Young Britons have never been unhappier, research suggests” - disillusioned with the job market, poor mental health...

Young Britons have never been unhappier, research suggests” - disillusioned with the job market, poor mental health, financially insecure

Revolution when? This is what happens when you sell out to kikes, bomb your fellow whites, invite the 3rd world to replace your plebs and sell out the whole country to money launderers, (((investors))), oil rich camel fuckers who need a backup etc.

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"Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way"

Don't forget the 9-5 workdays and popping Ecstasy on the weekends just to get away from it all m8

Shit job. Proper jobs are 9-6

What do you mean by proper jobs?

Actuall well paying jobs.
A normal workday is 8 hours long. 4 in the morning, 4 in the afternoon.
I know (and worked) two types of jobs.
Shit you get in at 9am. lunch break from 1 to 2 PM and exit at 6Pm.
And the shit jobs, that are 9-5 but they cut you that 1 hour lunch break.
Everytime I point out to people that they are entitled BY LAW to atleast 30minutes break, they always reply "Well, but then I'd get off at 6!"
Then they end up like the germans: lunch break is eating a sandwich for 15 minutes, then it's back to work. And when they get home, they're the humorless, robotic morons everyone knows them to be.

A myriad of reasons.

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proper jobs as in peasant pay

Gov jobs and quality jobs don't give you unpaid breaks that get added to your day, the breaks are included in your 8h work day making it effectively 7 hours.

>>11453603 >>11453663 >>11453676 >>11453687 >>11453689

Our State, marching along the path of peaceful conquest, has the right to replace the horrors of war by less noticeable and more satisfactory sentences of death, necessary to maintain the terror which tends to produce blind submission. Just but merciless severity is the greatest factor of strength in the State: not only for the sake of gain but also in the name of duty, for the sake of victory, we must keep to the programme of violence and make-believe. The doctrine of squaring accounts is precisely as strong as the means of which it makes use. Therefore it is not so much by the means themselves as by the doctrine of severity that we shall triumph and bring all governments into subjection to our supergovernment. It is enough for them to know that we are too merciless for all disobedience to cease.

Behold the alcoholic animals, bemused with drink, the right to an immoderate use of which comes along with freedom. It is not for us and ours to walk that road. The peoples of the GOYIM are bemused with alcoholic liquors; their youth has grown stupid on classicism and from early immorality, into which it has been inducted by our special agents - by tutors, lackeys, governesses in the houses of the wealthy, by clerks and others, by our women in the places of dissipation frequented by the GOYIM. In the number of these last I count also the so-called "society ladies," voluntary followers of the others in corruption and luxury

Like I explained here: , the real amount is 9 hours, with 1 being lunch break.
Most workplaces also have breaks in the morning and the afternoon but those aren't tallied and fully paid as if you were working.

The diference is the attention bosses have for their employers. A good company will give you 1 hour lunch break so you can winddown, socialize with co-workers and not burn out.
A shit boss just want's shit done, so they cut that hour out (often not even giving the mandatory 30 minutes) and people eat it up because WOOO, I get home earlier!

We are truly in the Golden Age of Unhappiness. Is there any country where the people are happy?

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I assume various third world island nations with simple living conditions, no niggers/muslims and no Jewish involvement.

Young Brits have always been depressed, they just never had the technological soup box to express it :^)

hard to be happy that way

that's why brit boomers retire in Thailand en masse

whores on tap, affordable living, locals not overly dangerous if you don't splash cash

Why are young Britons so unhappy? It is due to the JEW!

Quality of life in the UK is shit.
Full of shitskins, kikes, shit economy, tiny houses, tiny roads, expensive everything.

Why do I suspect that most of those "unhappy British youth" people would still recoil in horror if a White Nationalist tried to inform them about the jewish enemy and the ongoing White genocide?
Why do I suspect that they would leap to the defense of the jews and the blacks and the browns while parroting the cry of "that's racist!!!!! you ebil rahciss nahtzee!!!!"?
They are literally staring into the gaping maw of despair, displacement, and genocide, and they would still cry out in shock and disbelief at the mere mention of the ACTUAL REASONS why their life is shit, and only getting shittier.
Hopefully they are waking up.
But that island has become so fucking cucked that it boggles the mind.
They better not have a dog that will raise one paw in the air!!!
They better not "incite racial hatred" by telling the truth!
They better not accuse those muslum rape gangs of being rape gangs!!!
They better not object to the muslum "grooming gangs"!!! After all, beating, drugging, raping and then whoring out little girls is an important part of their vibrant and diverse culture that is enriching Britain, you ebil rahciss antisemitic nahtzee!!!!
They better not criticize the muslums for assraping their elementary schoolers during "sexual emergencies"!!!
What a horror show.
Britain was so strong and proud just 100 years ago. Now look at them. (I know that the (((seeds))) were festering in them even then)
White America must save itself. Then maybe we can help them save themselves.
How could our ancestors have allowed things to get this bad?

Why do Bongs start work so late? In Burgerland we wake up at 5, to work by 6 and off by 4 with an hour break. I also live in a right-to-work state so we have to get up at the same time as the Mexican laborors.>>11453701

The best part is that the British people haven't even started to suffer. In 20 years time the country will be essentially conquered, because they don't stand up to anything ever. They will tolerate whatever comes at them until stone dead. I speak as one myself; we are as bad as Sweden, if not worse - at least Sweden has shown signs of true stress. The British will keep their stiff upper lip right up to the final death blow.

Completely and utterly hopeless at this point.

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This. Boomers always like to point to tech and convenience but always forget there are absolutely massive systemic problems in society right now that aren't ever covered.

Everything from having to think a certain way to get jobs, ensuring you keep up with the newspeak of the day, being told that you're less masculine or generally bad, and the constant bombardment of pop culture along with all that shitty nihilism is heartbreaking. Of course, there are a thousand other problems, but those are just the first that come to mind.

The difference is that women and minorities have all their problems dissected. If you're black and a little smarter than the average black, your life is golden.

Problem with that is: women are being told to work against their own biological impulses. This makes them unhappy.

Please brits, use your sadness to bring us more Joy Division, Smiths and other good musicians like you used to back in the 80's.

The problem with the UK is its financial sector.
It needs to be relocated somewhere else. As long as its around the UK will be harmed by foreign interests.
Once the UK is poor many of the scum will leave.
However theres a new problem from that. Many 3rd world scum are perfectly ok with poverty so wont leave.
Also British women need to be ejected from society somehow and replaced by a new generation of women.
British slags are largely responsible for their countries decline to be walking shit magnets.
Political the most straightforward thing to do is get rid of their voting rights, enforce etiquette and pay families to have more babies so there can be a new uncorrupted generation.
Needless to say British communism needs to go for good or any attempt to fix Britian will be subverted.

The British Empire was the first major power to introduce the female vote. This is what 100 years of feminism gets you.

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This alienating environment forced on to the British wasn't an accident, the jews did this delibrately. They shouldn't have been such suckers back in 1939 and declared war on germany in the name of the jews, and so they will reap what they have sowed

Bongs don't have paid lunch breaks?

One hour lunch breaks are dumb because I can't really utilize that time like I could at home. I work 7.5 hour days. I get paid for 7.5 hours including 2 15 minute breaks and have a 30 minute unpaid lunch. Suits me just fine.

Anti-Anglo/British sentiment is defacto anti-white sentiment.
If you love germany so much become a german.

Give us another Oppenheimer Analysis or Modern English, you cheap fucks.

young people everywhere are not in good mood in general.

Thank big pharma and the jews of course.

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also it is easier to say shit online today.

Back then they suffered much worse. But with minor diffrence that they had to deal with this and then die.

great screencap

I agree with the OP. Britain is fucked unless it gets a real Brexit that isn't tainted by (((fucking jews))). We need our fishing waters and steel industry and every other industry that has been outsourced due to globalisation.

Also this:

Official data shows that over the last ten years, 90% of the additional households created in England were headed by a person born abroad. Why won't government acknowledge the housing crisis is mainly due to immigration? See our paper

Anecdotal, but i overhear people in my town complaining about the state of things all the time in a manner thats just shy of Zig Forums-tier.
Bankers instead of jews, foreigners instead of muslims, etc.
Cant really put the lid back on the can of violence that would be opened once shit hits the fan, so most people are wary of being the one to cast the first stone, as it were.
While theres still a chance of peaceful resolution, most of the old folks will take it because they dont want a repeat of the troubles.
That chance is getting increasingly small though, and eventually one guy will put his beer down in his local, say 'fuck this shite' and be remembered as the one who started a civil war.

Cure - Race Mix NOW!!!

(otherwise, face an eternity of bad teeth and ugly BUF women)

Why aren't there attacks on this fucker every day? I don't get it. What else do you have to lose Brits?

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It would work if done as a collective. If the public rose up altogether and deciding to stop paying taxes and stop taking shit from police ZOG enforcers and banker kikes.

A single individual attacking the banks will just get gulaged quickly and labelled a crazy nut, and the public would forgot about it.

That's always been the issue though hasn't it. As long as the majority are comfortable and complicit with their slave existence, nothing ever happens.

you forgot that they have so many reserves in multiple currencies that they can outlast large scale action against them

It's not like the Brits of the 30s had much choice in their government declaring war on another country just like how (redpilled) Europeans of today have no control over their government taking in third world masses, it just happens regardless of their opinion.

Only if they're able to use their other ZOG nations to subdue the rebel nations like in WW2.

But Britain has never been more multicultural. I thought diversity = happiness?

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Putnam study.

Lol, posted that without reading the thread. See the work is done.


To be fair I don't think the Brits have ever been happy.

This, Brits are a slave race that have been controlled by the rothchilds for hundreds of years, excluding the jewish bankers before them. Brits are the ultimate version of what yuri would say, "useful idiots"

Why should they? They continually ally themselves with distant foreigners at the expense of peoples who are actually culturally and genetically related to them.

Correct user. We're a watered down Germanic/ Celtic half breed race that is more than happy to eat its own feces for shekel.

At least the true Germans had the courage to to up a fight against eternal slavery.

If you show up at 9, its not a proper job.

It's weird how both the Irish and Scottish ended up with more aryan admixture than the British though. I guess it's because England geographically is more able to be invaded?

Yes you can see it in people from southern Ireland especially, I live in Liverpool at present, regularly the Irish visit and have markedly different body shapes and facial structures to the local Scouse-shit population.
I think your typical Scot Aryan would be a Sean Connery type, don't see as many of them down here so cannot say.

I think in England centuries of socialism, celebration of mediocrity has seriously weakened the gene pool.

Scotland is a horrible place to invade due to snow in winter and midges in summer, and a lot of it was settled by Vikings first, for example the Orkney islands. The further north you go in Britain the more Aryan admixture there is, apart from the English upper classes who are descended from the Normans. For example Yorkshire is very noticeably Aryan, which makes sense considering it was the first place landed and taken over by Scandinavians.

The British are so poor they can't afford laundries and have to wash their clothes in the kitchen

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We need to tell than that they are sad because UK is anti-white. This is quite a short slogan, maybe put some stickers here and there.

They fought against their future in ww2. This is to be expected

Then after the US REICH r/evolution we should liberate the UK.

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Very true.

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t. the English.

When you have had both your future and past taken from you there exists no reason at all to be happy, one can refrain from losing hope but that is different. I honestly can’t remember what happiness feels like.

Question: How much of the U.S. Constitution do you think ought to be preserved as the law of the Reich?

He was polish.

Yep. And any Brit with an ounce of independence left for the colonies.

get education
up 6 in the morning
pay taxes
loan on a apartment that take half a lifetime to pay off

good goy

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I cannot believe this level of cuckoldry.

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Usually this leads to a violent backlash. Lets see how cucked this country really is.

It's not cuckoldry, it's Jewry. Do you really believe no one is getting a kickback for giving this nigger such an arrangement?

Holy fuck, the level of Jewry is so blatant, I'm surprised we haven't started killing them back.

I would be a sad brit to!
Britain=Stalin 2.0.
Come over here to America, Russia is really nice to, Developing really fast, Extra good plots of Land for Whites, the people say.

Do you really believe that jews would never lose money even if it meant fucking over white people?

Interracial porn is a net loss but they push it anyway to fuck over white people.

Kek they live in their little cut and paste shitboxes joined to other shitboxes. Pathetic really.

All of it.
Just add that only White people can be citizens.
I'd say 7/8 genetically White is close enough for the US.
Also, deport and ban all jews forever.
Also, deport all the non-Whites except for feather indians (this is their fatherland, after all (no spics, though))
I believe in the Constitution, but it was only ever meant for White people.

They can still pay for millions of browns and blacks on welfare, though.
because (((progress))) and (((diversity))) and (((right side of history)))


lol wut and i thought our housing market was bad

Even Zig Forumspol is an anti-freedom blackpilled shithole. I truly wash my hands of the Redsheild Caliphate of Great Shitstain. The revolution must come from the US or it will not come at all. Upon victory we can liberate all of Europe and the British Isles.

Freedom First
Hitler Second

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The best paying job I have ever had was eight hours with 2 hours of paid break built in. Stop accepting the theft of your time and internalizing it as a good thing like a slave.

This is thanks to Oliver Cromwell readmitting the kikes back into England, they've infested the entire UK now. If I ever step foot into the UK, I'm taking a big shit on his grave.

The Protocols truly are a timeless classic. Though, cannabis seems to be replacing alcohol as the weapon of choice to bemuse the goyim with. There's certainly an updated edition of The Protocols that hasn't been accidentally leaked and is still firmly in (((their))) hands.


Indeed. This.

Single womyn aren't happy, who would've thought

the brits dug up his grave, hung him, and threw his body into the Thames I think

living standards of working class brits were always garbage tier

the only thing the UK had going for it was a strong pound which boomers could use to retire in Thailand and bang a new ladyboy every day until the day they die

now nobody will retire and they'll live in shit tier living situations surrounded by 3rd world savages

gg jews…

Honestly the clock is ticking on all of this garbage. Either it is undone peacefully now or violently later and as the older generation that has lived through war dies off, so does the chances of a peaceful resolution.
Everyone can feel this war coming in the back of their minds - this little niggling feeling every time they look around them with open eyes. Many chose to ignore it and carry on with their heads in the sand but a handful are preparing now. Myself I'm trapped in this Lovecraftian nightmare of being able to see the war coming but being surrounded only by people who actively avoid the reality.

Yeah, then his body was later found and re-buried.

all the muslims

Yeah, UK living standards are absolute shit.
Nothing to see here, goy.

The article says he's British and that he wrote a note in broken Polish. He's British.

Fuck off. Nonwhite geneflow is a way to guarantee a nation of ugly, irrelevant "white" people.

Over one-hundred expulsions solved nothing. The time for expulsions is over.


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Blow your fucking brains out. American whites are whiter than European whites. We also don't accept mongrels like you faggots do.

They ended up like that because they actually fought back and clung to their cultures instead of backing a horrific mutt of an empire

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It's sad to see how effective the brainwashing is on most britbongs. Always lashing out and never accepting any blame for what their elites, principally those in London, have done. Absolute lapdogs, but I would expect no less from the birthplace of british israelism.
I really do wish those there who can see it for what it's always been the best in navigating the nightmare your country is becoming.

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Holy flying fuck this is the worst timeline. Poor UK.

So they banned everything with a blade. So that includes walking around with a lawn mower, face razor, ice-skates. That country is retarded.

It seems like colonialism drained all the life out of the country.

Blaming Brits for their kiked government is like blaming Europeans for the (((EU))) or Americans for the "Israel first" policy

There is saying. Every nation gets the government they deserve. There is truth behind these words.

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