border at separate locations and times. What kind of dumb ass goy would believe that thousands of beaners would walk for thousands of miles all the way up to the "undefended' border of the US and NOT walk through it?
White Americans sometimes seem even stupider than these 75iq taco goblins.

If I were trump they'd come in and I'd declare them fugitives when they flee from border guards throughout the country. After they are fugitives I'd use that to justify giving ICE unlimited investigative power and arrest anyone blocking ICE on grounds of harboring/assisting fugitives. Any californian politicians, mayors, etc standing in the way go directly to jail. Anyone part of the support network for illegals goes directly to jail.

I just want to check these dubs, because it really does feel like this whole thing is an important reminder: Trump can't do everything for us, and sometimes it's going to fall to us to physically do something about the Jew. Not to go full retard lone-wolf and shoot every nigger so the Kikes can push the Overton Window back to the left, but just standing between the Spic and our borders and prevent them from literally walking over America.

If the Wall isn't ready right now, then we'll BE the Wall until it is.

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So, if Trump fails to act on this matter and does nothing as this diarrhea horde breaks through the border and laughs in the face of your national sovereignty, will chesscucks finally admit they were fools of?

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And just like that America is finished.

that's funny, i interpreted this tweet as "get ready to defend your country the right way by means of second amendment"
if nobody is at the border armed and ready to politely ask them to turn around then they deserve to come in and take all the gibs

Yep. No lone wolf has ever been successful at jack shit.


the black pills itt are immense. kikes truly are scared of white men with guns literally just standing at the border being decent americans

But that's not how it works. The government taxes you, then the government takes that money and gives it to vagrant spics.

Really? You expected to get shekels for this?

Sauce on here? I just want the song.

Anyone else feeling vindicated?

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ass hurt

Omnibus rolls out at executive discretion. You deserved it tbh.

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lol just admit you got cucked man.

KEK >>>/shareblue/

and what does this have to do with the fact that it will only take a small group of americans to take a stand against these invaders?

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I never mentioned those people, I was talking Trump and his seeming lack of willingness to exert his powers to protect his country's borders.
He could prove me wrong, or course, but I'm not holding my breath.

It's Love Letter by Momoko Kikuchi, see embed.


^ kike or retard.

Video is of round posts, not square ones, like are being installed. Furthermore, Congress controls the purse strings, yet you attack Trump, which is, again, either kike or retard. And that example is only a 5 foot ascent, over base height, which can be achieved by the modestly fit under less desirable conditions, but is no indication of the degree of impediment 30' (meaning a 25' obstace) would impose. Furtheremore, and again, another reason you're either a tard or a kike, is that they are not shown, in that video topping the wall.

Conclusion: kike. Kikes prefer to gaslight rather than prove, whereas tards tend to understand physical things (kikes, I have noted, however, are their own type of physical reality tard…)

democrats r gunna fall foor it for realz thiis time guize

Thank you (been watching old songs and I can't believe I skipped her song on my recommended)

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Abbot just deployed NG supposedly

< taunting the Christians
curse yahweh
curse israel
curse all the jews
curse your name
curse your mother, and may she serve eternally as taster of boiling excrement



This. It's really obvious.

La Puta que he pario

If you do this they won't attempt the again.

I guess because you are a paranoid moron?

Where is your god emperor now Zig Forums?

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Me? I'd just kill them, they're an invading force. There's no reasoning with leftoids, may as well go full duterte

No speak burrito
English motherfucker the proper American language.

Precedent ruined with all those judges stopping the ban from those terrorist compromised states.

Riling up Americans against congress.

Sorry, but Spanish is closest to Latin. I rather speak an imperial language rather than a language that was concocted together during the dark age.

Is that site satirizing communism whilst being communist or what

from the spic nigger horses mouth.

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English is a PIE language, so the point is pretty much moot. There's no indication the language of Latin was noteworthy in assisting the development of a state.

Lmao let's see the lefty tears over another government enforcing immigration laws

it is true that in a perfect world there would currently be an a-10 brrrt gun flying towards mexico right now, but in an also perfect world we would have a large group of armed white men standing at the border to greet them when they arrive

the people saying to start subverting and shit are dumb. standing at the border for a nice game of red rover is not illegal. no reason to start taking down power lines and using gorilla warfare tactics against ICE (trump said they're "GREAT" people, [who will likely look the other way]). just have a nice tailgate and compare guns and shoot the shit while waiting for the caravan and it will all be good wholesome family fun

I won't hold my breath until I see it happen. If they actually planned on doing that to begin with, why not do it at the border?

Mods deleted the final solution thread

Is he talking about the same country who's just letting that mongolian horde pass through?

I wonder what President Trump did behind the scenes to force them into disbanding?

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It is tough. See here:

Ever try to get dual citizenship in Mexico? American's aren't permitted.

I'll be there in six hours. I'll wait for you.

Underrated post

I used to think this was only a joke but sadly the vast majority are literally what can be called zogbots

In front of the public, user. He was threatening to pull out of NAFTA on Twitter.

we dont need anything crazy; just an ample amount of armed white men standing at the border minding their own business

i have to check these trips

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Welp. This was fun while lasted. Was hoping they arrived at the border three thousand deep tbh lads. 'Till the next time Trump does, or does not do, a thing, eh?

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This means nothing.
The beaner flood has said that it wasn't going to stay in Mexico.

If Mexico lifts even a finger and does anything about the caravan, it's probably just because they fear the horde will not be allowed (at least not fully) into the US, and then they'll have to deal with the remnants that just don't feel like walking back to their other central american shitholes.

Momoko was the cutest little angel.

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I'm like a day , day and a half north
These burrito invaders will pay for every inch they trespass

it's probably just because they fear the horde will not be allowed (at least not fully) into the US, and then they'll have to deal with the remnants that just don't feel like walking back to their other central american shitholes.

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