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damn the first one is legit depressing

I don't get the first one. Having AIDS is "on the inside", so what's the point of the comic?

Nobody asked for the child's consent to be born either.

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Don't cut off baby dicks.

I thought it was funny.

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Very relevant criticism of liberalism.

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Don't have babies.




Too late.

ima need to have a Zig Forumsfriend explain a few of these
especially the british food one

Is it the old stereotype of gay men having orgies or does he try to say something else?

This one is also confusing. Does he wants to claim that it's not in the interests of sex workers that society recognizes them as workers?

Precisely, he's playing on the other meaning of "on the inside", as in "personality". His point is just that gay men should be excluded from donating blood.

He's just saying that there are too many Indians in the UK.

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Okay, now that cartoon is funny but for reasons that Garrison never intended.

is he? because curry, as it is known outside of places affected by precolonial India, is basically a British invention. As a traditional 'British' food its prob older than practically all 'American' traditional foods
maybe I'm overestimating the writer (he is a Zig Forumsyp after all) but it would be weird to use specifically curry in a traditional british food context if there wasn't any underlying meaning to it

You can literally convert to Judaism and be granted residency in Israel. They don't do DNA tests.

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I thought that's what OP wanted, cartoons that are so bad they end up being funny.

You're overestimating him, yes.

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please stop, the cringe is getting physical

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Kill me now

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Regarding the first comic, gay men already are banned from donating blood. The artist isn't making a "lol AIDS" joke. When the nightclub got shot up in FL they temporarily allowed gay men to give blood, but only because the victims were also mostly gay men.

They are banned from giving blood because of AIDS, no?

Gay men aren't banned. Men who have sex with men are prevented from donating blood unless they have been celibate for a certain number of months.

What a fucking gaylord


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gays have a fuckton of diseases, and used to be banned for donating blood because the vast majority of them have STDs and a couple of other dieases

they weren't paying taxes, you retard

which is an effective ban, most likely their blood donation is just thrown away

haha but imagine if the girl in the second (or third) panel was in the first panel instead haha
and like imagine if it was her shit on the plate haha that would be pretty gross though right like who would want to eat her shit? Not me haha!