Alan Watts - Gnosis, Enlightenment and Trickery

In the first 4minutes Watts beings to destroy the Luciferian doctrine.

Watts was both a Christian priest and later a master of Zen and the most well known and respected historians of Eastern philosophy including Aryan Veddic teachings. Probably the best teacher on any of these subjects for English speakers.

side note: The Dahli Lama is aligned with the Luciferians/Theosophy.

The pedogate fucks are larping these beliefs and also pushing the transhumanist tranny agenda to reach "Sophia" and escape material patriarchy; this is the foundational spiritual brainwashing for the "Process of Demoralization" and the NWO symbolism we see, like with the London Olympics.

There are also 3 threads at the top about this very subject and people debating in them:
"Druid/pol/ #0019: THE IDES OF MARCH edition"
"Kikes and Subhumans are Still Trying to Run Odinism"
"Esoteric SHILL (not SMILEY)"

I don't have the internet power to upload it. Sorry.

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First 11:00 minutes really

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Don't you mean j e w s


But they use it for peope like this.

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Also this

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You can't just claim to be a Priest and then go around doing Z*n b*d*&*sm and pooing in loos

Gnosticism has its roots in Aryan religions. It's virtually the same thing. If you want to see what the NWO actually believes, check out the lurianic kaballah.

His name is an anagram for Anal Twats. He should really change one of those.


OP you are obviously inexperienced beyond the mind realm. I could try explaining but it's the same as explaining respect to a woman.

He was when he was young. But the point is he understands the concepts and literature.

And our resident IP jumping, period blood drinking, "esoteric" expert Jew (((Robert Sepher))) appears.

Are you writing another book on more of our research yet?

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Gnosticism is low devotional neoplatonism. Why not skip the pointless obscurantism and just go back to the actual source?

Because that has NOTHING to do with this thread. But you're correct. This thread is about the Theosophy/Gnostic/Neo-Masonic/Luciferian/Kabbalistic memes of the (((NWO))).

They believe they're soooo much deeper than every other tradition or person. Everyone else is "profane" or "mundane". Watts destroys this narrative and you can use this video anytime you debate one of them.

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Dahli Lama was approved by the Chinese communist party, that should tell you everything about his "spirituality" go figure why he sit and do nothing when his people and culture being genocided.

Can you back up your claims about Robert Sepehr?

What are you like 50yrs old now, (((Robert)))? Still living in California off your parents sheckles and trolling Zig Forums all day with esoteric threads?






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Looking for this?

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Alan watts is the truth. Anyone deriding is a kike attempting to prevent whites from rediscovering the truth. Remember, Jews cannot fight truth and seek to discredit those who give enlightenment.

You're one persistent kike, man. I'll give you that.


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(((Mods))) anchor one that acually gives you real info to fight them.

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Are you okay? I was just pointing out that Hinduism and the Aryan tradition contain heavy Gnostic elements. And said that the Lurianic Kaballah explains their behavior without throwing white religions under the bus. I'm not your new smiley boogeyman, calm down.

I'm asking if you have anything beyond speculation or rumour regarding Robert Sepehr's alleged heritage. It is not exactly like kikes like to make a career of exposing Sabbatean Frankism, or promoting awareness of Aryan history.

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Didn't you know anyone interested in history or esoteric redpills is Smileyberg? I mean (((Sepher))), sorry.

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If you were really interesting you would stop listening to this fucking kike who shills this board all day and watched the video.

But of course you're replying to yourself

(((Gnosis))) is hippie for buttsex.


What, the Watts video? I''m listening to it now. Also, are implying I'm Robert?

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You can't be too careful.

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>(((Gnosis))) is hippie for buttsex.


It's understandable to be careful with esoteric discussion. The kikes have a LONG history of subverting and defiling everything. I thought OP was just some Zig Forums shill or a boomer or something, but the fact he's shilling Watts is interesting. I can't think of anything bad about Watts, so OP might not be a shill. Although, I don't get why Sepher is the new boogeyman. I occasionally see his videos get posted in x/pol/ threads, and he doesn't seem like a subversive.

Are you just some type of schizo? Considering you refuse to actually say anything of substance, Zig Forums has been really nice to you itt.

I hate fucking stupid people so much. We need Eugenics so fucking bad


There's no need to be upset, my friend.

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Being careful, sure. No problem, but these anti-Robert hysterics started really suddenly, and those posters never have anything constructive to say, they just spam these kinds of threads with incoherent bullshit. No one seems to accuse Anons of being Smiley since the (((Sepher-REEEE))) posters showed up out of nowhere, either. Wow, so organic. As far Robert Sepehr and Alan Watts go, the former is clearly a closet NatSoc who is more Himmler than Hitler and is just barely concealing his power-level for jewtube. The latter is a dead guy whose message was basically think for yourself, stop worrying about petty shit and obscure ritual and dogma, and realise the divine in everyday life.

t. Robert

t. Robert

There are two things I'm wondering. The first is which group would be interested in preventing Zig Forums from getting "green pilled." The second is why are they attacking this robert guy? Is it just D&C or is there another reason they want Zig Forums to not associate with him?

That would be Zig Forums

You seem more like an autist than a bot.
proves you're not a bot I guess. Why are you so unfriendly, my friend? Just tell us what important things you have to say instead of calling everyone robert.

Take your meds.

Most fraternal organisations are philo-semitic and sympathetic to communism. Glow in the dark pony fuckers are also greenpilled. It is logical that they wouldn't want Zig Forumsacks greenpilled.

Meant to say that I think fraternal organisations shill boards as well, on another forum I saw a thread calling out OTO and a baffling number of supposed thelemites came out of the woodwork. I know that's anecdotal, but I suspect it's fairly representative of the general situation regarding these kind of topics.

Because the shills constantly cycle boogeymen in an attempt to keep people confused. There are diminishing returns for calling everyone they want to tar and feather by one name (imkamphy, smiley, etc.).

What if Robert is shilling his books by pretending to be a spastic asspie?

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