Lead Surgeon : London Hospitals like an Afghan war zone

Lead Surgeon : London Hospitals like an Afghan war zone



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cheekyvideos.net/murdoch/Burqas in Bongland.html

making it all about Sadiq seems kinda stupid
it didn't start with him becoming mayor nor will it end with him leaving
the problems are considerably deeper than that

No it didn't start with him but he sure as hell is encouraging it.

kikebart makes it about Sadiq since they can't actually discuss race

I'm not paying you for this goy.

Saddiq has his london police budget allocated to hunting down right wing trolls online. While he is not 100% to blame for this (how could he be), pinning it on him as the man in charge given his track record of police resource allocation is perfectly reasonable.

so doing the same the "conservative" government is


Third world actually has lower crime rates as a whole as well as a higher IQ than the first world. You would know this if you saw the truth instead of the lies of bourgeois capitalists.
#riseup(Bye, Zig Forums)

Too bad about that hippocratic oath or they could just tell shitskins to fuck off. German hospitals have already begun to hire security because mud niggers always turn up in huge mobs and "demand" treatment.

Questionable, some remote places, with some less agressive ethnics maybe. South-America? Ha ha! Africa? Ha ha ha! Near-East, North-Africa, West-Asia, India? Ha ha ha ha!

The first world has sinking IQ as a result of immigration from the third world. Many of the immigrants are of the more intelligent and mobile of their races

Have you ever considered who are that bourgeois capitalist, Wall-Street, The City, are?

Switch your brain ON and get OFF the Soros bribes money.

Good job.

This user gets it. The very fact that Sadiq was elected mayor (the choice was him or a Goldstein) is telling enough that his presence is a symptom rather than cause of the disease.

Oi m8 thats a bit racist innit?
cheekyvideos.net/murdoch/Burqas in Bongland.html
Best move to arrest and deport those far right terrorist Pettibone and Southern from UK for life!

Part and parcel innit Bruv

Looks like you've 'aad a little too much to think!

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blatant shill

How terrifying

It's actually good to blame it all on him because:
More importantly:
> You pin all of the (((causes))) on him and his administration that it makes him a "brand."
Everything he's done or can be attached his name, his brand, becomes associated as bad.

Part and parcel, part and parcel.

The best we can hope for is some kind of race war in Britain but I think the population's too institutionalized. The UK faces a very dark future and their government is looking more and more desperate for attention.

Well put

I have hope for bongs still


p sure that was sarcasm
but I guess it's his fault for not using the Madow mug