Judaizers: The Ancient Battle inside Christianity

Hey Zig Forums, I think its time for us to talk about the Judaizers in Christianity and stop the pointless flamewars between Christians and Non-Christians on Zig Forums.
For those not aware what I am talking about, there is the constant accusation that Christianity is nothing but JudaismLite or a jewisch scam, that all Churches are cucked and if you are follow it you are bluepilled.
However that leave us with a historic problem, because Europe for the most part of its history was Christian and kicked the asses of all other cultures all around the world for a long time.
There are some user here who try to explain it away and say it because that European Christianity isn't pure Christianity and its thanks to European Pagan Cultural Leftovers that Europe wasn't cucked, but that also leaves a lot of holes and doesn't explain why the Christian Leadership would allow these European Pagan elements in their teaching.

The missing puzzle piece in all of this is the debate about the Judaizers that happened in Christianity and I guess most of you have not knowledge of it.
What the debate boils down to, was that early Christianity was aware of its origin from Judaism, after all Jesus and his first followers were all Jews and the questions arose what rules Christians should follow and how Non-Jew could be part of it, since Judaism is extremely racist against any Non-Jew.
In the end the debate was won when most of the early leaders of Christianity mimicked Joseph Goebbels article "More Morality, Less Moralism!" thousand of years before it was written and argued that they are followers of Jesus Christ and not Jews and that the point of Jesus teaching was that people should act morally and not just follow blindly the moralism of biblical texts, like the Jews did that were criticized by Jesus.
This result is part of the reason why Christianity became so successful and had no fear of adopting Pagan customs, because the theoretical bottom line their movement ran on was "act moral, don't be a moralizing faggot".

Of course this didn't happen without resistance from the Jews inside and outside Christianity and you can see a constant attempt from their side to tell Christians if they really want to be pious, then they should suck up the them and accept jewish Law after which they are just animals.
This was meet with ridicule for centuries by Christians and hence why "Judaizer" became the theological equivalent of our use of the word "cuck", right until WW2 when the Allied won and the word fell out of use, because it users were threatened with accusations of "antisemitism".
I think this topic should be really important to us, because instead of having useless infights with the Christians on the Right, we should learn to detect and expose the Judaizers because this way we can redpill the Christian population in one fell swoop.
You should by now have noticed that the current (((media))) coverage of Christians only contains Judaizers, be it the current Pope, protestant Leaders or radical fringe movements inside Christianity.

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I'm not quite sure how you come to the conclusion Jesus was jewish. His mother was a Galatian and his father was God. The seed delivered by the Archangel Gabriel. If you want to be accurate about it. Sure he said he was the King of the jews, knowing full well that this was a trick of the jews to incriminate himself, but that's just because he was king of kings, obviously making him the king of the jews as well as all other races on the earth.

Deus Vult - just a meme.

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The trend that you're describing is because (((they))), and their partners falsely believe that this is a fracture point; Since they cannot improvise from their script without punishment from their superiors, they hopelessly post fallacies that are exposed before they even get their first (you).

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Galilee was a territory, not a nation of people. Mary being Galilean just means she was from the Galilee region.

Dr E Michael Jones discussed this in the past. Unfortunately I don't remember the radio show that he was on where he discussed it. I just remember that the host was a Lutheran man and they were discussing Vatican II.

The belt buckle of every Wehrmacht Soldier featured the words "Gott mit uns"(God with us). The reason for that was that the population of Nazi Germany was almost completely Christian.
Have you never wondered how the European Nations around that time managed to be predominantly Christian, yet they had no problem with the Nazi Ideology or the Pagan Imagery and Architecture brought by Humanism and the Classic movement?
The reason for that is that they managed to keep the Judaizers down and had no problem with people whose cause was just and moral.
Equally Christianity in Europe has a long time of peacefully coexisting with the the secular movements and Europe's remembrance of its Pagan past, Christian Scholars had no problem to quote or read the works of Pagan Scholars.
The divide of this only came with the dawn of marxism, which treated the religion of the masses as an obstacle on its way to a global revolution.
But Secularism, Christianity and other Religions are not opposing factions on the right, because our goal is not some ill defined global revolution but the preservation, teaching and enforcing of morality against corruption.

I am not a Christian and more interested in the establishing and operating of worldly institutions. The origin of Jesus is not really relevant for me, it is more interesting to see that his followers broke with their jewish origin and world view.
This allowed Christianity a greater flexibility and gave it a better mass appeal, it also made the jews eternally butthurt because Christianity moved from being a small jewish Sect into a proper self sustained Religion that overshadowed them.

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Yeah, the genealogy recorded in Luke is from Mary's side and definitely has Abraham and David. This was for the benefit of the jews who would have access to the genealogy records from the temple before they were destroyed by the Romans. His unassailable regal pedigree is one of the reasons the richest jews hated him so much. Just like today, people who reject tacky materialism and goldlust drive jews into emotional fits of mockery and kvetching.

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You're actually a liar.

I think a lot of nations had a problem with it actually. Did you not see the end result of the war?

Oh okay, so that's why Christian priests took perfectly free people such as the Germans and turned them into sick locked up sinners tied to monasteries. I get Christianity had great art and contribution to the sciences, but you are not fooling me on this one.

Marxism is a new moral system just like liberal faggots will oust you for not abiding their moral code. A struggle between morality.

I see what you are trying to say, but anyone can use moral systems to label something as "corrupt" and take the moral high-ground just like how you're doing it right now. Re-assess your reason.

You're actually disgusting, just like any priestly "moralizer" you only needed to hang Christ on the cross; you didn't need to know anything else which is a corruption of the actual teachings of Christ you fraudulent faggot.

Christianity is inherently kiked, the only reason it was able to be used by NatSoc Germany in a non-kiked way is that they only painted traditional European thought with Christian themes and explanations. The moment you stop being a Christian in name only and actually just practicing European spiritualism and actually practice Christianity as it was created and for Christian reasons, you become a puppet of the kike.

Sure as fuck doesn't make her a jew, and her offspring being inserted into her by a non human makes Jesus even less of a jew. Unless you subscribe to the wholly loxist notion that jews are somehow more like god than non-jews.

Fight your jew programing, user. Germans were some of the first Protestants to realize Catholicism was a serious corruption of Christianity. Every time someone bothered to read the Bible, they saw how badly the goldfarbs had twisted it. Luther saw it, named it, and he seriously hated the jews for doing it.

Shoo, shoo, Catholic Jew.

Reported for shilling kike mythology and calling it wholly European, you disgusting semitophile!

The heart of the problem is the (((YHWH))) of the false Old Testament.

user the end result of the war was that the majority of European Nations was either occupied by the communist Soviet Union or "liberated" by the United States of America and replaced with puppet exile governments, just like it happened in the Middle East every time a country was "liberated" after 9/11.
During the war the majority of European Nations was either Allied with Nazi Germany or remained neutral.
Of course this is something you don't hear in the mainstream publications of World War 2, that the majority of Europe wasn't at war with Germany.
That is not what happened. Germanic Leaders converted to Christianity because it allowed them access to Roman knowledge and technology. For example there was a bigger number of Latin Scribes than people who understood the Runes.
This resulted in the Christianization of Germany, because after Germanic Law the King had the right to dictate the Religion of the whole Tribe and anyone who didn't follow him was in violation of his divine right as a King.
That is also the reason why Germans hunted down Christians in Germany before their leaders converted. Its also the reason why the earlier Christian movements(Arianism) in Germany where hunted down once the leaders changed their faith to Catholicism.
The monasteries were used to develop the land and spread the knowledge of Latin, which of course left a lot of power in the hands of the Church, however this power was later broken by the invention by the Gutenberg press. So this was more caused by technological limitations than the ill will of Christian priests.
No you don't understand what I say, because I am arguing for moral action and behavior. Labeling something as corrupt and then just following the words but not their meaning like a demon, wasn't that the main reason why Jesus criticized the Jews?
The point is that Christians for a long time in Europe manged to act moral and be actors of morality against degeneracy, regardless of any moralizing biblical text shat out by the jews.
And you are a obvious butthurt, why eludes me. But I don't care.

I like your rose colored view of Germany of that time, but that is sadly not what happened. The majority of people remained political neutral and kept the world view they already had during the time of the German Empire.

I could have cluttered the OP with talk about the British Empire, the Spanish Empire, the Russian Empire, the Portuguese Empire, the French Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Dutch Empire, the Swedish Empire or the German Empire, but why? They were all Christian Countries that dominated the world and they made use of their Christian Ideology to conquer, which is why Christianity is the biggest Religion on the Planet.

This deserves attention.
As a non-Christian (but generally spiritual - probably open to a structured paganism), I have no problem with most Christians. I think their ideology prevents them from exercising the full extent of their nature as a human animal, but hey, they can suit themselves, and we can join forces just fine against our enemies. Anyone screaming christcuck >>11440174 is either an unusually salty Zig Forumsack unlikely or a leftyfag shill.

>Zig Forums

There's no denying that Christianity has historical ties to Judaism. Obviously though, after centuries of existence in Europe, it has been adopted and owned by the Europeans. It would be difficult to change that now, so instead of trying to erase a thousand years of history, we ought to minimize the Jewish element while keeping the religion itself intact.

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They where not self-aware enough to understand the difference between christianity as a semitic religion and their own native mentality.

That selfawareness about Christianity is fairly recent and explains why Christianity is now a days more dangerous then it used to be.

I think the return of authentic christianity started in the 19th century with the historical Jesus movement, the moment people started to place Jesus and other Bible stories in their own historical environment, it was no longer possible to have a Germanic Christianity.

No matter how much you kvetch, we will continue to keep posting the truth about your degenerate, Semitic religion which is responsible for the destruction of European cultures and the establishment of the Semitic hegemony which today rules the world. All Christcucks are race traitors who commune with the Semitic racial soul through the ritual consumption of the flesh and blood of a fictional Semitic idol who is portrayed as the avatar of a Semitic tribal deity. Christcucks can never be race realists, allies of their own folk, or worthy of posting on this National Socialist board. The flamewar is not pointless, because without constant remainders of the truth, you Christcucks would simply invade and post your Semitic filth over and over without challenge. Until not even the shills dare to post about Christianity, the flamewar must go on.

Report and ban White Nationalists/Alt.Right

Boy that cartoon will really get Whites to blame the Jews. Sheer WN genius once again.

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Thank your for proving that he is right. Now go back to count your shekels.

Are those the same shekels mentioned in the Bible?

This kike was apparently there from Jesus onward. It is more likely that your understanding of Jesus is erroneous, than Christianity being cucked from the start. Jesus was not a pacifist and he bore the whip. Christians being Judafied today is not a reflection of Christianity passed.

I always thought the whole jesus jew thing was an ancient redpill to the mases that jews are not to be trusted they would torture their own kind to further their arrogant ideals.
Of course it could be defemation and the bible is just red pill. Catholicism is a fairly recent thing started by a big euro family to keep control of their lands. It was pozzed by design. It reeks of the occult and mass brainwashing so the traditional version of Christianity is less pozzed.

How do screengrabs of posts anyone could have made prove anything? I can go on Zig Forums right now and make a thread with the premise of gloating over how far "we've" come in subverting Zig Forums with Christianity, then turn that into an image to use as evidence of Christian conspiracy against Zig Forums. I have zero doubt that the posts in those screenshots were made specifically so that anti-Christian sentiment could be associated with undesirable elements in order to repost those images over and over instead of actually dealing with the facts about Christianity. Such things are meaningless in comparison to the actual truth about the Semitic nature of Christianity and its historical usage as a vehicle for destroying non-Semitic cultures for the purpose of establishing Semitic hegemony.

It must be infuriating for the shills to constantly try to D&C us and fail so miserably.

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If we have learned anything over the years it is that neither Zig Forums nor Zig Forums do false flag operations, because both think they are spreading the truth and the truth doesn't need to hide.
This kind of bullshit is pathological the MO of Zig Forums and associates, because they feel their little dystopia threatened by Zig Forums and perceive it as an invading force that needs to be routed.
You are giving the Jews to much power, especially since the Judaism we know today was invented after Christianity was established.

Jesus was a descendant of King David.

Matthew 22:42
biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew 22:42&version=KJV

Mark 10:47
biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Mark 10:47&version=KJV

Acts 2:29-30
biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Acts 2:29-30&version=KJV

Romans 1:3
biblegateway.com/passage/?search=rom 1:3&version=KJV

There's not a Bible-believing Christian alive or not who would deny that.

That's a stretch. They were heebs, sure, but judaism as we know it did not exist then. Read the Old Testament and consider the nature of the hebrews: they were going into battle, conquering nations and generally being badass. Does that sound like the inbred rejects from Revenge-of-the-Nerds who typify modern judaism? In the time of Jesus there was no matrilineal descent, no ashkenazi khazars and it would be centuries until the talmud would even be written. Just because modern jews kiked the English Bible translations to describe the ancient hebrews as "jews" does not make it so.

The "hurrdurr muh christcucks" fedora crowd are genetic dead ends. GUARANTEED they're being outbred significantly by us, and as we all know politics is a game of demographics.

You can (you) me until you develop carpal tunnel but you know I'm right.


Don't get played like a fool, hating Christians is called Judaism. Remember the basics:
1. Fedoras will attack God and Christianity
2. Kikes will attack primarily Jesus

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Talmudic Judaism is no different from Mosaic Judaism. The Talmud is a collection of commentaries on the OT, not a separate religion. The fictional idol Yeshua's condemnation of others for failing to follow "his" version of the religion means nothing objectively because such a claim has no more authority than the claims of the Talmudic Jews as to their authority on the matter of whose sect is the inheritor of the true faith. Judaism has been the same since the time of the equally fictional culture hero Abraham; the Semitic tribes of Israel have always been degenerate savages, and that includes the Semites who made the idol Yeshua. Additionally, the Khazar theory is not supported by genetic evidence, which instead shows that the Ashkenazim are the diaspora of Israel somewhat mixed with various European groups but still being closer to the Palestinians (the Israelites who remained after the destruction of the Temple) and the Arabs.

The entire point is that Christcucks are not Zig Forumsacks, they are race traitors and this can easily be seen by visiting Zig Forums.

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< Christians are traitors
< purge them all
Ironically you act with PURITANICAL ZEAL.

Whoever is for us is not against us. Those not for us are to be NEGLECTED. And those opposed to us are to be ATTACKED politically and lawfully.

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Where have I said they must be purged? They are to be treated with contempt and denied any voice in society so that their degenerate religion cannot influence our culture. Purging is unnecessary as most have already given up the religion in any serious sense and cling only to the cultural institutions of Christianity which can be replaced in an instant with traditional European institutions. Now, those who refuse to accept that Christianity is a foreign cancer and continue to spread its filth among our peoples, they should indeed be treated as the dangerous foreign agents that they are and imprisoned or executed.
It is Christianity which must be purged, not Christcucks.

Only a kike could ever try and convince you Jesus never existed. He's an historical figure from antiquity, not prehistory, and the body of texts about his life are plenty and early.

So plentiful and early that they were written before he was supposed to have been born! The idol Yeshua as presented in the NT never existed, that is a fictional culture hero based on combining hundreds of years of Semitic rebels with a messianic tradition which developed from misinterpreting gnostic cultism related to mushrooms and self-transformation.

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Jesus Christ. Your every post reads like it was meant to be shouted from atop a soapbox. Completely natural, Chaim.

Do you have an actual rebuttal?


The topic of the thread is "Judaizers inside Christianity" and what I have posted is directly related to this topic as it shows that Christianity was created by Judaizers, different from the Talmudists only in that they are rival sects, in order to bring their Semitic culture to non-Israelites as a means to subvert and undermine the Roman empire. You will be just as unable to explain how what I've posted is not relevant to the topic as you will to refute a single thing I've said.

You are so fucking transparent that I can recognize your posting style from thread to thread. It's always the same disproven and stylized bullshit conveyed with the same nose-in-air superiority complex as you tell us to subjugate other Whites for believing in the thing the Jews are most afraid of. Kill yourself.

At this point I'd rather take Jews than normies. Jews at least admit they're my enemies and smarter than my peers. Normies are just getting more boring and ignorant by the hour.

If it's the same disproven material, you should have no trouble disproving it now. You won't; not even once from thread to thread. You will simply shill for a foreign religion which subjugates our peoples and destroys our cultures. If the Semites feared Christianity, it would be illegal to speak of it and profess faith in it. The things which are illegal to speak of are the truths about the holohoax and the thing which is illegal to profess one's faith in is the anti-Christian movement of National Socialism.

Are you historically illiterate, or are you just counting on me to be?

Christianity is not illegal in Germany, National Socialism is. Are the Jews no longer in control of Germany? When was the last time a non-Christian was elected to a high office in the US? When was the last time a National Socialist was elected to a high office in the US?

This is the most impressively out of context string of facts I have ever seen arranged on this website. Congratulations.

Your assertion was that the Jews fear Christianity, but their hegemony is run by Christians where they themselves are not seated. And before you try to say that they are not true Christians, they are. They profess faith in the idol Yeshua and participate in the ritual communion by consuming such idol's flesh and blood.

Go to bed, learningcode. It's late in Turkey.

And now you devolve into imkamphy derangement syndrome because you cannot win the slightest bit in this argument.

All your points are exactly the kind of "Germanics are the cause of all degrasion of Western governance" stylized reinterpretation of out of context historical facts that we know Kikey engages in. If you're not him, I lament there are two of you.

Except you have yet to explain how a single thing I've said is incorrect. You keep saying it's "disproven" and now "out of context," but you can't actually demonstrate how.


You have had your drive to punish the freeloader etc. pushed to the max by the kikes. They know how to exploit us, you know? You should very much read the Culture of Critique series.

They despise it for the most part, as that is one of the very few systems they are not welcome in.

Let me put it this way, how would you suggest treating a Marxist Europid? The same treatment is what Christcucks deserve, as the ideologies to which they subscribe are equally degenerate and dangerous. I've seen quite a zeal for killing all Marxists, yet their theist counterparts get little attention.

Right, because there are still 12 tribes, and a temple, and a Levitical high-priest making sacrifices according to a lunar calendar in the courtyard, and… wait a minute, you're a dirty lying kike. Thanks for the filter warning, idiot.

Oh there is a huge difference between the two, because the Israelites during Roman times didn't finish their transition from polytheism to monotheism.
I bet you wish that to be true, but the story of a forced jewish diaspora is a bigger fictional myth than the story of Moses.

Because Marx was a kike and called religion opium for the masses, of course he just meant the religion of the (christian) masses and the marxists never attack the jews like they attack christians.
We can see your game Mr. Goldberg.

The audacity of this christnigger

Only people who haven't read The Bible could possibly claim this. Jesus called out the kikes constantly.

It's a combination of actual kikes and fedora-lord atheists as well as sand niggers who make these claims. They should be mocked and met with scripture so the lurkers know they're full of shit.

You mean the Bible wherein Yeshua constantly references the OT Semitic writings? Yeah, the Bible wherein Yeshua confirms that he has come to complete the laws of the Semitic prophets and Moses rather than overturn them. Calling out a rival sect does not make Yeshua something other than a Kike himself.

Call them by their true name: Mischlings.

Kike detected. You haven't read the Bible have you?

Yeah, he didn't hate Jews, just Synagogue of Satan kikes.

Do you (((Christians))) really believe your (((God))) will save you?

We need to return to our roots!!!

It was to help convert more people to the Christian religion, by adding Christian elements to pagan cultures and holidays so that more people would accept Christianity. (e.g. Christmas being the Winter Solstice).

Another argument is that the words of the law were corrupted by the priest class who were seeking to gain fame.
Here's the lecture I found the idea in, from a Hulsean lecture given in 1833.
books.google.com/books?id=3koNAAAAYAAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=rose law of moses&lr=&ei=4lrdSvCZGIzIyQTO1dXODg#v=onepage&q&f=false

Celts are the stewards of the earth.
And the children of the goddess of the rising sun.

Anyone interested in this should read the first chapter of 200 Years Together. Solzhenitsyn does a good job of laying out how (((they))) went about trying to judaize Russia during its formative years

a middle eastern semitic religion can never be a good fit for a european, no matter how long it has been there

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These and more should be required material for religious discussion on Zig Forums. I get that pagans and Christians don't get along for valid historical reasons, but it's better to unite briefly as Whites in a struggle for survival and settle our differences once our future is secure.

Another bunch of good videos to watch is the Not So Chosen series. It makes a solid case for why the modern Yid mongrel isn't a chosen anything since they never received the blessing of Abraham. The creator of the videos even goes back to the original Greek Bible to clear up a bunch of (((modern mistranslations))) that were obviously inserted to push an (((agenda))). He does come to some strange conclusions, suggesting that the word British is actually Hebrew, but other than that, it's solid.

Your stupid is painful.

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I'm that user and I've said it multiple times before.
That's because Christianity is a larp people try out but it has never EVER ever in its entire history and application to ANY people no matter HOW LOW, including the most primitive NIGGERS managed to replace pagan things.

That's why aztecs have santa muerte and still flay people.
That's why japanese still have amaterasus and co.
That's why aboriginals still have their juju bullshit (even though they were "Christianized" as well, I mean there's even paintings of abbo babby jesus and maria, etc)
That's why Europe still has pagan weekdays and so many customs that if you took them away you would have literally nothing left.

Etc. I don't have time to reiterate all that shit because of the fucking eternal Americans not having anything else.
I don't care.
Yellowstone needs to explode already to shut you dumb mongs and your shitty Christianity kvetching up.

because it states that whatever cool shit you have is really yahweh, etc, saints instead of actual folk heroes, etc.

Russia has literal double faith and they are "orthodox".
The real truth needs no teaching, you don't need someone telling you that dogs piss on corners every week because you know this.
Christianity, however, is a missionary faith that needs to be taught, just like atheism and communism.

And it's also a reason why paganism survived "despite having no unifying bible and constant preaching", etc.

Again, I have written entire essays worth of posts on this and I am now bored of that.

The core of ancient European traditionalism is a reverence for the naturalistic, while the core of the Semitic monotheistic cults is rejection of nature in favor of a divinity which is outside of and in conflict with nature, and demands the same of Man.

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Christian God is not in conflict with nature.
etc. However, Jews have made an idol out of their laws and money, and despise nature.

How jewish of you. Your stupidity is painful.

You sound like a retard.

Pol: Wow I am sick.

MAN 1 : Pray to this person I just made up in my head! You will get better! And if you don't and you suffer instead that is good because suffering is good you have to suffer for made up magic man!

MAN 2: Positive thinking is nice and may provide a little bit of relief through the placebo effect, but I would use some medicine. There are zero religious people who have been able to prove one of their magic tricks are real, and trillions of instances where science came through, so I would go with science here.

Pol: Wow MAN 2 is satanic, and MAN 1 is not schizophrenic, so we need to go with MAN 2's advice because he is definitely not some fucking retard whose brain never fully developed!

Wanna know how I know you're not from around here?

David was half Judean and half Ephrathite. Rachel, Joseph's mother was buried in Bethlehem. This makes sense, given that Joseph's son's received Jacob's blessing, and Joseph's story is a mirror of Christ's.

I'm indifferent to the whole of it. Nearly every sect of Christianity has been kiked to atleast some extent. On the other hand, I don't see paganism really making a comeback for the same reasons. There are a very small minority who actually follow the old traditions; the rest are either larping atheists who indulge in hedonism or innawoods types who haven't even seen civilization in years, let alone a woman. Neither of those makes for a healthy family.
On the whole, I'd say it would be better to create an entirely new sect of Christianity while also introducing more Nordic pagan traditions and beliefs. I believe this is similar to what Hitler was attempting. If it is given the right attention, I think it could spread like wildfire.

Please See:

and so he seacrificed his only begotten son, etc.
Again, I don't have the patience to deal with that shit.

Just waiting for Yellowstone to deliver Europe from the united states of damocles so we don't have to fear the golems.

They are also the most flouridated, propagandized and circumcised and would probably have no qualms fighting us again if we tried to "uncuck ourselves".

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Attached: Science is Dead - The Religion of 'Science'.png (1352x1200, 800.68K)

I partially agree with your post user. This is no time to quibble. If you're white and willing to fight for the white race, one should be welcome and we can sort out the itty bitty details later.
Europe did kick a lot of asses when it became Christian though, but as a result, those asses have come back to kick ours. The Christians told the Africans to be fruitful and multiply even though their mostly desert habitat could not sustain them. What good did that do? Too many Africans with too many diseases and not enough food to go around.
They also relentlessly kicked the asses of their own pagan peoples because they were viewed by the church as devil-worshippers or witches etc.
Today, most Christians believe that anyone who professes to have been 'saved' can be part of their family. Muslim, African, Hindu.. Murderer, Rapist. It has, on the whole, done us much more harm than good as a people and if you don't acknowledge that, it's nothing but denial, ignorance or both.

This. This right here.
This is why you fail.

Attached: DIrect from Hitler.jpg (2374x1088, 878.4K)

This is one of the greater kike subversions of Christianity. Originally, only Israelites could be Christian and it was highly controversial that anyone else would even be allowed to convert. The idea that everyone, not just Christians, are the children of God is a disgusting perversion fabricated entirely by the Talmudists.

You're not wrong, any small fracture will grow when stressed. The ideal conclusion is to succeed before getting divided by (((outside forces))) and then splitting off of our own accord. What's the alternative: have two pro-White groups do everything to avoid each other and not work together? We're in our current position because, thanks to kike brainwashing, Whites are a house divided against itself and a house divided against itself cannot stand.

Jews enjoyed a high status, privilkeged life in the pagan roman empire.
They only started to suffer when christians took over.
You very carefully omit that jew.

This is what the "I love science" crowd actually believes in. Pick up a simple book on philosophy like Sophie's World or something.

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You aren't even trying Schlomo

effeminate homo

Christ, in biblical sense, was Jew. YHWH was his father. He carried YHWH Y chromosome. Mary was Jewish.

In historical sense, Christ is ammalgamation of Baldur (Norse), Jarillo (Slavs), and Janus (Rome).

So…either it is likely he is fabricated by (((Early Christians))) to redeem Jews and make Jews seem culturally symetric, thus ending persecutions…or Each race and nation and folk gets their own redeemer God…Or Redeemer is same god in different forms…which jews rehected and slaughtered anyway, despite being given great gift.

Most probably, IMO, YHWH created (((The Savior))) as a weapon against our ancestral gods.

YHWH is a smart, worthy enemy. His best weapon is illusion spellcasting. What more is baptisms and communion than spellcraft?

Europe kicked ass DESPITE being tricked by YHWH. Our men are quite strong, natural warriors, and very hard working. Ambition is a European value.

Christianity frequently lost to Eastern Slavic people (who remained Pagan the longest). The Huns, Vikings, Mongols, Russians, all defeated Christian Europe with impunity as Napoleon, Peter the Great, and Hitler would all have to acknowledge.

We must help liberate our Christian brothers from the weapon used against them. The Old Hods stand ready to assist us in this.

For our people to be redeemed, regain pride, defeat our enemies, and be dominant once more; it is necessary to end the LARP known as Christianity.

Monotheism is ridiculous scientifically and theologically. It enslaves all to one being. This us a strange, alien, and culturally assymetric objective for the nations and folk of Europe.

Only through paganism can we rediscover our heritages, identities, and roles to play.

We must convert normies and free our people from bondage to bizarre alien gods like YHWH.

Look at the 10 commandments, talmudic law, and even the teachings of Christ. Compare this to the Havamal and 9 Noble virtues. You will quicky see which makes sense and which does not.

Use your ancestry to help illuminate the path. Help others discover the past.

We must break free of the 2000 years of spiritual slumber so many have fallen under the spell of.

Each person should have freedom to choose their gods, not be dragooned into worshipping a jewish god.

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You know there was a thread to help expose the Judiazers of (((esoterics))) in gnosticism and they fucking anchored it!


Reminder Zig Forums, anyone who tells you "it's too deep for you. It's hidden super secret esoteric knowledge, so read this long list of books because I'm not telling mundanes/profanes/normies" is trying to control you.

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See this is what I'm talking about here

This is some MK Ultra Scientology level brainwashing they're pushing on Zig Forums

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Oh I thought you meant Sophia.

In fact, the basics of Christian practice were articulated multiple times by non-Jewish thinkers, including Buddha, Kleanthes, and the Roman Stoics. "Jewish origin" is not a clear-cut factual claim. Assuming Jesus was Jewish, he was just the first Jew to adopt Buddhist and Stoic ideas in order to reform Judaism.

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