REVEALED: Iranian animal rights protester, 39, who shot three staff at YouTube's HQ before killing herself...

REVEALED: Iranian animal rights protester, 39, who shot three staff at YouTube's HQ before killing herself, had a vendetta against the 'dictatorial' site for censoring her videos and not paying her
Woman opened fire with a handgun at YouTube's headquarters in San Bruno, California on Tuesday afternoon
She has been identified as 39-year-old Nasim Aghdam who lived in San Diego
Police said she shot a man and two women who were taken to hospital suffering from gunshot wounds
Authorities found the woman dead on the campus when they arrived
Aghdam was a prolific YouTuber who had ranted online claiming the company was censoring her content
Her father Ismail Aghdam said he warned police that she hated YouTube and feared she might be headed to their headquarters after she went missing from her home 470 miles away
Footage showed terrified employees evacutating the building in a line with their arms in the air

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"Dont suppress our free speech or another Iranian Female fag Bodybuilding Human Rights Activist might kill you."

nonetheless, she stood by her convictions till the very end. Admirable….. and JewTube cheated her financially.

Good on her for spoken her mind through the mean of physical force.

Memoryhole incoming

How can they memoryhole this? The happening is quite big to be memoryholed.

I meant to type "too big"

It came through
I read it ok
This timeline is fucking the best

victims of a horrific workplace shooting. made to march with hands in the air as if they are now prisoners. Truly an epic timeline we live in

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Oh, newfag. We have such sights to show you.

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Wrong fucking pic.

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She is famous now and have seeded meme in the subconscious hive minds so she wouldn't be memoryholed.

An Iranian v-e-g-a-n who lit up a kike hive? No, I bet this one will be in the news cycle for a while until the neocons and big agro have drunk their fill.

No , Bert fits the mold for sure p

Dubs have spoken!

They're going to memoryhole it alright, but it's not for the reasons you stated. She claimed to have been age-restricted on Youtube for bogus reasons while hyper-sexualized music videos and other stuff like twerking remains open to kids. If this wasn't memoryholed, they'd have to explain that to the public.
She doesn't seem to be leftist either. Sure, she's a fag activist, but who else was a fag, user? A certain uncle of ours comes to mind.
Direct quote from her website:
"Dictatorship exists in all countries but with different tactics! They only care for
personal short term profits & do anything to reach their goals even by fooling simple-minded people,
hiding the truth, manipulating science & everything, putting public mental & physical health at risk,
abusing non-human animals, polluting environment, destroying family values, promoting materialism &
sexual degeneration in the name of freedom,….. & turning people into programmed robots!"

this wont really be memoryholed. they will just screech for gun control as usual. this is how they demanded gun control in nigger territories like chimpcago, they just blamed access to handguns.
if it was a white guy,they scream for gun control, "mental health" checks, toxic masculinity, WHI PEEPOO, etc.
they are also going to push the mental health bullshit with this one because of her website saying jewtube is evil.

they like to memoryhole something when its not worth their time and it was a nigger, like when that Naval base was shot up by a nigger with a shotgun, or all the stuff about Chris Dorner.

Fairly accurate assesment.

Nigger are you implying Adolf Hitler was gay

Who ?

V-e-g-a-n is word-filtered here. Draw your own conclusions as to why.

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yeah…what did he mean by that? if hes saying Hitler was gay, he needs a perm ban right now.

Because you're a bunch of fags always trying to push your dead end eating style.

It doesn't come out of thin air.

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The mods did some imbecile tier word filter replacement. V e g a n gets changed to fag.

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Hitler wasnt a v3g4n either.


V e g a n s = fags
You're supposed to eat a mix of meat and vegetables.

vegetarian isnt the same. also I dont even think he was a vegetarian, he was probably thinking of an idea to promote eating vegetables instead of animals because its economically smart. There is no way he was v e g a n. havent you heard of furher cake? You know what cakes are made with? lol

It's close enough for the purposes of this conversation.
He wasn't interested in clumsily shutting people down from talking about it, in any event.

Clearly this is a reason to declare war on Iran.

can't verify these, but the US has a habit of treating animal rights activists as terrorists. they have used the unconstitutional patriot act before to spy on and pressure such groups domestically. i wouldn't feel any surprise to find out this bitch is just a patsy.

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Mostly fat.
~50% by calories.

They are already doing it
imagine this was a fucking white male the media would grind it for weeks

What the fuck is even going on anymore

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*cough* "hoax" *cough*
Reminder you will never see the good video of someone dying when masons play their reindeer games. Malfunctioning cameras and such, nigga.

Doesnt sound like a lefty. She was 2 steps from Zig Forums.

The longer the video release takes, the more likely you are to be correct.

Animal activism is nearly the polar opposite of /pol


Depends on which animals you mean really

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Bigger memes have been forgotten even faster

Vеgans. Just testing. It's true that vеgans are fag tho

she will be memory holed by sunrise

Why do Zig Forums mods hate freedom of speech? Fucking fags.

does anyone have the videos? they are entrancing

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what a talented woman(male)

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I know there's 7 billion apes on this planet, but still.

What? Love and respect for nature and animals is inherently natsoc. It's just that the kikes ruin everything so we can't even begin to address nature yet

i have found love just as it has left this world…
god… why do you do this to me?

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I can't tell if you made this or she did

wow! she cared for a bunny rabbit for 10 years, that is a special kind of autistic

Holy shot rabbits are cute.

I'm still going to eat them though. And does anyone know if this thing is actually male or female or not? I'm really hoping for XY chromosomes just to fuck with the narrative.

I bet if you had a dog that died after 10 years itd push you over the edge too

Tbh It's hard to tell the true gender. I would bet on the male gender because it look beta male.

no, I am Māori so we do not keep dogs for very long and often eat them during holidays after fattening them up

You can see from the videos on her website that she does not have an adam's apple. I guess there's a surgery to have it removed, but combined with her voice, I'd say just a low-E female.

That's a new interesting fact for me to know.

Maybe we would ask his/her father what pronoun to use for the fag rabbit lover?

i dont know anymore

one of us

i think shes just iranian but i have no goddamn idea whats going on anymore

heres her cover of nikki minaj

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I have the weirdest boner

It's sure sad, probably the only Iranian Tranny you're likely to see the rest of your life user

no word on the identity of the victims yet? I wonder what prompted her to shoot the people she did.

I ship "her" with supreme gentleman. I am building a shrine to them and I know they are together in the afterlife, walking arm in arm through a meadow full of flowers, appreciating a beauty that most of us will never see or comprehend.

im inuit.
you see dat aztec?

iranian tranny vigilante, user
show some respect

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These videos would fit well at a certain pizza parlor

But it also claims to be a vеgan bodybuilder which can really make a girl look masculine. If she was really a man than even the most half-assed bodybuilding would make pretty much any guy bigger than her.

those digits

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not really getting the whole conspiratorial side of things here that everyone else seems to be mixed up on. i just find the pure memetic inertia behind this woman to be simply astounding. im convinced she traveled from the past to save us from this future. this future that was so narrowly avoided. we will never know what she saved us from. we can only swear undying loyalty to this incredible human bean, wherever or whenever she came from

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this is all making me really sad guys

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i think it is sad user.

but i just dont know anymore

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Basically, youtube bullied her into this and I'm just sorry she didn't get the CEO. Wherever this Heroine is right now I hope she earned eternal peace. If one was to be loved as half as much as she loved her rabbit…

Right now I am unsure if it is her or him! I feel sorry for her/him because big evil greedy YouTube denied her gibs.

Max Headroom and That Poppy had a child 3D Printed into reality , Deep Fake test Class A 101 > FemBot selfdestuct , sucess , test 2 , upcoming , Fake Trump Putin sex video , fire at will ,, confirm

She'll always be my dancing queen

For fuck's sake user.

Yeah, I think it's just a low-estrogen girl with narrow hips etc. It's a shame she was a leftard jew, but her actions are a massive gift to us.
- Immigrant
- Female I guess
- Jew
- fag
- Gun free zone
- Probable illegal gun
- Kills google leftards

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Fucking Brillant

all we have left now is mini egg user waifu with the suckable brapper.

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let me assess that

Hitler wasn't a ve gan, he wasn't even completely vegetarian. He would eat vegetarian meals most of the time but then he would go and dine out, selecting dishes that would include meat. He ate mainly vegetables for personal health reasons.

I am even more confused. I didn't know how is it possible to tell difference from low-estrogen girl and beta male faggot. I think our timeline changed again.

once again we find out that autistic chicks are the best

(also checked)
I can't tell either, and perhaps the timeline shifted again. All we can do is ride the Frog and enjoy the ride while it lasts. May He hop us to the home we all wanted.


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It gets even better
She was an old tired spinstress. The poster child of feminism. Wew.

holy shit, she's ascended to goddess status. I don't understand why but I feel grief that she won't make anymore videos.

The call of Sekhmet?

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It's like he is doing this for lolz.

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her and her lonely lonely bed

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How degenerate.

Dubs don't lie. Its all a big joke.

Probably had mental health problems, tbh. Looks a bit masculine too - maybe some genetic sex hormone disorder where male develops as female? These are common among Mizrahi cryptojuden.

she has nice hips, she's just slim by american standards.
her face and hair are weird though

We've really fallen from grace haven't we. This is why I stress the importance of looking presentable and put together even when "casual".

Friendly sage.

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