Sweden Reaching Peak Degeneracy

"Introduction to a care home Swedish version" is a short film on Youtube featuring a "migrant" seducing the Swedish head of the care home, who works hard to help him and others, into giving him a blow job. It also depicts him using other Swedish women for sex.(>2015)


I don't understand cuck. What are they saying? Is this supposed to be a propaganda piece about how we should accept mudslimes or something about how we should get rid of them? I can't tell shit.


shit op

what is the point of this thread?

To show how low Sweden has gone.

This short film depicts how cucked the Swedes are. This woman is analogous to the Swedes themselves. She works at a "migrant halfway house" slaving away and helping them with her problems, in the end she is used for sex along with other Swedish women.


It's literally insane to me how the Swedish people have allowed this to happen. Typically I would say something smartass against it but, seriously thinking about it, I just cannot comprehend how people would so willingly let themselves and their entire country be overrun with kids being raped, murders, drugs, etc. I just don't get it.

what if all this cuckoldry in sweden is due to the normal, though corrupted, need for masculinity?
if they can't find it among themselves, they import it - even if a subhuman version of it.
swedish men need to model themselves after someone, perhaps a swedish hero of the past or we create a new fucking meme, that can just put swedish women and cucks in their place - as they so obviously desire.

Fuck off and die.

what power can jews have over actual men? it is only through the weakness of swedish men they have come to this point

Pretty sure I said fuck off and die instead of saying that I'd respond to your inane shit that doesn't point out the jewish influence in Sweden.



pretty sure i've suggested swedish men get their shit together, and your response dismissing this solution is not worth the shekels you're paid.

I've thought about this a lot, sweden getting blacked may be the best thing for them.

What's the problem Sweden?

He's telling you that stronger men would have resisted against this unprecedented level of Jew fuckery you spastic twat.

The weakness of swedish men and the insanity of swedish women.

Sweden is much less blacked then the US you delusional hypocrite.

Stop confusing your porn-watching habits with reality you americuck.

Keep telling yourself that sven.

I have visited both countries, the comparison is utterly delusional. On one side we have the home of rap, mtv, degeneracy and that is 57% white. On the other hand we have a 84% white country with good genetic stock and that happens to be the most segregated country in Europe.

It's literally americucks telling themselves they aren't SA 2.0 by trashing on Europe.

Before the invasion there was no need for anything more.