4chan's Zig Forums losing their shit over James Fields


(Note: I know it's fucking reddit, but it actually has links to the aforementioned threads where those fags threaten political violence).

Apparently, Zig Forumsturds are having a meltdown over the faggot that rammed his car into a crowd, back in Unite the Right. Some of them are also encouraging violence against every single leftist, especially white leftists, whom they consider race traitors.

Watch as those faggots pop up in the news, being the perpetrators of a mass shooting. Also, watch as Zig Forums play damage control and pussy out when shit hits the fan.

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His life is over. Stormies will chimp and repeat bad ideas until they're all in prison shilling for people that do not give a fuck about them.

You'd think Zig Forums would dissasociate from stormfaggots, especially since Dylann Roof's incident, but they never learn.

The biggest enemy of the right are not leftists, not even jews, but themselves.

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OP here. I've read some other articles about that James faggot and there's a chance Christopher Cantwell and his army of fuckboys are behind those threats. At least that's my theory:


The same could be said of all political persuasions

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Heather Meyer had a heart attack because she was fat. stop defending roasties

looks a lot like the singer of this band:


and it was just a coincidence it happened while she was rammed by a car?


cringe and bluepilled

Autopsies say otherwise. Literal white nationalist propaganda
Okay, incel, just because someone is a woman she shouldn’t EVER be defended. Kill yourself, crypto-fash

Why would isn't Contrapoints being a good little sissy and visiting these brave boys emptying their ball sack?

Violence is always heroic and cool. Left or right. Dead normies make hot pornies

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school shootings are always done by these kind of spergs.
If Zig Forumstards are good at something is at getting guns banned or at undermining their own movement.

just let them they're absolutely retarded. they're their own worst enemies every time… every time. üntermensch rural inbreds af.

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even tho the left has those kind of individuals you're mocking there I'm fine with em being comarades, the working class is huge & diverse. Nobody cares what your sexual fetishes are unlike in the right.

Now. THE RIGHT also has those same individuals only even more retarded because they're self-hating hons. So don't play like you retards are on a higher ground, not at fucking at lmao.

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agreed 100%

Zig Forums is fucking retarded, they picked up the wrong fight they underestimated the high stupidity of their own members. whatever. not our problem.

This is why we shouldn't attempt to recruit from the right. More is not necessarily better.

McFucking off yourself

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You know what they say about playing stupid games.

Because I'm edgy. I can admit it why can't you?

McVeigh was a white nationalist though. He thought the Turner Diaries was the greatest book in the world

I'm sure there will be more mass shootings and terrorist attacks related to the "alt right"/neo-fascism. However, I don't believe they will actually have anything to do with James Fields. These losers are playing up their outrage, but in reality they don't really give a shit about each other. They're just self-absorbed losers looking for any excuse to commit violence against the society they feel has rejected them. James Fields' sentencing is something they can twist to make themselves feel self-righteous, the exact same way they accuse people of being degenerates to make themselves feel superior… which is ironic, since these violent, junkie sister-fuckers are the most degenerate people in society. Their real motivation in all of this is self-hatred and fear.

Trying to attach white nationalist onto his bombing is deceitful. His racial politics are garbage, but he never acted on those racial politics. It was the Waco siege that motivated him. Lick that government boot harder.

This, the mundanes must be culled

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Why? I thought most of Zig Forums supports ramming their cars into antifa retards.

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Because they've convinced themselves that autopsy reports, DNA evidence, and multiple witnesses are all fake and that their blurry video proves that fatty had a heart attack and that Fields was merely scared for his life. Like Holocaust denial, they will say they want to do a thing, then when that thing is done, they will deny it happened while still openly supporting it.

there can only be so much shock and outrage. No one cares.

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James Fields and his charger pretty much ended mainstream America's hard on for the alt-right. People cared immensely. Even Trump couldn't protect them.

What do trannues fucking bave to do with this?

Zig Forumsyps can’t stop thinking about tranny dick. Really makes me think

real talk, fields being found guilty is going to scare a lot of polfags away from the movement. It's all fun and games until you actually have to start worrying about the legal repercussions of your larping.

It's already just children and boomers. The only adults active in their "community" that aren't shills or grifters are schizophrenics.

He got 419 years and everyone climaxed, k what now?

I’m surprised anyone stayed in that circle post-Charlottesville. I used to hang around online with these people a good deal more, slowly getting tired of the people, the atmosphere the whole while until Charlottesville happened. Seeing that march, seeing what the people I talked with were doing and what they looked like, not to mention the car attack, disgusted me and made me take a step back from what I was originally into for a good laugh. Over a year later any of that shit makes me feel sick just reading, the synagogue shooting and other events just deepened the feeling for me

Hello my fellow totally legitimate ex-nazi, tell us more how this horrific genocide at Charlottesville caused you to stop being a shitlord and embrace communism.

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it's a leftist pretending to be a former rightwinger, don't pretend that rightwingers don't raid this board 24/7

Whoa 12 out an aprox 327,804,243 in the USA. This is the end times guys, watch out for the next fed groomed "white supreemist" & "terrorist".

Sure would be cool if non-white terrorism was even reported.

Your entire shitty ripoff board just raid all the boards on this site 24/7.

you cant rip off the idea of a political image board

I never claimed I was hardcore or did anything besides browse Zig Forums, read Nazi books and watch alt-right youtube videos. I don’t give a shit if you believe my post or not

Nigger, your entire board only exist to be contrarian, go back to Reddit every leftist on Zig Forums is a Larper.

Why are Nazis so stupid they can't even comprehend that people have changes of opinion.

Not only is that bullshit, it's rich hearing a Zig Forumsyp complain about raiding.

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How do you even get to be that fat?

Be American.

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People posting opinions different from yours from time to time isn't a raid you fucking safe space addicted SJW in denial

Go the fuck away, Zig Forumsturd.

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Deep fry everything you eat. Even your coke.

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This entire thread is retarded.

The main issue with the Charlottesville trial was NOT about Heather Heyer's death and whether she died from a heart attack or not. (The autopsy report was very vague with the 'blunt chest trauma', which could be explained by the intensive and haphazard CPR that was performed on her.) She was probably struck by the car. The point of her dying the way she did, and her weight, was that the car was going at a slow enough speed that only the unhealthiest person struck actually died. The rest survived.

The real issue was the conduct of the court, the police, and the media before and during the trial. Before I read into it, I assumed that James Fields was an autistic alt-righter who road-raged into a bunch of antifags during a hot day as he left the rally. If I didn't look into it, I would have assumed that and not give a shit about his conviction, even if I think 1st Degree Murder and the assessment of it as a terrorist attack was autistic Antifa larping.

But, that was EXACTLY what the media wanted. They performed a blackout where information about important factors like car speed, Dwayne Dixon's rifle waving antics, James Fields' attitude when he stopped for police, and other important information. A reporter, who had posted on Twitter about James Fields actually grieving over what happened, deleted her posts as soon as the capitalist media conglomerates told her to do so. The prosecution and judge were all in collusion, the city the trial took place in was a college town dominated by the college SJW 'left', the witnesses were for the most part Antifa, most alt-righters either had no will to (since they don't want to associate with James Fields due to bad PR around him) or were intimidated by Antifa to not show up to defend him, his (public defender) defense conceded without any argument to the prosecution's arguments despite there being evidence against them, and so on. The entire trial was a complete insult to the American judicial process, with the judge even interfering and presuming that Fields was guilty even before jury voted to convict him.

Basically, well-funded political idealists worked with capitalist media corporations and the government to throw a minimum wage worker into jail over muh feels and wrongthink. There was enough evidence to cast reasonable doubt for the 1st Degree Murder charge, even in my original thoughts on the Charlottesville Incident.

This guy pretty much has everything covered on the case. Before you go 'muh alt-right propaganda', consider for the moment that the guy namedrops 'bourgeois' in the intro and that most of the alt-right was willing to drop James Fields at the time. Spencer and co. simply avoided hosting large public rallies to avoid violent confrontations with Antifa, instead focusing on smaller private rallies so that Antifa can't organize and attack them. If it weren't for above's videos, the alt-right would have dropped Fields, and there would be barely any tears shed for him. (In fact, the only thing the alt-right did to defend James Fields before WhiteBoner's videos was make dumb conspiracy theories about a stunt driver.)

The alt-right didn't give a shit about James Fields until evidence emerged about the lengths that the government, capitalist media, and antifa went to get this guy convicted of a first degree murder charge. (When manslaughter or 2nd degree murder would be more suitable, and even those wouldn't hold up too well in an actually fair court.)

Honestly, what really gets me about this case was that I had a friend IRL who got fucked over because of a car accident that ended up injuring a former police chief very slightly. The bitch got the courts in her area to destroy my friend's life by making a sob story about how he added more trauma atop the recent (at the time) death of her father in the court room, forcing him to basically file for bankruptcy. He barely was able to do his community service work since he was supposed to care for people with brain damage (to teach him a lesson about causing road injuries apparently) and most jobs there require surgical skills. He only had a high school education. His lawyer also fucked him over, just agreeing with the court the whole time.

The fact that supposed 'leftist revolutionaries' actually think that America's court system is not rigged when they did the same shit to leftists and trade unionists during the 19th and early 20th centuries is just baffling, but I guess you can't get over your blind hatred of anything you consider to be 'alt right'.

(I don't even like James Fields by the way. He's an autistic LARPer. Just I hate Antifa and the rigged courts even more. And, the Charlottesville Mythos is autistic moralist crap.)

The only (slightly) cringy person is the guy with the trilby, everyone else is just nerdy or normal. (The knee-pads are to protect you when you get shoved in the ground by the way. When makes sense if you're around Antifa.)

Seriously, you idiots are just as dumb as Zig Forums. And, here I was thinking that we were getting some good content on leftpol. I guess nothing good lasts when LARPers are abound.

t. didn't see the instagram posts where he talked about killing antifags

It was one post about BLM fags blocking traffic back in 2015. If you read the comments for any one of those news articles about those, you'd see lots of angry comments about wanting to run over the guys so they can go to work. It's more Falling Down-tier shit than 1488.

The actual picture was of a drunk Mexican running over a bunch of cyclists. The meme was also posted before the rally was even announced. It literally proves nothing about intent. The targets (roadblocking BLM) are different from the actual victims (jaywalking Antifa) and memes aren't 'posts about killing antifags'

Honestly, you'd be better off using helicopter memes or Moonman memes for the case considering that those memes are actually about using political violence in a terrorist way. Hell, him praising actual car attacks would have worked better. Posting memes made by angry commuters who just want to get to work while entitled college students and lumpen niggers blockade roads don't constitute evidence of intent. Especially if the entire thing was posted nearly half a year before the actual incident.

Lol proofs, and wouldn't you drive AWAY from someone that might shoot you. Fuck off Zig Forumsyp


Yes it was
Only Zig Forumsys try to say she died of a hear attack and not being hit by a car
And why did she need CPR, really got my noggin jogging
Lol no, the car was going fast enough to throw several people in the air. Just because they didn't die doesn't prove the car was going slow.
You seem awfully concerned about the cars speed and not its direction.
Made up bullshit
What does his attitude have to do with anything
His lawyers get to pick some of the jury.
They can report any intimidation they experienced to the police, and they will persecute them for obstruction of justice
Was he not behind the wheel of that car or not?
Lol read a book, saying that word doesn't make you on the left lol
This is just embarrassing
Lol, we do think its rigged, its just your boy was such a huge ass burger even the rigged court system got this one right.

Guy is in jail and will die a virgin. Literally 21 years old and already a felon in for life. All for being a right wing meme lord with no impulse control. I bet that hurts. Probably hits a bit close to home.

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Dwayne Dixon said it himself on a Facebook post before he deleted it. Also, he did drive away from him, it was a minute before the incident happened. He was in another area. The whole point of it was to show the general attitude and actions of Antifa and how it would affect James Fields's mindset.

Forget about the video? The channel I referenced referred to the video many times. In fact, the video showed the car being hit twice before anyone was hit. Even the trial ended up admitting that Fields was only going at 17 MPH before his car was struck twice. (You have to look really closely to see it happen since the perspective and distance really fucked things up.)

Also, how the fuck is this meming? This is literally the least memey post you can think of. It's dry and longwinded by Zig Forums standards. If anything, you fuckers are the ones who are meming. You know what, why do I bother? You subhuman retards can't even read a post, especially considering that my main reference had a whole video on the meme one of you mentioned.

And, even low-speed car accidents are going to look destructive, especially in a crowded area. It's a giant chunk of metal going at the speed of a horse. That's why drunk driving is illegal.

No one is denying that James Fields crashed a car into a crowd. The point is whether he intended on doing it and whether he premeditated it. The latter has been disproved by both the fact that Antifa wasn't even intended to be there, the meme being unrelated to Antifa and was more about commuter-rage towards BLM protesters, and the fact that the trial proved that he was looking at his GPS when he stopped his car.

He backed up and then drove into the crowd to kill people. He also enjoyed fantasizing about running leftists over in his car on social media, which is why he got hit with a first degree charge. It literally does not matter what they are doing to his car. His defense was just "I was scared that people who were far from me would hurt me so I intentionally turned my car and drove straight through them." It was rejected because it was fucking retarded.

That's not proof lol, how come he doesn't show up in any of the multiple videos of the incident
So did he drive past him or something lol
James drove several hundred miles to come to that March
Did he watch the video with his eyes closed then?
Yeah, most people are concerned with how fast he was going when he stuck those people, and he vehicle was stuck because they thought he was trying to hit people, which he was.
You keep bring up all this minutiae bullshit like this was some contentious case LMAO
Yeah why? I'd say your COINTELPRO but even they aren't stupid enough to try a strategy like this.
How the fuck is driving several hundred yards down a crowded street an accident.
He was driving wasn't he? Couldn't he see?
What does this have to do with whether he intended to hit those people. Saying ANTFA! isn't a get out of jail free card. What? As soon as his car was struck by ANTIFA! he lost control of his car in a panic because he feared for his life, why'd he head straight into a march full of people he hated then?
He stopped his car because the police went after his ass lol, who gives a fuck if he happened to be looking at his phone lol

Learn to read, nigger

Even the channel I reference admits to the car hitting her. The point is to emphasize the low-speed nature of the car crash, which helps paint a contrasting picture with other car attacks where the perpetrator goes at excessive speeds in order to maximize damage.

Even slow cars can throw people into the air. People recorded the speed of the car and it was going at 17 mph before being struck and around 28 mph afterwards. This was confirmed in the trial.

Car speed is highly important as the trial is all about intent, not the action. Unless you think motorists should be considered murderers in every single car accident. Someone slamming his car into a crowd at 40 mph in an inner city road clearly was not accidentally doing that. While someone going at 17 mph while antifa cleared the way for other drivers is completely different. Also, stopping your car and going backwards is a dumb idea when antifa were surrounding and harassing people in cars just minutes prior. And, James Fields was only going this way due to antifa moving the a blockade sign to the only other route, basically forcing him to go the route he did.

Tell to that Dwayne Dixon, who bragged about it on Facebook.

He didn't realize that anyone died when he was stopped, he was crying, and the guy asked to offer medical support to anyone who was struck. This was confirmed by the police during the trial.

The judge did actually. He just promised to pick juror who were 'not politically biased'.

Sure. The Charlottesville police were around when Antifa attacked rally attendees in the streets. We can definitely trust the boys in blue to protect us. :^)

It doesn't matter. If you hear loud banging sounds (due to the bats and the aerodynamics of the car) and dropped your glasses. (This is why he was photographed without his glasses in the mugshot.) I mean, by your criteria, motorists are basically guilty until proven innocent and are second-class citizens to pedestrians. You don't see how this is going to fuck over people who have to commute to go to work?

I did. It just shows that he isn't a run-of-the-mill right-winger and is willing to use words that are 'taboo' to that crowd.

Cause, guys, issues that actually affect working people should be laughed at. I'm not an elitist dipshit at all.

You people are dogpiling me to the point where I can't even respond to your shit without breaking character limits.

So what you are saying is ANTIFA! struck his car with sticks, and waved a rifle at him, none of which you can prove, causing James to panic and plow into a crowd of people a 100 yards.
Even though he drove straight into the crowd, made no attempt to stop or even slow down, and didn't move back away from the assailants.
Naw, you dumb Zig Forumsups are just mad your "I feared for my life" defense didn't work for once.

It was confirmed that he was looking at his GPS. I guess that Semitic desert cult is really frying your brain there.

He's on a different street. He wasn't involved with the incident beyond just being near James's car a minute prior.

Yes, while the guy waved a gun at him. You don't accelerate your car just from a gun wave.

Irrelevant. Most of the alt-right attendees aren't Charlottesville locals.

It does. A car going at 17 mph (before being struck) in a road where he has right of way and where Antifa moved aside for other cars is different from a car going at the speed limit or higher.

It's very important to proving the charges at the trial. The burden of proof would have been way less if they stuck with manslaughter.

The fuck? I've been on here for years, and I'm not even trying to divide a political movement or disable it. How does finding justice for an autistic LARPer so it doesn't set a dangerous precedent for people that the government deems to be undesirable sabotage anything?

Because, he was expecting jaywalkers to clear the road where he went at a snail's pace of 17mph? Especially when they cleared the roads for other drivers?

Well, actually perhaps not after he got struck. His glasses did drop.

It's literally the only route. They blocked the other road and the streets are one-way. He'd have to break traffic rules (and go back to where Dwayne Dixon was) in order to actually avoid them.

It does have to do with premeditation. Intentionally hitting them to get out, barring a life or death situation, is manslaughter. Intentionally hitting them to kill them in an act of rage is second-degree murder. The legal distinctions exist for a reason.

As for looking at his phone, it was BEFORE the crash, not after. And, why would someone do a low-speed car crash without anticipating an arrest? Car attacks are often done with suicidal intent or the intent to go to jail.

The proof is in the video of the incident. In the first few seconds. The rifle waving was proven by a Facebook post. I linked to a channel with all the evidence.

I don't even go to Zig Forums. Anyways,considering that you just plug your ears and ignore the channel, complete with photographs of everything I mentioned, and slow downs of the footage where you can see two people striking his car in the first few seconds, I'm going to have to go. It's getting late here, and I need to sleep.

In court? When?

You need to learn to write
Or it could be the fact that cars go slow, before they can go fast lol
28 mph isn't slow, especially considering how crowded, narrow and short distance he had before hitting the crowd. If anything it shows he was trying to hurt people
Most motorists avoid driving into crowds.
You go slow around crowds. So yeah clearly someone doing 40 down streets with people on the is.
Lol more fucking baseless speculation, somehow you don't have proof of someone waving a rifle, but you know Antifa was letting cars through lol
Some how he pulled of off after striking all those people.
Show me proof this happened. Its just fevered Zig Forumsyp dreams
Did he not realize hitting people with your car can kill them?
Out of remorse?! OMG! You're right, hey wait a minute how can you read his mind. How do you know Antifa when they hit his car with sticks were threatening him and not just trying to herd him away from the crowd in the name of safety.
Lol, so now you won't report obstruction of justice because you can't trust the police. Why not just post the proofs online wikileaks style.
It does
When I hear banging sounds while driving I slow down not speed up out of fear like some lap dog.
If he dropped his glasses why didn't he stop. If he dropped his glasses how did he back up down the street perfectly like a bat out of hell. That was some Hollywood levels of stunt driving
Lol, his murder looked like a professional hit, got as close as he could, did the deed in the blink of an eye, then got out driving fucking backwards so fast no one laid a finger on him.
Lol, right wingers use Communist language all the time, Nazi is literally short for "not socialist"
No attempts to paint right wing terrorism intended to silence workers as just accidents caused by skitish alt righters that "feared for their life" should.

When the police (finally) released his phone activity that day. Your phone tracks which apps you use and when.

The max he went was 28 mph, still slower than the speed limit of the street.

The streets are one-way streets. Also, the perspective is fucked up and the crucial few seconds weren't recorded in either clips in the footage that was widely shared.

youtube.com/watch?v=Hz9mKPiDrv4 Well, here's video proof. Even better than Facebook. Also, see pic related

Or, maybe he wasn't trying to hit anyone and was shocked that his accident killed someone?

I mean, he OFFERED to help the antifa who got runned over out. If that isn't a sign of remorse, I don't know what is.

That's kind of what happened. Most of this stuff was leaked online before the trial confirmed or ignored them. In fact some of it was speculation before being confirmed.

Sounds reasonable to me

Can't read his mind there. But, you think someone would do the professional hit and have his car look completely fucked up afterwards? And, why not attack the crowd in the other street which was bigger? The crowd on that street was actually not the largest congregation of antifa that day.

Keep LARPing.

Implying antifa are workers. Real LARPy there.

You people are dicks.

The burden of proof is on the claim that Fields committed an act of domestic terrorism, not that he didn't. Ojay Simpson was cleared on less shit than this.

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Very relevant, means he was seeking that crowd out.
So now the guy waving a rifle DIDN'T cause James to fear for his life. Then don't bring it up since its irrelevant.
He didn't have the right of way, the street was full of pedestrians. You can't hit crowds of people so big they block the entire road and claim the right of way lol.
Who cares what Antifa did for other cars, the crowd didn't move for him. So its okay that he hit them because other people got through lol
It's not, its only important to his flimsy defense
Sure buddy
Hahahaha the government was enabling you alt right fucks all the way until Charlottesville. The only reason they stopped was because this sperg out was so spectacular they couldn't keep the media off the story, too much money to be made
And when they don't ypou stop
Were his glasses on when he stuck the crowd or not.
Its not, he could have gone back the way he came
How do you know he didn't
He was looking at his phone, without glasses, while hurling into a crowd. Then after striking them, throws it into reverse, and hauls ass backwards down a street perfectly while losing no time. Is that what happened LMAO.
I know what your talking about, its not a all clear that he hit the car with a stick. And sorry that's a bullshit reason to fear for your life anyway.
If you can't concisely explain what the videos says fuck off and cry in your beer then
Good Night Alt Right

Facebook posts can be faked. And he doesn't say he waved the rifle. He just says "chased" which could just mean James was intimidated by the fact someone with a rifle could shoot back if he ran protesters over. Which is exactly what happened. This reinforces the idea that James purposefully ran those people over since he avoided crowds with rifle men that might kill him afterward.

Yeah I use GPS to get to work sometimes and I am not looking at it constantly while driving. This theory is fucking stupid and you are stupid for falling for obvious Zig Forums propaganda. Here let me give you some other retardation for you to mindlessly swallow since that's your schtick.

Attached: james field conspiracy pol.jpg (2016x3860, 1.9M)

While McVeigh was a Zig Forumsyp in terms of his opinion on race and sheit he said he never agreed with Turner diaries tier shit about killing all non-whites or whatever
He said he liked the book mainly because of its "Pro-Gun message and Anti-Gommie Message"

I was referring to the GPS for the time his car was stopped, which prosecution said was when he 'premeditated' the car crash when it come to the meme.

The video said waved. Only the Facebook post said chased. So, there's more evidence for the waving than the chasing. Also, Dixon was by himself on a street corner, not with a crowd.

But, I guess I can't really concisely explain the video…I really can't do this. I mean, there's a reason that I'm not a lawyer, and I'm not nearly autistic enough to summarize 20 hours worth of video to win an internet debate.

And, I didn't believe in that false flag crap. I don't believe in false flag incidents in general. And, I'm normally skeptical of conspiracy theories, I always have. But, using the rule of innocent until proven guilty beyond all reasonable doubt, I believe that the conduct of the cops, court, and media is despicable in Charlottesville. And, most importantly, I despise the way you mock those who are 'embarassing' or 'lesser'.

It's not even about whether he's completely innocent or not. I would have accepted a conviction by manslaughter or second-degree murder. Even you had described it as this.

That implying that he didn't preplan this. (And exemplifying the attitude I hate.)

I've grown tired of both Zig Forums and Zig Forums desperately playing this superiority/inferiority game with muh virgins. I get online bantz and all, but I find such a view toxic. Where men are worthless unless they 'prove themselves'. I should make due with my promise though. I'm not going to convince you of anything, and I doubt you'll do the same with me.

Poland attacked Germany First I guess. Hitler was acting in self defense.


No one cares what the video says.
Regardless Dixon said he drove James away. The fact that he avoided protestors with riflemen around and went after protesters that were unprotected shows it was premeditated
Probably because its a bunch of hair splitting
Far more complex and contentious cases have been summarized by journalist.
He beat his mom, had a long history of extreme fascist beliefs and posted a vailed threat that he was going to do something like this online shortly before hand.

I thought you were hear to defend James. He literally believed minorities are sub humans you probably do too

>youtube.com/watch?v=Hz9mKPiDrv4 Well, here's video proof. Even better than Facebook. Also, see pic related
Well I'll be a slapped ham, some actual proof of what you were saying. It doesn't prove James feared for his life because he got a rifle waved at him. If anything it proves he was behaving suspiciously and that Antifa guy was right to suspect James. And I thought you said he was only going 17 mph at first. If he was fearing for his life why was he going so slow down the street. Still haven't proved he got his car hit by sticks. And hearing a loud noise isn't enough to fear for your life.

Wasn't that shooting in response to some nogs murdering a white woman and her daughter?

It kind of is relevant

Because the rifleman was on the sidewalk and not in the way. The rifleman was also by himself, and no one expects even antifa to open fire on random white polos. He is as relevant as the Antifa people who threw urine at James, creating an environment that seemed dangerous to him.

I don't get paid for this shit. Every minute I spend here is wasted money. Journalists have this shit as their career.

And, I already address the 'vailed' threat. It literally can't be a threat in the sense that it was posted before the rally was even announced, was aimed at a different group, and the meme wasn't even alt-right. It was an angry commuter meme aimed at road-blocking BLM protesters, not at jaywalking rioting antifags.

I already answered the issue above. But, since you guys already have a 'story' of James Fields the terrorist, let me provide my very own 'story'.

James was going forward until he was blocked by a blockage sign moved by antifa. He then turned and passed Dwayne Dixon and his rifle waving on a street corner. Naturally, one doesn't expect autistic rifle wavers to open fire. So, he sees a crowd of antifa congregating on the street. James looked at his GPS, after backing his car up a little, to find another route. (This is why I emphasized that a lot back in earlier posts. The prosecution mentioned that window of time as the time of premeditation.) Seeing Antifa clear the way for other cars and no legal way to get out, he goes forward, hoping they'd clear out as well. He goes at 17 mph the moment his car was hit twice.

This is where I have three theories.

The loud sounds, and Fields not seeing the source of said sounds, made him assumed that Dixon was shooting at him, causing him to duck his head. (This explains why he was glasses-less at the time of arrest.) Let's call this 'self-defense' theory.

He decided to plow through the crowd to get out, no matter the cost of human life, in a fit of desperation. The car in front of him stopped him. This is my 'manslaughter' theory, though it could theoretically be construed as self-defense.

Then, we have the second-degree murder theory, where Fields, tired of a day's worth of humiliation and living in fear of Antifa, lashed out in a fit of rage. Or, as you said it, had no impulse control.

No matter what, this all puts reasonable doubt on the premeditated murder charge. (Which is all that is needed for an innocent verdict)



Here's two videos of Antifa threatening and attacking people in cars to elaborate my point.

Didn't he immediately drive away at a high speed? Gtfo with that nonsense.

Attached: james fields heather heyer car attack meme.png (915x383 43.41 KB, 28.32K)

It was when he was stopped by police, and he didn't drive away at high speed afterwards. He simply drove below the city speed limit until he pulled over for the cops.

He then offered to provide medical help as the cops questioned him.

I think you people don't understand that the video footage covers only the actual crash and not the aftermath. And that, when cars are involved, distances can get pretty large in a short amount of time.

Which can be caused or exasperated by poorly done CPR procedures. Also, not denying that she had been hit by a car. Her actual death isn't even relevant as this is all about intent of the car crash. Even if no one died, if James intended to crash the car, he can be charged with vehicular assault. It'd just be a botched car attack.

The reason I brought up her health is that it shows how impotent the attack was. That only individual who died was already generally unhealthy, which wouldn't help if you were injured in a car crash.

That matches with my 'story' here

That matches with my story too. James only briefly passed Dwayne Dixon while turning on the road.

I never claimed that Antifa surrounded his car, but rather that he was struck twice from behind as he neared the crowd at 17 mph. A speed, mind you, that is pretty easy to decelerate from.

You're focused entirely on proving there's a car crash with muh multiple videos, when no one is disagreeing with you.

The disagreement is on intent/premeditation, not the action. It also is about the conduct of the courts during the trial and the media beforehand. Premeditation is nearly impossible to prove aside from a meme that had nothing to do with Antifa as I mentioned before. Second-degree murder and manslaughter are still possibilities, though I have evidence against those. (Not something that can destroy all possibility of THOSE charges being true, but enough to cast some reasonable doubt.)

Yeah I'm sure an isolated teenager knows more about heart attacks and blunt force trauma injuries than an actual medical examiner. Clearly they should have called you in to testify and save our poor boy from a life in prison. lol imagine actually repeating Zig Forums propaganda let alone believing it.

By afterwards, I mean after he drove away from the crash, since obviously Antifa retaliated towards what they thought was an attack.

It wasn't propaganda that Antifa performed intense CPR on an unconscious Heather Heyer. There's even video of it.

Now, it could just be Antifa assuming that CPR somehow would help her, despite it probably aggravating any trauma she had on her torso.


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It's okay to hypothesize, especially when we see video evidence and an unhealthy individual. Look, I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum, being unhealthily underweight. I'd probably die easily in even a relatively low-speed car accident due to how frail I am. Thankfully, I don't smoke excessively, so I guess I have that going for me.

And, you're just trying to trap me on that point, when Heather's cause of death is irrelevant. Heart attack or not, the crash caused her death.

And, going muh Zig Forums is not a real argument. Though, I guess I did go muh cops. Ironic, I'm the one who's being paranoid of the cops after I criticized BLM for so long. Who would of guessed?

Nah, my nigga. Jail stands for
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He was going nearly 30, and the Sedan he hit accelerated to 17.1 mph from the impact. He also didn't attempt braking. Stop lying. This info is easily looked up.

We have images of him engaging his brakes before his vehicle was struck.


The speed of his car varied. When the car crashed into the crowd, his car was going around 30 mph. He was going 25 before footage was recorded and 17 when he was struck.

Though, I definitely didn't account for the speed bumps, which make the idea of a preplanned attack even more unlikely as the road itself was suboptimal for the purpose.

The video is slightly old, but the distances haven't changed and neither does the footage.

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Wrong. He kept the foot on the gas the whole time he ran over the crowd. His vehicle wasn't hit before he went for it. Get over it. Your boy is guilty and a murderer. He can enjoy anal in prison.

And, no. He was going 17 before he was hit twice, THEN he accelerated. Unless, you want to doubt the distances, the time frame of the videos, and the obvious two people hitting his car before it touched anyone else.

Seriously, fuck this. At least, Christcom addressed my points. You faggots aren't even giving me that courtesy.

Doesn't matter. Guy didn't change speed once struck. He kept going and never let off the gas.

You don't have any points. We've all seen the video, pictures, and read the shit that came out of the trial. Not only did the jury not find his defense credible, but they recommended the maximum penalty for his actions. It's over, buddy. Just like Holocaust denial, faggots like you will deny shit happened while openly saying that it's exactly what your ideology demands.

tip top ideologic mental gymnastics by the wannabe terrorists suddenly crying crockodile tears in front of the police and playing innocent lawful citizen.

The whole point is that it wouldn't be premeditated. And, it would be hard to know if he intended to kill or if he accelerated out of panicking. We have second-degree murder and manslaughter for this.

You didn't. The people earlier had to ask for my sauce when it came to Dwayne Dixon. The speeds weren't known until the trial came about, and no one knew stuff like Fields offering to provide help to the people he crashed into. You also knew nothing of his varying speeds or the photo of him using the breaklights. (There's also a photo of him using the breaklights just a second earlier, but that was for the speed bumps.)

The video footage isn't wrong. It's just that it was taken AFTER the picture was taken and at an angle that doesn't show what happened before the crash, which is very important to proving both intent and premeditation. Both are correct. It's just that you're ignoring that Fields was attempting to keep at a steady speed BEFORE he was struck twice, where he then accelerated. This is possibly due to the loud noises he was hearing.

Almost none of these arguments were brought up by the defense during the trial. In fact, the defense provided no arguments and only occasionally asked for information that might benefit the defense. The defense was more helpful in the pretrial hearings than in the trial itself for the defendant.

in a town full of faggots like you who will gladly lie for the sake of their ideological agenda and deny what they saw and tell the exact opposite like when that one "brave" nigger claimed he used a firethrower to defend himself from some old guy from le nazis and 1000s of your kind "saw it" based on a quickly fabricated narrative everyone parotted using a single frame photo, while the video footage clearly showed the exact opposite happend in the exact opposite order, but you would even use that, cut out 5 seconds and title it with the exact opposite of what the video showed

That was sarcasm. But I get its not very suitable in a place where people will unironically scream square at circles and then smugly project their disingenuity, no different than your average Trump redditor

The absolute state of internet nazis.

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Saying he offered help isn't actual evidence.