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All those soy farms are going to go bankrupt now!

So many soy threads lately. Did /v/ start a nintendo general or something?

Oh no the goyim's sperm count may reach the triple digits!

Have we memed it too far?

Why wont you think of da poor soyim?!

How much soy is being consumed in America anyway? Is it a big industry? Is it like corn syrup which is in damn near anything?


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Soybois don't know whether to riot or rejoice!

The memes Jack.

Rejoice. Soy, especially badly processed soy is poison for men and we may see soyboys die off without their precious soy.

Soy prices dropping might have the opposite effect.

It depends. It may make cultivating soy economically inviable in the long run.

Yes you have to go out of your way to avoid it.

Buy Tofu now

The question is what will they replace the soy with?

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No they aren’t, this will make pork producers happy though.

I was in America not long ago and whenever I went shopping for food I checked the nutritional facts. Never do that in Europe. Never ever. But in America I had to knowing how they add sugar and whatnot into everything.

Oh and fun fact: when you buy the SAME yoghurt brand and model and flavor in America as in Europe (example: normal Yoplait strawberry or Nestle Activia strawberry yoghurt) you notice a clear difference in taste between the two. The American versions taste a lot sweeter and also looks different. The Strawberry yoghurts i ate for example look much more pink in America than in Europe despite supposedly being the exact same product.

Found some phenomenaly good beef jerky though. With added sugar shit of course but incredibly good.

That really depends on much it drops.

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Surely this will sway the public to impeach Trump!

Checked for good taste in store bought jerky


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It's made out of soyboys. Soylent is soyboys.

wow, that chart is so jewed its not even funny. "omg it dropped from 1040 to 990"


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The absolute state of kikery

We will do what we americans do best: enrich the shit out them with niggers.

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Dubs checked!

The memes literally write themselves at this point.

Me Chinese
Me play joke
Me start trade war
Then go broke

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Go broke and now that big af desert eats all my croplands, now I starve. Please send food gibs, Americas!

Help me out here, if soy prices drop would American food companies end up using more soy since it's cheaper? If China isn't going to buy as much of our soy, would that cause a glut of soy back in the States?

No. Most likely we would just plant more GMO corn and our beef and ethanol costs could go down. Any farmer bitching about soy costs dropping is a fucking traitor anyway.

No and agricultural subsidies are the devil.

Ha! Thank you.

Heil Satan. Yeah, Old Trapper is a guilty pleasure. I'm trying to reduce my nitrates, but damn that stuff is good.

Yep, that's pretty much how it's going to go. Half price Soylent!

Damn, that's the roughest soyboy gif I have seen. If the hair was dark, it would be spot on for a bunch I know. Blond men tend to not be soy, don't know why. Blond Masterrace

In the short term, yes. Soy is an annual, and has likely already been planted for the year. Maybe they can till it under and replant, but that's a major cost. Longer term, yes farms will move away from soy.

OK, I hate graphs like this, where the Y axis doesn't go all the way to zero. This is about a $50 drop, when it started at 1,040. That's about 5% (like the text says), who really give a fuck? This isn't a crash. But the way the graph is made, it looks like soy is falling off the cliff.

Don't be fooled by stupid graph tricks.


Kek, we're already 3 Old Trapper fans ITT. But I don't have the luck of finding it everywhere like you guys do. Doubtful if I can even find in Europe at all.

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The chart only spans a couple of hours. Zoomed out beyond the 1 day length it's a lot less normalfag scaring. I hate when I see people manipulate graphics like that. Especially when they use line bars while discussing polling and they make /their guy/ disproportionately large.


I know ur having a giggle, user. But wait! More soy in the US means more soy boys. Fug, we actually might be in danger with this one lol.

I kek real hard every time I see this at the grocery store.

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Soy is subsidized by the federal government. They literally pay farmers to grow it, and the resulting surplus is crammed into just about ever prepared food (and some nonfood products) in the country.

That stuff is actually pretty good. Too bad it's kike shit.

Is this all a part of a subversive chink plan to further weaken the west coast??

Here's to hoping the soy market goes bust, making for another case of Trump somehow turning the weapons of opponents toward a favorable outcome for Murka, all while setting up future negotiations.

Old Trapper's breddy damned gud stuff. You generally just find overprocessed gas-station-tier stuff here.
t. europoor who has previously imported some

Retail soy products are priced entirely on being hipster niche, the bulk price makes no difference.

What cheap soy actually would do is lower the price of meat, because almost all soy ends up as feed.


Good. Soy is mostly used as livestock feed. I hope this makes grassfed animal products more competitive with ZOG chow. Maybe the goyim will be made healthy again.

Go pick up random products at your grocery store, look on the nutrition label where it lists what it contains.

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks that.

I move on and grab the chink brand of teriyaki sauce. That said, if we're starting a trade war with China, maybe we should talk about how to make our own teriyaki sauce?

The Japs make Teriyaki sauce, and Panda Express has our chink sauces covered.

I can't think of any chink brands of teriyaki, a Japanese thing. I can think of Japanese brands of teriyaki sauce though.

America doesn't need shit from China. It's not like an Italian sportscar, Swiss watch or a high end French fashion item that simply could not be made at the same quality in America. China doesn't give us anything that couldn't be made better in America and give us the low skilled labor jobs we desperately need for our own citizens.

the font looks super kosher

some jew choose the wrong font…

Let me know when the chinks start getting thirsty. Water is going to get expensive.

It's honestly really bad, I had some of it once and it's ridiculously sugary poison.

You don't need any of that shit either. What the fuck is wrong with you?

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That one's dead.

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This being sort of a food thread, what do you guys think of this meal I've eaten for the past 3 weeks:


Protip from one Europoor to another: Germany has some really good small jerky brands like Adchi's Dragon Jerky or Black Forest Jerky as does the UK (can't remember the names right now but would reckognize the packaging). Price should be OK, probably cheaper than importing Old Trapper's.

I'll have to check products in Europe.

I like the ingredients but you eat that EVERY day?

i found the best way to lose weight was to just pick out 1 or 2 meals and keep eating them over and over. Food became nothing more than fuel for me. I dropped over 60 lbs and the approach changed my life.

I would have gone with whole grain rice but otherwise it isn't looking too bad. Factory farmed beef is kind of a weird one because while it is typically high in test and bio-available chemicals that become test after digestion it has seen a somewhat recent spike in estrogen content.

I can't wait to see Venezuela on a 1/5 of the world scale.
Communism causes starvation yet again.

Thats true in general, but i doubt you have the manpower to actually rival chinese factories.

Those arent just low skill jobs either, theres no way they could be done by your average nigger, mexican or white trash. Manufacturing in a factory often doesnt require a diploma or something, but intensive on site training and precise handwork, its not like flipping burgers or stacking boxes.

Foxconn alone has over a million employees (worldwide but majority in china) who work full time++.
Theres no way you could replicate their giant manufacturing complex in the US, even with 10 years time and unlimited funds. Simply because the manpower just isnt avaliable and it couldnt be competetitive even with massive tarrifs that wouldnt be "consumer neutral" to say the least.

Trump is absolutely right that the trade war was lost long ago and this is just a band-aid.

Old, but gold:^)

Kekking hard at this mate, over 80% of a farmer produce price is subsidized by the Government. This occurs everywhere, from US, EU, Russia and so forth.

chemicals in the water that turn the frogs gay

Yeah. Until 3 weeks ago I ate nothing but ground turkey tacos for 3 years. Like that other user said, food is fuel. I mean, I'm a great cook, but I don't faff around with much more than I need.

I'm probably going to switch to moose later this year when hunting season kicks off.

That only makes me want to see what happens if those subsidies stop.
So you're taking money out of the pockets of the people and put it through the administrative machinery where most of it disappears, just so what little remains of it for farming subsidies actually goes into farming subsidies, reducing the price only for those who actually buy them, if you could just relay those costs to whoever buys those products by not subsidizing it at all?
How good a businessmodel for exportation is it really if you need to subsidize it?

Well, this is embarrassing.

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get rid of the beef and add fish.
the rest looks good but you (((generally))) get more out of foods if you eat them raw.

Kike detected. Reminder that the Talmud demands that only jewry have access to meat.

they look like they are posing for an outdoor cumshot

This, unfortunately. We, at least my company and others I know, tried to move manufacturing outside China numerous times to places such as India and Africa but the results were always the same. The chinks may be slaves but they are high IQ slaves. Even the Portuguese noticed this centuries ago

>"The Portuguese "highly regarded" Asian slaves like Chinese and Japanese, much more "than slaves from sub-Saharan Africa".[24][25] The Portuguese attributed qualities like intelligence and industriousness to Chinese and Japanese slaves which is why they favoured them.[26][27][28][29]

>In 1595 a law was passed by Portugal banning the selling and buying of Chinese and Japanese slaves.[30]"

I may go fish for salmon this year, but I'm sure as hell not putting that in my stew.

Tried some flavors of both. Not a big fan of Black Forest. Can't quite put down what's rubbing me the wrong way. It's good, but something's just off. The best of them I've had has been Adchi's Onion Pepper. Tastes like jerky. Not some kind of souped-up superproduct with unique accents for artisanal tastes. It's just fuckin' well-seasoned jerky that does exceptionally well at being jerky and well-seasoned.
Shit year.

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We wourrd not die in that man's company
That fealls his ferrowship to die with us.
This day is carr'd the feast of Clispian.

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Fucking for real? Holy shit, they thought of everything. Crap, the more you learn about the Jews. . .

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According to some automatization and robotization is the solution but I'm not 100% convinced.

After all robots pushing boxes (Amazon) or robots welding large metal pieces (car factories) is not the same as assembling super complex luxury watches. At least not for the time being.

Pretty much agree. There are a few countries which have a massive industry and literally supply the world and this is not going to change in any meaningful way IMO.

Damn…..How long do you plan on eating that new stuff?


Seriously the sooner we buckle down and tell China to go fuck themselves the better off we'll be, weather a few hard years and have them sink before they solidify a truly non reliant state.
They'll do it to us if we don't do it to them, it's a game of chicken not mutually assured destruction.

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le roughly 56% percentile in your field face

No plan. I just listen to my body. It knows what it wants.

What terrifies me most about soylent isn't the fact that it's feminizing leftists at alarming rates, it that they literally named a product after one the the most infamous dystopian pieces of science fiction in history and leftists couldn't trip over themselves fast enough to chug it down.

It shows a remarkable amount of selfawareness on their part even if they are doing it completely unconsciously.

Burger, here.
I gave up on store-bought yogurt years ago and started fermenting my own.
For those of you interested, there are strains that operate at room temperature, instead of the higher temps required by the traditional variety.
Filmjolk is one (Siggi's Brand (you can even use it to make cheese)), as well as milk kefir.

In my personal experience, the key to a successful Teriyaki sauce is which soy sauce one selects.
If its viscosity is like that of water, forget it: you want something that flows more like warm molasses.
I've had good results with Pearl River Bridge brand (of course, that's produced in China, so, I'll have to locate an alternative.)

I think another intended effect is the implied threat of robotization to drive down wages/increase worker output.
It never ceases to amaze me how much abuse workers are willing to tolerate when they're in fear for their livelihoods.

The only problem there is how soft society has become.
Nowadays, most people only care about ease and convenience, and will bitch and moan to the nearest politician willing to pander for their vote.
That's not to say the fight isn't a necessary one, just an uphill one.

Good for huezil, now the chinks will buy all the surplus soy that we produce in our vasts soy deserts.

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It's a poison. People without challenges can't grow up.

Farming subsidies aren't (or shouldn't) be for export, it should be for national defense.
A nation that can't feed itself in case of war is a dead nation, and it's impossible to go up against third world three-harvests-a-year plantations owned by multinationals with farming in the northern hemisphere without subsidies (at least with current farming methods and population sizes, could talk about this for hours, but essentially farming got massively jewed 60 odd years ago).

Here in Europe you can actually buy high quality yoghurt even packaged in GLASS jars (which also look really nice) instead of plastic shit. But yeah in America you're probably better off making your own..


Isn't all this soy grown in California?

How is no one appreciating these incredible digits?

you basterd. only we we kikes were to know about this plan.

fair enough. props for actually killing your own food there.

I've been inside a Foxconn plant, you know the slave house that builds all your little samdungs and ifags and busttops/craptops and whatever else the fuck you're using to post here. Let me tell you motherfuckers that competing with the Chinese on manufacturing is fucking impossible. They are not human beings. Let me tell you what I mean

At the Foxconn plant

And that isn't even half of it. You can read all he stories and testimony yourself of former workers if you don't believe me. To me, it's just the irony of that retarded commie fuck Mao. His little chinklings ended up the literal slaves of kapital but it hurts them AND workers in the West that fucking need these jobs but there's no way you can compete with what they do. Their level of work ethic and humanity is soulless and robotic rather than human and it makes them impossible to compete against. The only possible way the west would be able to compete is to slash wages to oblivion, bring back protestant work ethic without any of the morality, and strip workers of all legal, regulations, and basic rights. It's basically Shekelstein's wetdream, that's why the industry that's owned by them loves using it so much.

Seriously, do you know a single person in the West who would be willing to work for 130USD a month with the conditions these slave houses have?

Automation is a meme. Those robots cost not only a tremendous amount in upfront capital but many come with maintenance costs of a German car. The savings may be there relative to first world labour but relative to the slavery of chinks it's not economical.

You ever read an ingredient label on most processed foods in the USA? Soy is in everything there. It's not a meme, it's the truth.

What was the point behind that? Why Kentucky of all places?

Neither you need to have all your children married to kikes, but billionaires do it still.