When did you realize that leftism is a fundamentalist religion?

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not throwing all religion under the bus, only the insane fundamentalist kind
If leftism is a religion, Christianity (and Paganism) are far more reasonable and sane
leftism is more similar to Religion of Cuck™ or an insane Christian offshoot cult

To be fair he isn't completely wrong, it's more of a cult, but he has the right idea.

this, it's a cult, not a religion

in the 90's

you think this stuff stopped in the 90s?

When evolutionists could never reproduce their claims of macro evolution, but continue to act like it's proven anyway.

Leftists follow a form of creationism, where humans do not evolve, similar to what Christians belief.

If evolution is real, then humans evolve, therefor different races can not be equal, therefor animal rights and environmentalism make less sense, because some species will simply go extinct.

Evolution is not compatible with leftism and I belief the only reason leftists even pretend they belief in evolution, is because Christians like you don't.

Ooorrr they can have evolution and still reject the logical conclusions, because that's the mastery of Liberalism. How new r u?

Thats my point!

When I noticed the great decline in religion, yet no decline in the stupid. Fundamentalists and leftists traded one faith based ideology for another.

It has to be a religion in order to fill the vacuum created by the first tenet of leftism: the banning of organized religion.

When will you realize these shitty slides don't work.

Look at all the tyrannical lefties. They are all the same. Broken families, LGBT same gender mom/mom households, alone, never married, living with cats, no morals, no boundaries, no right or wrong. Everything that is not compatible in a family. They never had a family, and they aren't functional in one. That is why they want to destroy the household. It's what they don't have.

Leftism is their family, it's all they have.

good point - and just like a cult, the cult provides the missing family / social belonging that they crave deep down and that makes them vulnerable (and therefore easy to indoctrinate / recruit)

It's neither a religion or a cult, leftism is dying, because it's progressive movement that will slowly loose connection to it's roots. These people preserve nothing. The great left of the unions and strikes is gone, the altculture left of hippies and punks is almost gone, the genderfluid left will eventually disappear, it doesn't matter.

It’s all just zealotry of one form or another. Religion of Cuck™, Marxism, certain fundamental Christianity sects, feminism, communism. Blind, stupid zealotry. The vast majority of human brains crave an “-ism” to tell them how to think and behave. Some just take it to an extreme. Beware zealotry in any of its forms

They have a very strict and well defined moral code though, it just so happens to boil down into the bizzaro world equivalent of or every previous moral code in history.
Love is hate, tolerance is intolerance, history is evil, tradition is too. They have untouchables, heterosexual well adjusted whites, and they have their sacred calf, literally any poc that isn't guilty of thought crime.

I'm pretty sure most people here have already compared leftism to a religion/cult. It's a good topic for the newfags to see, but please be aware that this is closer to 4/pol/ than 8/pol/.

They only like evolution when they can use it to attack Christianity. Notice how they don't bring that shit up with Jews or Muslims. In reality liberals believe nothing except what is politically expedient. They would become rabid creationists if the need arose. They would think that we've always been at war with East Asia if the need arose.

The new original sin is being born white or a male. The the new devil is bigotry, typically racism. You can continue to make many parallels between the old religions and the “new” ones. The unthinking zealot brain falls into the same thought patterns throughout history

He's responding the question you asked. Hint it's in the subject line

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I disagree, they are at their core creationists, because evolution disproves many of their most cherished believes. Evolution makes men unequal, creats hierarchies, etc.

yet they rabidly claim to adhere to "science" and hate creationism.. how they rationalize this is currently a mystery to me

They don't, no selfawareness.

so is this a potential ideological fault line / attack vector that could cause their ideology to unravel if provoked the right way?

No, they have no selfawareness.

Do you think leftists care about learning about science or history? they can't because both deal with the past and they only look at the here and imagine some perfect future.

so how do we redpill effectively?

We don't, they are wrong.

it's blatantly obvious they are wrong but how do we change their minds so we can get their votes in order to get power so we can save our people

We can't.

oh rly

A single "leftist" does not mean there isn't a type of unthinking being.

You have no intrest in leaning.

if they are unthinking why can't they simply be swayed another way?

You forgot the Freudian inspired sexual religion.

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The problem isn't that they can't be swayed it's that as long as they have their networks of other leftists they can't.
It requires mantra to think like that and they don't necessarily have to be the ones saying it to effect them

Ishtar's names are many, and her (or, occasionally, "his") cults are many, but they're always based on the same four principles:

1. The principle of brotherhood. Each member in the cult will be obliged to consider each other member as a brother/sister. It's common for a cult to refer to itself as a "brotherhood" or "sisterhood".
2. The principle of permanence. Once you join the cult, you join for life. People who try to leave are killed, or at the very least their lives are ruined.
3. The principle of outrage. Cultists must exist in a perpetual state of furor over some issue or another. If the issues are resolved, new issues must be invented immediately.
4. The principle of ignorance. All cultists operate with – at most – only a vague idea of the cause they supposedly champion. Even with a nebulous definition, the cult will likely take actions that go against their ostensible goal. (Pointing out any hypocrisy will only make the cultists infuriated and violent.)

Among whites, the main cult of Ishtar is known as "Feminism", and she holds sway over most women and some men.
Among blacks, the main cult of Ishtar is known as "Thug Life", and the majority of the race are loyal to her.
Among arabs, the main cult of Ishtar is known as "Religion of Cuck™", and the ones that don't work for her husband Baal generally work for her. (Their marriage is hardly a happy one, but they do provide significant support for each other: you'll find no shortage of "atheist jews" demanding that "refugees" be imported into nations by the millions.)

(It should go without saying, but as a demon, Ishtar's goal is the erosion of sentience, or, to put it more simply, destroying civilization and reducing mankind to unthinking animals.)

It's interesting that the most interest parasite SJWers I've come across all tend to have Evangelist Christianess in their backgrounds.

It has structure of religion but there is key difference.

True religion is send by God and is objectively true by definition (Christianity, Judaism, Religion of Cuck™).

leftism is invented by man, so its false religion worshiping "god" that doesn't exist.

Sometime when I saved the first pic.

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Communism is a materialist version of Judaism, with the jews sitting as the intellectual class of the working proletariat. Zionist authors celebbrate the soviet revolution as a jewish revolution, similarly to the rise of the Ayatollahs.

Nice analogies OP, good read

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Tens of thousands of words have been written on this very topic. Nobody knows where Moldberg's true loyalties lie, but his writing on the subject of modernity is at least thought-provoking - it served as a jumping-off point for me into further redpilling.

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Acknowledging that it is a dangerous cult doesn't denigrate respectable religion.

Stop creating these unnecessary dichotomies like creationism vs evolution. The only people who are going to care about you insulting leftists by calling them creationists are useless libertarians.

thats not believing in evolution m8, its like saying the earth globular but still flat, the contradiction does not allow for this belief.

get the fuck out and lurk for 2 years you subhuman trash.

Except they have no fundamental beliefs, unless you count the fundamental belief in ever-changing, subjective reality. It's true that they will ostracize people who don't toe that ever-changing line but tbh your analogy is tenuous at best and is kinda gay- much like you.


Leftism is a fundamentalist semetic abrahamic religion like Judaism, Religion of Cuck™, and Christianity.
Leftism has nothing in common with vedic religions.

OP I actually want to hug you. I've been thinking about this for months. They claim to be atheist, but in reality they just replaced God with government. The President its chosen one. Hence why they're so opposed to Trump, or any right wing candidate for that matter. Its offensive to their belief of theology

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here, have some OC

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I lived in a (all white) progressive bubble for most of my childhood and much of my teenagehood. It wasn't until I began to actually devote time and effort to studying the problems claimed by progressivism that I realized I had been lied to. In the progressive memeplex, all non progressives are either stupid and incompetent or evil or a combination of both. I was not exposed to a single dissenting viewpoint in good faith during my upbringing and whenever the right was discussed it was with mockery and derision never were the ideas or ideals or the right mentioned without strawmanning.

Being on the right to a progressive is analogous to being a heretic or a heretic sympathizer. It is a fundamentally religiositic movement despite its claims to being secular.

I will note however that this behavior is not exclusive to progressives by any stretch of the imagination and can be found in hard right communities. But, as far as intellectual honesty is concerned, right of center types are more than happy to actually engage with and debate left wing ideas and ideals in good faith.

The honest debate is what I desire.

I call this "walled Garden inculcation" its a perfectly controlled space, and everything in there is curated by a handful of devoted fundie freaks, and anything that offers a different opinion is plucked out like an offending dandelion, while the urge to rebel is channelled by leaving marxist doctrine/class war urgings lying around where children can find them. Thus the lashing out against this totalitarian control is turned into its weapon against any not under it.


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Look at all the sexual abuse allegations coming out of leftist circles the resemblance is uncanny

When this man was targeted by a group of literally drunken feminists who happened to know some detectives and people in the prosecutors office who would do them a political favour.


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this is another interesting point to add

Very true.
They especially love MLK (Bend over for the nice BBC whitey) and Mandela (purging South Africa of whites and functional governance slowly is sooo progressive, what a hero).

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The only thing they did was stop pretending to be Christian

You're not the first to observe the cult-like nature of modern leftism, but I take my hat off to you for setting it out so thoroughly.

All religions start off as cults. Really the only differences between mainstream religions and cults are recognition and respectability.


Religions evolved to cater to a need that the weaker minded members of society have for meaning and guidance in their lives. They serve to control behavior by providing a framework of rules, punishments and rewards much like a responsible parent does to a child. This can work to the common good - advanced societies might not be possible without such ideas to keep the sheep in line - but it can also be exploited for nefarious purposes.

Modern Leftism is basically the product of sneaky Kikes exploiting this aspect of human psychology to control the goyim and trick us into self-destructive behavior. Love, tolerance, equality and charity are all powerfully appealing ideas that have been deliberately corrupted. They take them in abstract and purposefully disregard other essential qualities like responsibility, self-preservation, real fairness and scientific reality.

It's slowly fading away as the faulty ideology continues to crash up against reality, and sane people see through it in increasing numbers. It's not going to die completely by itself, though. A hard-core will remain.

Sadly, as Yuri Bezmenov alluded to, there are a certain number of die-hard leftists that are so wedded to their belief system that they will never let it go, to do so would be an existential crisis. These people are beyond salvation and will have to be dealt with. The good news is that most of them are Jews, so nothing of value will be lost. Hopefully more of them will save us the bother by an heroing off of cliffs in SUVs full of Niglets.

Like twenty years ago in JR High

When they chose to continue replacing themselves with shananays and hakeems despite the horrifying crime statistics, riots and turning America into a third world country.


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