US interest in concealed carry permit training jumps 100 per cent after Parkland: ‘We’ve never seen a spike this...

US interest in concealed carry permit training jumps 100 per cent after Parkland: ‘We’ve never seen a spike this big before’
The number of Americans interested in obtaining concealed carry permits to secretly bear arms in public has jumped dramatically since the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February – with some states having seen as much as a 250 per cent increase in training requests for this type of permit.

In the 50 days since the Parkland, Florida shooting, companies and networks of firearm instructors that provide training for the permits in dozens of states have seen enquiries spike. One company said it had even received more requests for training than after the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

“There’s been a lot of shootings, unfortunately, in this country, but we’ve never seen a spike this big before, even with Newtown,” Chris Schultrop, the CEO and co-founder of Minnesota-based concealed permit training network National Carry Academy (NCA), which works across 27 states, told The Independent.

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Have a semite free white bump OP
Arm up white men and cleanse the land of the filth

most gun stores are now offering a two for the price of one special curtesy of the NRA. Kit up lads and laddies

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That's fucking awesome

checking those epic liberty digits
Kit up lads

Can confirm. My community is offering a ton of new weapons training workshops and classes. I can't tell if this heightened interest is from fear of being unarmed in an active shooting situation or from fear of having their 2nd amendment trampled but either way it feels good man.

mfw I live in a white area and crime here hasn't gone up one bit but normalfags are awakening

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Wasn't there a study about how after people shoot guns for the first time, they are much more likely to support the 2nd ammendment and hold right wing views? Big, if true.

Excellent digits

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God damn, nothing like everything backfiring on gungrabbers.

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So who all wants to get what? I'd personally like to grab an FN FAL, but it's out of my price range. I'm probably going to end up starting with an AR-15.

You can start an AR-15 from Palmetto State Armory with a complete lower for about $150, then get a complete upper later. If you can build a Lego set without choking to death on the pieces, you can put two halves of an AR together and push the two giant pins into place with your thumb. Naturally, you should find someone with an FFL in your area for the transfer, and speak with them before trying to buy anything online.

I pissed (((Paypal))) the fuck off by buying AR-15 and 1911 parts with their fucking debit card, and I pissed them off so badly, they blocked my card every time I even bought a sandwich at work with it.

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If you do eventually nab a FAL make sure it isn't one with a cast receiver. DSA apparently really shit the bed with them.

I'm going in for mine in the next day or so.

Doing my class on Sunday. 120 for class and permit fee. Have had an XDM 9mm forever. Any good holster recommendations for CC?


You should be allowed to own grenade launchers and landmines
Change my mind.

Can't go too wrong with Spurdo :DDD

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What the fuck are you going to do with those weapons OUTSIDE of defending yourself from the government? No nigger is worth wasting money on a landmine and you sure as shit aren't going to legit rob anyone with a landmine or grenade launcher. There is a reason most killings are done with simple guns user, big arms are for big problems, and a civvy sure as shit isn't a big problem. You'd have an easier time convincing me to ban a derringer then a rocket launcher.

By the way, America used to be cool, we would settle our differences with gunfights and people didn't go to jail over duels.

Honestly I got my cc and stopped bringing a gun because it's a pain in the nuts.
At least I can do it legally now.

sure you did

I'm getting an AR-15 just because kikess and leftists hate the absolute fuck out of them so goddamned much

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AR-15s are too mainstream. I'm fond of faggot-tier pistol calibers and ghost sights, myself.

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Addendum for autists: I know that's not "ghost sights." That's a stock photo. If I could afford an EO Tech sight, I wouldn't have bought a Hi-Point.

That aint a hi-point, son.

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Except it is.

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See if someone in your area makes kydex holsters. They're inexpensive, and can be made to form fit your pistol. Best part is, you make them in the oven.


Wonder which demographic would be spurred to seek arms after an event in Parkland.

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Post some links, user.

Except it's a Baretta Cx4 Storm, you double nigger

The governor of PA declared a "state of emergency" due to the opioid crisis, and it just so happens that there's a neat little clause for states of emergency in PA that prohibits open carry. Effectively this makes it so you have to have a permit to carry for self defense, as CC is your only option, and you can't carry longarms (Unless you want to wear a trench coat to hide the thing) Unless you can prove you are actively hunting

Does hunting commies count?

Hunting commies ALWAYS counts

that is a 995ts with an ati stock

Got babby's first wheelgun shipping out to me as we speak

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I wanted an AK but prices went up pretty drastically, and I can't justify $700+ on a gun reliant on imported ammunition. Shame since a AK74M is up there on stuff I'd ideally have.
Kinda want a better AR than the one I already have, but building is kinda pointless right now since dropping $900 on a rifle is pointless if I don't really want to spend a lot on optics.
An ACOG on a Sport 2 is probably better off than a Free floated FN barreled rifle with a nice trigger but only has Irons on it.
I am so tired of the drama, I think I'll hold off on any salt rifles for a while, I just want to focus on more interesting things like pistols, single action revolver, a garand, lever action .357, long range bolt action than just AR's. This is one of those situations where diversity is positive attribute to strive for.

I wanted a PTR for a while, but prices have gone from like mid $700's to $900, so that's pretty meh.

ah yes, Jay Michaelson

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Our society is so broken it's comical.

Get the AR. Pic related is the depth to which California has sunk.

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Oh no, I've already had one for years, I just can't really justify another despite kinda wanting one since there is other more interesting things I'd rather buy.

God bless the NRA. Donate what you can afford, lads.

Also, when can we get the NRA to open branches in Europe to help save our brethren overseas?

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Just because the media slanders an organization as anti-semitic doesn't mean they really are, or are a friend.

Hmm. You mean to imply that they are switching the targets of their operations to hubs of leftism like Youtube in order to spur SJW liberals into getting armed?
That actually makes a lot of sense because the SJW would be on the side of the elite in a civil war.

That's the #1 reason for all weaponry. Gas yourself.

It's a bullshit excuse but something needs to be done about the opioid problem. It has infected every portion of white society. If the chinks can kick it out what is our excuse?

On the subject of funs: If any of you anons haven't armed yourself you should be looking to get at least:
All of these can be had for cheap even with the salt rifle scares. I recently picked up an AR carbine for about $200. Ask your friends and avoid gun shops/shows if you can. Pawn shops are good for deals but know what things are worth before you go in them so you don't get screwed. Also, you shouldn't be too concerned about brands if you're on a budget. If you're looking at something like a Glock 17 or 19 you can buy similar domestic guns for half the price new. S&W makes a budget 9mm/.40 that is basically a Glock for $250-$300 new. It isn't going to impress Zig Forums but it'll kill anyone you need to kill.

Even a .22lr rifle is better than nothing and you can take mid-sized game with it if needed. Whatever you get make sure you practice as often as possible. Load up on cheap ball ammo and put as much of it down range as you can. Practice swapping between your side arm and rifle and reloading at least once a week.

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Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong. Drugs don't cause addiction, shitty living circumstances do.
Classic example: Most American soldiers serving in Vietnam were daily opiate users but all but a tiny fraction quit the stuff the minute they were back in America. They were using it as way to cope with their environment.
The addiction epidemic in the USA is no different, people are using to blot out the pain caused by the jews. The pain of homes broken due to feminism. The pain of being unable to find work because of mass-immigration. The pain of barely scraping by due to wage inflation. The pain of corrupted relations between the sexes caused by jewish feminism. The pain of having no children but already being in middle age because "children are for losers, goyette, pursue the career like your idols on television and you will be happy". No, you will be empty, unfulfilled and seek solace in opioids.
Classic essay on the topic from the inventor of "Rat park" experiment. Don't bother replying unless you read the whole thing.

Do you recall those (Berkeley was it?) protestes in California about Milo, a gay jew that married a nigger, was a Nazi and anti-semtic?
Do you suggest we support him too because the media labeled him as such?

The NRA is better than not having the NRA, but I wouldn't go hungry to throw money at them.

When will burgers annex EU so we can go shooting together?

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Just to add, opiates are not evil. The creator put the poppy on Earth for precisely this reason - to make unlivable circumstances livable. Someone who gets addicted has an underlying problem. For most Western users, that problem is the jew.

I'm pretty familiar with addiction considering I was on opioids for half my adult life. You're right, it's a symptom of a bigger problem but big pharma was eager to profit off our suffering. We have to get more good folks off the opioids and back to begin able to live life without them.

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Filtered and reported.

I am saying that just because the media labels someone as anti-semitic doesn't mean they are a friend to people that actually are.
The NRA has compromised too much to be considered an ally.
Enemy of my enemy is more apt.

Is 1776 commencing again?

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And I'm saying you're a bad shill, because 1. I never said the NRA was antisemitic, and 2. your entire claim that we shouldn't support them is based on the fact that they're not antisemitic.

Trump isn't antisemitic either, his daughter is married to a kike. Guess we should've all voted Hillary, huh?

Suckstart a shotgun, Schlomo. You're not fooling anyone.

This seems to be a misunderstanding I thought your post was in reference to 0c914c saying to donate BECAUSE they were labeled as such.

Oxycontin was deliberately marketed as lasting for longer than it actually does (around 6-8 hours for many people), this is proven by internal memos. After a few weeks of use this means that totally legitimate pain patients start experiencing withdrawal.
GPs started filling the gap by prescribing 3 doses per day instead of Purdue's mandated two. Purdue responded to this by sending an emergency bulletin to sales reps instructing them to prevent GPs from prescribing 3 times a day.
This is a recipe for addiction because of the kindling effect (intensification of subsequent withdrawal effects) which occurs each time you go through opiate withdrawal.
About China (who OP mentioned), one of the reasons they're so against opiates is historical, and I don't mean the Brits and their "tea" clippers. Chink legend holds that in ancient history, a tribe of red haired, White skinned giants arrived in the North. They brought opium with them from the West, tricked the locals into using it and got them addicted. Once the Chink population was subdued, they conquered them. The chinks saw what the Brits were doing as a replaying of history.

Fair enough. Sorry for the harsh words.

false, why are you spreading lieso

yet more disgusting jewish tricks

the NRA is naming the jew?
Awesome, if true.

1000x THIS

Support the NRA
Support the GOA
Pro gun is pro White, even if the gun organization does not intend for it to be.
Why? Because most legal gun owners in the country are White. Whereas in the black and brown communities gun laws mean little. Most of their guns are illegal anyway.
Therefore, all gun control measures target White people, while using brown crime as the excuse. This is not an accident, of course, as the kikes want the White people disarmed so they can move onto the next stage of White genocide.

Drug use is degenerate.
If it is booze or coffee tier, then it is fine as long as it is in moderation.
If the user is crippled with pain, then opioids may be justified.
Otherwise, just no.
Of course, the kikes are bringing in the opioids and distributing them to White communities on purpose.
US invades Afghanistan -> Afghan poppy production multiplies many times over -> CIA (aka mossad) heavily involved -> CIA refines poppies using their contacts/ businesses/ (((drug companies))) -> CIA brings billions of bottles of opioid pills to US -> opioid addiction explodes -> furthers White genocide and makes kikes huge money.
How can normies not see this super clear chain of events?
The US soldiers are DEFENDING POPPY FIELDS in Afghanistan (which has become the world's largest producer of black market poppy latex)
I mean, come on. Wake the fuck up, White man.

Not saying to not support them, just don't blow $500 on a life time membership because the media doesn't like them. They are responsive to losing money, so re upping yearly is a good way to at least have some leverage on what they do by voting with dollars.

what a piece of shit. go fuck yourselves cali anons. you could have prevented this.

I use StealthGear and can vouch for their Ventcore line. I've not used their other line Revolution though.

They're kydex. They can take a few weeks to receive is the only downside. I think they make them on demand.

Doesn't contradict what I wrote although I was talking about opiates, not jewish opioids. God created the poppy to contain everything required to relieve pain and many "scummy addicts"but not alluse its derivatives for exactly that purpose. The idea that God made a mistake when making the poppy relieve mental as well as physical anguish, is a modern invention of the late period of last century. It has always been indicated for both and after thousands of years of selective breeding, nothing is more effective.
The problem isn't the drug, the problem is that THE JEW has cast a web of anguish over the whole of White society and is also the beneficiary of the completely understandable effort to seek temporary relief. As usual the kike wins in multiple ways, most of them completely legal under laws it created.
There's no rational argument which permits booze in moderation but excludes opiates. When opiates were over the counter medicines, the rate of addiction was far less than it is now and in fact, the same people who were opium addicts had previously been addicted to alcohol before it was priced out of their reach.
If you're going to argue it's degenerate because it's "foreign", then what is coffee?
If you're going to argue that beer gets excepted because of "traditional use", then what are the poppy seeds found in the graves of neolithic Western man and what were the Greeks thinking?
The real point is that whatever problem you think is going to get fixed by eliminating opiates, will just move to something else if you don't address the root cause which is, as usual, the jew.
>US invades Afghanistan -> Afghan poppy production multiplies many times over -> CIA (aka mossad) heavily involved -> CIA refines poppies using their contacts/ businesses/ (((drug companies))) -> CIA brings billions of bottles of opioid pills to US -> opioid addiction explodes -> furthers White genocide and makes kikes huge money.
You're right about Western troops guarding the fields of course, but Afghan opium isn't used for what you stated. About 50% of the world's opioid precursor supply actually comes from Australia where they grow GMO poppies high in thebaine (the precursor of Oxycodone). Addiction is obviously a bad thing, because it enslaves man through his need for the substance. But I've already argued why the substance isn't the real problem. Most users don't want to binge until they "nod out" and be completely insensible, they simply want their pain to go away, in many cases precisely so they can go to work, or enjoy (healthy) recreational activities, but they are blind to what is causing it. Social conditions engineered by jews, broken families, slave jobs, mind-numbing "entertainment" on television, movies which instill White guilt. Much of Asia has the death penalty for drug offences, yet people still take the risk. That's how badly they need relief from their pain and it would be no different in the West.
One also has to consider that the drive for relief works just as well to cause alcohol abuse, which is vastly more damaging to the body and the society. When opiates were OTC legal in the UK, alcohol drinkers switched to opium when alcohol because too expensive. Women fed their babies opium to pacify them while they worked in factories. What is the real problem here, opium or the fact that women who should be at home mothering, working 18 hour days in a sweat mill for a jew after the common land and small holdings they depended on for generations were taken away by the (((elite)))?

Thanks, shill. How exactly were we going to do that? Should we have voted more? This state is half spic, and half of the whites are degenerate butt-fucking faggots and communists. Voting isn't a solution here. Can I count on you to stand with us on the firing line while we solve our little tyranny problem?

That's a typical D&C post. The shill hopes to out-group anons living in the target area, by blaming them for some action taken by the jews and their own elite, over which they had no control whatsoever.
When you point out that the action could not have been blocked by voting, you will be called a pussy for not taking up illegal acts.
So D&C and incitement to violence rolled into one post.

Not (((them))). They force the local police departments to hire additional law enforcement for a 24/7 details around their areas. As (((they))) do in every other country.

Completely true statement. Need to vet all orgs to ensure they're not controlled op.

But they ultimately rid themselves of addiction with a one-two punch. Regardless of how opioids found their way into the society.

The first, sadly, is that the CCP killed all of the opiate users once they took over. They needed workers, not addicts, and anyone caught was executed. That's still more or less the law today. Their organ donor list is not voluntary.

However, it's less used these days because of the second thing that happened: they aggressively raised their own standards of living by any means necessary. That included theft, market manipulation, labor abuse, you name it. The fact that things were so shit for thousands of years before the Deng era meant that standard of living increases only needed to be modest for this to work. Things like plumbing and toilets. Additionally, the Confucian culture could be easily manipulated to create satisfied slave laborers: provided the workers parents were cared for. This, along with mass education campaigns and government control over the domestic drug supply (Triads) has created an environment where most workers don't care to seek out drugs.

These days most of China's drug problems fall into the recreational use category. Alcohol (Baiju) and cocaine are probably the most "abused" drugs, depending on your class status. Weed is considered a foreign problem, and has never really taken off. Meth is something of an issue in certain areas (especially where manufactured for export), but the government has taken an anti-adderall/ritalin stance from day one. So, speed remains an isolated problem.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure how useful this is from a western standpoint. Step one is probably necessary, because by destroying the demand you shrink future supply and therefore access by potential addicts. A population of users feeds demand by itself because it enables access to supply. Obviously, utterly destroying McKesson and Purdue, burning them to the ground, and leaving no survivors is a step in the right direction: but where there is demand someone will supply. The Xjalisceros stepped in with Mexican black tar when suburban kids could no longer access or afford their oxy pills. Markets find a way.

Sorry to be that user, but:
No, it's not completely true, not at all. The case isn't just that an named group "might not be anti-Semitic", it's that a named group is definitely NOT anti-Semitic and is in fact on the same side as the accusers.
You've heard of "Hope Not Hate" in the UK? This is an example of an operation which exists purely and solely to boost the credibility of "right-wing" controlled opposition, by calling them racist or anti-Semitic.
The whole of the alt-kike utilizes this method of negative promotion and it is highly effective. The e-celebs representing the left do exactly the same in return. If you see a name being pasted everywhere as racist or anti-Semitic you should know that they are 100% and without a doubt working for the JEW.
>can't be right? maybe sometimes, but not always, that's just a whacky conspiracy theory!
If observation of the reciprocal nature of these "attacks" and the way their targets always turn out to be shills isn't enough, then consider this:
>One of the core fucking principles of cultural marxism is NO PLATFORM FOR THE RIGHT.
That means that if you're genuinely right-wing, the media will completely ignore you to, as they say "deny the oxygen of publicity."
tl;dr any person or group reported as being anti-Semitic is your enemy.

Except that Mein Kampf explicitly states that whoever the Jew attacks and slanders the most is the most likely to be a friend.

Fuck off, TORfag.

My great ancestor Jefferson advised exercise with the gun for a reason. Of course, I was already doing that before I ever read that quote.

i really don't want to have my name on a list of registered firearm owners

the AR is a better platform anyways, in an active situation without the dust cover up on an AK, mud and other debris can clog the battery quite easily much to my own surprise. I have a cheapo AR but I'm looking for a .308 FAL or a bulpup rifle so I can get a more compact package that I can fit in my car without sacrificing barrel length.
When it comes to diversity in your firearms I'd highly recommend a .45-70 lever action, I have one myself and there wonderful for hunting. That and you can still load for BP as the cart was developed at the time period.

[citation needed]
Mein Kampf was written at a time before the Cultural Marxists had even finished their theoretical foundation, let alone perfected the techniques they would deploy against the population via the mass media, in other words Mein Kampf does not describe the whole range of contemporary jew tactics as they weren't fully known when it was written.
By the way your "Torfag" is a rather stupid response considering I was replying to 2 anons with IDs who stated the same warning about controlled opposition, just in less absolute form.
It scares you shitless when you see your tactic of
spelled out in plain language because every e-celeb in existence is using it.
and for anyone wondering, I do mean every. It's not that no one apart from Red Ice, Rebel or Vice shills ever makes a video, but those who do without joining their controlled shill network get their channels destroyed by flagging before they can ever take off and become popular.

Shill site. Thanks for outing yourself.
The only people who care about whores selling sex are feminists angry that it gives men an avenue to obtain sexual relief with a woman, without spending exorbitant amounts of money with no guarantee of success.

I already have an AR, I don't care about practicality, just something different.

If you want something very different gunbroker has some new keltec gun, rdb s. Looks interesting to say the least, but pretty pricey right now.

Those have been around for a while, keltec is keltec so I'd rather not drop a lot of money on one.

Rossi 92's are supposedly starting to enter the country again I wanted a 16" so maybe I might find one.

Have you seen the state of calguns forum? What enables them to keep taking is the fact that so many CA gun owners are willing to comply in the first place. Nobody is willing to risk the money/freedom to actually challenge these assholes in court, and restore our freedoms. Everybody wants to be first to be second. So go ahead, and wait 15 years, and live to see the day when just about all handguns, and semi automatic rifles are either outright banned, or behind 50 miles of bureaucratic red-tape, and so many holes you have to jump through it’s more of a burden to be armed than unarmed because that’s essentially the endgame.

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I've always wanted a hi-point carbine and always thought those ATI stocks looked cool. How does it shoot? Many malfunctions? I know their pistols get a bad wrap.

Go sit in the fucking corner, you two.

What brand of paint did you use?


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Attached: e52d7c6f2699127ff941adbde409cb114d7536b01118a91d59541e6ef190ec93.jpg (667x968, 145.79K)

Do you know how many lives will be saved because random people carry those and wont get raped and hacked up by niggers now? A lot, especially if you think about it over a long term period of decades.

Whoa bro, don't you know Federal makes AK chow in both FMJ and hunting flavor.

Cheapest federal 7.62x39 I can find is at 63 cents/round while 5.56 NATO is at 30 cents from federal.

I was getting at was the relying on imported ammo not the cost of said ammo produced here.

If you're dead set on something in 7.62 that uses domestic ammo, you're better of getting something in 7.62 NATO at those prices. you could even get a galil in that cartridge if you're dead set on an AK variant

I work in a million person city (Charlotte N.C.).

Last year a black felon was shot by a black police officer because the black felon refused to drop his handgun while he was in the process of getting high out of his mind waiting to pick his kid up off the school bus. This occurred under a black police chief under a majority black liberal controlled city council.

The national guard had to be called in to stop the looting, rioting, arson and blacks from violently openly attacking whites right in the middle of downtown in the hispter liberal area. The blacks marched into the middle of the interstate and shut down traffic half way into South Carolina, hijacked a tractor trailer and burned it right in the middle of the interstate. They put the entire city under undocumented "marshal law". The totally incompetent Jewish female mayor tried to blame the police for everything.

Then a black protestor was shot in the head and executed by a black rioter who was shooting his gun sideways right in front of fucking city hall in front of dozens of cops and the national press. A communist hatchet wound tried to provide him with medical aid, and the niggers violently attacked her lol. Pure insanity. Pure nigger fucking insanity.

I make sure to pack a small bit of firepower with me during my commute to and from work. I carry a 9mm arm braced PDW and no less than 300 rounds of ammo with me in my vehicle. I would take my AR pistol but my loadout is for a get-home-bag. I might have to ditch my car and walk home on foot roughly 30 miles trhough groid infested territory to make it to the woods my house in. I am trying to go lightweight and a 9mm PDW is way lighter than my 5.56 pistol. I carry a gas mask and goggles, some duct tape, flashlight, and good running/waling shoes and water and water filtration. Not much else besides a few thises and thats.

I don't mind the lone single black person, but niggers are not black people, and when they get into large groups, the nigg animals instinct takes over and they go feral. 400 years of whipping and beating still hasn't tamed the savage groid. It took thousandsof years for wolves.

If you are not preparing for the nogs to chimp out at the drop of a hat, over any perceived slight or injustice, then you deserve to be culturally enriched and diversified.

They are completely unpredictable.

I cannot avoid the groid, but I can stay as heavily armed as possible to defend myself from them. No libshit will ever get my guns from me. I would publicly rape their corpses if they tried to ban guns in this state.

Also a gas station clerk was shot and killed less than a mile from where I work recently. By a groid of course.

Stay heavily armed. Buy as many guns, ammunition and magazines as you can. Put them on Jewish credit if you have to. Stay heavily, heavily armed. If shit begins, you want to be prepared.

Something could happen to cause a national riot to occur, for massive unrest and rioting looting. Be ready. Stay armed. Stay prepared. get some training. Practice.

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Jesus, come down k/, don't get side tracked.

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I love the Jew made Micro Roni brace. I don't like the Jew bullpup 5.56 (or any bullpup), but if you have a Glock, check out the Roni from CAA (Jewish company). It is really well made and decently affordable. Perfect small compact PDW for engaging groids in urban small arm warfare from inside of a vehicle to out of vehicle transitions. It is very compact, discreet, portable, lightweight.

You can convert a glock to a PDW in 30 seconds or less. Charging handle, thumb grips, build in 500 lumen flashlight. The stock folds up. It fits into a tiny backpack, even my laptop bag. Uses Glock magazines.

It is really good. i highly recommend it.

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Just stock up on the import ammo, it's 18 cents a round for 1000.
It isn't hard to find.
Feeding my 556 with premade ammo is significantly more expensive.