Hogg Coalition.. Cracks Be formin

yahoo. com/news/black-parkland-students-want-peers-125321983.html

Uh oh… they forgot to put the 11% black students on TV… we got trouble.

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>yahoo. com/news/black-parkland-students-want-peers-125321983.html
that's hilarious

also you spell like a nigger op

Nasim killed their narrative.

I'm surprised it took this long

At least she's honest.

That was the point.

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that's kind of how shit is supposed to work isn't it?

alright who accidentally dreamed this last night?

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The Austin bomber is literally forgotten, but was actually a massive crime investigation…

>Not even the 1st 10th millionth time niggers have gotten mad because someone is talking about something besides black people being black

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It's funny too because this exact same thing has been happening since the left started trying to use niggers as pawns; they think those things are just like them while at the same time realizing what "progress" they could get done with such "useful" comrades… and then they turn right on their handlers. I remember distinctly a post around here that went into the whole 70s cultural sperg-out that the left attempted, and the organizers ended up getting kicked out of their own little revolutionary protest by their pet niggers. The organizational breakdown that happened because all the white organizers being kicked out in the strong right wing resurgence that occured over the 80s and over the 90s and nearly destroyed the left wing. You could call niggers a wildcard in the left wing game, but really, it's their own fault they can't and won't predict one of the most predictable race on the planet.



Someone on here needs to start a blog or something "As a black man" and start advocating for a black-ethno state, advocating for moving to california on the hopes they can vote to secceed. Or even canada. Military grade memeitc magic could pull it off and end the threat described in CWII. Then they won't have to worry about "muh instituionalized raycism" because they'll be the ones in charge. Not a shot fired at all, just votes for a refferendum. Rest of the US would support it. Where it goes from there I'll leave up to your imagination but I'm sure you all can imagine. Don't worry on elaborating on this post, best to not post too much, just meme it. "Even if the US becomes a white ethno state and california becomes a black ethno state, california is such a great economy, we may even repair relations by becoming good trading partners." Add that. Twitter: #BlackStateNow

My fucking eyes rolled to the back of my head when I read those words. Sadly, my dog chose that particular moment to sneeze and now my eyes won't flip back.

tldr: man seeking boy (no homo, no CP) to be his Grasshopper.

You can't make this shit up.

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When will Ketchup show up?

(((They))) just can't help it. Every "cause" has to drift into transgendered Native Americans who don't have access to abortions. They did it with the caravan, too. Zero message discipline.

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This has been done to death, most of them don't want a black ethnostate. They don't even want a black neighbourhood - deep down, they know they can't actually create or maintain anything.

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best timeline ever

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Is real life a joke now?

I don't even know if "nigger" is enough anymore.

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Jesus Christ


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The timeline just gets better and better

Holy fucking shit, I just checked and that really is in the article.

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Did you hear about the Chinese couple that had a black baby? They named it Sum Ting Wong.


No part of her is Chinese

Sum Dim Dik was fired that day
Never forget

She say she Monkey?

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you're a good man user

< there are people who believe it is a given that one memorizes the names of christ-fuck actors

So she's a jink?

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Bl*ck ppl often ignore this congregation. I wonder what the purpose was originally. Maybe because "they" used to also refer to single people too and the (s) helps differentiate. It's almost vestigial now? English still doesn't officially distinguish between singular and plural in the word (you) funny enough, unless one resorts to y'all or another colloquial alternative.

That's hilarious. Wonder what these kids are putting in their backpacks that they don't want anyone to see. 18" dragon dildos? I know that's what that Hogg kid is carting around…

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Wow, if she's part oriental, it just goes to show what a pollutant nigger genes are.

The Black Lives Matter activists may want to consider that those attendees are not white, they are Jewish. Jews are not white. Just ask any of them.

Tactical nog deployment to shut down (((shutting down))). Wouldn't surprise me if Trump suggested this from his New York City experiences.

Look at my proof that search engines are racist. I had to think and remember this guys name.

To add to this, Nation of Religion of Cuck™ is really a gift that keeps on giving.

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I didn't think the kikes even let niggers go there. Or do they pick up the trash?

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It's a chigger or a chegro.

17-year-old junior Mei-Ling Ho-Shing, who is black

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We de brack man now!!

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Oh god no, all we need is a bit of indian in that mix and we'll have the filthiest polluters the world has even known.




nice to see them getting a naste of their own id-pol-medicine


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harder for them to deal drugs

heil is a shitskin turk and skeletor is the the mod from r/t_D

heil is a shitskin turk and skeletor is the the mod from r/t_D