Kikes and Subhumans are Still Trying to Run Odinism

Vice is still slandering any legitimate pro-white Pagan group, and claims that only kike-run, pro-miscegenation, and pro-faggot "pagans" are best goyim. Vice's shill hit piece accuses ethnic Europeans of the supposed crime of wanting to run our own religion, just as kiked idiots everywhere insist the same about our governments, cultures, businesses, etc.

The main focus of their hit piece is Odinia, probably because the lady that runs it is the only one who isn't an obvious shill. The enemy does not want us running anything of our own or having any autonomy apart from their totalitarian ZOG rule, clearly.

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Gotta control that white culture to control the goys.

I'm not sure who they expect to sway. Whites into paganism will be into it for White heritage, the rest into "pagan" are larp into it to be witches and gandalf, the two groups don't cross paths, and no one ever interested in reaching out to the larpers so.. I guess this is jewden spinning their wheels, a good thing.

Dunno about other areas but in my part of the South pagans are usually just weed smoking fedoras in denial. Hardly anything for them to waste time over, I don't get why that even warranted an article.

Same. In spite of the ruckus here, I've never met an actual Pagan that wasn't literally a 17 year old girl who talked extensively about the blood rituals her and her mother would do to curse Romney.

I wish I was making that up.

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Can you post the source image for the merchant in the first picture?

I offer these somewhat more common Merchants in exchange.

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Oh shit, I could get that. I hope I don't. I got banned last time.

Can't leave the goyim alone, ever

First post on point.

The reason why they're the majority of pagans is because kikes lumped all alternative supernatural worship under the label New Age. Under New Age, you're free to pick and choose your choice of supernatural worship.

Even despite that, kikes are trying to prevent a pagan revival in the same vein as NSDAP Germany. In the case with NSDAP paganism, it was used as not the sole unifying factor. The reason it's important to put it that way is that many assume that religion has to be the sole unifying factor - it doesn't; but it can contribute to unity. NSDAP paganism was used in a way to observe ancient traditions and thus compliment the modern established unification that NSDAP brought about.

Kikes will try and ridicule and if necessary, infiltrate any possible form of white unification. A perfect parallel to this is the alt-right, where the term existed many years before it became a thing. They were predicting a schism between cuckservativism and young right-leaning voters. The had plants there in waiting such as Dicky Spencer.

One last point. The kikes saw what happened when Zig Forums influenced gamers. Imagine how they would react if Zig Forums infiltrated New Age and the result was at the very least, redpilled people or at the very most, redpilled pagans - redpilled people that observe ancient traditions for what cultural significance they represent. I'll say it again, kikes are very afraid of what Zig Forums's next step is and what a NSDAP-tier pagan revival would be like.

There aren't many but if you see anyone with pagan symbols like the Mjolnir, they're probably pagan. Most of the time it won't be obvious though because these symbols are almost taboo. Real pagans tend to keep it to themselves.

Yeah, it could cause a tidal surge of anti-kike sentiment.

I think the word 'Pagan' is just as pidgeonholing as 'New Age', though. It gets super obvious when the religious D&C shills start up. A devout Roman 'Pagan' would not necessarily get along with a devout Druid, but the overall collective brushstroke of 'Pagan' is held up as a sort of ideal beyond any beliefs themselves. It smacks of 'please, goy, anything but Christianity'.

I'll have to take your word for it, then. I don't doubt they're around, I've just never met one as far as I know.

That guy Styxhexenhammer might be able to help.

mjolnirs are pretty popular with bikers and skinheads also though, more as a statement kinda thing than as actual religious belief. You wouldn't know I was pagan if you saw me, and I prefer it that way. Being pagan does not mean dressing like a viking or wearing a pentagram every day like an autistic retard; this is the main reason

these anons havent met any genuine pagans. I dont really even wear a mjolnir, I have many adorning my shrine but thats it. I dislike gaudy shit hanging around my neck as a potential choke hazard, I only wear amulets for ritual.

Huh. Well met. So I take it you're a Pagan of the Nordic persuasion, then? The "Pagan" brush is so universally applied I don't even know what to call the subgroups. It's like if Taoism, Shinto, and Buddhism were all called "Eastern", all the time, to the point that their names were forgotten.

What would you call yourself to be more specific than Pagan?

Hopefully one of you anons can help me. I'm searching for a youtube channel, I found it from the image boards from a thread similiar to this one. It was a woman that would talk about sun worship and would talk about pagan stuff and use runes as her font? Its driving me crazy and I cannot find it.

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I usually go with Heathen since its historically attested to and was used both by the Christians to describe the pagans and the Germanic Pagans to describe themselves. The sagas like using phrases like "the heathen gods" or "heathen lands" as a contrast to "the christ-god" and "christendom" whenever they talk about the differences in religion between various regions of Northwestern Europe. Specially the term heathen means "those of the open country" (which I can identify with since I was raised in rural lands), but historically it was used as a distinction between Christian and Pagan Germans. Similar in meaning and origin to "Pagan" actually, but since it was used specifically for the Germans and Nordics I prefer using it. Its also not quite as contaminated by Wiccans as the term pagan is. Only problem is people tend to think of the term "heathen" as a negative, either confusing it for "hedonist" for some reason or thinking it means im an atheist.

All indo-european people's shared the same meme before Christianity came. I bet even Jesus would of known this stuff though.

Luciferians aren't very good at research in some ways. They miss the whole part where the Bible god comdemns Judah for sacrificing to the bull god Bal. And accuse him of being Satan/Saturn. Christians of couse accuse everyone of being Satan/Lucifer.
Truth is there is no Satan or Lucifer in the world of 33AD, as they satan was a prejoritive and Lucifer was the title for Venus.

Point being, I think most modern peoples don't know shit about their ancestors.

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memesss I mean

Not a lot of pagans in my area (PNW) and the ones that I've heard of are basically wiccans with a slightly different veneer. A lot of hippies and burnouts from what I hear. Lots of 'spells' and stuff (dunno if that's the usual for pagans so no offence meant).

I don't doubt there are honest and dedicated pagans, just haven't met one ever.

I think you might be overestimating the significance of paganism right now. Probably best to go with 'northern/Scandinavian polytheist', 'Celtic polytheist' or 'Greek pantheon adherent'. Realistically, Roman and Greek would be the same while Saxon/German and Scandinavian are pretty much the same thing with different names for their gods. Druidism and Celtic paganism are pretty unique as well.

Celts were Germans retard

youre thinking of Moloch user. Baal was the the Canaanite thunder and sky god. IIRC he was not offered human sacrifices, that was Moloch's gig. Also im pretty sure it was the Greeks and Romans that first equated Moloch to Saturn; presumably they saw a similarity in the way Moloch demanded child sacrifices in real life and Saturn devoured his own children in the myths ,and its sorta of hinted that Saturn, when he was the ruler of the Greek pantheon, demanded child sacrifices as well, until his son Zeus overthrew him. I remember reading something about how the Lydians once made sacrifices to Zeus, but they were having a food shortage, so instead of his usual sacrifice of oats and butter, they sacrificed a young boy to Zeus. This offended Zeus so heavily, that the second blood touched his shrine, the Lydians in the temple were all changed into wolves and scattered into the wilderness. The implication is that Zeus is completely disgusted by child sacrifice, and its my theory this is a holdover from when he overthrew Saturn.

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True but when you see them you'll be able to differentiate. It's gonna be kind of obvious if it's just a skinhead or if it's someone with genuine belief.

I know you think that because Hillary's email and Alex Jone's disinfo about the Minerva Owl god but read this bible passage.

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this is a D&C meme , the "all white people are celts" poster

Moloch has nothing to do with Minerva or owls. This is a Jonestein meme. He is god of bulls and fire.

Do you actually think that or are you just pretending to be retarded? You can literally track where they lived.

Moreover, Druids and worshipers of Odin or Thor were very different in their practices.

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I had no idea about the etymology of Heathen. For some reason I had it in my head that it had to do with the word Hearth. Though after looking it up, now I have to wonder about what's going through a parent's head when they name their kid Heath. It literally means abandoned/unused or desolate land.

I guess Heathen does fit the bill of the distinction I was looking for, though. I wasn't aware it was more specific than 'pagan' itself. Thank you.

I meant more specifically in reference to the shills that show up from SomethingAwful or Freech or whereverthefuck they're hanging out now. They never advocate for an actual belief structure, just a cherrypicked array of unrelated deities and beliefs that are unified only by the fact that they're an alternative to Christianity, sold under the label "Paganism".

Silver linings.

Yeah I posted that thread and it was anchored. I can't remember what it's called though.
I watched all the vidoes. They're not that deep, just thought it was interesting that they made them. Can't remember what it was called, something like temple or way of the sun or fuck… I dont know.

Also there is a youtube lie going around that every sun god was originally Saturn. Did the research on it and it's austistic dis-info, just an FYI.

More 4chan newfags. Everyone here knows this already. Odin was practically described as a Druid in human form. He fucking made humans from Oaks

I know. But he is also Ba'al. See bible verse. Truth is Ba'al actually existed and Moloch just means "Lord" in Cannanite langauge. There is no real record of Moloch as a seperate god.


Forgot pic

I really do hate lazy fucking know it all brats

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Also the last priests in Western Europe were in Iceland and known as the Godi. Priests of Odin who served the exact same function that the druids did as a trading brand, judges, and priests.

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I've been here since before Zig Forums existed retard, I'm a veteran of the great habbo wars.

thats cool considering we know exceedingly little about the druids except what caesar told us. how exactly are they identical? they have beards and theyre wizards? Im guessing Roman alchemists were just druids too? This logic is retarded.

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That's your entire argument, Steven Crowder. And you can't be in a place before it existed.

The fact is you're confusing Britian with Celts and they did share the same culture because they were the same fucking culture. My map proves it. The cultures prove it and you don't know shit about anything.
Even the Greeks were defeated by the Celt and they marched around Athens laughing at their "mad god" idols. They have a long history and it doesn't start in the British isles.

pic related, Mr. internet dweeb oldfag.

Ba'al doesn't mean Lord. It means husband, as in husband of the queen of heaven. And it was used as a generic form of "god" but it was also used as a proper name by the third millennium BCE, when he appears in a list of deities at Abu Salabik and also appears in the form Baʿal Haddu.

Point being, Moloch was never a specific character and has no history outside of the bible.

So fuck off with your British Israelitism.

You're just trolling and screeching.

This is 4chan faggotry right here. It's fucking ICELAND. Do you know geography retard? Do you knowt they would marry with Irish and Scottish pagans?

I don't even know why I'm talking to you. I fucking hate plebs.

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All whites should follow native European religions. Vice is libshit garbage.

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yes i know this you clueless fucking idiot, the fact you think this is mindblowing is just revealing of your own ignorance. Yeah, this picture showing that the Celtics had a completely different artistic style than the Germanic tribes is really convincing me.

Ive only ever heard one theory that it means husband the accepted concesus is that it means "Lord" you fucking idiot. Why would other gods have the epithet of Baal of it wasnt a title meaning "Lord"? Lord Hammon sounds natural. Husband Hammon? no. youre just spouting lies that can easily be disproved with a little research, youre clearly a disinfo shill and the only reason im replying to you is in case any soft-brains look at your post and take it as fact.

what the fuck does this even mean and what relevance does it have to the conversation

Tell me again how Odin made humans from oaks and not an Ash and Elm tree, obviously I need my mind refreshed on this subject by a wise dr00dr00 such as yourself. So far I'm the only one quoting historical sources and linguistic evidence, youre just acting like a triggered faggot.

you mean other Celtics? you really dont know what the fuck youre talking about do you?

reported for disinfo and D&C shilling

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This, he made man from the ash tree

even if Odin did make humans out of oaks what does that have to do with druids? I guess I didnt read the part in Caesars accounts of them where he claimed they created humans out of trees instead of "they just worshiped at oak trees". Thor was associated with oaks I guess that means he was a druid. And Jupiter too ! Obviously druid gods. just like odin.

t. Carthaginian
Archaeologists have excavated the huge pits filled with charred children's bones, confirming the supposed "Roman propaganda" as fact.
Scipio did nothing wrong.

Heimdallr created man, nitwit

I doesn't, it just shows you know fuck all about Norse mythology

No. Heimdallr created the classes/races of men you fucking dolt

Heimdall divided man into races and classes and taught the higher classes the ways of magic, tactics and warfare. Odin was the one that physically made the first humans.

Im the user arguing with the we wuz kelts faggot

I said that BAAL was not offered human sacrifices as far as I could recall. I did not say the same for Moloch or Baal Hammon; I know that they have found burnt children remains in North Africa. Learn 2 reading comprehension

Should have made that more clear nigger

there are such things as IDs user

Get it straight.

And France is for the Arabs.
What shit logic.
All Indo-europeans are the sons and daughters of the Ancient Celtic Tribes.
Look it up.


Their art and artifacts.
And their dna.

No, Celts are descended from the IE



I doubt it.

I mean not "modern europeans", like arabs, africans, asians, and so on.
Your designation best described as 'proto-europeans'.

For people who hate God who they call Yahweh, remember that he killed more Jews than anyone ever.

I wasn't expecting much from this thread but at least it had some interesting stuff and turned out better than the Christianity threads that get shilled to shit.

It's hilarious how kikes will gaslight the shit out of people. Back when it was actually practiced, Paganism was a white religion. And I can remember WN influence in most places outside of shit like Wicca. I've never been active in the community, so I'm just going by what others say though. But the way kikes pretend that Paganism, and all religions in general are liberalism is hilarious. They've set up this weird meme that states that you must be a pacifist nu-male communist in order to be "spiritual." It reminds me of those people back on cuckchan who used to say that Zig Forums is a libertarian board. There wasn't much of an argument for it, outside of supporting Ron Paul. But they were Libertarian; they were on Zig Forums; therefore, Zig Forums must have always been libertarian.

I wonder if this is something people do naturally, or if it's deliberately calculated kike shenanigans.

But faggot pagans are staying true to their roots.

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keep posting more quotes from Jewish books rabbi, I got another one for ya

Yeah, it's pretty great seeing paganism being used as a tool by nativist Europeans. It's no wonder merchants brought Christianity to Europe to cuck the population. Usury would never have been possible in a pre-christian Europe.

I personally would not drink the cool-aid, but these lyrics are fucking legit. That whole crowd is waking up even if they don't know it yet. I guess I'm a pessimist, but the average person is too retarded to simply accept the truth and do the right thing; people need religion to motivate them.

That was written by a Jew.

>>>Zig Forums

a BASED pagan slamming Jew

just like that BASED nigger historian 😂😂😂😂


General rule son.. auto filter an emoji using kike

Why is Paganism getting more popular recently?
I've noticed a few of the people I watch online are Pagans, like Styx as well as finding out some of the music artists I like are Pagan.

It was always there due to vidya games.

But nowadays being white is good again so everyone flock back to paganism.

Paganism is not an organic reaction to the Jew.
Go read the wiring of prominent Illuminati Jews, Jew controllers, and nwo propagators from 1930 and before.
meaning inalienable rights (life travel liberty happiness) many people don't understand but the reason we are said to have God given rights in the Constitution is so that no human could establish a law to overrule any other humans right to life, liberty, ect. That's how common law works.
Read some history and read the law
Start with Commentaries on the Laws of England by William Blackstone so you can stop being dumb animals. Your predictable uneducated "responses" to homogenisation were war gamed out over 100 years ago. World domination is a business, large business plans out 10-20 years. Start actually thinking instead of being reactionary

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Because semitic religions make explicit emphasis on control, and that control consists of ONE being directed thru one person of course :^) monopolizing all the control.

See my post>>11445305

Paganism is a branch of Mystery Babylon, which is what the freemasons/Illuminati have their cult based on. All the religions are sun/Lucifer worship. Yes even your druidic paganism. Its all the same religion with different names for the actors. The truly different teaching was original Christianity without the pagan additions before adoption by Rome. Again it comes to Law, in the truly original Christianity all members were "saints" everyone was equal because we're all human animals no one is like professor X superior evolution. So Canon Christian law (Rome/pope) is based on that "brotherhood of man", but they got rid of the equality and elevated saints to be the Pantheon of Christianity and common ppl accepted, by accepting they ceded rule to the pope and became Catholic slaves. You really all need to read history and not just what you like but read all history so you stop falling for propaganda
They are all shills, styxhammer doesn't even hide it. You need to look into these people you believe are on your side, those guys are just as bad or worse for disinfo or lying by omission than infowars. Everyone on pol knows Jones tells selective truth but nothing actually hardcore, same with those skinny Scandinavian faggots

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I guess pagans are going to have to do better with the truth than let it be handled by flat earth shills, retards, and disinfo agents then.

Kek, why not. My merchants are so many at this point.

That is accurate, and that is also why Odinia is a Pan-European, Pan-Aryan Pagan organization.

That was the main reason I decided to make an OP, actually–the significance of the only major Pagan organization I know of that isn't controlled opposition or co-opted or sold out is now getting shilled harder than it used to. It's connected to Red !ce shills (Seana found out they are sold out–specifically, they have an agreement with the enemy). It's connected to $pencer and his C!Anigger handler, that W!lliam Reg3nery II. That particular connection goes to other orgs and people who are clearly ZOG shills who have started drama with her numerous times, threatened her, etc.

I have taken it upon myself as an user to ensure that she is not suppressed, with the point being that we need real organizations in the real world that help our people.

Everything kikes do is shenanigans, m80.

Kek, I guess we'll all just stop being European now based on your .jpg file, nigger.

Why would that matter? The truth is the truth. It doesn't matter what anyone says about it, or if anyone likes it or not. Our identity is not defined by kikes.

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they are using the same tenets that made christian cucks to make odinism cuckery.

even if the tenets go DIRECTLY against it, fucking niggers and fucking kikes

Panentheist master race reporting in.

So you're telling me that the pagans of yore were all Devil worshipers?

No not "Christan" Satanist, like Dante circles of hell shit. If you look at all religion from the major populations they share creation Myth, various hero stories and symbolism, these are all mutations of the common sun worship religion held by the global civilisation before the cataclysm(s). Modern Christianity is an amalgamation of "Christ's" original teaching, which was of equality, fraternity, and Independence being combined with pagan beliefs and corrupted by Rome to be brought under control while making the new state religion palatable to the other populations under their control. Basically modern Christanity is all religions rolled into one with a few name changes.

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Christfaggot trying his best to rewrite history and hoping like hell you won't notice. Go away christcuck, you have your own board to circle jerk.


I don't have a religion, I'm just telling you the facts. I'm not against religion or for a specific one. They are all the same or come from the same origin.
No u can't because you haven't read history, you don't understand the basis for law, and you're polarized without self reflection of the fact.
Stop sucking dick, shut ur mouth, and read a book

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Everyone wants to know their purpose in life, if there's someone watching over you that isn't the government or the truth about the universe, but I'm not sure if you really do. Now I'm constantly covered in fairy circles, swastikas and my room smells like sage to keep the bad spirits away; this has been a really weird few months. I could really use a druid to be a spirit guide, get a sphinx or something.

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Really reflects how jewed chrisitans are by the actions of their masters, who think paganism is one big religion like christianity, it's not.

Good luck trying to subvert it, especially in Europe.
America is no challenge, pretty much everyone isjewed there already, save from the few astatruar brotherhoods.

Neopagans aren't even a thing, that's a recent britbong invention.

Yes they would. Druids correspond perfectly to the roman Flamen and the Hindu Brahmin.

The exoteric rites might differ, but virtually all religions are based on the same primordial truth. Especially the Aryan ones.


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Reminder jews flourished and occupied comfy positions in pagan rome.
They were stripped of all that when christians came.

Jainism, paganism, and even the Semitic religions are all trying to grasp the universal truth posited by ancient Aryan/indo-europeans. Out of this spawned the closest thing, brahmanism, which also gave birth to buddhism/Taoism. All "paganism" is derived from this.

Didnt mean "jainism", meant "odinism" (This also includes the Celtic and hellenic/Roman mystery cults and traditional paganism"

Can you provide resources for the uninitiated?

Styxhexenhammer is just an edgy druggy and a book-merchant, he calls himself a pagan but in reality just reads spoopy ghost stories and in his mind that makes him a pagan

Styx isn't a pagan, he's a satanist.

So when is Vice going to talk about the racial element of Judaism? Why is it Kikes are the only people on earth allowed to have civic nationalism?

Do these rat fucks realize not even the most "racist" White Nationalist Odinist is as ethnocentric and ethno-obsessed as your average liberal kike ordering her Mexican made around in her Beverley Hills mansion?

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Uh huh.

Kikes will never understand the light. We are in direct communication with the truth, ever brightly burning. They do not even believe truth exists. They therefore believe that there's some grand conspiracy behind people who show up in random locations proclaiming the truth. No wonder they're paranoid.


wdkmbt (what did kek mean by this)

Mystery Babylon series, about 42 hours long

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Religion is nothing more than the worship of history. Some people may claim that the history is embellished, but that's largely irrelevant so long as the belief that it's history is there. If you're a christian, then you worship middle eastern kike history. If you're a pagan, you worship a sect of Euro history. If that worship of history isn't there, then they're not pagans, they're Harry Potter fanatics who can't cope with reality and get drawn to New Age pagan magik bs.

Ba'al means "Lord" you nigger. That's why the jew called Hadad "Ba'al Zebub" meaning Lord of the Flies/Lord of Shit

I give you hybridization theory in return

Wotanism was created by David Lane and they cant have it.

What's the info on this? Don't tell me it's because Lana wanted to be a goth rock star in her early 20s and found an agent. Because that's just bullshit.

Also check out this video as a weapon. It's good for when the (((esoteric))) kikes try to confuse paganism, speaking of Pan Aryanism.

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