Trump Speaking - 3 Apr 2018

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Reminder to read Balts and Aryans

Estonians and Lithuanians

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I guarantee you Trump couldn't find Estonia or Lithuania on a map.(Only post on the whole board. Try harder next time, Zig Forums)

That self-made billionaire is so dumb man! We should have picked Bernie!

Latvia too…

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And everyone forgot that Latvia exists.

President of Estonia

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God damn it. You've ruined your nose!

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Hitler's right, the fuck is this nose?


is that a cat nose?


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It's called a VPN. God damn you are such a dog shit retard of a mod, heil. This isn't reddit, faggot, you don't need to protect daddy from the mean words.

I hope President Trump declares Martial Law and starts putting all Mexicans Jews Arabs Fags Niggers and all different types of Chinks in Death Camps. Imagine how much better the USA if it was just a White Nation.


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She uses it to crack open the toughest chestnuts and gather the tasty sweetmeats hidden within.

I've seen buttchins, but this is my first time actually seeing a buttnose.


The Windmill comment.

Pres Trump Said -
"Until we have wall we will guard border with military" (in Latvian)

The way I see it….

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Question is does he care enough to find them. Inviting three presidents at once shows how little he gives a fuck.


1:02:37 to 1:07:15 is where he mentions our military troops at the border

This is one of the dumbest fucking arguments I've ever seen. Typically I just ignore shit like this but it's so fucking stupid I had to reply.

Unironically kill yourself.

I thought this was Israel until I zoomed in and realized this is just Rothsland

This bitch is a Soros operative. She was not elected, she was basically appointed, real shady shit went down getting her in the office.


The older woman made it a big point to say that they trusted Trump and that they're all independent from Russian natural gas.

I believe that Russia could turn off the gas and send it to China, who currently is hooked on US gas. This would instantly throw most of Europe into complete disarray, except France who is independent because of their nuclear power program.