Are ethnostates the inevitable future of the world? It seems that at least the loudest voices of every group except whites are already advocating for segregation by means of either setting up their own segregated space or expelling others from the existing one. When does the race war begin?(>Jared Taylor)

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I doubt we'll have a lot of implicit ethnostates, but unconsciously there's a very strong push towards it. Some countries might not find it necessary to create laws declaring themselves to be an ethnostate should their non-white population be expunged through other methods. Some countries might face so much resistance from their judeo-masonic designed government, that it becomes necessary to overthrow the entire thing and go 14/88.


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There is push for it in non-western countries, an obvious example would be Zimbabwe. Other example from Africa could be the civil wars between tribal groups. Then one sees for Japan, where baka gaijins are openly discriminated against. Only in the west is the topic so taboo that it isn't discussed openly.

That about sums it up.

Yes, but countries like Japan don't really legally classify themselves as an ethnostate. They're just kinda racist.

It's not like there's a registry for it. The entire notion of an ethnostate can only come about after decolonization/racial "integration" comes about.

I take it you haven't seen Tokyo recently

I think there'll be one race eventually. Blonde hair, blue and green eyes mostly, maybe some people will add in some new ones for fasion. Probably angular / nordic faces mostly. Light skin. Asian level intelligence, possibly some will keep asian eyes though because they think they look cat like and sexy. It will come about synthetically. Some will be of "original Telos" some will be converted genetically from other races, probably out of their own free will.

We need to meme this into reality. Go send this to genetic firms, your local campus, telephone poles at intersections etc. People will demand for it eventually if it becomes a military-grade memetics campaign.

I suggest also spamming BGI about it, the Chinese are heavily into eugenics through them. Try writing them and many others in the MSM some nice well written letters.

Remember how It's Ok to Be White got the attention of Tucker Carlson within a week of starting it? I remember right when the first one happened in Canada. That was on a monday or the previous sunday I think. By friday Tucker was mentioning it.

Print this baby out and plaster it everywhere. Will lefties even call it racist? Why? Because it's trigger their own racial-self awareness and they start making evaluations as to what they think the majority of people would choose. And they would choose the traits they find most attractive. White/Asians.

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While the capital might have people of foreign origin, once one examines the institutions and attitudes of people one quickly realizes that there is very little chance for Japan to be ever run by gaijin. I wouldn't require the definition of an ethnostate to deny all entry for people of different ethnicities.

you should make a new thread for this

Not necessarily, but preferable

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Japan's immigration problem isn't white people, it's chinks and koreans.

Asian fantasy of becoming white. Disregard.

Japan just like the rest of East Asia can get rid of 95% of their foreigners any time they like. The absolute minority who might have citizenship are then either not worth worrying about, or could just be gotten rid of if they wanted to go that route too.

Do you really think that the tourist section of the largest city would not be cosmopolitan?
That's not like some small town in texas having spics.


Designer babies are not the same thing. And we are getting closer to curing cancer, there's already a method they used that removed 97% of it in mice they're trying in humans now.

I take it you're not familiar with the amount of people in China that fly out to South Korea to have plastic surgery and pick out those features? I've read things where many have said themselves they adore European facial features.

will do soon, sorry if this seems derailing.


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Unless the ethnostate has nuclear weapons, all talk of it won't amount to anything more than a pipe dream.