Post your best redpills

I'm sure this is a redpill some of you would get a kick out of. Who would have ever thought that Yugioh was actually redpilled.

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I want to collect redpills/memes like I used to collect sports/comic/rock cards.
Gotta Catch 'Em All

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Tfw this is just one giant duel and we're using redpills like Yugioh cards to set (((them))) back to the shadow realm

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They're battering ramming people like this into our country to destroy us

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"Crazy" Joe Biden is a pedophile

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Spoonfeed me on the pokemon card?

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Shit post. Those are just figures of people. There isn't even anything in the New Mexico picture. To top it off pic 2 looks nothing like the drawings in pic 1. Serious question, are you retarded?

It's a giant demonic entity with a big nose called The Wicked Eraser, prodding at the Orwellian tactics the Jews utilize to keep the Goyim suppressed.
And the effect is meta as well. If you read in between the lines, the jews are as powerful as an awoken Goyim x1000 due to all the blue pilled goyim they control
It also prods at the fact that if we were to defeat the jews they would trigger a cataclysm to take us out along with them.

Either through economic collapse or false flagging another war, which is what they were scheming back in October.

(((They))) were colluding with the royal house of Saudi Arabia to false flag a war with Lebanon to set up the catalyst of collapsing the petrodollar before the petroyaun hit the market.

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I meant this post for you

This is a hard redpill to swallow

The Holocaust was a psyop orchestrated by Lord Rothschild to genocide white Christian Europeans.

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The Zionist elite paid off Hitler to deceive the Germans into destabilizing the entire region alongside (((Russia))).

After the Germans destroyed Europe, they were going to use the (((Russians))):to take out the Germans.

They didn't calculate the development of the atomic bomb which made the Elders of Zion scrap their initial plans.

All the Jewish "victims" of the Holocaust were actually all Slavs.

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Saying this.. here.. of all places

are you even trying?

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Jews have a stake in both sides of every year because it's all manufactured by them.

This is a guardian article from 2004 detailing George Bushe's grandfather's enrollment with Hitlers rise.

Hitler was a puppet of the Rothschilds and the political elite.

The Holocaust was a Slavic Genocide. Not a Jewish one.

Tricking you into thinking Hitler was on our side was the greatest trick the Jews ever did. Hitler himself was a kike.

Thanks, that's pretty funny.


Go back to endchan you fucking retarded youtube-tier matzo merchant.

the effect represents the subversive nature of jewish attacks against the white race

Wake up silly goy. Connect all the dots.

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slav = slave
Fuck your retarded half-ape bootlickers. Germany didn't even start the war you fucking mongoloid apologist. All the slavs ever did was rape and kill whites at the behest of their kikes masters. Even niggers weren't as easily controlled. Slavs are the niggers of the white race.

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Kikes manipulating Germans did

Well anyways

We don't have much time. Trump's administration has only given us a buffer off a few weeks to organize and undo the damage

I'm going to be laying down the actual narrative of whats been going on using Yugioh Cards.

Kikes can't into meta

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What you do isn't insignificant

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Epicurus is such a mad cunt.

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i will admit im new and perfer to lurk a redpill it to make someone aware of the political bulshit right? well does making them aware of manipulation count if so show them this and ask if there will is really their own again sorry for newfagness in advance i know lurk moar and all

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Long story short, the Elders of Zion and anyone related to pizzagate are in the process of orchestrating the destruction of the US, all to circumvent the truth from coming to light.

And Trump's administration can only hold them off for so long.

We're in a critical state right now and if we don't expose the truth within these next few weeks, we put everyone and everything at risk at the growing desperation of our opposition who want to see the US burn.

We need to organize and amass an army of people to spread awareness of the truth before it's too late.

I'll laying down the narrative using Yugioh cards, then ill lay down the game plan

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Excuse me for the typos

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The Deep State and the State of Israel are increasingly getting desperate by the minute and the longer we take, the more at risk we put ourselves over their growing desperation.
A few months ago (((they))) were colluding with the royal house of Saudi Arabia to false flag a war with Lebanon to cause the collapse of the petrodollar and the US economy, all to bolster up the petroyaun on contingency to circumvent the Goyim from learning the truth.
Fortunately for us, the Trump administration have carefully laid down the pieces of the chess board to guarantee our success, but the longer we wait to act, that buffer can dissipate.
I accepted my role as the general of this proxy war, and if you listen to me, we will have destroyed the deep state and the State of Israel within a week.
My plan that I have in mind is the easiest and most effective strategy without risking any bullets or bearing any casualties.
We need to lead a massive counter psy op to destroy the protective barrier the Deep State and the State of Israel have over the US populace so Trump's administration can sweep the house from the inside without any retalliation from our opposition.
The protective barrier of the deepstate and the State of Israel is the MSM and once we destroy the MSM we will have unveiled the entire veil.
And the way we destroy the MSM is going to be quite simple. An they sowed their doom throughout these last few months.
All the news about pizzagate being fake news is still fresh in the populaces mind. The MSM unknowingly planted a seed that’s been slowly growing in the back of the populaces subconscious these last few months. Especially with campaigns like Weinstein Gate and #Metoo.
The populace is already exposed to the fuckery of the MSM, while having the seed that pizzagate is fake news sitting not to far off.
What we need to do is bridge the gap between the neurons associated with #metoo and Weinstein Gate to the seed that pizzagate is fake news. And because of such, any information pertaining to pizzagate will actually be considered with validity and truth, rather then condemnation.
All because the MSM planted the seeds of their desperation in the minds of the American populace.
All we have to do is shitpost away
All at once, mercilessly the same way the Deep State and the Elders of Zion have been been merciless to you.
Dan Schnieder, the Talmud, Pizzagate,
We need to vandalize the entire internet with the entire truth.
A one man army is difficult. But if we unite together, 5000 of us dedicating to the cause our success will be solidified in stone.
And through overexposure, and the sheer strength of our numbers, thr entire populace will be moved by our efforts, which will bridge the gap between #metoo and pizzagate to the redpill to the Deep State leading all the way to the state of Israel.
This is the meme war to end all meme wars. The meme war to END ALL WARS.
And through our efforts, coinciding with NK joining NATO this summer, we will have secured global peace while restabilizing the world for generations to come.

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We need to blow everything wide open all at once.

This is a starter pack of all the truth you need to fight our opposition.

Any blue pilled goy will turn redpill instantly exposing them to any of these pictures

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Didn't mean to quote, and I forgot about the one

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Jeff Koons is the richest artist on the planet, and he's a paedophile

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Jeff Koons artwork tying to pizzagate, Alefantis, who is David Brock's boyfriend

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Obama's entire administration was made up of pedophiles

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Attached: 1500682328310.jpg (1280x720, 102.43K) Hands down changed my outlook. To be fair I had smoked weed like a disgusting low T degenerate but it's still really important to me. And before you say anything I totally agree, Weebs are just honorary Heebs and must get the same fate as the later.

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He is absolutely able.
This sounds like jew philosophy to me.
Of course he is not malevolent, quite the opposite in fact.
He is our father, and as a father sometimes he has hard lessons to teach despite loving us.
He wants the best for us and from us.
Evil exists as an example of what NOT to be.
As an opponent worthy of fighting to the death.
If there was no evil, how could you overcome evil and have that real, tangible sense of a worthwhile achievement in an otherwise meaningless world?
Or the abiding sense of righteousness that comes with doing good in the fight against evil?
Also,is it not probable that those who suffer at the hand of evil have brought it upon themselves by their action or inaction?
From their straying from the path of righteousness in some way?
Fighting evil to preserve good is the single most meaningful way you could spend your energy in this lifetime.
God has given you the greatest gift by creating evil for you to prove yourself against

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(((they))) destroy everything they touch

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It's all one giant lie

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Religion of Cuck™ is fake

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