Brit/pol/ #2794:Lads On Tour Edition

Now Ukip candidate who said he 'wouldn't even rape' a Labour MP says it's OK to sexually abuse boys

Entire streets of Oldham are split along racial lines with 'no assimilation', claims Nigel Farage in speech at US university

The story isn’t ‘crowgate’ – it’s Britain’s heedless killing of birds

NHS doctor and UK pharmacist who became Nazi-style torturers for ISIS: Team of vile medics took organs from prisoners and gave them to wounded terrorists

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They just keep making these movies more EPIC lad. Who can blame them.

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urge to double slap rising

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tbf that lad is actually fixing himself

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So is that mark on his face a syphilis spot or something, l thought it was a bruise

they abused that lass on the set of that film

And a midget hung itself.


No idea, could be a weird birth mark.

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Eh, we've still got nzl beat, with leading a rape gang getting you 15 years and someone accidentally running over a muslim getting 50

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smdh capeshite normies are cancer

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>"we've removed all sense of identity and replaced it with soulless corporate shite now clap your hands and cheer"

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Probably heavier to lift just your arm, isn't it, fatboy?


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BREXIT: 28% (+5)
LABOUR: 22% (-)
TORIES: 13% (-4)
CUCK: 10% (+2)
GREENS: 10% (-)
LIB DEMS: 7% (-2)
UKIP 5% (-1)

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oh no how embarrassing

Learn to read lad tbh.

The Nigenriech begins. Civic gfs for everyone.

I can read just fine

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Reminds me of a Portuguese word - saudade - with a very similar meaning.

I can finally post my homage to her again.

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Hail our Glorious Leader, Kim Joy Un!

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I met an MP on Friday, didn't expect her to have 6 people surrounding her smhtbh.

Good lad


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Just slept for 15 hours

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They cant go out in public alone.

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Good lad hope you've got something to do for tonight

If only we invaded somewhere with attractive lasses

lad after the End we are getting the Zig Forums fleet together to raid the coast of europa for qt slave gfs

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Even there the lanklet has the advantage smh. THe manlet should have started spitting when he was seated

I've got a nose bleed. Smh

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It looks kinda neat but it's not art.

I have an assignment that I need to complete tonight because my toil hours have more than doubled and I have no freedom anymore

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ancient art of gob-fu

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Well you are going to be up until 4-6 in the morning now anyway so you will have plenty of time to finish your assignment lad



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This. Scandinavia will get a taste of their own medicine.

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Grow weed.

Peaceful trading?

*actually goes to rape and settle*

smh 15 years imprisonment

The future of the h'white race is as nomadic pirates and I like it.

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I think BAP talked about this in his book tbh

Keeeek. That looks vicious.


Good lads

I like it

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Not on my watch sonny jim.

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god I wish this was me

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Surely a bigger crime of Britain would be the fact that we and the yanks funded the mafia to undermine his regime?


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They're commemorating the man who ended the Ethiopian slave trade.

he was a knight of malta tbh

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not fair that others get life handed to them and I have to go through the slog tbh, why even bother

Babylon just raid the barn smh plant the seed.

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reminder than non white men are exactly like the stereotype, just obsessed with WHITE WIMMIN and they want us dead and our women raped

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a romantic idea but in reality its not glamorous

Is this a metaphor for plummeting testosterone levels in Western men?

Oh when the beans come out the tin.

For God.

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the machinations of the big boys certainly know no bounds tbh

that doesnt help

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fuck off


There is no fair, sorry, lad.

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When did the fair leave town? smh

Put a cheeky fiver on ETC tbh.

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Yeah I thought the same thing while it was posting keeeeek based dad humour. You have a kid, right?


Imperium tbh.