BF Of Jewess Becomes NatSoc

She became upset when he confessed and she saw him posting Hitler memes

Business: [email protected]

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Who fucking cares.

We should all make an effort to be mean to at least one Jew every day.


kill yourself you hideous kike, reported.

Kikes complaining about antisemitism and how nazism is being normalized is a net positive. I'd rather have dumb Jews like this kvetching rather than the more clever ones


That face is beyond horrifying. If someone that didn't have to was dating that they're either obese or some other massive defect.
Who cares what decisions they've made. They'll just end up dating a prostitute or similar lateral shit decision.

how does it feel knowing no amount of make-up would cover the huge fucking beak of a nose?

Spoiler that shit

hopefully he cured his blindness


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But that fucking face.
I'd rather look at a tarantula.

This meme sucks.


Bump, honestly I'd do this to a kikess just for fun.

you suck

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By the way, I don't suggest anything I wrote here, it is all just comedy. I'm a drunk and stupid degenerate, ignore me (this is purely comedy).

is the spitting image

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Kek. Look at that nose.

what a shitty forced meme by these (1) kikes

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This. Gas it and move on. A thread didn't need to die for this.

Also, pierced nipples.

it would if it could get its hands on those khazar milkers

sage for shitpost and shit thread

op should kys

can't believe a thread died for this when op should have died instead

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2 second of her voice and I already can't take it anymore, what an annoying jewess.

One second in and she starts hand-rubbing. Fucking kek. Thanks for the webm so this kikess doesn't get any attention.

lets get her to show us her khazar milkers

i'm glad this is bumplocked

Her spergy attitude is kind of cute, but I think he probably told her he's a nazi because he found her annoying and figured this would do it.