This is Evelyn L. Lewis

She has a medical degree, a masters degree, and American Academy of Family Physicians certification. She served in the US Navy for 25 years. Dr. Lewis is a Fellow of National Association of Corporate Directors and a member of several organizations and medical associations to include the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation (Vice President), the National Medical Association (NMA), the American Medical Association (AMA), and the Commission to End Healthcare Disparities. Her military decorations include the Defense Meritorious Medal, Joint Service Commendation, the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement medal. Navy Sea Service Deployment, Navy and Marine Corps Overseas Service with bronze star, and the Coast Guard Special Operations Service medal. She also holds appointments in the departments of Family Medicine and Medical and Clinical Psychology Uniformed Services University (USU). Previous positions include Deputy Vice President for Minority Affairs; Director of the University Health Center; Vice Chair, Department of Family Medicine; Associate Chair for Research, Department of Family Medicine; and teaching faculty at several residency-training programs. Currently, she leads the Warrior-Centric Healthcare Training (WCHT), providing the tools to understand the importance of military and veteran culture, cultural competency, and effectively communicating with service members, Veterans and family members who are living with PTSD, TBI, and other mental and behavior health concerns.

She's 10,000x more successful than everyone on Zig Forums combined.

And you hate her because she's a nigger.

This is how petty and jealous cumskins are.

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Strange how she couldn't do any of that in Africa. I wonder why that is?

Because she was born and raised in America. You haven't done shit for Europe either.

So her goal is to act as a bulwark for her oppressors?

"she" looks like a dude.
fuck off retard

Unlike you paranoid, hateful cumskins, Evelyn's goal is to make sure everyone in this country has the highest quality and most compassionate health care available. Regardless of your skin color. Most of her focus has been on training physicians to deal with returning veterans, who have unique health challanges.

You know what I'm sold, if she were born in Africa it's more than likely a woman of her talent would be a successful physician, decorated military physician, and corporate director of several organizations. You convinced me, fuck borders and culture and shit, let the kangz flow in.

hurr durr affirmative action has nothing to do with any of that because that would hurt my narrative! What is the achievement gap?

You have access to the same tools she does. Yet, all you do is shitpost and get angry at the world. She spent 25 years in the Navy, getting medals for her service and getting national awards for her dedication to veteran health services. The ironic thing is, she hurts your narrative.

If you were born in Africa, you'd still be just as much of a fuck up retard.

Anecdotes do not disprove statistics.

I doubt he has access to affirmative action placements at med schools or scholarships for (((disadvantaged minorities)))

Probably, because I'd be a nigger. Unless, of course, I were a Boer, whereby, I'd probably be a successful farmer and productive member of society.

How? A competent negro is just a competent negro. The point of protecting your people is not efficiency, it's duty.

Take a statistics class. It's called an outlier.

Great. And how many other niggers have achieved what she has?

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Payed for by the GI bill and many white-guilt college grants
Ooh a career POG. How impressive. :^)
That's a lot of words just to say she takes part in a lot of corporate circlejerks.
Boy, 25 years in and I've got more awards than she does in 8. I guess that's because I actually fucking saw combat instead of being a rent-seeking boat nog.
Amazing the things whites give unqualified niggers to prove how unracist they are.
That explains so much about the VA.
LOL I've met homeless Vietnam veterans who've done more.
Not just a nigger, a POG nigger.
Your people will never amount to shit.

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You're fucking with the most powerful board in the world.


pathetic if true tbh

ITT: What Is Proportionality?

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You're right. Most highly successful people are disproportionately jewish. But that's probably because of their disproportionately higher IQ.

Requesting the webm of that spic who got his life ruined for trying to threaten Zig Forums.

See also

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you feel threatened by a smart, powerful, stron black womyn, eh?

If only you spent as much time studying in school as you did autistically hoarding infographics, you'd be about half as successful as Evelyn.

Jews aren't successful. To be successful, you need to actually do something. Jews just leach wealth through passive means such as rents.

I love how forced and desperate this insult is.

Let me know when you find someone actually insulted by it, chief.

Wow, you niggers sure are pieces of shit.

Bet I have a better education than her, and Im not even a mud.

cumskins commit orders of magnitude more crimes than chinks, i guess I should hate all cumskins and love gooks now.

What made you so butthurt to sperg out and lick nigger feet like this, OP?
What did we do to you?

We sure are! You'd better leave before we infect you!

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Check the proportion of jews who have won Nobel Prizes, sweetie.

You do realize that doesn't work as an insult, right? Cum has a positive connotation.

Affirmitive action

Breeds 80IQ niggers

Represents reason for white genocide

Has homo-erectus DNA


We all know your cum is poz

Oh boy, a nigress?

You have to go back.

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lmao cumskin education

so you're saying you caught HIV from your black bf?

Shitskins only start hating on the whites when you realize you can't pass for one after all. Sure as hell you describe yourself as white in your own country.

Vols, come take care of this thread before I take care of this thread.

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Obama, is that you?

kek this has to be bait, can't be this retarded

Did you forget your meds, sweetheart? Africans have hated cumskins since they first landed on Africa and started selling them like cattle.

Imagine being this upset that you aren't white.

uh oh, we got a big guy here.

imagine being this threatened by a black woman who is more intelligent, accomplished, and respected than you.

go time

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Thanks Jim

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where'd you get your medical degree?

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If she is so smart then why is she a nigger?

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She was born that way. If whites are so smart, why are you such a retard?

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Hahaha, your bantz are shit. Enjoy your ban.

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eat shit nigger

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I can't, because they don't exist. Though I can imagine a shitskin who thinks its le ebin troll ecks dee to shit up pol due to their own ineptitude.

>She's 10,000x more (((successful)))

This is what you'll never understand.

Evelyn L Lewis has more degrees than you, and more prodigious degrees than you. She's a decorated Navy veteran. She has run major health care service organizations. You're a bitter faggot who talks shit anonymously on an imageboard.

You sure talk a lot about your magical niggress. What the fuck do YOU do?

It's honestly sad at this point listening to the jealousy.

I work as a medical tech at a trauma hospital. Not as accomplished as Evelyn, of course. But it's rewarding.


>(((important jobs)))
>(((improves lives)))

This shotgun in your mouth will improve your life. Trust me, I have a doctorate from Hebrew University.

You're a paid schill who makes minimum wage to be here. What's your point ?

Gets paid to post.

That sure is a lot of hostility you're showing towards jews.

Good, then you have access to all the materials needed for doctor-assisted suicide. Don't need the shotgun.

That's literally an unskilled trade. You're a fucking loser. No wonder you live vicariously through the one female boon who managed not to land herself in a malpractice suit. I'm a machinist, I actually know how to DO THINGS. You're a paper-shuffling bitch.

My point is that Evelyn is more accomplished and important than anyone on Zig Forums. And it's hilarious you all hate her because she's black and have to go to such extremes to fight the cognitive dissonance.

I'm certainly no Evelyn. But a machinist is a gook job. It's certainly no medical doctor like Evelyn. You could never dream of having that much responsibility.


Judging by the quality of comments in this thread, i'd say i overestimated the collective IQ of Zig Forums tbh. I bet Evelyn's dog is smarter than most of you.

I'm confused about this thread. Partly I'm wondering why the fag mods haven't shut it down yet, but also because the point seems to be that a single outlier nig with a 100+ IQ invalidates Zig Forums's entire worldview. Like, our point was always that literally 100% of niggers are Africa-tier stupid?

I guess that's what the Jew TV says about us; that we're just boiling with hatred and meeting just one with-it sistah will change our minds and we'll stop being bigots forever. What a joke.

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I don't want to be a fucking medical doctor. I like making pieces and parts for things that make the modern world go. I like having a sense of pride in what I create. I like making life easier for the deburr guys by programming in blunt starts on the threads so they don't have to sit there with their grinders for a half hour. But I guess pride in one's accomplishments is something that only white people can have, which is why you're living through the accomplishments of this one female monkey, who by the way, is an outlier.

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