Nasim Aghdam YouTube shooter Part #2

Don't Let Your Memes Be Dreams Edition
REVEALED: Iranian animal rights protester, 39, who shot three staff at YouTube's HQ before killing herself, had a vendetta against the 'dictatorial' site for censoring her videos and not paying her
-Woman opened fire with a handgun at YouTube's headquarters in San Bruno, California on Tuesday afternoon
-She has been identified as 39-year-old Nasim Aghdam who lived in San Diego
-Police said she shot a man and two women who were taken to hospital suffering from gunshot wounds
-Authorities found the woman dead on the campus when they arrived
-Aghdam was a prolific YouTuber who had ranted online claiming the company was censoring her content
-Her father Ismail Aghdam said he warned police that she hated YouTube and feared she might be headed to their headquarters after she went missing from her home 470 miles away
-Footage showed terrified employees evacutating the building in a line with their arms in the air

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Anyone find nudes yet? :^)

More like Nazi Aghdam

events like this highlight the true beta male nature of this board.

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From a 39 year old virgin who hates degeneracy? I doubt it unless she was a MKUltra victim and had a degenerate earlier period in reaction to such abuse

What did he throw in her face?


She's Iranian female MJ zoolander that triggers joogle and pinkos that they're willing to unperson her.

You don't have to waifu her to find her funny as fuck.

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You forgot to put "electric boogaloo" in the title
Btw this is a male to female most likely, and 8nogs are fapping to him rn, which does me a saddening.
Get your eyes checked anons, he has an adams apple for goodness' sake… and that mouth/cheekbones seem obviously masculine.
Just because someone has the chin of a woman doesn't make them fap material. However I still respect her for her lifestyle choices and trying to make a difference.

Fuck I switched the pronoun at the end subconsciously.
Look what this pc world has done to me!









The file name says "Raid", so it was probably insecticide from her reaction.

She is less tanned, looks more human than David Hogg…

It gets old.

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How about "don't let them memoryhole it"
Instead of just accepting it as a foregone conclusion like a bunch of cucks.

Why didn't you save "her"?

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Nothing yet about the dude in body armor?

A female Elliot Rodger.

Illegal Alien? Refugee Status? H1B Visa?
Mental Illness documented history?
Illegal Gun?
Did I miss any still unanswered questions?

Whos that girl

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idgaf what anyone was 3k years ago
mudslimes aren't white now and neither are iranians

oic you've got (23) so you're likely a fucking shill itt
but don't misrepresent what that document is
here it is
it's a summary of various religions and their positions vis a vis v36anism
it mentions zoroastrianism and jainism and Christianity and Religion of Cuck™, and none of you motherfucking shills are trying to say that she was any of THOSE, only trying to say either "cryptojew" or "bahai" without any fucking proof
she doesn't claim ANY of the religions mentioned in that document
also as says some very stupid lies about Christ, who fed thousands with fish in two different miracles, cooked fish for the disciples after the Resurrection, and turned water into wine at the wedding in Cana, but whom she says "was against eating flesh and wine"

bottom line, she's born and raised in iran so odds are >99% that she was raised MUSLIM by her daddy named ISMAEL and while she may have changed religious beliefs it was only to become a "RELIGIOUS V36GAN" and not "bahia" and certainly there's zero evidence of being "cryptojew" as most of those are in saudi arabia, uae, and upper levels of the turkish government

she's fruity but there's absolutely no strong evidence that she's bahai

post one as proofs or gtfo
note that posting shit about Religion of Cuck™ic festivals harming animals isn't explicitly anti-Religion of Cuck™, read the fucking spergout she wrote about various religions and read my comments above itp

Almost surely not
Made several videos against halal meat slaughter and mocked Religion of Cuck™ic dress
She was Bahai or possibly Jewish
Likely a citizen, lots of Bahai came here as refugees since the Iranian government is against them for being friendly with Israel and for being non-Muslims

almost all of that is bullshit
see my post immediately above and the link inside for her actual discussion about religions and animal slaughter
there is absolutely
that she is bahai or cryptojew
at most she is a lapsed mudslime

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Jesus, the autism is strong here, the girl was a fucking riot, we're just having some fun talking about her, it'll die down in a couple of days.
No one is going to say we should open our borders or racemix because of her or some shit like that, calm your fucking tits and hide the threads if they rile you up so much.

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Her website is kill
I was trying to grab some files and getting 503s - unavailable.
It's either over the bandwidth limit, or is getting hammered.

Archive 80% uploaded so far….

Images are from her files on religion and fagism. She doesn't seem to be of any religion except her own always be nice to animals religion.

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She was literally a writer for a Bahai blog and referred to herself as a Bahai

There is absolutely zero evidence whatsoever she is a Muslim, if anything you seem desperate to push an agenda

The rest of the pages in that file…

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Would bang

that's a strange little video shitpost but again it's not evidence of anything and certainly doesn't seem to be complementary or celebratory about judaism or yidsrael

still waiting for proofs that she was anything but a lapsed muslim whose new "faith" was v36ganism

What's the archive link for that?
I'm getting unavailable.

I'm confused. People who are closer to us ideologically get the shaft for doing shit because they don't conform perfectly (like the alt-right), but then some person like this becomes the greatest thing ever. There's a lot of left-steering that bothers me. I don't want to support it when I see that we only seem to meet resistance when we try to position ourselves somewhere in our own lane. James Fields would be an example of that. Runs over BLM cunts, now all of a sudden UTR is "dead" and he's a schizo kike, but this obvious non-white left of center crazy cunt is the best thing since sliced bread. I don't understand this and I feel like I'm being manipulated to do the left's bidding.

Half Armenian, half azeri (this is the ethnicity).
She was born in Iran.
Not muslim.
Quoted hitler, named sexual degeneracy as a problem, was pro guns, pro troops and anti censorship.

Not sur what the source of the pic is that calls her jewish, but it might be legit.

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Exactly. Points to 99% that she was raised Muslim, perhaps a certain sect, or not practicing, or a "Jack Muslim" lol
Illegal Alien? Refugee Status? H1B Visa?
Mental Illness documented history?
Illegal Gun?
Still unanswered questions?

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Holy fuck that was fast, im convinced this is a honeypot where they are looking for links to censor and to control the general narrative to be more pro-neocon

israel gets wiped off the map this year you fucking kike. Syria is cleansed. Iran has no obstacles and Israel will be wiped off the map.

What has she done to that poor cat?

Why is she dressed for the cold, when everyone else in image is dressed for a 90 degree day? Looks shopped…

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I'm assuming you meant to reply to:
Cats like those have to have their fur trimmed once in a while for treatment. she was an animal rights activist and loved animals, so she had many animals she had rescued.

Has this "woman" ever smiled at least once in her pointless life?

She blogged extensively about the Baha'i religion and called herself a Baha'i activist>>11446935

there's tons
born and raised in iran where 99% of the population is muslim and shia
her father's given name is a traditional muslim name
dead link. no wayback archive either*/

this link claims bahai with the same dead link you gave, and with no screenshots or other documentation

so sorry you have no proof of your claim that she was bahai, as the single only source, which is under an alias, no longer exists

you provide some, i'll eat crow, but until then, she's muslim in my opinion.

Forgot pic

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Rescued it?

I got nothing on the archive link you gave either.

A little information of the files you could grab from her sites files and media folders before they got shutdown. They are from the defunct sites she promoted before. Peacethunder is the only active one but it seems to be taken by someone else of japanese origin.

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Probably some fur removal to stop cat shedding, sometimes needed if cat gets sick or fur gets really dirty.
But i don't really know the details.

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she wasn't raised a muslim. neither were her parents. the photos of her as a toddler, and then later a teen, all lack any references to a muslim lifestyle, including her parents (like her mom never wearing even a head scarf). her bio claims jewish religion

She's Armenian Azeri, not muslim. most of Iran is not religious either. her mom doesn't wear a headscarf in pics of her as toddler and teen, not a trace to Religion of Cuck™ in this case. I'm surprised cripplechan is so behind the facts on this lmao

Animal and AI rights activists cause materialist metaphysics to implode. They're forced to declare that humans some sort of divine right of dominion over all other living creatures on the planet because of their intellectual merit, that usually leads to "why should we tolerate niggers?"

Photo shopped, same outfit as the other two, the card in her hand with the Fox on it, the edge line can be seen.

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Exactly this, I've been laughing since yesterday. This megasperg gloriously fucks up trying to kill jewtube kikes and becomes an hero in the process. You don't need to have a boner for her or think she's perfect Zig Forums material to enjoy a violently autistic lolcow. She's not quite Supreme Gentleman tier but I'd imagine this is the closest a woman will ever come

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TY, now post the Bio please

at a site that anyone can edit lel

they make the claim she was bahai, but they have no support; they don't even provide links, they make attribution to the same, conveniently and cohencidentally, DEAD, site that was mentioned above
they claim she "talked about bahai" in some of her videos, but as you can see from following the links i provided, she talked about a LOT of different religions

bottom line, there is an agenda that some have to have this woman NOT be recognized as a muslim

because this would yet another mass shooting by a muslim

if some provides legit proof, in her own words, with a link that still functions or is archived, or maybe a screenshot of herself saying it, or a video where she actually claims it as her religion, then i'll eat crow.

until that happens, she's another muslim shooter

I think she's an atheist/agnostic animal rights activist and animals are her religion.

And still Unanswered;
Illegal Alien? Refugee Status? H1B Visa?
Mental Illness documented history?
Illegal Gun?

Zero credible evidence
And likely a bahai refugee which is why she lives in the US and not Iran, like a large percentage of Iranian-Americans
Aghdan is a traditional Azeri name, not a Muslim name nor is it in the Muslim family name style of including the family/tribes orignal location as part of the name

I ripped the webpage before it was deleted

Eat shit faggot, i ripped all the text and files where she refers to herself as a Bahai activist

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fags are subhuman trash

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shorter link

1080p video archive and 1700+ images!7bBQnDjQ!v8JEYppgmQLJoV_H0FJSnQWMnwzKaq5mfS8ABxZpmP0
These are the 44 videos that were on DailyMotion, and all the images that were in her website before they got shoah'd.

Attached: NasimAghdamdontletyourmemesbedreams.png (1555x1307, 3.27M)

She WAS a woman, you utter christfuck.

Total file size is 4.54Gb in zip file.
It took me about 2hrs to upload, so good luck with your download!

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it's fap time.

De-monetized, i'm gonna grab my gun
I fired 99 bullets but i only killed one

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Thanks user

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By the good gods, do you know what you've done, user?

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someone upload the exercise vid to pornhub

Thanks user.

Archive is ready 4u

Dam user! Are you sitting next to the Mega server with a SCSI SSD plugged into it? kek!

Memed responsibly?

I don't think she would approve of such degeneracy tbh

actually your right
upload it to youtube

Lot of files with same images where you can see she wanted to edit them. Yet, she still kept the original files. At least she was improving her photoshopping skills.

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If you watch porn you need to leave this board right now. It is the ultimate form of jewery

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Every time.

did she have fake tits

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I think this will be Zimmerman all over again soon.

"She was white! look at this photo of her taken when she wasn't wearing a headscarf that we Photoshopped to make her skin lighter!"

"She was far-right! mass shootings are a far-right thing, so all mass shooters are far right!, YouTube is full of minorities and so only a white supremacist would shoot it up! we even found some quotes from her that sound vaguely right-wing when taken out of context!"

"still not biting huh? okok, maybe she was not wite, and maybe she was not a white supremacist, BUT she only did it because she was programmed into the culture of violence that was created by white supremacy, and so her actions are STILL the fault of the far right, and by that I mean the entire right wing, and BY THAT I mean all white people!"

"PS: even if you don't take any of that bullshit, we'll still be using it as support for our case to repeal the 2nd, abolish gun ownership, and confiscate all privately-owned guns without compensation, pay no mind to the fact that it occurred in THE state of the left-wing with THE largest degree of gun control in the united states!"

"just, fuck white people, and I say that as a fellow white person, or my name isn't schlomo goldenstein! (what? that's a totally white name to have)"

top kek

She is a woman with breasts, although in some videos she uses a bra with fake tits but she makes it obvious by taking them off and they're videos parodying western singers acting like whores

That could also lead to "why should we tolerate anyone with an IQ less than Koko the gorilla?", which includes many whites as well.

The supreme lady.

people have been re-uploading any of her vids they had to jewtube since it happened.

Her tragedy is another bullied lonely virgin who snapped.

The tits in that photo = a prop she used in her videos. See the previous thread.

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I think she would have done better with a knife.

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Fuck off Iranian sand nigger. Baha’i is literally a new interpretation of Religion of Cuck™ that includes Sikhism too. It’s a mixture of Hinduism, and Religion of Cuck™. The sand monkey who founded it was literally a Muslim who thought himself another “prophet.” Mainstream Mudslimes Hate Baha’is. Bahais are basically the Mormons of Religion of Cuck™. Shia Muslims in Iran push this conspiracy theory that white supremacists led by Dugin are allied with Bahai and trying to overthrow their Iranian Caliphate.

iran pre shah and shiiieeet was very secular in its social conventions, women went to university and wore dresses and skirts all the wanted in the 70s

You mean pre-Ayatollah?

She was born in 1979, all pictures are post revolution

Wut? No it's not. I have the full set of images and isn't a shoop - which she was pretty shit at doing anyway.
The image ties in with others she had in the directory of photos taken at that event.

yeah my bad i got my terms mixed up. POST shah iran=fundamentalist Religion of Cuck™

And I think that'll be it for me. There's a lot of images but most of them are edits to the same image with minor tweaks. If the other user doesn't pull through with the files, I'll post them later. Got to tap out and think about work since some of us still have to do it. Catch y'all later.

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Don't worry, they'll get their shit together once Hitler returns.

I delivered a while ago.

You wont get wrinkles, if you never smile. Really makes you think…

Can't say I'm surprised.

If they had been closer in age, I think she and that autistic Muslim /r9k/ guy who blew his face off on YouTube would have been a happy and well matched couple.




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she was a Persian v​egan bodybuilder.
A good looking woman isn't always a trap user. Spend more time around women 10/10s in particular

From a youtube video about her..


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