Brit/pol/ #2795: Briden Edition

Now Ukip candidate who said he 'wouldn't even rape' a Labour MP says it's OK to sexually abuse boys

Entire streets of Oldham are split along racial lines with 'no assimilation', claims Nigel Farage in speech at US university

The story isn’t ‘crowgate’ – it’s Britain’s heedless killing of birds

NHS doctor and UK pharmacist who became Nazi-style torturers for ISIS: Team of vile medics took organs from prisoners and gave them to wounded terrorists

We condemned the ideology behind Christchurch. Why didn’t we do the same after Sri Lanka?

All-black shortlists suggested for council elections

Muslim mum floored by thug in street attack caught on CCTV

42 storey Paddington Cucumber tower gets green light from Mayor Khan

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For her

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First for mutelass

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Okay in this thread we only talk about our love for vaginas, no more of that homo bum shite

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she can't hear you scream, lass

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Nth for a fulfilling week of toil

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Come on nightshift, hurry up

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What do you lads think of this beautiful Hawaiian princess?

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Wife material for 22st

find interactions like this uncomfortable tbh

Don't let steiner see this, he might get chug gf feels from it

Maybe if she fell off the volcano

Hawaiian-Anglo mutts have high IQ according to Ed Dutton

it's going to be like this every day now isn't it smh

why are you being a faggot

it's scary, lad


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Are you saying she would have to have brain damage for 22st to be on her level keeeeeek

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boohoo dear me
just admit you're a faggot

Better than doleing tbh

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why would I make a dating profile looking for women then

Also a roller pig tbh

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Good lad that's quite a frightening one

It was a bunch of tarts making heated comments to the point where he spazzed out whilst they all sat there cool as a cucumber, fucking retarded.

Why would you make one to then not respond to said women.

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Shooting in Baltimore Church
7 wounded 1 dead

If sargoy takes ohmygodthedailymail to court then you lot best be ready for me to rinse you bastards :^)

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by favours or by force those fivers will be mine

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thanks for destroying this faggot's spam post with your based filter, based mods.

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smh fomophobia


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Yeah no fucks given lad

give us a smiths/morrissey song to listen to lads

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Irish Blood English Heart

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just going back and forth now tbh I'll post some pics of lassies when I get the courage to check it later when all the lassies are sleeping

You sound so kewl, how do you do that?

Moz with a based song about degeneracy and the consequences, also sympathy for a future 22st roller gf



I read the link you posted.

Good lads


im tired but i don't wanna go to bed lads

Top lad.


Patrician lad

Does this mean it will be a good night shift?

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remember the good old days

smh guess only I can appreciate wholesome close male bonds

it's hard to walk tall when you're small'

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Segal runs the nightshift yis fuckin Jidrools

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hit me with some tfw

looks like i've done it, gone a weekend without either. Bet toil will be much more bearable and maybe the qts at toilzone will notice me more

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Not enough oil in the North sea

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ok. you start.
what is she thinking?

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You should take heed of him lad, if you want to become the choicest faggot

Guaranteed blisters smh tarts can't even keep to character smh

>tfw no Zig Forums commune where we have our own self-sufficient agrarian community and take turns using westie as our collective concubine

The new Range Rover is decent

dae remember that time Mozzer endorsed AMW?

You faggots are so fucking gay smh

HE is thinking about cars, lad

Artist's impression of 22st's proposed commune

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tfw, all my local NE car boot sales sell nothing but tacky shit.

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I don't know. Give us a hint


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tfw you will never be a landowner in an agrarian society with a wife and children, a place in the wider civilization, the respect of your peers and the satisfaction of work when your labour benefits only you and those you care for

smh lad

If you don't step out there and peacock you ain't getting nowhere.
Also she's literally a massive bitch.


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it ain't friday but i wish it was tbh