This is how they propagandize children

This is a book that I found in the children's section of a local library. This is the video that I shot with my phone as I went through the pages. This is how they propagandize children.

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Liberals/Commies don't have children but they want access to YOURS

I've seen these posted on Zig Forums before.

Is that some kind of dog-whistle to fat shamers?

As bad as this is, it's so poorly written, I doubt many adults will get all the references, forget about children understanding it.

And I feel sorry for Malcom X. I'm sure that woke nigger is turning in his grave for being put in the same book as all this faggotry.

Can someone post a picture of the author? I'd like to have my suspicions confirmed or denied.

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Z is for Generation Zyklon: Time to die.

The End

i'm sorry but you're so stupid ! you're too parano i swear ! pedophilia isn't a crime and i defend it !
my facebook : was oven'd for this post)

Indoctrination has started young for Gen Z. Every bookstore I go to is pozzed to hell, why? I can’t even enjoy books anymore because they’re all kike bullshit.


What a time to be alive.

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It would be a glorious victory if we were to create that page, then replace it in all the copies of the book we can find.

Is that shit legal?Isn't there some fucking law that criminally punishes people if they attempt to pass off propaganda as anything but to children or something?
Thinking about it probably not given the slippery slope it'd be,but there fucking should be someway to safeguard literal fucking toddlers from political bullshit,from both sides,only thing they should be learning is healthy fucking habbits at this point,not that they need to bend over backwards for everyone else because "lol you're white get fucked".This pisses me off to no end,you just don't do this shit period what the fuck.

We had like threads on this like 2 years ago.

user uploaded the entire thing
Polite sage you newfag

Just sit on their phones and sext each other.

cheked n' keked good buddy

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Try the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan or the Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson for fun series that aren't pozzed. Inb4 muh books.

Whoever created that deserves to be burned alive

Ahh Moishe, how I fucking hate your acts and your facial features so much.

Damn user my sides. I ended up laughing and blew my weed out of my bowl

Librarians, especially children's librarians, are all marxists.


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I hope you threw it in the trash.


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That's honestly still a step up.

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Coupla pedo cult specific images here.

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Jesus Christ, what a terrible thing to show a child. This is why Germans burned books.

for real? **you should look into vaping**

I know reddit gave a lot of people terminal cancer, but "pizza" isn't a pedo reference unless context dictates otherwise, when used subtly the code phrase is cheese pizza.

I could make the same tired old joke about how it is actually for them since they are so simple, but the blatant propaganda is too disgusting for it. To the 5 people on this board that have kids: homeschool them.

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Why the singling out of pizza? (and pizza.)

Everyone needs to review this.

Red Guard Betrays Family in 1976 Cultural Revolution Comic

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Glad I’m not th only one who noticed, user.

Don’t be ashamed to read books. I’ve been trying to write myself and I always wonder how I’d get published considering how un-pozzed my writing is and who it’s audience is meant to be.

in this case it was singled out because it's not ((("healthy"))) like the other food, that looks like it was the theme they were aiming for.

vanity publishing is pretty easy these days considering the digital age but if you want to get paid by a publisher you have to prove your prolific and can make money.

you're* ergh

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Should have drawn swastikas or dicks in the book if you were going to out it back on the shelf.

Most of the stuff in that pic is pretty shitty honestly, I'm fairly sure whoever made it was one of those "totally not like all other wn parties." parties.
You know the one's.

If the people who create and judge the law are leftwing, why would they punish someone for making leftist propaganda? Generally, they don't.

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The Loony Left (Full Programme)

Attached: Anti-Bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves (Paperback)

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From the book's Amazon blurb:

Surprise, surprise – the author grew up in Obama's neighborhood:

That would be very fine, except for the extra apostrophe under "W". Get your shit together.

She's hot. 8/10.

forgot this

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Checked and kek'd

I bet you spell dox with two or more "x"s too

Everyone report this faggot to the FBI, FB link and all.

Just developing their little Red Guard to name and shame anyone who doesn't toe the party line. Liberals and homosexuals don't reproduce, they just twist other's brains into degenerate shapes.

I'd give her about 1800F

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Like prions? It's starting to make sense now. . .

I saw that one, but I am not up to date on the butterfly/adoption scam.

You fucking retarded spic, is that your fucking real email in the email bar?

(And pizza.)

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Here, I fixed it.

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Sometimes editing graphics is dirty work.

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So, fake news by Russian hackers?

good work user

Look into
Quality = No
Energy = Yes

What the fuck, no way a Quebec high school girl would post this. Must be some kind of false flag or smear. That, or she's a total retard

Calm down Moishe. Stop struggling and let GenZ put you in the oven.

kill yourselves

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You have a better behaved school with higher grades.

nope, guess the faggot thought the email field was mandatory or something

It’s possible to get a thing called a supplement page printed if you know where to look. They are essentially a piece of paper with an adhesive on the part that goes into the book. What it’s usually used for is adding additional pages into a book that weren’t there previously. Supplement pages work better than just glue because they don’t fall out and they go in seamlessly. These would allow for anons to find the books wherever it is, and insert in the supplement pages. The only thing necessary then would be to replicate the art style, come up with better text, find the dimensions of the pages and finally find the books. The only real issues is for one they aren’t exactly cheap if you print in mass, which is usually how they are sold. Second, and most importantly is trying to find a company willing to print it.

Just make sure you nurture their clannish nature and make certain they understand that there are some things you can only say in front of mom and dad and not in public.

What? If I had children I would encourage their free speech. Not hide it and be politically correct in public. The more people speaking the truth in public the better.

cannabis can help with your anger issues.

The fuck am I watching here?



The phytoestrogens in it turn you into a soyboy who throws raging tantrums.

t. former pothead

Somebody should make one of these but from a kike perspective.
A is for atrocities committed throughout the ages.
B is for banking, Bilderburg, billions upon billions
C is for cartels, corruption, capital, currency male genital mutilation, castration of cattle
D is for damnation, the fate of every goy
E is for extermination, enslavement of non-jews
F is for fucking fornication and filth
G is for Gentiles, Goyim, our gullible pawns.
H is for hats, they're called kippahs you fool
I is for interest, our most devious tool
etc, you get the idea.

Prove your claim or kill yourself immediately

F is for feminism, that one should have been obvious.

I'm so glad I got normal fucking books, I made it within a decade of utter degeneracy good lord it's the fucking twilight zone.

Glad to see you chose suicide. One less idiot.

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What did he mean by this?

Easiest way to get your kids taken away and re-homed with some faggots that will molest them. You can be a redpill dispenser as an adult and the most they can try to do, legally speaking, is arrest you for "hate speech" or whatever shit they want to make up.
Kids are always one outward wrong think away of being a reminder that they are the property of kikes. CPS will show and, time and time again, have proven they don't need a real reason or warrant to at least temporarily take them and make you work your ass off over months to get them back.

There are no Russian Hackers. (on or off steroids)

There is only Cambridge Analytica and Zuckerberg lurking in the Shadows.


On what basis is a bull related to 'O'?

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It's an ox.

I think we need a good old fashion book burning.

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The Luzzatto children. (And their parents.)

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If anyone tried you should should physically fight them. Put a bullet in their head if you have to. Stop being a pussy, faggot. It's attitudes like yours that have contributed to the world being so fucked up.

That's actually really cute.

It's also apparent the autists who push the theory aren't exposed to a lot of kids. (Brown and black kids are trafficked most of the time. Too much of an investment here.)

Spend enough time around chronics and you'll find out.

Fake news.

Holy shit this associative conditioning

You should have the fortitude to hide your power level until they are in high school. Drop plausibly deniable redpills until then. Remember, you hold the purse strings. Be that weird house that has no TV and lots of books. You might be able to redpill their friends' parents.

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What are you even trying to say, comet stain?

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J is for Jew, the chosen folk of G_d
K is for kvetching, how to exploit and strike the goy
L is for lampshades, remember the 6 million