Aryan invasions of India confirmed

Full study on european-like admixture found in india, confirming the fact even moreso that we wuz world kangs.

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Yeah but most people won't do that and indian nationalist go against that, this proves it even further.

Also Celts and Aryans by Myles Dillon is an important resource for Western European discussions of such topics.
'Mitra-Varuna' and 'Archaic Roman Religion' by Dumezil as well. The latter is about how the "Olympianization" of Roman religion in the mid-Republic hides the Aryan strata.

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This. All historical, linguistic, and genetic evidence show that it is true. The only people who deny it are Indian ultra-nationalists.


We Russians now.

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Slavs aren't aryan. They're a creole of non-Aryan caucausians and asiatics.

The Vedas don't mention an invasion. There are wars between Aryans and Dasyus, but Dasyus don't necessarily mean the local people they are invading. A Dasyu is a criminal or barbarian. Low class people who do not follow the Vedas.

The Puranas regard humans as being born from Prajapatis or god-like sages who populate the universe. There is also a significant admixture from gods and demons intermarrying with humanity.

There is really no conflict with the Vedas or Hinduism to say that Aryans came from Central Asia. Central Asia was considered "Mahabharat" or greater India. Many of the heroes of the Puranas come from what is now Afghanistan and Kazakhstan etc. In other words, Central Asia was considered "India" or in the same cultural family and people would move back and forth between the Kybher pass.

According to the Puranas and Mahabharat, Europeans are broadly categorized as two peoples, Northern Europeans are Hunas and Southern Europeans (and Greeks in particular) are Yavanas of Yonis (Ionians).

Europeans are considered descendants of Maharaja Yayati, a king within the Vedic culture, and are therefore considered Ksiatryas or members of the warrior class. Two of Yayatis sons remained in India and founded the Yadu and Kuru dynasties and three of his sons moved west from Central Asia and populated Europe.

Europeans are also considered descendants of Kings driven out of Europe by the incarnation of Vishnu Parashurama. That is a much more involved story.

Ultimately it doesn't matter if the Aryans (practitioners of Vedic culture) moved in or out of the Indian subcontinent because the individuals founding the culture were not even from this planet. Whether they introduced the spiritual culture in Central Asia or India does not matter.

On another note, the Vedas are not simply historical texts written by pastoral warrior invaders, they are mantras brought down from within the sacred sound OM by sages in meditation and revealed to human society. These sages were mostly situated along the holy rivers of the Indian subcontinent and in the Himalayas. These rivers are mentioned by name in the Vedas. The rivers of Central Asia are not mentioned. Northern India in particular is known as Aryavarta and is considered the land of religion.

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It's not only that but modern geneticists are finding out that the nadzees were correct about a lot of the Europeans, especially Germanics being descended from these same Aryans, which is making them uncomfortable and they're doing all sorts of signalling against Gustaf Kossinna who had originated these theories that were being used during the early 20th century but it's turned out he was proven correct by all of the genetic evidence of recent years.

In the early 20th century scientists were uncomfortable with the term Aryan being used because it was all just conjecture based on stories passed down, but it's not really so much anymore.

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No they weren't, it's just that the word got a bad rap after WW2.

Yes, that's why ancient tales of Hyperborea were preserved deep into Russian (and therefore obviously Slavic) territory intact as the Greeks (with an added addition of the southern wind - themselves) described them, you silly little German shitskin.


That's an Aryan creation myth.

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Shitskin German intelligence yet again exemplified.

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Guys, knock it off. We've had enough bad blood between us. It's time to unify against the jews and their minions.

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the only wars you "won" were won because of bad weather, not any kind of tactical skill or ability. your ancestors were raped to near extinction by the huns, turkics and mongols. its very likely that most of the white people in Eastern Europe arent even Slav; they probably come from the Kievan Rus Vikings, the Saxon migrations or the Swedes that led raids against Finland. Even the name "Russia" comes from the Kievan Rus, because it was said that the slavs had no laws and no civilization until the Norsemen came and conquered them. You owe everything to the German, even your blood.

not before I remind this igloo-dweller who has been the true bearer of civilization for the past 2000 years since the fall of the Romans.

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How about filtering and reporting D&C shills instead of replying to them ?

Like seriously dont fall for this kind of low effort trolling.

I'm not Russian. Also, prove Suevians were Germans, that territory wasn't held by you until the turn of the first millennia and held Slavic colours.
Pffahahaha. So is it vangarians or vikings who """founded""" kievian Rus? Supposedly by a Scandi, with Slavic laws legends and a legal system already intact differing widely from the Scandis, slavic democracy vs scandi law of the sword.
It doesn't. Russia was called Tataria for the longest time, and synonymous with a "Polish" (because we were one country) tribe (=Veneti) in Tatar language.
Said by whom? The German princes who ruled over Russia and forbid Russian historians from writing their own until reviewed by German companies that didn't speak a word of Russian?

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For reference

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I had to report 'em beforehand.
still not white, but the upper castes used to be pure caucasoids
how else do you tink they develped the worlds most advanced philosophy?

Sometimes it's good to reply to shills, if you know that you can say something they'll find incredibly demoralizing.


This sounds like a Great Tartaria thread in the making.

And look what happened. The Indians absorbed the aryans to the point where they forgot where to poo.

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Scythians were pretty badass tbf

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It's time to admit that the Cro-Magnon fucked up when it went around the world spreading its seed and creating civilization which would be eventually used against it. It's time to hunker up, build our own strictly bred society, isolated and secure in managing its own destiny. An Empire of Man capable of reaching the stars in a fraction of the time required by a society of multiculturalism.

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Is that why Slavs are genetically distinct and look very different from Western Europeans?
Don't get this shit started again.

I'm not nearly as knowledgeable on Hinduism as I'd like to be. But would you consider the Vanara, mentioned in the Ramayana, to be an example of early racialism? The idea of monkey people in a war seems hard to ignore.

Max Mueller was an important figure in Western Orientalism, and he sperged out about the term Aryan.

The Puranas aren't written by Aryans, dumbshit. Only the early vedas are.

It's not "early racialism," it's an explicitly racial caste system.

I'm talking about the Vanara monkey-people; not the varna (caste) system. Unless they're related and I'm just being an idiot.

That is most likely isolation and eastern admixture. People like Putin are clearly part Tartar.

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Uh, no? All nations of Europe differ from each other while belonging to larger ethnolinguistic gropus, that's common sense. Poles look different from Germans or Italians and so do Ukrainians from Russians.
Besides, if that's the reason, what does that change then? Why are people here so butthurt about calling Slavs Slavs? The only argument I ever see is "umm akchyually these people are not Slavs they're [insert group X], what does that change? Why can only Slavs be either taken as mongols or only accepted into European sphere by erasing their existence and pretending they're totally Germans who just speak a different family of languages with different structure and clearly evolved in separation despite of that?

A massively reduced population would ironically help the as well. No idea why their government isn't implementing a one child policy.

The Vedas confirm Pajeets are results of BWC invasion


Because then they would suddenly no longer be the government.


China is suffering from the one child policy and two classes of people continued, or even extended their breeding numbers: greedy rich parasite class (no work, just bank) and the super poor in the rural areas.
That's backwards eugenics.


There are pre-Aryan Europeans. You don't have to be Aryan to be H'wite.

There are pre-Aryan Europeans. You don't have to be Aryan to be H'wite.

Russkies are Finno-Ugric.

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White is a historic race, created by mixture of mainly three different prehistoric population groups (which were themselves pretty closely related and had some intermixing). When we talk about "White" we are talking about the race that has existed throughout history, ancient, middle ages, modern, etc., not about one particular component that hasn't really existed since prehistory.


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Gee I wonder if this is where the three original Varna came from?

Well anybody with a brain and eyes can look at the difference between South Indians and North Indians and see that the latter can be practically white, while the former are coal black, as black in tone sometimes as the blackest African.

In remote places in the Himmel Asia there are perfectly white people who claim descent from Alexander the Great's forces.

There was an ancient civilization(s) that got up to all sorts of shit all across the world before they got wiped the fuck out by a meter followed by an ice age.

Scythians were aryans, tatars were turks.

I propose a confederacy of independent nationalist ethnostates for white Europeans and Northeast Asians. Together we can wipe all the niggers off the face of the planet and have a friendly space race afterwards to see how far we can fire men into the darkness on rockets. Somebody find a flaw.

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Just like it was stupid to share our tech with others, we should have become a breakaway civilization and left them all in the dust.
Instead we were tricked into fucking destroying each other and handing it all to the kikes who instigated.
I think superiority leads to complacency in later generations unless extreme measures are instituted to prevent it, such as compulsory military service and a warrior culture in general.

Sandboxing women helped immensely.

No, Sapiens Sapiens (whites) and Sapiens Denisovian (gooks) are different species.


Here's that scan off Celts and Aryans I've been putting off making for months. Enjoy!!NTAyhDIA!SooNss6PnMTU6N63WIvJRw

Lel, I am much more of an Aryan than you, I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white ass.

Genetics says otherwise. You should embrace your heritage, rather than trying to claim that of others. The turko-ugaritic people also have a proud history as warriors and shamans.

We in Ukraine embrace our Rurik/Aryan heritage. Don't get so upset at us just because you have no clear heritage.

Lel, try again.

Less Aryan than me according to this, faggot.

You dropped that "Ukrainians are not at all Aryans" bullshit pretty quickly.
You know, there was a (((group of people))) who tried to deny and erase Ukrainian heritage once beforeā€¦ you'd fit in well with them.

You aren't, you are shudra scum.

Let's start!

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Indian nationalists are the biggest retards on the planet

Within the human species there are currently numerous subspecies:
Mongoloid, caucasoid, congoid, australoid and so on. What you're saying is total bullshit.

Australian aboriginals are not H. sapiens.

It's not even a different family of languages. It's a different branch of the same family, Indo-European. Slavic languages are Aryan.

Why are you confusing gooks with abbos? Abbos are the ones with heavy Denisovan admixture.

No one is saying that. Slavic languages just like Baltic have less in common with Western European families of languages like Romance or Germanic in the terms they're structured (e.g. no uses of articles and more emphasis on inflection by grammatical cases). You would never mistake them for Germanic.

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What's the preferred translation?

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Fuck off Pajeet. You will never be White

More like the Europeans were there first, """replaced""" by the dark-skinned, and the Aryans returned.

Mythology is just history encoded with some esoterics.

Germanics have the most recent aka "modern" allels and Slavs have the oldest aka "puresT2.
Note: the Slavic nations aren't necessarily ethnically Slavic. For example, Hungary is roughl 1/3rd ethnic Magyars.

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No shit? Nobody ever considers Hungary a Slavic nation. This sentence was word salad.

Irrelevant to the way these languages are structures. Holy hell why are people so butthurt by these facts.

I thought that 8 would be better than 4 at this

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I'd like to ask this as well. Is there any kind of definitive copy, or definitive collection?

I linked an excerpt from a linguistics text without any commentary on my part. Are you sure I am the butthurt one?

This, I fucking hate them.

Fucking this, Germanic languages have way more in common with Baltic, and Slavic languages than Romantic ones.
The only reason people think differently is because the Holy Roman Empire expanded into Germanic territories and forced the Romanticism onto Germanic culture.

Indo-Europeans "Aryans" were not white, they were overwhelmingly dark eyed, dark haired, and dark skinned.

Yamnaya were all swarthy and dark.
WHG is the original Nord, blue eyes on every single one of them, blonde hair on Scandinavian variants, and tall and thin.

I mean that people are butthurt when it's mentioned that Slavs are a distinct European group with their own culture.

Go ahead then, study one and see how well you do.

Look at this nigger posting words without any sort of citation. Aryans brought white skin to Europe. Do some research before spouting off. Aryans were d dark-eyed, but they were not (according to current population genetics) dark-skinned. The "Aryans" (as defined by R1a/R1b Y-DNA haplogroups) likely brought light skin and blonde hair to Europe. The Cro-Magnon man (Y-DNA haplogroups I*) likely had swarthy skin and blue eyes.
"Scandinavians" did not exist until "Aryans" mixed with WHG. Modern day Scandis are a blend of I1, R1b, and R1a Y-DNA haplogroups.

I have no qualms with this at all.




Sure thing Schlomo. I guess all those dark eyed people just decided to not have children, and somehow the Aryans managed to gift all their fair features but not their dark skin.
That's what we have now Moishe, and it's turning us into Scandinavians.

*not turning us into Scandinavians

Aryans didn't have dark skin, you fucking retard.

No but their descendants can have it.