Nasim Aghdam - disgruntled Youtuber

YouTube HQ shooting suspect Nasim Aghdam accused the video platform of censorship on her personal website

Well well well…

Here's her website.




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Free speech terrorism?

Get the fucking popcorn.

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I found a WEEEIIIRDDD connection with her father, Ismail Najafi Aghdam


Had business deals with the CHINESE?!


Thought it was going to come out that he was involved in Religion of Cuck™ defense groups.

Something about this doesn't smell right. Women don't go on shooting rampages and then blast themselves, not even the craziest ones. And what's with all of these reports of a male shooter?
Her videos are still up on here.

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Someone add explosions to all her videos

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Release the name when everyones going to sleep, how convenient.

Where is she from? How did she get a gun?

Her Father owned STARS ELECTRIC

She's had a Know Your Meme page for a couple of years apparently

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"His research interests include multi-agent networks, distributed control, optimization and sampled-data systems."

Part of MKultra'd family.

"Amir G. Aghdam received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Toronto in 2000 and worked as a development engineer at Voyan Technology, Santa Clara, California from 2000 to 2001."

near 20 years. (((they))) got to him in canada, which we KNOW is a ((cabal)) controlled territory.

Sleeper agent.

Pretty sure youtube employees are told to not assume gender.


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She's not Arab. He's an Iranian/Azerbijani JEW.

This dumb hole probably shot herself not because of jail but because her level of autism was about to go viral and she couldnt take it.

She was trying to earn the right to enter Valhalla.


"I'm hoping for internet admins getting doxxed and murdered for false bans next" -pewDIEpie

So uh I might have missed the boat on this one. It's an Arab? Because she got shoahed off of youtube? Are they skipping going after 2A until they can finish off 1A?

Iranian, not Arab (also, I'm pretty sure it's a tranny)


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If Imgur isn't already knee deep in front page trash about this event, we can use sockpuppets to push from this angle. Though thats more post investigation than anything

Especially in California!

What the fuck is even going on anymore.

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! . . :)

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shit gets weird in the end times my dude.

Wait, I thought they were pushing that she was a white female going for revenge against her boyfriend? I got a lot to catch up on apparently.

Nothing they can spin against us.
Icing on the cake: her gun was illegally obtained

Her facebook just got shoahed. I got all her exercise videos, her boob enhancement videos and half her music videos. None of the food ones.

have they confirmed what gun she used? cus it sounds like just a handgun

They always push a false narrative first.

YouTube, LLC
901 Cherry Ave.
San Bruno, CA 94066
Fax: +1 650-253-0001

Not wrong.

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Last time I checked you had to be a citizen to own one. They're pushing the narrative that gun control would have prevented this.

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Fucking this
It's the nastiest trick the Jew has. Anybody else remember how David Irving provided Timothy McVeigh with "trigger devices," according to the ADL? Be on the lookout for this.

Is that some leftypol meme? It's still bad

Send fake resumes

If that gun was illegally owned, the left cant do jack shit with this.
It should be our duty to make sure they can't memory hole it either.

postem fag

while interesting, it doesn't mean they had a direct business connection, it looks as though he may have just sold it and some chinks bought it

All she had to do was take the BART into Oakland and there are literally thousands of nigger and cholo gang members that she can buy a gun from for $100.

what if I send a real one tho I'm hurtin for a job

Yeah, it's in my "Fail memes" folder. They're all lefties in there.

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That's a given, but she is clearly not white and how did a boyfriend even fit into the original narrative? It was clearly a grudge against jewtube for the shoa against her videos.


Oh yeah, this one is getting pulled down soon. Archive everything.

Watch how fucking quick the media will vanish this.

I want to see her cooking vids. I'll bet she was a shitty cook too.

Maybe this one?

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It's our job to make sure they dont and if they try, we have it archived.

Jesus fucking Christ those videos. Why was she such a memelord?
Another detail worth mentioning: she was a fag.

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A lot of people live on YouTube.
This is the biggest home invasion ever.

Let's dig.

Good thing that you aren't retarded subhumans who don't archive stuff, right?

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Because she was a meme. Literally had a knowyourmeme page.

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Is this the missing transition stage of Michael Jackson combined with Bollywood?

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Was she, dare I say, /our girl/? :^)

gib milk mommy

Her being a Jew sort of automatically disqualifies her from /ourgirl/ status.



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True. Also autofilter filters out fag. She was pic related. How much soy do you all think she drank?

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maaan I was halfway through watching those when they shoah'd the page, please upload all

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u ever violated the terms of service by shooting the guy who wrote the terms of service?

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internetwayback her website gogogo

Pretty sure the way she quoted Hitler (isn't that quote attributed to Göbbels in the first place) was not meant as an endorsement.
More along the lines of "Youtube are the real Nazis".
Relax your anus

This… is the most bizarre thing ever. The video the other guy posted clearly shows "her" in one of those rubber titty enhancement busts.

I'm dyin' here, trannies absolutely BTFO.

The globos let crazy bitches like her roam wild in America exactly to cause fear and panic, so they can continue towards their plan of another communist death march.

Jeez, did they delete all of Dylann Roof's social media as fast as they deleted all this?

Which one of you fuckers left the review?

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There are 44 videos still up on her DailyMotion page

Don't trust your eyes, user.

What did she mean by this?

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You have to be strict with people who don't archive, user. They ruin everything.

Looks like another Benghazi media sham. This could be a longtail hoax in the same style. It has the same disjointed logic and cadence as the "Life of muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker" video.

What is this sketch?

Her parents are Iranian, according to CBS.

interview with her from 2014

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This is probably the biggest redpill. Noticing the patterns.

That's definitely a man.

She looks familiar x100, like some b star from old action movies. I can't put my finger on it.

This as well.

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Still not completely comfortable saying she was a she.