Trump reverses course on Syria: troops to remain

for an "undetermined period of time"
aka. forever

>"There is still a significant ISIS problem we’re dealing with. When you use words like defeat and destroy, that’s a pretty high bar to get to in terms of eliminating a terrorist organization," Rasmussen said.

Cucked by the M.I.C. in less than 48 hours.

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Trump doesn't have control of his Generals. This is very, very dangerous.

He wants to get ahead of this, appear that he controls the situation, but the fact is… this isn't the first time he's had to agree with some policy of a General just for the appearance of being in charge.

Banana-republic tier.

Disgusting. I saw something similar on RT last night how they are planning to build a few new US military bases in Syria too. He needs to take them ALL out

so long story short mattis said I need more time and he and trump agreed to a time frame that wasn't specified for obvious reasons
and then a jew comes out and says der drumpf will never defeat isis?

yeah, the tl;dr is

do you really believe they said never? or is it more likely they said a year and trump said 6 months?

Kikes are nervous about a Russian/Turkey/Iran alliance and demand US blood and treasure be piled up for their continued existence.

ISIS has largely already been beaten in Syria by Russia, retard
it's an excuse

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Has the US ever "defeated" a terrorist org and then pulled all their troops out of the country in victory? We're still in Afghanistan, even though we've declared victory over the Taliban 20 times. Best case scenario, we "declare victory" over ISIS, another "new" group gets MosSaudi money, a "new" terrorist group emerges and we're off into another country Israel needs help with.

I thought ISIS was wiped out months ago. What the absolute fuck are the generals talking about?

doing what Israel tells them

Golly, I wonder if shills will get BTFO again? No, this blackpill must be the real deal.

Russia must have backed China in whatever was in the request that was sent.

The red pill is about uncomfortable truths. This is one of them.

I remember kang nigger saying the same thing with Iraq and Afghanistan. And bush befor him.

No, they're still duking it out.

When the SAA and the Russians raided the ISIS headquarters in Raqqa they found Israeli and US military advisors and arrested them. The Russians and Syrians never blew it up in their media or in international relationships and diplomacy, but the line has been drawn. It was already drawn with Obongo and his 'muh red line'. People voted Trump expecting a break from the shadow elite's agenda, and everyone well-informed should've known better, but in the end nothing changed. The will of the NWO kikes remains as unchallenged as ever, and the geopolitics as before Trump continue just the same after Trump.

If you're interested in the Syria situation; look up the Raqqa HQ raid. They publicly released the nationality of all the military advisors that instructed ISIS there.

The phrase has became the SJWpill or imoffendedpill, far from its meaning of outlandish demoralization pill.

As if anyone was surprised by that…

And of course our great mods are here to ensure wrong-speak is punished immediately and the culprit is branded a Jew for questioning their authority.
Its all so tedious…

You're the biggest yidlet on the planet, heil. Why don't you pin this story, since you seem to be interested in pinning stories about the US presence in Syria.

No, not at all. What happened was they lost plenty of clay in Syria/Iraq and then partly regrouped, partly went back to whichever countries they came from in the first place (thus spreading ISIS presence).

Modern day US is just completely incapable at war. Not sure why it is (is it merely because of politics or is a lack of actual skills and know how or a mix of both) but that much is clear.

Whoa, so… it's fuckin nothing. Kosher politics as usual.

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