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Remember all those smug leftard articles a month or two ago about how the "alt-right is over" and how the "online far-right is finished due to infighting" etc etc?

The latest from VICE:

>Public outcry over last summer’s violent white nationalist rally in Charlottesville was quickly followed by a series of bans targeting racists on the web. Prominent sites lost their domains while leading figures and channels were driven from social media. Months later, however, it’s clear that these bans haven’t had the desired effect.

>As a result, Griffin suggested, the collective white nationalist movement “has actually achieved an invulnerability to attempts by democracies to destroy it.”

Turns out that censorship has the duel effect of not actually silencing your opponents whilst simultaneously convincing everyone that you're a disgusting piece of shit.


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What's rhe word that's filtered to thai fuck shack? Stormfront?

D.aily S.tormer

You don't belong here

Meant for the other user

Neither of you belong here
Go suck some more altkike cock and never come back halfbreed


Remember when (((vice))) was actually independent and provided relatively interesting content? the one good video they did on hezbollah and their museum to their victory over the jews has been totally shoahed. I'm curious, but can guess the real answer I think– anyone ever come across "Shane Smith's" birth name? I bet I can guess…

The fact that they did a relatively unbiased story on hezbollah and that it was shoahed as soon as the jews bought it out and it went full judeo-bolshevik suggests otherwise. It was sort of a small, interesting channel and overnight it became high kikery.

I see this brought up every time one of their viral marketing shills makes a thread about vice here.

No mass media news outlet has ever been trustworthy.

Ignore vice.
Ignore vice threads.

douchebag, I'm talking about the (((vice))) of 7 -8 years ago when they stopped just short of naming of jew. I put it in parentheses and named it as judeo-bolshevik. What else do you want? Like Volkswagon or Hogo Bose or Ford under Henry Ford Sr. when he used to hand out copies of "The Protocols" with your purchase. anything else one independent and now controlled by Jews.

Owners changed.

Took them this long to finally figure that out. Censorship is a lazy, obsolete, "one-size-fits-all" solution to a complex information warfare environment that the internet provides. Memetic warfare has always been the future, where engaging concise content holds an information payload to influence thought, and then spreads through a group culture nurturing them. It'll probably take them another 5 years to figure out what that really means, let alone have the competency to pose a serious threat.

Who the fuck cares? Idiots.

Think of this on the smaller, more personal scale. How did you come to find yourself on the right side of the spectrum? Overton Window shift, or were your old hangouts co-opted with authoritarian leftist bullshit and degeneracy? Equality of Opportunity has not only degraded into Equality of Outcome, but it has also brought along cronyism and nepotism for the ride.
tl;dr: Do not we exist as we are, because of the egregious actions of the far left?

Honestly? Common sense. That's really the only reason for me.

What does Zig Forums think of ? I can't get over how close that is to the (((word))) for officer/manager or something like that. I did a quick search but I don't want to trust msm, does anyone have any good info? Is it a honeypot?

don't trust it, it's shit, run away

but i understand why you're tempted, because you're bored shitless. it's not worth it. run.

Its jewish owned and the kikes are still kvetching.

Sweet mother of digits.

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I liked their documentaries about North Korea and Liberia.

Nah they will continue censorship because right wing beliefs are true. The left can't meme after all because humor is based on the truth. Silencing us is all they can do because the rare leftist who is smart enough to actually engage us intelectually will eventually end up on our side (the kind of leftist who isn't evil anyway, their cult leaders are very smart and have an agenda, the dumb ones are true believers).

I will admit I am board 100%. I am board of being mad and not doing something. But I don't always agree with the majority of what anyone says, so don't take it the wrong way when I say I don't agree with everything here. I'd like to be involved in a larger group of people who politically minded but I'm personally struggling to find anything genuine.

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Still beating that dead horse? Sad.

Vice literally a spook outfit caught lying about their metrics and finances for years. They, like Buzzfeed, have been chosen to replace Gawker to set certain stories in the mainstream and function as outlets for certain types of stories.

it sounds plausible but then why did the jews ever let gawker go down in the courts in the first place?

Did they learn nothing from gamergoy? Did YOU learn nothing?
It is completely impossible to fully censor ideas in this era anymore


Most people never heard of the d.ailystormer or if they did they saw it as just some shitty website that wasn't worth a 2nd visit.The censorship effort is what made it famous and legitimatized it. Having the CEOs of major internet companies making public statements about your site is the type of advertising you just can't buy.

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15 years since the Streisand effect, and the Kikes still don't get it.

The effect is so much stronger now, because the lengths they go to in their failed efforts to suppress the forbidden opinions only serve to validate them. More and more people see for themselves the extent of Jewish control, and their willingness to use it against us goyim.

They were too brazen and pissed too many people, even in court (remember they outright said they'd publish CP if they thought it was a good story). Made too many enemies like Thiel who have the resources to ruin their day.
And the ShekelShoa/Gamergate situation forced them into permanent damage control and fucked with their last round VC raising.

Most of these companies are leveraged to hell and back and use their ad revenue to barely cover their interest, so they decided to cut eventual losses and junk Gawker and it's properties.

probably reached the peak of non jewish investment. Bet against it, take it down offset your losses by having bet that it would go down.

but that then begs the question, why would ZOG's CIA not have a competent head for their outlet? Unless the funding was through shell companies but still, why would ZOG pick them?

Because they were bringing up Jeffrey (((Epstein)))

>Because they were bringing up Jeffrey (((Epstein)))
but then same question– why don't the jews call their patsy and demand he call off his dogs? I fully believe the CIA plants stories, it's documented but just Gawker seems an odd choice.

Turn those boards into paper and read a fucking book once in a while then.

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Would you also recommend sipping on a soy latte while I read? Doing literally means action involving labor or effort, but perhaps you might enlighten all of us with your reading recommendations?

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Hay, guise! I'm building a house. What kind of boreds should i use?

I've never liked the alt right label and still don't. It's best we wake up normalfags without rallying under some banner that let's us be easily identified and removes a layer of anonymity. Spreading our message is the most important thing right now. Then we break out the munitions and scaffolds. These scheming kikes are going to learn you can't censor the truth for long.

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The whole point of labels is to divide us. The last thing (((they))) want is for white people of all politics to start working together. Keep pushing rednecks are inbred and neo nazi aren't nationalists. Divide and conquer.

What a nigger.

They were overconfident and cocky back in 2014/2015.

About the worst they could do is get on board with ISPs and gov agencies to tackle this "security threat". If you're going for a public career, it's lights out at the first ISP leak

Math & Science where my strong subjects, not spelling and grammar. I suppose I could run everything through an app like your kike ass. You fucks glow so hard I need shades in here. All you do is try and start fights. Anything but discuss the topic. It actually makes me hate you more, so I suppose I should encourage you to continue. The more (((you))) fucks show your true colors the more of us will see the truth.

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These are some extremely potent digits.

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Not only potent digits but user nailed the reason for my post. And to think I was going to put my real info into it and sign up… best part is basically nobody checked them… this place makes my skin crawl it's so infested.

Proofreading is the traditional approach to ensuring proper spelling and grammar. Before you hit Reply, look at what you have written to check that actually conveys what you would like to say.

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Always felt this way to an extent. As a young child I thought it was hypocritical that there was a Black entertainment Network but not one for Whites. I didn’t understand how affirmitive action was useful, and I understood the value of eugenics.
I did have a dude-weed lefitist phase in my teenage years but there was a common sense barrier that didn’t let it last very long / move further left.
During gun debates I reluctantly sided anti gun but that was mainly due to not being educated on the subject. When I was actually confronted with information that I couldn’t refute I had no choice but to switch sides.
The thing is we have our own natural views and ways of thinking but if it’s interupred by Jewish brainwashing aka cultural Marxism sand shoved in your face by media and society it’s hard not to be influenced to varying degrees.
I’m glad to have platforms like this one where you can hear an alternative voice to the (((mainstream))) one and the fact it’s anonymous means the information itself is what’s judged free from influence of status, appearance, reputation, or ‘likes’.
There’s shills and CIAniggers too but you learn how to spot them.

What these retards don’t understand is you can’t kill /pol because it isn’t a place. It’s a shared set of values and ideas (for the most part). It’s collective consciousness and it doesn’t need an image board to exist.


Jesus Christ
*that it actually conveys what you would like to say
>tfw accidentally omit a word in a post about proofreading

Grammar is literally an equation with words, and spelling is just putting symbols in the right order. It's not an art.

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You see them on the freeway
It don't look like a lot of fun
But don't you try to fight it
And an idea who's time has come

Don't tell me that I'm crazy
Don't tell me I'm nowhere
Take it from me
It's hip to be square

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Because denton was a retarded theta jew.

t. brainlet

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Now they are resorting to paying off the ecelebs of TRS and DS to push kosher "American nationalism" instead.

I liked the one about Slab City. But that’s just because the place is interesting on its own. The network should be embarrassed about that show where that fat guy literally just smokes weed with people and says stupid shit. Even as a partaker myself that was cringey.

Yea bans are not enough because the far right is one of those things you don’t go back from. You can’t un-know things. You’ll never “un-redpill” yourself. But this is only for people who get passed the neocon barrier. At that point left and right lose their ridiculous prescribed meanings and you’re left with just the almost spiritual desire to help your people. Once you get there nothing will bring you back.

you are the one who suggested the two go together faggot.

This is how I feel, I don't hate the left. I just feel they have weak minds and have been corrupted. I can live next to a liberal, we can even be friends. I don't need to lock my doors at night because my neighbor wants free health care.

Check the digits bitch. Then follow the conversation all the way to the start. Read it. Then KYS/

I read it, you can't even English nigger, let alone read a book.
100% nigger

Wrong, that's an extremely autistic understanding of intelligence that doesn't apply to real life. Isaac Newton couldn't create perfectly composed music to be remembered for centuries while Mozart couldn't revolutionize physics. I live in a non-English speaking country and I've known many STEMlords who instinctively understood physics and engineering beyond my understanding but couldn't write a sentence of proper English without me helping out while I'm ridiculously shit at math. Denying all that is just like the liberal logic that niggers fail at graduating high school only because they don't try hard enough and whitey just has better schools.

(((You))) have no original thoughts and have added nothing to this conversation. Provide links to suggested reading material or your a Jewish shill.

They are only interested in shitting up the board. They couldn't glow harder if they were at born in Chernobyl. I find it amusing and also enlightening. Here is the evidence for all to see how the Jew operates and thinks. Here is proof for all to see why [][]they[][] are the real enemy. Sow discord. Control thoughts. Earn Shekels.

start with mein kampf for starts, and maybe a grammar book wouldn't kill you. How about some sarano or jung, or you could grow a brain cell and find books that interest you and gain some of your own originality.

You're confusing specialization of knowledge with fundamental problem solving. Your STEMlord friends suck at English because they prioritized learning their science over a foreign language. If you have the capacity to memorize the knowledge necessary for your particular focus in some STEM field, you naturally have the intelligence to memorize the fundamentals of sentence structure and spelling. However, I must admit this is an extremely autistic digression of the main topic on my part. I only bring this up because it pains me to see intelligent people take a pass on language.

cop out
nigger stockbroker
a jew

I don't report people because I strongly believe in free speech, but if your'rea kike you should just say it instead of being a degenerate liar.

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There are neurological bases to all this. I've been shit at math for as long as I remember, not because I've never tried. We do far more things instinctively than we think, especially spacial perception - there's a reason why 60 IQ abbos have perfect land orientation, it's an evolutionary adaptation to the barren wide landscape of Australia.

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don't worry I reported you though.

are you confusing an image board for a post directorial thesis… context is for kings. bring it or begone…shew jewfly shoe…

its a cop out meaning i asked for recommended reading… and thats the best you could do… grammar nazi… top keks

You can't spell for shit, and you're using buzz words incorrectly. Get out and tell your shill friends to give up. You suck at subversion.

"his second wife. Preiswerk was antistes, the title given to the head of the Reformed clergy in the city, as well as a Hebraist, author and editor, who taught Paul Jung as his professor of Hebrew at Basel University."

Breaking out the pepes now? JDF party time?

During his marriage, Jung engaged in extramarital relationships.

A degenerate as well. Call me a nigger and recommend some feel book written by a degenerate Jew. BTFO

I wasn't shilling anything that's the best part. You have no logical arguments left so you attack character first saying things like nigger and pointing out pathetic grammar errors instead of engaging in discussion over content. I dont need to worry about using a program to monitor my spelling or my grammar because it comes natural shlomo.. i wasnt born reading runes and hacking around… btfo… all your base .. usa usa usa gas the kikes tanks in 30 minutes faggot.

How embarrassing. They're really not sending their best.

cop out threw them… I'm guessing it doesnt translate that well… assuming it was some sort of insult is a dead give away.

you implied reading is for cucks so its justified to call you a nigger.

I just want to make a point without a value judgement so other anons can talk about what motivates these sorts of people.

They're complaining that there's no central leader to arrest and shut down. They're upset that the trolls and racists (that honestly wouldn't be racists if the Left didn't push so hard) has no allegiance to one thought leader or website. They're screaming at the hordes of the steppes because they're internet hobos that keep talking to each other, even though they have different goals. They can't comprehend this, so they have to invent new terms to classify normal human relationships. How dare separate groups with differing goals be heavily linked together due to their similar goals!

It amazes me that they always show so much of their own pathology whenever talking about this shit. So, it seems like if you destroy a couple key websites, you can destroy the left. I wonder what they see as their key websites.

Yes and Yes. I'm still a small government lolbertarian, but now I'm labelled a Nazi by the left. Now I hang out with actual Nazi's because they don't censor everything that is uncomfortable. I wish there was a different place for more sane left leaning people to hang out … but there really isn't.

Dude, you missed the best part:
Squirm and cry as they might, they're having to face the reality that they're losing because the nazis have facts, evidence, and logic, and all they have are appeals to emotion.
(Anyone have the old "you nazis are onto something" screenshot?)

Best way to look at it is the left uses a strictly top-down system to maintain their network. That's why they're focused on strategies which try to sever the heads so that systems goes into disarray. However, the right has evolved a bottom-up system to immunize against this approach, where mutual ideas via memes propagate among peers to form the whole in a decentralized network. Everyone's mostly on the same page in general thinking instead of taking orders from a clearly known higher authority in the chain.

I implied no such thing.
I am bored as in it was the reason I was contemplating joining gab I wanted to socially connect with other people and discuss politics. Doing as in help organize like minded people to bring about goals. I am a leader, it's something that comes naturally to me. Hiding in small groups and whispering to each other ideas in the dark is not appealing to me.That is the action of a Beta male. However the true indicator of your nature lays in how you respond. It wasn't, "what books have you read user?" it was read a book. I had expressed a desire to do something and it was met by encouragement to not do anything. It wasn't go hit the gym, or find a good woman… it was sit in a room and spend time doing nothing, making no effort to break the system. Just read goy… don't ever do.


It is, without a doubt, social media websites in general. They use social media to organize, to gather, to meet, to fight eachother, to schedule events, and to try to spread their message. There could potentially be other sites, but the vast majority of these faggots are completely technologically illiterate and unironically think that the Facebook IS the internet. We really are the umman manda. I'd imagine if Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Tumblr all fell, you would probably see the lefty problem rapidly disappear, or at the very least, become operationally ineffectual until their handlers establish a replacement. I'm sure they have little sites of their own, but they are incapable of operating in the shadows despite trying to; they just HAVE to tell everyone every last detail of their operation, their group, who they're working with, and other general opsec insecurities because they are so desperate for societal praise. They are literally addicted to approval.

9/11. I was a Jr. High School kid addicted to the internet when it happened, and quickly began frequenting "conspiracy theory" sites and alternative news sources. I visited a lot of lefty news sites at the time, which was very critical of Bush. Then when Obama became president I noticed all of the lefty alt-news sites stopped digging on his questionable, shady actions and instead sucked his dick. I was still hungry for answers and information, and the left got lazy under Obama. A power vacuum was created and the Right took over research and alternative news. The deeper down the rabbit hole I went, the more it made sense. And now I'm here to stay.

All according to keikaku

These faggots tried so hard to paint the growing nationalist movement as a temporary fringe (((alternative))) as opposed to their (((mainstream))) right.
They are losing control of the narrative one step at a time.

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Wow… it's almost like if you try to ban and censor people, a resistance will build against it. I wonder if this has ever happened before in any point in human history?

From what I saw back when GamerGate was at its peak, twitter seemed to be the primary front in terms of social media campaigns to spread information. The short length, rapid pace and simplistic nature of Twitter was suitable for conveying tiny bursts of information from both sides. Though Twitter role seems to function as a "broadcast relay" of sorts, coordinating information flow more than a primary gathering. It would be important to determine the roles each social media site plays individually, because if you know that, you can fine-tune disruption with minimal effort.

Speaking of twitter, I noticed a huge uptick of conservative/rightwing wing views AND they are getting more vocal. SJW hashtags are flooded with counter-tweets, lefty celebs get hounded with right-winger comments when just a few years ago that would never happen. I think Trump using twitter as his platform bolstered the conservative crowd. And the more regular conservatives tweet along side and bump elbows with the far-right, the more acquainted they become.

Twitter is how the active base communicates and organizes. Facebook and Instagram is how they blue pill normies. Jewtube is how they influence kids and teens. Throw in MSM and you get an effective operation.

Russian bots. Everyone who disagrees is a Russian bot.

Ah yes, I just got called one yesterday.

A narrative that became the new crying wolf from the left. The sheer extent of how they used it is so ridiculous, I'm surprised people aren't honestly starting to laugh at it.

It coulnd't have happened, that would be antisemeitc!

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This place once had a rule to lurk two years before posting so anons dont have to answer the same newfag questions over and over again. If you are butthurt about namecalling you dont belong here.
You havent even lurked for a week have you?
You want to know how to break the system? Guess what, there are books about it.
There is also a QTDDTOThread where your questions belong.

Checked. Your're right about one thing… I don't feel at home here. More bickering over minutiae than anything else. Nobody reads the full thread and everyone thinks they know the answer to everything. Later.

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Good riddance you fucking assclown

Suddenly the spike in UIPs makes sense now. Most of the oldfags are gone so now the wave of newfags are coming in to usurp Zig Forums

3 posts. 2 filled with offtopic reeeee, one as an autistic hall monitor… err dirka dirka talking about social media in a social media thread doesn't belong here. KYS

Kill yourself.