Noguns UK Capital London, Now With More Murders than NYC

London murder rate overtakes New York's

>"I cannot understand how things have gotten out of hand," he said.
>"We have seen the virus of violence spreading. It is endemic in so many different parts of societies."

How could this have happened, Zig Forums? It's a complete mystery.

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You know, I've also heard that the rape rate has gone up, too. And, yet again, it is a complete mystery as to why.

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It's obviously the Russian's doing.

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This what happens when you bring Caribbean niggers and mudslims into one island.

It's absolutely nothing to do with second and third generation black immigrants, because they are fully integrated and just as British as any anglo saxon. So don't even think about blaming them.
Or muslim gangs, because they don't exist.

So what we need to do is work out why the indigenous white man of england has become so damned violent and criminal in his behaviour.

Obviously the white Englishman is racist and has started fighting back against these poor immigrants who just want to take over his homeland, they're resisting our beautiful, inevitable future where racism has been completely defeated - through the simple elimination of all white people. I don't see why any rational, caring human can be opposed to this - don't the English want to rid themselves of racism?

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At this point, it wouldn't surprise me if some politician unironically proposes conversion to your friendly neighborhood religion of peace as a solution.
At the very least, there is the silver lining that this provides a solid example why gun control doesn't work.

Also, what did Kek mean by pic related?

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Its because there are less Brits full stop. Poles do the most crime in London, then Gypsies and then niggers. Homogenous societies are always better to live in. Then combine that with the EU being a gibs machine and so many shit tier people come here for money.

sure thing schlomo
it's the Poles, right?
totally not the muslums and blacks.

I knew I'd get shit for saying Poles. But yes, its all of them. I'm sure Poland sends some of their best but also some of their worst to the UK. Murder rate is almost certainly shitskins, but crime as a whole in London is mostly perpetrated by Poles first. At least according to statistics, which could certainly lie of course but often the facts are on our side.

Juden raus

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Hes right though, slavshits are robbing and breaking into homes in the UK, while the migrants are raping, murdering and serving white ass as todays special in kebab shops.

I thought this was about the murder rate, not crime as a whole.

both have drastically risen, the UK literally hasn't had this much crime since the ripper days.

As a resident of NYC, I have intimate knowledge of this:

Our murder rates have been steadily decreasing between the 1980s and ~2014 because of the strong policing of nigger areas. These areas are flooded with cops who were given a lot more power to detain and bully suspicious looking niggers. Keep in mind that NYC is majority non-white so the impressiveness of this undertaking cannot be understated.

After DeBlasio took office, crime has been steadily increasing because hes a communist faggot who is trying to weaken the NYPD.

As for London, the British are a bunch of worthless cowards who let in a bunch of sand niggers and cannot control them. With the election of Sadiq Khan, the sand niggers are growing increasingly more brazen because the police wont touch them. This crime rate is expected to continue to increase.

can the bongs even remember the times when there police could go out on patrol unarmed and the worst thing they would encounter be a few piss drunk chavs?
insane how much changed in 2 decades.

Brooklynfag here, so much this.

they will blame it on racist white people in 3…2…

Ignorance is frowned upon here.

Reminder that (((Jack the Ripper))) was jewish. The (((witness))) who knew his identity was also a jew, saying he was forbidden from ratting out another jew.

Murder rate in the ripper days was 1 per 100000. 2.5 in the 1990 and 1.1 in the 2012. But statistics from the 1880 should be taken with huge grain of salt. It was worst time for the possibility of law enforcement to solve crime.

Must be all those poles, not the "asian" shitskins. Stay C I V I C, lads! But really, best of luck to my bong cousins across the pond. Be sure to get your hunting license and the scoped bolt .308 to go with.

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part. and. parcel.

Quite the contrary.

Keep in mind that the murder rate as reported by the Brits only counts murders based on the outcome of a trial, not based on number of dead bodies. The real number is probably much higher.

It's the price of diversity, and a price most bongs are willing to pay. Sure you see a few dead bodies every day on your way to work, but at least you can eat curry or kebab if the seller doesn't go jihad on you.

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It's almost like London has third-world problems now that it's full of third-world trash people. Funny how that happens.

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Its those damn poles ignore the based pakis and darkies


Know these words and their meaning, essentiallty (((Stop Snitchin')))

Fuck you Sadiq Khan

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Yes, jew motherfucker?

Huh. They sound like traitors who should have all been killed. It's no wonder kikes are so afraid of real Odinists. The idea that Whites will get a real religion back scares the little oven-dodgers to no end.

Dumbfuck already got banned once for kikery, then he doubled down.

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; >

…So when is the revolution?

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I do remember that and it’s not that the Police can’t walk the beat unarmed in my town it is simply that they no longer walk the beat full stop. They were replaced first with ‘community support officers’ who essentially practiced mimicry, dressing like Police officers but who didn’t have the power to arrest and then they were scrapped/ cut back on heavily. We now have ‘town wardens’ who are employed out of our local government budget, (which like the Police budget has seen massive funding reductions by central government), there are perhaps half a dozen of them tops and they appear to work office hours. Their power extends to having a radio link with the local station. I haven’t seen a bobby on the beat in years and neither has any would be or active criminal.



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how the fuck are there many multiple versions of this thread on the first two pages with less posts yet this is on page 9?

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You don't belong here.