Paul Nehlen BANNED from Gab after Torba Caves to (((Douglass Mackey)))'s Lacky

Paul Nehlen has already sacrificed quite a bit for the brave stand that he has taken against the Jews, but now he has come under fire once more.

(((Ricky Vaughn))), a civnat cuck who took credit somehow for getting Trump elected, had contacted Paul Nehlen through a mutual friend and made a business proposal to him. He had offered his 'data analysis' services to Nehlen for a few thousand dollars a month. Nehlen was suspicious, but he gave Ricky control over his Facebook account for a couple months as a trial run, but when Ricky failed to really do anything worthwhile, they parted ways.
Later on, Ricky began openly attacking White Nationalists, comparing them to Radical Religion of Cuck™ists, and countersignalling anyone who talked about the JQ.
Ricky conspired with Nick Fuentes, as well as we ev, Andrew Ang lin, and Mike Enoch, as well others of the (((Aut-Right))) to attack Nehlen.
Eventually Paul Nehlen had had enough, and decided that this subversive cuck needed to be put in his place, so he revealed that he was the same guy who had been making business proposals to him.
It has later come out that we ev very likely was in on this as well, and knowing his background in hacking and data manipulation, they could have been plotting something very sinister.
Anyways, Nehlen has actually been reasonably fair in all his statements, and has ONLY gone after Ricky Vaughn, no one else.
Initially, Andrew Torba of Gab didn't give in to the autistic screeching from the TRSodomites and Goons; however, apparently some (((lawyers))) threatened him, and so just a couple of hours ago, he banned Paul Nehlen.

This is a VERY CRITICAL time, and ./ourguy/ Nehlen needs our support! This banning is even more of a fact that he is obviously very dangerous to the current (((power structure))).

It's also a GREAT opportunity to show him that we have his back, and to show (((them))) that these sorts of tactics only make us stronger.

However, all is not lost. First of all, many anons don't have (((social media))) or have been kicked off. Also, there's a LOT that we can do on Gab to hit back at those who have cowardly and foolishly provoked us.
Between the whole TRSodomite crew, there's enough material to fill a monthly newsletter!

Finally, Nehlen is doing a lot of good work now, including some litigation that is aimed at stripping the 501(c)(3) status of the (((ADL))).



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Gab is just the civnat answer to Twitter. Something new and truly free needs to be created.

Original posting:
Let Andrew know he's making a big mistake here…

Fuck me sorry for the mistake on the link.

No, you need to actually use twitter. The platform doesn't matter, reaching the largest userbase does.

Fuck that.
Nationalize twitter and make Zig Forums the board of directors

Hello newfriend. What Nehlen did was totally unacceptable.Links are disabled and have been for a while.

He fucked up his twitter-account by being such an autist.

Nobody likes you, Ricky.
TRSodomites go to hell.

Fuck off Douglass

But Gab was the last bastion of free speech!
All those e-celebs told me!

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Meh. Live by the tweet, die by the tweet.


only to rise again

Picture related, if this doughy goon doesn't glow in the dark, no one does

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Fuck outta' here with that bullshit. Nehlen might be many things, but 'Autist' is not one of them!

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checked glow in the dark nigger confirmed

Somewhat off topic, but Nehlen related, so I'll ask here. Steven Crowder has a Twitter poll with an option "ALL THE JEWS" as the thing to be most worried about. Several civnat cucks replied with an image showing several mass shooters (James Holmes, Adam Lanza, Nikolas Cruz, etc.) with a Star of David, implying they're jews.

Is the image true? If so, these mass shootings could easily be a Mossad op, and they've been very effective. Many holy shits would ensue.

Yes, they are Jews. Even the Youtube-girl was an Iranian Jew.

Make a thread about it…

This isn't entirely on topic, but I'm listening to some Cuckservative radioshow and the normies calling in are so close to naming the Jew, it is hilarious. DotR is coming, best timeline ever.

The columbine kids were kikes too.
Just about all school shootings were carried out by people with kike blood.

Cruz had a jewish mother and mexican father, both of which abandoned him. He was last in the care of a negro ex military intelligence agent.

Instead of asking, perhaps look it up yourself. You know, during your obligatory 2 year lurk.

I had no idea. This is yuge. I've been here for years and somehow never came across that infopic nor remember reading anything about the mass shooters beinf jews.

Hold me, Zig Forums. I've become comfortably numb.

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You know how it is. The world's experts on counter-jewry are here, I figured I would ask and redpill some other lurkers in the process.

p.s. ur mom

Also use the point that there were no mass school shootings before racial integration was pushed, despite students being allowed to bring rifles into the schools.

You're not wrong, but you have to hide your power level a bit more, and remember that shitposting like on here is (((harassment))).

Been looking at some of the distributed blockchain systems. Most are just the same as Gnu Social, which means spreading the userbase thinner. Also the kikes are on it, pic related.

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Christ, how new are you? You need to lurk even longer.

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Denver is one of the kosherest cities around.

>but you have to hide your power level a bit more, and remember that shitposting like on here is (((harassment))).
Exactly. You dress up the shit you say in semantic respectability while still giving the same information. Act befuddled, rather than angry, when people accuse of of racism/anti-whateverblahblah.

Go fuck yourself, Ricky Bobby. You're going to be skinned alive when the day of reckoning arrives.

As if being a CIAnigger wasn't embarrassing enough for him

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Just one of them was!
Anyway, apart from the Consuela wife Nehlen is a great guy. Seems like a real straight shooter judging from the way he's been taking his gradual red-pilling, typical German. I wish him the best.

What did he mean by this?

>Through its social-media search technology and its ability to access (((unconventional databases))), Smartcheckr will produce research on Paul Nehlen’s opponents, their staffs, consultants and key contributors, including the following:

No it isn't. Cruz and Klebold are both confirmed heebs, and Laughner may may be one, although there were some disinformation about him going to the same synagogue as Giffords right after the shooting. The rest are/were goys, including Holmes. He volunteered at a jew camp, but only the counselors are required to be jewish.

>Ricky conspired with Nick Fuentes, as well as we ev, Andrew Ang lin, and Mike Enoch, as well others of the (((Aut-Right))) to attack Nehlen.
Sauce? Not doubting, just curious

Why is Aurenheimer's name censored? Do the feds not want us talking about their most obvious asset?

So on one hand TRS is so eager to boil white nationalism down to democratic politics that they endorse GOPe incumbents because "nobody's perfect goys" but they got the most viable WN to run for congress in my lifetime banned from a low exposure social network to circle the wagons around ricky vaughn whom literally no one respects or gives a fuck about as well as being a glow in the dark creep.

Their subversiveness keeps getting sloppier. Kike enoch lolcow when?

My only problem with Nehlen is that he only doxxed that civant faggot and didn't gas him. He needs to show his commitment to RWDS.

>apparently some (((lawyers))) threatened him
For what? Releasing someone's info is not illegal by any sense. It's not protected under HIPPA, FERPA, or any of the other *PA protection laws.

Well, so much for being a bastion of free speech.

Anyone who clings to the historically untrue — and thoroughly immoral — doctrine that 'violence never settles anything' I would advise to conjure up the ghosts of Napoleon Bonaparte and of the Duke of Wellington and let them debate it. The ghost of Hitler could referee, and the jury might well be the Dodo, the Great Auk, and the Passenger Pigeon. Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor, and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and freedoms."

He sighed. "Another year, another class — and, for me, another failure. One can lead a child to knowledge but one cannot make him think." Suddenly he pointed his stump at me. "You. What is the moral difference, if any, between the soldier and the civilian?"

"The difference," I answered carefully, "lies in the field of civic virtue. A soldier accepts personal responsibility for the safety of the body politic of which he is a member, defending it, if need be, with his life. The civilian does not."


Pic Related. it is time

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I'm actually hearing now that it's some really stupid bullshit.

MATT FORNEY, of all people, might have actually gotten involved, if you can believe that.

I still think that it's mostly (((Ricky Vaughn)))'s lawyers, though.

Nick the Spic Fuentes is being his usual subversive self, though (and to think I was actually warming up to the guy after his Bloodsports debates!)

What is in it for pro-whites to support a blatant anti-white cuck like ricky? I don't get it.

If its wasn't his hosting and domain would have been removed instantly.

Gab Topic:
Our man Nehlen could use your support RIGHT NOW!


its what they do to angleing and he's left of Zig Forums

It helps contain everyone into one place. While they work on any new comers to destroy their entire lives.

So do we throw Douglas into the woodchipper head first or feet first?


Not a problem seeing how autistes imagine they got trump elected. Do your spastic thing cartoon watching faggots.

Holy shit the cognitive dissonance of a trsodomite is mind boggling.


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He actually doesn't have THAT many supporters, and I suspect many are JIDF Hasbara shills.

But when the (((MSM))) narrative pushes him as an 'evil White SuPREEMist, it might lead to some supporting him for that reason.
It's a process.

the high trust ethnostate, except we end doxxing everyone for not ostracizing themselves out of normal, non-sperg society

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more than nehlen's clique of fat WN 1.0 betamutts, lmao

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Go back to TRS

The somewhat reliable (!) "judicial-inc biz" site used to have some info on Eric Harris being Jewish. Texe Marrs also claimed Eric had some Jewish blood. At the very least, he dated a Jewish girl once, and named "Nazis" as among those he hated.
Also, "Harris" can definitely be a Jewish name.
(((Sam Harris))), etc.
Definitely possible, if not completely confirmed.

ADD TO THIS Nikolas Cruz and this latest female YouTube shooter…


1. John Wilkes Booth
2. Charles Guiteau
3. Leon Czolgosz
4. Jack Rubinstein (Ruby) who shot Oswald (who probably didn't do it, but was framed… read Michael Collins Pipers' FINAL JUDGMENT)
… but in any case Oswald TRIED TO BECOME JEWISH and spent a lot of time with Communist Jews in Eastern Europe… interesting!


If you guys don't know this, should listen to the Radical Agenda more; at least the more recent Jewish assassins were mentioned on the show at the time of the shooting, and I think that I might have called in with the others at some time.

Traitors like you will hang FIRST.
(By the way, your 'memes' aren't even funny. I mean, seriously, is that the best you can do?)

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>Ricky conspired with Nick Fuentes, as well as we ev, Andrew Ang lin, and Mike Enoch, as well others of the (((Aut-Right))) to attack Nehlen.
You need to provide some evidence, user. That's a massive accusation; how do you know any of this?

No, hes an antifascist for racemixing.

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sounds like something that controlled opposition 'based asians' and optics cucks would do to prevent an even somewhat NSDAP leader from showing up to challenge them

Reminder to report all civic nationalist shills crying that an antifascist who says he doesnt believe in white identity was doxxed. They are the enemy of whites and they sure as fuck dont belong here. I hope he suffers before he dies and everyone like him.

no tears for ricky

tears (tough love) for lost trust in nehlen if no apology for doxxing.

I hope he doesn't apologize. Just like you should never apologize to shitlibs, you should not apologize to TRSodomites.

It figures he would post something like that.

That's what concerns me: this idea of a 'conspiracy' is an easy sell to Zig Forums. But all I'm seeing so far is evidence of a fallout between that faggot Vaughn and Nehlen. My concern is there are jews trying to use such a fracture to their advantage, by making accusations that there were other actors 'in on it'. If OP is going to make that claim, then he needs to provide evidence to back it up.

someone dox this little faggot next pls

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Speaking of traitors, that zionist freemason and the Mossad Ryder truck don't belong in the same image as that many of our race's heroes.

tru and heild

more pictures of the faggot
he is everything you imagine him to be

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Nah. He needs to apologize for the act of doxxing, taking it too lightly, not for hurting vaughn or vaughn's feelings

There's literally nothing wrong with doxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxing your enemies. In the old days, Terrible Tommy would give out Harold Covington's home address on his voice message. Do you think anybody cried about that?

"Hi. I'm Paul Nehlen, and I am woke to the infamous JQ. I want to run for office."
"It seems my account at the free speech social media site has just been banned. Huh, weird."

I disagree. Doxing Ricky was the same as doxing antifa as far as I'm concerned, seeing the crap he posts. Ironybros need to get their shit slapped.

This had good meme potential, but it's the wrong person. His full first name is "Douglas," whereas Ricky Vaughn's is "Douglass."

Pic related is Ricky.

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Missed a spot.

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that really is what I look like
btw, I want this pic-relate faggot doxed so bad I can taste it

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It looks like the same guy, just less hair.

except those 'enemies' have followers that haven't been pulled right, and could be. in fact, this 'negative' can turn into a positive by showing how slimy they are, and more principled and protective of whites you are. Vaughn isn't worth destroying the feeling of safety whites have with NSDAP

spotted the optics cuck

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Nobody should feel safe cucking.

Good point.
I probably agree, and I wish this picture had Ferenc Szalasi, Konstantin Rodzaevsky, some Japanese Fascists like Ikki Kita, Shumei Okawa, Seigo Nakano, etc., but whatever…

LISTEN to Nehlen on Cantwell's Radical Agenda:
Nehlen SPECIFICALLY says that he is AGAINST doxxing, and this is a SPECIAL CASE.
Ricky was basically trying to SCAM Paul with his 'data analytics service', and then after Paul refused his services, was colluding with we ev to try and undermine the whole nationalist movement.
So YES, it WAS justified in this case.

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You stick out TRShill

gas yourself

Mackey's great advice was to 1. never talk about jews, 2. never talk about white identity.

aka the ways that Mackey would find it easiest to make $$$.

Feet first. Headfirst is the marginally more merciful option, as any pain and suffering is ended more quickly.

I didn't even get banned from Twitter for doxing. Just suspended and forced to delete the tweet.

I bet this guy doesn't even have any friends in real life.

when i talk about turning this into a complete positive? i dont give a fuck about ricky, it's about his minions that are addicted to judaic whinging about being 'oppressed' by 'ebil nahtzees'

if ricky dindu nothing to the platform that whites perform 14/88 with, anything more than contrarianism and speech, then you lose two battles:
1) free speech
2) anti-doxxing

Looks petty, unless he was systematically performing some subversive activity - and not simply expressing his shitty opinion.

14/88 are my principles, and having (in america) the argument for free speech and privacy (doxxing) are currently required for advancement in America until there is a threshold of more on our side.. which may be soon but it's not yet.

you will have to justify ricky as 'cucking', by establishing a criteria for when being around race realism or NSDAP is enough for you to decide, otherwise you're calling whites who have no clue 'cucks' – and you'd be a fucking retard.

when it comes to 'optics cucking', that means disavowing white nationalists who are further right, or NSDAP - and that is not the same as saying 'have some fucking self control and reserve doxxing as if it were physical assault, as it actually is' (dont be retarded)

i listened already, and he said it's wrong but won't apologize - who decides who is an exception? is he a leader now? fuck off. nehlen is as much of a 'leader' as spencer


Crying Chris is literally an FBI informant, fuckwit

gas yourself


lmao "jew" fucking filters to jew lmao

Paul Nehlen revealed the name "Douglass Mackey" on Gab. But that guy's full name is "Douglas Mackey," with only one S. Unfortunately, the Linkedin account that's been circulating is of another person.

Douglass Mackey aka Ricky Vaughn did have a linkedin account, but it was deleted a long time ago as part of his OPSEC.

The url was

During the 2016 presidential election, Douglass Mackey aka Rickey Vaughn lived at 1469 Lexington Avenue Apartment 41 New York, NY 10128 (but he no longer seems to).

Pics related are pictures of that apartment.

Douglas Mackey, on the other hand, lives at 2879 S Buchanan ST #A1 Arlington, Virginia 22206.

Buchanan ST would have been pretty memeworthy since Douglas Mackey also attended Georgetown University, the same one Patrick Buchanan attended. So if this was indeed Ricky Vaughn, the memes would have been splendid. A boy-looking fag who tried to emulate Patrick Buchanan.

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